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The Warrior's ancestor landed on a world with advanced technology. The entities learned of gravity-warping technology, and were studied in turn by the species. Some of them sought to rule; those they had bonded with lost the war, and the entities were rooted out. They formed three larger Entities, who destroyed the planet and fled, offspring scattering in every direction. This time, they controlled their paths with gravity and warped space.

The cycle repeated over three thousand times, and they grew more powerful each time.


Waking Eden

At some point, The Warrior's ancestors divided themselves into two entities, Warrior and Thinker, who would travel in pairs together. Each had slightly different attitudes and capabilities, so that they could compare different ways of doing things. As Eden began to approach Earth, she drew towards Scion before they began to pick out various sub-worlds for themselves and their shards. She felt that Scion's constant communications were distracting as she was using her powers to begin mapping out their actions after their arrival.

She started to reform herself for a deeper simulation when she noticed a third broadcast. Recognizing that it was a broadcast from another Entity, Eden hesitated before sending a broadcast signaling her location. The third Entity sent a garbled reply and Eden spent time analyzing it. She was then met by the third Entity who rammed against her in an ancient tradition meant to exchange shards. She worked to salvage key shards and give ones she could afford to lose on to the other Entity. Eden and the third Entity broke apart before Scion broadcasted his concern.

Eden sent a confident response back and allowed Scion to take over some of her duties before she looked through her new shards. Scion interrupts the simulation, asking about their destination, and Eden absently agrees. She thinks on the future she had seen and starts to refine it. She reorganizes herself as she approaches their destination and sends Scion a confident reply when he expresses concern. Eden continues to work on her reorganization until she hits the ground.

On the way down, Eden alters one of the third Entities' shards, replacing her own ability to find the optimal future. She realizes that she has made a mistake too late to fix it, and hits the ground hard at one world's version of Cote D'ivoire, Africa. Later, Eden starts to pull herself together. She starts to experiment as she works to create a humanoid avatar. After some time, she raises her head and opened her eyes to see Fortuna standing before her.

She realizes that Fortuna possessed the shard she had discarded and restricts it - rendering her and others like her immune to the shard's future-seeing power. Doctor Mother drove a knife into her neck - severing a connection when she was most vulnerable. Eden struggled to form itself and failed. Eden died. Following her death, Eden's body was used by Cauldron as a source of serums to give people powers by connecting them to Eden's shards, although there are some natural triggers with Eden shards, such as Leet. Zion found her body; Taylor speculated that he had used his path-to-victory ability to find a world where he would meet his partner again, unaware that she would be brain dead.

He began destroying her body; however, the PRT Strike team led by Taylor was able to use the body one more time to psychologically wound Zion. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Contessa sees a vision of the Cycle.

A Distant Eden

Browbeat stands in the remains of Eden. Above, two Entities weave their way to a new destination. The two Entities travel through space. Its focus is now on holding on to the shards critical to making this future it has seen a reality. A world perpetually in conflict, the groups and factions kept small enough that none can challenge it.

All energy it can spare goes towards the reorganization. Shards must be discarded, or it will dwarf the destination planet. It casts shards off, and it retains shards that will allow it to draw power from those shards. Danger , the Warrior broadcasts. Confident , this entity responds. It picks a reality.

Eden | Worm Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Up until the moment it hits ground, it works to reorganize itself. For a duration, they intertwined, meeting through multiple realities, their bodies rubbing and crushing against one another. A sharing of details, a wealth of knowledge, from hundreds of cycles. A sacrifice of the same.

The lesser one moves on, bloated with new shards and knowledge, but the counterpart flounders. It sacrificed too much. You're getting a free audiobook. Click to Try Audible Free.

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Violet Eden

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Book 4. Book 5. In his own past lurk some pretty tragic secrets, one of which binds him and Lexi together in ways neither of them would prefer to acknowledge. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other supporting characters, each with their own back story and place in the story. Two others worth mentioning are Zeke a body-modification artist who employs some interesting survival techniques, and Amity second in command of Open Hand and something of an avenging angel.

They round out the supporting cast nicely. French has created a deep world here, with many layers simply begging to be pulled back and explored. The world she has fashioned is as detailed and immersive as her characters. Her dialogue is snappy, ranging to the realm of banter with happy frequency. She manages by clearly labeling the chapters with the name of the point-of-view character.

While most of the story is shared by Lexi and Mineko, Kade gets his turn also. Lexi is the epitome of an unreliable narrator as she lies to herself as easily as she lies to others, so having the others chime in is certainly welcome. The world is well-realized and attention-grabbing. Each character, no matter how minor, has their own voice and something to say. The book certainly sets itself up as ripe for continuation, though the story wraps up nicely. Also not a con, but it bears mentioning. I, for one, welcome the departure from the rigid strictures of lesfic, but I know not everyone is there yet.

This book is amazing. It is a book about which I will happily shout to the rooftops in an attempt to get you to read it.

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Lexi pulled away from the embrace, leaving her companion to pout in the corner of the booth. Her irritation immediately gave way to curiosity. The arrival wore a blue, gold-buttoned overall.