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I on the other hand, would at the very least have never spoken with her again. Probably would have done much worse. But then again, I have the temper to match the red hair. You can tell he was a romantic in life, and is very old fashioned. He is sweet, patient, and non-corporeal, which is sometimes a negative, but sometimes a positive too. He can go with Anna no matter where she is. His story, which I hope we find out more of in book two, is so far very tragic.

He can only remember one detail from his life, and it is not one I would wish to recall.

Not that his detail is something I have ever done or will ever do, I am just saying that if I did, I am sure I would like to forget it. I hope that made sense. Overall, this book is very sweet. Not recommended for action junkies or people who prefer a lot of, um, physical action, if you know what I mean. But it is recommended for people who like sweet stories, and unique romances.

I give this book a total of 4 out of 5 stars, just because Anna could have had a little more of a back bone IMHO. Cover - Nice 3. As far as i was concerned, the secret to happiness could be found in a library. Not Anna but some of the others in the book for sure. Oct 10, Stephanie Fonseca rated it it was amazing.

Don't bother!!! Yet another auther that fets bored with a series they are writing and moves on to something else! Non-spoiler summary: Anna can hear spirits speak to her, but she hears them only in her head. In order for them to hear her she has to talk out loud. That is all I can say about him. But we know she talks to spirits, not to herself as her parents believe. This just pushes Anna further into isolation…so Jack seems to be a welcome friend. However, her friendship with Jack only continues the cycle; she keeps talking to Jack because it makes her feel less lonely, but that just isolates her more at the same time.

This gave me a real emotional reaction that Ms. Cameron did perfectly. I was so torn, just like Anna. I kept turning the pages waiting for Jack to solidify! I could personally feel her helplessness at the whole gift vs. I could see there was no way out! My teensy gripe: Her mother. Her mother is the kind of person I love to hate.

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There was never any discussion. To her it was cut and dry. The way it ended…. However, after the dust settles by the time we get into book 2 we should see if her mother follows through. Rec it? I loved the story, I loved the frustration I felt at people not believing Anna. I really felt it! My review: I was intrigued straight away! Wer 'Ghostwhisperer' mag, wird das buch lieben! Annabelle kann mit Geistern sprechen - schon immer.

Das wiederum resultierte in Medikamenten, die zwar die Geister vertrieben, aber sie in eine Art Zombie verwandelten. Und wie alle guten 'Ghostwhisperer' Wer 'Ghostwhisperer' mag, wird das buch lieben! Da taucht 'Jack' auf. Ein Geist, der anders ist, als alle zuvor. Und sie beginnt sich - egal, wie idiotisch das auch sein mag - in ihn zu verlieben.

Fast gleichzeitig steht auch Tracy in ihrem Zimmer. Tracy, die auf Annabelles Schule gegangen ist und bei einem Autounfall starb. Anna hat noch nie zuvor einem Geist geholfen, den sie in seinem Leben kannte. Das Ergebnis ist, dass Felicity bei ihren Eltern anruft und diese Anna wieder zum Psychiater schicken, der sie wieder unter Drogen setzt. Was mir gefallen hat: eine Liebesgeschichte mit einem Geist!!!

Habe ich auch schon geschrieben und daher war ich ganz begeistert. Von der Sorte hatte ich noch nicht viele gelesen. Was mir nicht so gut gefallen hat: die Editierung hat an manchen Stellen des ebooks versagt und die Stimmen der Geister, die immer kursiv geschrieben sind, sind manchmal normal - und umgekehrt und da ist es manchmal etwas verwirrend.

Aber das ist wirklich alles nicht so dramatisch. Das finde ich auch mal erholsam! Jul 27, Rob.

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This has been a super emotional read and a page turner. It has been in my Kindle for a while, and I'd totally forgotten about it, until I stumbled upon it yesterday and I decided to give it a try. But from the first chapter I realized this wasn't going to be the case. I'm a fan of the Ghost Whisperer series and I watched every single episod This has been a super emotional read and a page turner.

I'm a fan of the Ghost Whisperer series and I watched every single episode and re-run, so when I understood this was going to be something similar, I was sure it would turn out to be an entertaining read. Annabelle, the main character in the book, is a lovely heroine. She's funny and easygoing, but troubled by her big secret at the same time, torn between helping and wanting to get rid of her gift.

I loved the way she interacted with her "living" friends as well as with her spirit friends. And I loved the sweet relationship with her little sister. Now, Jack. What can I say? He's THE sweetest and hottest spirit ever.

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And I won't say more. The only thing that spoiled it a little for me were the typos and formatting issues throughout the book - nothing that a proofreading wouldn't fix, though sometimes the words in italics - which were to indicate Jack was speaking - weren't in italics or were when they shouldn't have been so I had to go back and read it again to understand who was actually speaking. At some point I also had an issue with some part being totally skipped without warning, so I lost track for a moment when Annabelle is supposed to go to Beth's party but the party is never actually mentioned and after a while they're talking about the party that already took place - I have to admit I had to stop and go back, thinking I'd skipped it and that confused me a little.

However, I really liked the story and I think anyone who likes YA with a little bit of paranormal and a sweet first love will like this book. Sep 06, B. If you like ghost type stories- especially for those that like the TV show Ghost Whisperer- this is the book for you.

Anna can hear the dead and finds that she needs to help them on their way. When a new dead guy named Jack comes along, he does not want to be helped on his way and instead makes plan to stick around for a long time. Unfortunately for Anna, there is the problem that Jack becomes more and more appealing the longer he stays.

When she is found talking to thin air, her parents medicate If you like ghost type stories- especially for those that like the TV show Ghost Whisperer- this is the book for you.

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When she is found talking to thin air, her parents medicate and threaten to institutionalize her. There were several plot lines threaded together in this story. First off is the relationship between Anna and Jack and learning the truth of her abilities. Second is the spirit Tracey that wants Anna to help get closure in her past life.

And third is the way the parents and one friend deal with Anna and her strange ability. Everything is meshed together nicely to keep the plot going well throughout the book. I would have to say some of the plot was predictable. I knew from one of the first meeting with Tracey, who hit her. But also the author worked predictability into the story to strengthen it. The parents for one did the most predictable thing I think a parent would do if their daughter said she talked to dead people- sent her to a psychologist.

While predictable it was realistic at the same time! I stumbled across this book when browsing ebooks and ended up buying it. I enjoyed the story but the characters drove me crazy! Annabelle can see and hear dead people who need her help to cross over. Her parents are quick to put her on drugs that basically turn her into a zombie because they think she has mental issues.

Her best friend calls her parents to tattle that Annabelle has been talking to herself actually ghosts which causes her parents to freak. Annabelle's ghost "mentor", Jack, can I stumbled across this book when browsing ebooks and ended up buying it. Niamh creates the people groups of the woodlands, marshlands, lands of the Elves and Druids without being lost in their descriptions. Breanna, the main character at 17, has to grow up quickly; not understanding the terror for which she's become knowledgeable.

The characters are realisti Niamh Murphy has knocked storytelling out of the ball park with Dragon Whisper. The characters are realistically flawed, reluctant travelers on a quest to find an answer to why the dragons are on a rampage. I recommend anyone reading this review should read this book; and the prequel, Dragon Essence. Well done Miss Murphy, well done! Jan 12, Linda rated it liked it. This is a very hard review to write. This is the first book in a heroic fantasy trilogy think Lord of the Rings. The story builds the world, identifies the races and their interactions friend or foe , tries to give some historical perspective, and introduces the cast of characters.

It is a very ambitious undertaking. The sad part for me is that the second book is not yet out. When I read Lord of the Rings, all three books were available, and I could immediately go from one to the next. In th This is a very hard review to write. In the Dark Age Trilogy, I am left with only my impression of this first book.

If I had to describe Dragon Whisperer in one word, right now, that word would be ponderous, or maybe dense would be a better word. The first half of the book didn't engage me. It was difficult to follow, and the storytelling was very dark. I often had to go to something lighter to break it up. Each chapter in Dragon Whisperer covers the primary characters in one of the five identified races though there is a sixth race mentioned but no appearance so far. It took over half the book before two sets of primary characters met each other.

And it wasn't until the last third of the book that I was able to see how they were all going to fit together. Then the reading went faster and was more enjoyable. Another issue I had was with the main character. She is supposed to be the hero since she is the Dragon Whisperer of the title, and yet the author presents her as an insecure girl with very low self-esteem. Overall, the writing was good, as was the editing which has been a pet peeve of mine lately.

I rated it as liking it, but that was with some caution. The next book will really tell how good the trilogy is. Jan 26, Marta Minder rated it it was amazing.

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  • There Be Dragons I love medieval fantasy. Miami Murphy has started a chronicle that is one great read.

    Whispers (A Whisper Trilogy Novel Book 1)

    What does a young woman do when she can hear the thing most refer to as a God? Breanne starts her journey with tragedy, the loss of her father and members of her village. Going with her brother to find help, she sees the world and discovers herself. This is a coming of age story with all the elements of myth.

    Dragons, elves, water people, Dwarfs and Druids a wonderful adventure so come along and There Be Dragons I love medieval fantasy.

    Review of Whisper – Whisper Trilogy Book 1 | The Books of Daniel

    Dragons, elves, water people, Dwarfs and Druids a wonderful adventure so come along and cannot wait till the next. Feb 16, Brenda rated it it was amazing. Beautifully written. The author takes us smoothly from one group of beings to the next. The main characters are well developed and come alive in the pages.

    I am not sure how I will be able to patiently wait for the next two books. I love falling into a world of dragons and magic. My imagination is free to wander and Niamh Murphy leads it down all the right paths with just the right amount of twists and turns. May 13, Susan rated it it was amazing. This is a very well written tale of dragons in a mythical world, complete with complex characters and a captivating storyline. The lesbian undertones are subtle and secondary to the story. I'm certainly looking forward to more of this mystical world and its enchanting characters.

    Put this book on your must read. Mar 13, Amy rated it really liked it. Absorbing read This book is amazing. My publisher thinks this series is my best work as well. It can be read first, however. If you can hold off even longer, read Whispers of Mirrowen too as well. Just trust me. Then you can pick up the next batch. In other words, read them in the order they were published, not chronologically according to plotline. If you liked the original Muirwood trilogy, then I definitely recommend reading the Covenant series next while the information about abbeys, mastons, and the hetaera are fresh in your mind.