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At least, I'm assuming that Amoklauf is just the noun form of running amok, which in English at least doesn't necessarily imply actual killing, though that's the etymology from Malay history. The general modern sense is just losing control in a very destructive way. That is, the English concept of running amok just describes anyone running wild and tearing a place apart, causing great damage in a crazy rush that's almost impossible to stop -- for example, a room full of out-of-control children, or a stampeding herd of elephants.

If that's not the case in German, then maybe someone needs to provide a more exact definition for the German side, and examples that show the range of meaning. Comment Due to its definition, running amok is not equivalent to a rampage.

A rampage can be performed by a group or an institution e. Also, a killing spree can happen over an extended period of time and does not imply the same motivation, whilst amok is clearly a short time event which is caused by a nervous breakdown of an individual and ends mostly in self-mutilation or death of the individual.

Comment Maybe we need to take a step back. What is understood by the German word amoklauf? Does it necessarily imply many deaths caused by one person in a single relatively quick event? Or is it more flexible as per some of the English suggestions, like mass murder or rampage? Comment Timbone: I German agree with the definition of hm for Amoklauf.

Charles W. Steger, president of Virginia Tech spoke about a "carnage", and Washington Post called it a "shooting rampage". Combining in Google search: carnage "Virginia Tech" gives , results. Etymology: 19c: from Malay amoq frenzied. Google finds only 4, sources for "amok run" with quotes , quite a few of them seem to be of non-English origin, translated from German etc. So I would say it may be not wrong, but unusual. Comment 'Carnage' means the destruction itself, a scene with much blood and destruction more literally, many bodies or parts thereof , not the act of causing it.

Many words can be used in descriptions of the recent shootings, but they still have other meanings. One person may describe the situation as carnage the result and another may describe it as a rampage or a killing spree the cause ; yet a third could call it a tragedy a judgment or a terrible shock a reaction. Those descriptions are all true, but they don't all mean the same thing. The vast majority of them look frightfully Denglish to me even some websites that don't end in. Google is not the measure of all things; the English speakers are unanimous that 'amok run' is not real English, and no one has found a citation for it in any English dictionary.

So there's no question that 'amok run' should be removed, or that 'rampage' is a suitable translation. The only question is whether to include an additional translation or two such as 'killing spree' or 'killing frenzy' 'crazed action' seems more like an explanation than a translation to my ears that apply only in certain contexts.

I don't have anything against extra translations, as long as they mean the same thing or a subset of the same thing -- it's just that 'carnage' doesn't. I do agree that this change should be a high priority , since the word is so much in the news this week. IMO it would be better to go ahead and change it to 'rampage' immediately and discuss additional options at our leisure than to waffle around and continue misleading people. It is less so in English. I also agree that "amok run" is very unidiomatic sounds like someone is trying to force a noun construction from a phrasal verb, ouch in English and should be deleted.

Ich kenne den Begriff "amok run". Er sprach kein Deutsch und war kein englischer Muttersprachler. Mit diesem Begriff hat er mir etwas vermittelt, was ich unmittelbar verstanden habe. Also hat der Begriff seine Berechtigung. So on that logic, if I don't speak German and I am trying to describe an animal, and I tell you it's a 'Tier Miau,' and you understand perfectly which animal I mean, we're justified in adding that term to the dictionary?

Cool, I can hardly wait. Won't Doris have fun with the next batch of new entries! Now, a REAL whistleblower could come out and would not find any takers for his story — the public is innoculated with so much nonsense that nothing will be believed. Completely off topic I read that Aldi can now put the minds of the German and the World global warming alrmists at rest as they now sell pillows that can control the climate!

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We need Aldi Pillows, not electric cars. Climate and energy news from Germany in English - by Pierre L. July Share this Share this July at PM Permalink. TheJollyGreenMan 1. DirkH 2. July at AM Permalink.

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