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The entire process is unendingly fascinating from beginning to end.

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I like to play around with existing idioms, sonically as well as stylistically, and I tend to mess around with time and tunes. Ideally, the lyrics I write are balanced on that tightrope line. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry can be a good thing. More often than not, I feel most at home in that space in between. The dream windows are open wide, and the dreamy breezes blow in and out and back and forth again, starting the cycle anew.

Rather than pinned butterflies behind glass, I prefer to think of them as beetles suspended in amber, gently glowing in a smooth and golden jewel. FIGHTERS oh let me ride in with the fighters with the lunatics the saints and the thieves on an old subway train bound for glory telling stories nobody believes about the angels who came down to save us about our travels through both time and space and the chances all the good gods gave us to make up for our mistakes with grace amazing grace amazing grace amazing grace how sweet the sound.

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