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CCCs are being built in consultation and with the participation of people and families that they are meant to serve, and reinforce in practice — that the end of Ebola lies in the strength of communities.

Business Model: Key resources

For Carlos, architecture is a deeply social endevour. In the case of CCCs, understanding interrelation of health workers with each other, with their patients, and the way the CCC site relates to the community, are critical factors that help shape a design aimed at saving lives. Isolation of the sick is key to interrupting virus transmission. CCCs are being built to provide care for loved ones who show symptoms of Ebola, without putting others in the household at risk.

Patients with a non-contagious disease such as Malaria, are released back into the care of their family. One-way movement is non-negotiable.

Imagining the multiple reasons why workers may have to go against the flow keeps Carlos and colleagues awake at night, proposing and analysing preventive solutions. Modifications from the original design reflect some of the most poignant consequences of the Ebola outbreak where families cannot touch their sick loved ones.

At first, enforcing distance was envisioned as a two-metre wide trench between the CCC and visitors. But this has been replaced by double fencing that reinforce cautions about staying safe and healthy.

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Affordability The choice of building materials and furnishings has been influenced by the urgency with which countries need functioning CCCs, their temporary six-month presence, and the capability to dismantle them safely once the outbreak is over. Cost also affects the selection of materials. Local supplies are preferred over those that have to be airlifted. A non-negotiable in the CCC design is an even floor surface, gently sloped to allow quick and safe cleaning.

Changeling: Order of Darkness, Book 1

While heavy-duty plastic flooring modules are available in Europe, the cost of freighting them by air to countries would be prohibitive. To keep costs affordable without sacrificing quality, CCC tents are raised on floors cast in concrete. Adequate lighting is also a major non-negotiable. Supply Division devised a lighting-in-a-kit concept, where all the components of electrical lights needed by CCCs could be assembled and shipped.

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If quality components of this kit could be sourced within countries, Carlos anticipates that such kits could be locally produced in the near future. CCC designs and country context CCC design reflects the unique needs and resources that each country has available. Sierra Leone, which had a head start in construction, foresees care as delivered by trained men and women from the communities.

Guinea envisages CCCs staffed with health workers. Our membership is worldwide, but we still like to meet up - and many members travel thousands of miles to do so.

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Here you can find out about our conferences and chapter meetings, and can check the important dates for our Awards and magazine. First in a series for young adults, Changeling follows Luca, an Italian orphan adopted by the Church, and his investigations into supernatural happenings. At first the book seems a huis clos , with Luca and his boisterous servant Frieze uncomfortably settled in a nunnery afflicted — or blessed?

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This plot, however, resolves early, and a picaresque tale unfolds ending with a werewolf mystery. Future books will concern other adventures with magic and witchcraft, and no doubt romance and strife between the protagonists. Frieze edges it for me as favourite at present, but Ishraq may become equally engaging as we get to know her more.

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Luca for now is too good to be true, but has potential. The thing I found uncomfortable in Changeling was the choice, essentially, of inquisitors as heroes. This book is set in , so before the infamous Spanish Inquisition — but Joan of Arc had already been burnt at the stake in , and the first papal bull authorizing torture by inquisitors was as early as So despite the fact that Luca is humane to a fault in his attitudes, I was left with this uneasiness.

At what point in future books is he going to meet with a bad inquisitor, and how will that work in a teen novel?