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En dat argument is afkomstig van een weblog dat in werd geschreven door een man die zei dat hij uit de toekomst kwam en op aarde was met een bepaalde missie en dat hij vanaf dat moment gerekend over enkele weken weer zou vertrekken naar waar hij vandaan kwam. Al enkele jaren lang schrijven wij over een tijdreiziger uit het jaar die naar onze aarde is gekomen in het jaar op een speciale missie. Mijn codenaam is Qronos1 en mijn werkelijke naam is Scott. De eenheid waartoe ik behoor bestaat uit vier mensen die hier nu in deze tijd zijn.

Wij zijn hier op een geheime missie. Er zijn in deze periode ook andere tijdreizigers en ongetwijfeld zullen er meer volgen in de toekomst. De wereld die ik ongeveer een jaar geleden verliet is anders en toch hetzelfde. De vooruitgang in tijdreizen heeft het mogelijk gemaakt dat we nu precies daar naartoe reizen waar we willen. Er worden op dat blog berichten geplaatst in de periode van 10 september tot en met 21 september Daarna stopt het. Dit is echter niet het geval. Want al in de jaren , etc. Als er dus in die jaren al over werd geschreven, mogen we aannemen dat het blog daadwerkelijk in is geschreven.

Als Scott geen tijdreiziger was dan wist hij toch heel nauwkeurig te voorspellen wat er de komende jaren zou gaan gebeuren. Echter, iets dat hij ook voorspelt, is het volgende:.


In dit geval hopen we dat NASA een keer gelijk heeft, maar gezien de vele leugens die ze in de loop der jaren hebben rondgestrooid, houden we het er vooralsnog op dat onze tijdreiziger volkomen gelijk heeft. The farmer who saw and the Mountie who believed: Sask. It shows Fuhr smoking a cigarette as he looks over a collection of photos scattered on a kitchen table. Interviews with Fuhr are all over the Internet, but not this one, circa A province away, at his Winnipeg home, retired Mountie Ron Morier also has a keepsake from the time when he and Fuhr and a small Saskatchewan town became an international sensation.

It contains a police report, newspaper clippings, faded photographs and letters from scientists with the Canadian government. A business card in the binder bears the name Dr. Hynek weighed in on the Langenburg event in the media, even reportedly sending a representative to study the site, about kilometres northeast of Regina.

Seeing a UFO up close is an incredibly rare experience. Most people just see lights in the sky, but Fuhr got closer. Around a. Thinking they were duck blinds and that someone was playing a joke on him, Fuhr got off of his swather for a closer look, but still kept at least 15 feet back. He says the saucers were hovering a foot off the ground and rotating at a high rate of speed.

Their surface looked like highly-polished steel. Fuhr stopped, backed up and got on his swather. He sat there for the next 15 minutes watching them hover, too scared to move. According to Fuhr, the objects then took off — emitting a grey vapour from underneath — and disappeared into the sky. They made no sound.

He waited a few more minutes to make sure they were gone, then walked to the edge of the slough where he saw five ring patterns in the field. The grass in the centre of each circle was standing, while the grass surrounding that was flattened in a clockwise circle. With no idea what he had just seen, Fuhr headed home home for lunch.

His wife Karen and his parents could tell something was wrong. The Langenburg incident came at the tail end of a golden age for UFO sightings, when reports of seeing physical craft had tapered off. This classifies the sighting as a close encounter of the second kind. Edwin Fuhr indicates where multiple flying saucers landed on his farm in Langenburg, Saskatchewan in September, Although the cop and the in-law were skeptical, both men thought there was little reason to think Fuhr would make up such a tale.

I mean he was a teetotaller. He decided to check it out. What caused them? Five circles fit with the same five objects Fuhr saw. The total diameter of two of the circles was 12 feet, while the other three were There was no physical evidence in the area that would indicate someone had driven in and made the circles. Fuhr was the only person at the farm who saw the UFOs. Despite how fantastic the story was, Morier could not come up with a reason why this quiet farmer would make it up. Tourists, UFO enthusiasts and onlookers from all over were trying to get to the site and to Fuhr.

He says a plane carrying Australians who wanted to see the site even landed on a field adjacent to his farm. Fuhr thinks they may have been made by legs stretching out from the UFOs. He says one call came from the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong. The two-hour conversation, Fuhr says, involved Armstrong telling Fuhr that astronauts saw UFOs when travelling through space, but were told not to divulge that to the public.

Asked about the possibility of people making crank calls, Fuhr says the conversation convinced him it was indeed Armstrong. Fuhr never began turning people away, or refusing to pick up the phone. He shrugs, and says he accepted that people were interested. Fuhr and his wife now live a quiet life in a bungalow in Langenburg. He retired from farming in and runs a landscaping and snow blowing business.

To keep his mind occupied, Fuhr does carpentry in his spare time. And he also enjoys reading books about UFOs. A cheesy dramatization of the sighting was made, with an actor playing Fuhr sitting on what looked more like a backhoe than a swather. The setting for the video is a poor backdrop for Saskatchewan, with hills and trees in the background rather than fields.

Fuhr still gets the odd phone call from people curious about his encounter. The land where the sighting happened still gets its share of visitors. Edwin Fuhr, a retired farmer, recalls his a close encounter with several UFOs while swathing in his field in the s. His story made international news and is one of the most documented UFO cases in history Canadian history. The most he ever got for sharing his story was a complimentary breakfast from CTV when visiting the studio for an interview.

Asked about ever making money from his story, he tilts his head, ponders the prospect, but then shrugs it off. After the Langenburg incident, Morier took his share of ribbing from his colleagues, who sometimes called him Mulder, after the X-Files investigator. But it never negatively affected his career in the RCMP, which was extensive. Morier became a composite artist and also trained to reconstruct the facial features of unidentified deceased people using sculpting techniques. A photo of Ron Morier from circa Morier occasionally grants interview requests from the media or UFO researchers.

But he knows they will inevitably lead to more phone calls. Years ago, Morier was contacted by an engineer from Japan who wanted to learn more about the sighting. While the subject is a hotbed for conspiracy theories, every person who reached out to him seemed legitimate. Morier has never tried to hide from the event. One of the most precious items in the binder is a handwritten letter from the National Research Council to Fuhr. Dated Oct. The NRC says it no longer possesses any research on the Langenburg incident.

Morier has no ill feelings about the Langenburg incident, or its persistence to keep popping up in his life. He still has fond memories of policing the small community. Fuhr is convinced what he saw that day was extraterrestrial. Over the years, he has taken an interest in the subject of UFOs, and is well read on the subject. He refers to government cover-ups, Roswell and popular theories that aliens may be concerned about global conflicts on Earth.

There were no other witness reports. The truth comes down to Fuhr. Fuhr stands in a field near where the encounter was. Whether his recent YouTube interview, or footage from the old VHS interview in , most of the details are remarkably similar. The fact he has kept it so consistent over the years is one of things that makes it so compelling for Winnipeg-based science writer Chris Rutkowski.

A more recent photo of Ron Morier, who now resides in Winnipeg, Man. Photo courtesy Ron Morier. The story was compelling enough to be taken seriously by the federal government. Grass and soil samples were sent to the upper atmosphere research branch of the National Research Council, but no conclusions could ever be drawn.

The scientists were intrigued by a black substance found as a precipitate, especially in a sample that was taken from one of the rings that appeared to be burned. The sample was sent to Simon Fraser University for x-ray fluorescence analysis, but no conclusions could be drawn. People have been telling him since the s that it was all in his head. But to this day, Morier still believes Fuhr is being honest about what he saw. Morier notices Fuhr seems more outspoken in his interviews now than the quiet farmer he knew. He commends him for sticking to his story.

Never one to go with the conservative option, Musk opted for a much grander proposal by including passengers.

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Based on the video, the idea is similar to what Musk outlined last year, in which the rockets launch from a floating ferry some miles offshore from the city itself. The rocket would reach a top speed of about 18, miles per hour. How smooth the takeoff and landing would be, however — or indeed how much a minute connection between New York and Shanghai would cost — were left unanswered. Musk did not indicate any timeline for the scheme, or indeed any reason to think a timeline exists at all in any serious sense. Still, the simple fact the video exists suggests Musk is thinking seriously about what his rockets can do while only barely leaving Earth at all.

See also:. The date in question is , just five short years from now. These two uncrewed cargo runs in would set up four more missions in , two of which would be crewed. Musk revealed the specific purposes for these early Mars missions. The second mission is to build the propellant plant. This plant would be a massive rocket refueling station, one in which Martian water, ice, and carbon dioxide can be recombined to create methane and liquid oxygen, the twin propellants needed for the rockets to return to Earth for their next use.

The early, uncrewed missions would deliver the raw materials needed to build the propellant plant, including all the solar panels needed to power it and the life support needed to keep the astronauts alive. You may want to rub your eyes both before AND after you watch this new ad from a Japanese milk company. It shows a UFO with an oddly familiar black-on-white paint job hovering over a field filled with children holding glasses.

What bizarre future might this ad be preparing the Japanese — and possibly the world — for? Do you believe it? Can an Uddered Flying Object convince them to ignore the revulsion and gulp gallons of milk like their American counterparts? My heart is pure? What does that have to do with drinking alien milk? Or is it? Well, that was less creepy … not! Is there a sinister motive behind these commercials or is this just the work of a really clever ad company? Perhaps an earlier commercial about how milk can build strong bones for even non-humans can answer this question. Is Japan covertly preparing its citizens for an announcement about alien contact?

This bright unidentified flying object was recorded over Saddle Brook, New Jersey on 28th September Witness report:. Bright light hovering near the moon, unblinking, stationary, then moved up until it disappeared. I was driving home when I noticed a stationary light in the sky. It was pretty bright, and unblinking. But the clouds have been weird the past couple of days and I thought maybe it was a weird weather phenomenon, and I remembered seeing a random rainbow in the clouds yesterday that eventually disappeared…anyway, my suspicions about ufo activity was high so I decided to video this light.

This UFO video of a bright object or orb flying across the night sky was filmed over El Salvador, the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America.

Lance et Klonk

This happened on 28th September This interesting footage of a triangular formation was filmed in the sky above France This happened on 20th September How could a single technology evoke such vastly different responses from people within the tech community? AI is fast becoming a major economic force. When this happens, AI will become incredibly sophisticated. And this is where the worrying starts. If robots become smarter than humans, his logic goes, the machines would be able to create unimaginable weapons and manipulate human leaders with ease.

That, in the past, has been bad, but not something which represented a fundamental risk to the existence of civilization. Musk has taken steps to combat this perceived threat. Other predictions are less optimistic. Shostak thinks that these machines will exist on an intellectual plane so far above humans that, at worst, we will be nothing more than a tolerable nuisance. Predicting the future is a delicate game.

What is clear, though, is that thanks to AI, the world of the future could bear little resemblance to the one we inhabit today. This would allow SpaceX to pour all the resources currently split across those three crafts into the one project. Once completed, the BFR could be used to launch satellites and space telescopes or clean up space debris. The current BFR design is large enough to ferry up to people and plenty of equipment, which Musk believes will be instrumental in creating a base of operations on the Moon. However, putting humans on Mars will take some big, bold ideas, and his certainly qualify.

Often, the resulting videos and pictures are immediately discredited or easily explained — but on rare occasions, believers are treated to a genuine mystery. Unfortunately, that is not the case with any of the following videos. Daily Star Online has collected four of the most outrageous alien hoaxes ever to fool the world — starting with a classic.

In September last year, it was reported that a giant alien spacecraft had been spotted in the skies above Malaysia. Video of the alleged sighting does indeed show an enormous object whizzing through the air, accompanied by the low roar of an engine while panicked voices behind the camera murmur with concern. As the craft passes overhead, white light can be seen shining from the underside of the vessel.

However, Malaysian police claimed to have received no reports of such a sighting. The spacecraft was later understood to have been inserted into the video using special effects, hijacking a conceptual spaceship design by artist Damien White. The group of UFOs behave strangely in the sky before ascending in unison and disappearing into a portal and out of sight. It is claimed that the video was shot near the San Luis Valley — a notorious hotspot for alleged UFO activity — although local media did not pick up on the incident.

As it transpired, the footage was ripped from a YouTube video claiming to have been filmed in Mexico. But a Spanish YouTube investigator savaged the footage, suggesting it could be easily replicated using video effects. In conclusion, in our opinion the video is fake and just an animation rendered via computer. And their suspicions were apparently confirmed when the stream cut out almost immediately, fuelling rumours of an agency cover-up.

However, the bizarre phenomenon was easily dismissed by experts as, rather disappointingly, the moon. The moon can appear grey, not white, when viewed from outer space due to various mineral on its surface. These two facts, combined with the likelihood of technical malfunction when broadcasting from space, mean the feet likely showed the moon shortly before a common video interruption. The clip shows a series of strange ships appear in the sky before whizzing out of sight, with footage of similar incidents claiming to have been shot in other cities around the world.

Millions have seen the video since it was posted on YouTube — although the video has far less exciting origins than many would have you believe. Laurie Wickens and Peter Goreham, eveywitnesses to the incident. But there were some major differences. This time he was riding in a bus with a group of UFO-story enthusiasts.

And it was nearly five decades later. He said as he and some friends drove in a green and white Pontiac they saw lights above the tree line, but heard no sound. Eventually the lights crossed over the road and for a few seconds he and others lost sight of them. At that point they Wickens and his friends thought they had witnessed a plane crash.

But his phone call was followed by other ones, including one from other residents and also an off-duty RCMP officer. To this day, that remains the question. In the decades that have past Goreham said he continues to wonders about a cylinder-type device found by a lighthouse keeper the following morning. It was damaged, smouldering and had wires or something else coming out from it, he said. Someone from the American military, he claimed, took it away and told the lighthouse keeper not to talk about it. Woods Harbour Community Centre: registration and meet and greet.

Woods Harbour Community Centre: opening remarks. Woods Harbour Community Centre: Breakfast served by community hall. Guided Bus Tour 1. Woods Harbour Community Centre: Danc. Woods Harbour Community Centre: Breakfas. Guided Bus Tour 2.

Klonk et le Beatle Mouillé

Kathleen Marden believes her auntie and uncle encountered a UFO nearly 60 years ago. Betty and Barney Hill were thrust into the spotlight after they reported they were abducted and experimented on by alien beings in And now, their niece Kathleen Marden has spoken out about their extraterrestrial encounter, insisting they were telling the truth. Kathleen went on to explain how her uncle described "figures standing behind the windows on the craft, dressed in shiny uniforms, and somehow not human. She said: "Barney believed he saw a cap on some of the heads, when they turned sideways, something seemed to be protruding from the head area.

A red beam of light then came, and Barney ran to the car shouting, 'We need to get out of here! Kathleen continued to claim the biggest evidence they'd been involved in an alien abduction came when they got home. Betty's dress was torn in several places, but she put it in her wardrobe knowing she'd wash it and fix it at a later date. However, when she went to take it out again, there was a "pink powder on all the areas she'd been touched". Cynical This Morning viewers were quick to accuse Kathleen of lying about her family's alien abduction.

One said: "This woman is crazy. She's reading this! Another blasted: "This woman is nuts A third, wondering why aliens never go anywhere but the States, quipped: "Seems aliens are a bit xenophobic and racist The official synopsis for the documentary reads. Attending one of its conferences in , he was presented with several foot X-rays from a woman who believed that she had been abducted by aliens.

Despite Leir's skepticism, the scans did indicate that there was something in her big toe, and to satisfy his curiosity he offered to operate on her, free of charge. On August 19th, he extracted two very small foreign objects from the patient, each one metallic in appearance. A second patient underwent surgery that same day for an object about the size of a watermelon seed, between his thumb and index finger.

The Aliens and the Scalpel, detailing his experiences with "implant" surgery, was published in , followed by Casebook: Alien Implants. He made appearances in various television documentaries, including the History Channel's UFO Hunters, and attended conferences in more than 40 countries.

In , he travelled to Varginha, Brazil, to conduct his own research into the alleged crash of an alien craft there seven years previously, an event dubbed "the Brazilian Roswell. Armed with a patient, a scalpel, black lights and a stud finder; director Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell seeks to verify the authenticity of alleged Off-World Implant Technology in this gripping documentary available to own October 10th, and On Demand October 31st.

He says he made it as a joke, but he regrets that it has fooled so many people. However, there are many reasons to doubt this account. The film was purportedly of an alien that was recovered at the famous alleged crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft outside of Roswell, New Mexico in However, it was quickly picked apart and was found to be fake. Still, the filmmakers purportedly made millions.

The movie was owned by Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield. To defend their participation in the hoax, Santilli claimed that they really were given a piece of film of the alien autopsy by a mysterious cameraman who they say they confirmed was a US Air Force cameraman in They claim the film had deteriorated, so they hired people to make a recreation. Credit: Philip Mantle. Humphreys created the aliens, and for the innards, they obtained cow and lamb organs from a local butcher. To further fool people, Melaris says they spliced their footage into real newsreel to look more authentic.

As for Humphreys, he has also come forward regarding his involvement. John Humphreys creating the alien prop for the movie. This rumor was supposedly given credence by Santilli himself. When confronted, he told Mantle that he could not talk about it, adding to the mystery. Alien Autopsy movie poster. Credit: Warner Bros. Humphreys was not so shy.

He told Mantle that he had created the props for the entire movie, including the new black and white film at the end. The evasiveness of Santilli and [director Johnny] Campbell also speaks volumes. But the story does not end there. In fact, he provided an image that allegedly shows a piece of the real film.

However, he still will not reveal the name of the man who provided him the film. He felt there should been more acknowledgement for his work or the artistic side. Gareth Watson, an actor who played a doctor in the fake video, says he was also lead to believe there was real film footage and he saw it. Alien Autopsy image recently provide to the Daily Express. This is supposedly part of the real footage provided to Santilli. Credit: Ray Santilli.

If Watson is right, and the footage is of such poor quality, how could they have recreated it? But it was allegedly a piece from the reel. Without being able to prove that, it was not worth our time. He is also active on social media and carefully examines UFO and alien claims. Of course it is also scuffed up to look old. He provided the image below, and it does look spot on. So this once again seems to be Santilli up to his old tricks. Maybe he loves the attention and is still making money. He claims he may release the entire film at some point in the future, but I would guess it would need to involve a lot of money and that it will be inconclusive in the end.

Well, not everyone. Either way, many interested in the UFO phenomenon will find it hard to forgive Melaris as the search for the smoking gun continues. Alexander the Great's 'lost city' was a magical place where people drank wine and naked philosophers imparted wisdom, ancient accounts claim. The images were made public in but, due to political instability, archaeologists were unable to explore the site properly for years. Now, using more recent drone footage and on-site work, researchers have established there was a city during the first and second centuries BC, which had strong Greek and Roman influences.

Scroll down for video. Shown here is the Darband-i Rania pass from the northeast. The site of Qalatga Darband is the triangular land beyond the bridge on the right. Alexander the Great is arguably one of history's most successful military commanders. Undefeated in battle, he had carved out a vast empire stretching from Macedonia and Greece in Europe, to Persia, Egypt and even parts of northern India by the time of his death aged Only five barely intact accounts of his death at Babylon in BCE survive to the present day.

None are from eyewitnesses and all conflict to varying degrees. According to one account from the Roman era, Alexander died leaving his kingdom 'to the strongest' or 'most worthy' of his generals. In another version, he died speechless in a coma, without making any plans for succession. Undefeated in battle, Alexander had carved out a vast empire stretching from Macedonia and Greece in Europe, to Persia, Egypt and even parts of northern India by the time of his death aged The city may have served as an important meeting point between East and West. It is 6 miles 10km south-east of Rania in Sulaimaniya province in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Researchers at the British Museum first explored the site using spy footage of the area from the s. An archaeological dig was not possible when Saddam Hussein controlled Iraq. But more recently improved security has allowed the British Museum to explore the site as a way of training Iraqis to rescue areas damaged by Islamic State.

As well as on-site work, the Museum has also been able to capture its own drone footage of the area. A graphic of what the 'lost city' would have looked like, with a temple, inner fort and wine press facilities. Farmers in the area had found remains of big buildings and a large fortified wall in the area. Researchers first noticed apparently ancient remains in the Iraqi settlement, known as Qalatga Darband pictured after looking at declassified American spy footage from the s.

However, an archaeological dig was not possible when Saddam Hussein controlled Iraq. Among the statues they found was a female figure believed to be Persephone, the Greek goddess of vegetation, and the other is believed to be Adonis, a symbol of fertility. On its western flank, the city was protected by a large fortification which ran from the river to the mountain. It is situated on a large open site around 60 hectares acres large on a natural terrace.

The s Corona spy satellite footage showed a large square building, potentially believed to be a fort, according to a British Museum blog. More recently improved security has allowed the British Museum to explore the site as a way of training Iraqis to rescue areas damaged by Islamic State. An abundance of terracotta roof tiles and Greek and Roman statues suggests the city, which now has a thriving wine trade, could have been created by Alexander.

There were rumours there was an ancient city at the site three years previously and farmers had found remains of big buildings and a large fortified wall. Experts processed their drone footage and increased the colour contrasts to show rectangular buildings hidden beneath fields of crops. An abundance of terracotta roof tiles and Greek and Roman statues also suggests the city, which now has a thriving wine trade, could have been created by Alexander. They found two key statues - one a female figure believed to be Persephone, the Green goddess of vegetation, and the other is believed to be Adonis, a symbol of fertility.

Farmers in the area had also found remains of big buildings and a large fortified wall. There were a number of limestone blocks, believed to be wine or oil presses. Meanwhile, excavation of a mound at the southern end of the site revealed a monument which could have been a temple for worship. Fieldwork started in the autumn of and is expected to last until The project, which was part of the government-funded Iraq Emergency Heritage Management Training Programme, has been possible due to improved security in the country.

This fund is designed to counter the destruction of heritage in cultural zones from Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The programme involves bringing groups of Iraqi archaeologists to London for eight weeks of training at the British Museum. They are then sent to excavations in the field for six additional weeks where they learn how to do drone surveys and 3D scanning. Archaeologists at the British Museum have found a number of statues and coins and have established there was a city during the first and second centuries BC which had strong Greek and Roman influences.

This fund is designed to counter the destruction of cultural heritage in cultural zones from Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The training programme involves bringing groups of Iraqi archaeologists to London for eight weeks of training at the British Museum. They are then sent to excavations in the field for six additional weeks where thy will learn how to do drone surveys and 3D scanning.

The plan is to provide training for more than 50 Iraqis over a period of five years. The team now want to find linguistic evidence to confirm their findings. Earlier this year archaeologists believe they found the last will and testament of Alexander the Great - more than 2, years after his death.

Yesterday (2019) - Movie Trailer

A London-based expert David Grant claimed to have unearthed the Macedonian king's dying wishes in an ancient text that has been 'hiding in plain sight' for centuries. The long-dismissed last will divulged Alexander's plans for the future of the Greek-Persian empire he ruled. It also reveals his burial wishes and discloses the beneficiaries to his vast fortune and power. Evidence for the lost will can be found in an ancient manuscript known as the 'Alexander Romance', a book of fables covering Alexander's mythical exploits.

Likely compiled during the century after Alexander's death, the fables contain invaluable historical fragments about Alexander's campaigns in the Persian Empire. De militair zou altijd hebben gezwegen over de film, maar hem uiteindelijk verkocht hebben om aan geld te komen voor het huwelijk van zijn dochter. Op de film zou te zien zijn hoe onderzoekers het lichaam van de alien openen en er vreemd uitziende organen uit halen. Volgens Santilli heeft Kodak aan de hand van serienummers vastgesteld dat de film in , of uit de fabriek moet zijn gekomen.

Hij claimt dat de nepfilm die hij in maakte over de Roswell-crash zie video hieronder is gebaseerd op de oorspronkelijke, authentieke beelden. Roswell-alien Ray Santilli. De beelden kwamen volgens hem in boven water, toen Polygram nu Universal hem vroeg om een documentaire over Elvis Presley te maken. De beelden waren na al die jaren van dusdanig slechte kwaliteit dat hij besloot om een reconstructie te maken. Dat vertelde hij er indertijd echter niet bij. Santilli zegt nog steeds eigenaar te zijn van de oorspronkelijke beelden.

Mogelijk maakt hij op een later moment de hele film openbaar. Archeologen hebben in Irak een verloren stad ontdekt. De beelden zijn al in vrijgegeven, maar vanwege de politieke instabiliteit konden archeologen de vindplaats jarenlang niet goed onderzoeken. Op de vindplaats in Iraaks-Koerdistan zijn onder meer Griekse munten en standbeelden van Grieks-Romeinse goden gevonden. De Iraakse archeologische diensten hebben zeer veel hinder ondervonden van de chaos die ontstond na de door Amerika geleide invasie van Irak in Foto: Pixabay.

They lived in one of 30 flats that overlook the sea at Wilsthorpe. The pair decided to go to bed, however, as the woman went to turn off the lights, she saw a glow outside. He was frightened and left after ten minutes and put his head under the pillow for the night. Yesterday, Express. Two Chinook helicopters full of RAF personnel landed at the beach by the remote hamlet. He said two of his bait diggers had been on Wilsthorpe Beach the day the couple saw the military operation. Separately a man working on a boat at Blythe Park boat compound also confirmed the military presence, he said.

Mr Sinclair continues to investigate the case and is trying to obtain historic coast guard reports from the period. High levels of military aircraft flying low and circling near his home in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, were also recorded that September. Elf jaar nadat deze op de maan insloeg, is de exacte locatie van de maanorbiter bekend. De lichtflits die tijdens de inslag ontstond. De littekens Want de inslag is ook de maan niet in de koude kleren gaan zitten, zo blijkt. Op beelden van de inslagplek is een twintig meter lange en vier meter brede geul te zien die dwars door een oudere krater loopt.

Aan het einde van de geul treffen we ejecta aan — maanmateriaal dat tijdens de inslag is weggeslingerd — dat richting het zuiden is uitgewaaierd. Deze planetaire nevel heeft qua silhouet iets weg van de planeet Saturnus, maar is wel een totaal ander object. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.

  • American Tapestry (Enhanced Edition): The Story of the Black, White, and Multiracial Ancestors of Michelle Obama (P.S.);
  • The Lump of Coal!
  • Klonk by François Gravel.
  • International Perspectives On Early Childhood Education And Care (UK Higher Education OUP Humanities & Social Sciences Education OUP).

Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Ainaz rated it liked it Oct 06, Reyhan rated it it was amazing Oct 30, Ainaz rated it liked it Oct 26, Julien LeDoux rated it liked it Jan 31, Nicolas rated it it was amazing Jun 22, Richard Tremblay rated it liked it Dec 21, Matteo Giuliani rated it it was amazing Nov 17, Ainaz rated it really liked it Mar 29, Brigitte Moreau rated it really liked it Dec 29, Oddly enough, some of the symptoms seem eerily similar to the unexplained medical complications reported by U.

Could the two related? The story of the strange Brooklyn hum first appeared on Patch. One Bed-Stuy local says the noise seems to be getting louder in recent weeks after first being noticed in May. Local police and utility officials have looked into the noise but have not been able to identify a cause. Instead, they recommend all residents turn their units off briefly to determine if they might be the ones responsible for the piercing noise. Rooftop air conditioning units. What could be behind these unexplained sonic phenomena?

Are they merely an unfortunate byproduct of modern technology and infrastructure? Maybe though, just maybe, something stranger is lying under the surface of all of these seemingly unrelated stories. Unidentified visual phenomena tend to receive much more attention than unidentified sonic phenomena, but many disparate stories about strange noises over the last few years prove that high strangeness can come in many forms.

Like whirlpools in the ocean, spinning black holes in space create a swirling torrent around them. However, black holes do not create eddies of wind or water. Rather, they generate disks of gas and dust heated to hundreds of millions of degrees that glow in X-ray light.

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Dai et al. The astronomers took advantage of a natural phenomenon called a gravitational lens. With just the right alignment, the bending of space-time by a massive object, such as a large galaxy, can magnify and produce multiple images of a distant object, as predicted by Einstein. In this latest research, astronomers used Chandra and gravitational lensing to study six quasars, each consisting of a supermassive black hole rapidly consuming matter from a surrounding accretion disk. Gravitational lensing of the light from each of these quasars by an intervening galaxy has created multiple images of each quasar, as shown by these Chandra images of four of the targets.

The sharp imaging ability of Chandra is needed to separate the multiple, lensed images of each quasar. A higher magnification means a smaller region is producing the X-ray emission. The researchers then used the property that a spinning black hole is dragging space around with it and allows matter to orbit closer to the black hole than is possible for a non-spinning black hole.

Therefore, a smaller emitting region corresponding to a tight orbit generally implies a more rapidly spinning black hole. The authors concluded from their microlensing analysis that the X-rays come from such a small region that the black holes must be spinning rapidly. Four other black holes in the sample are spinning, on average, at about half this maximum rate. The 6th did not enable an estimate of spin. For the Einstein Cross the X-ray emission is from a part of the disk that is less than about 2.

How can these black holes spin so quickly? The researchers think that these supermassive black holes likely grew by accumulating most of their material over billions of years from an accretion disk spinning with a similar orientation and direction of spin, rather than from random directions. Like a merry-go-round that keeps getting pushed in the same direction, the black holes kept picking up speed. The X-rays detected by Chandra are produced when the accretion disk surrounding the black hole creates a multimillion-degree cloud, or corona, above the disk near the black hole.

X-rays from this corona reflect off the inner edge of the accretion disk, and the strong gravitational forces near the black hole distort the reflected X-ray spectrum, that is, the amount of X-rays seen at different energies. The large distortions seen in the X-ray spectra of the quasars studied here imply that the inner edge of the disk must be close to the black holes, giving further evidence that they must be spinning rapidly. The quasars are located at distances ranging from 8. These observations were the longest ever made with Chandra of gravitationally lensed quasars, with total exposure times ranging between 1.

He believes a lost civilization with advanced skills, predating the known ancient Egyptians, created the Sphinx. He also talked about how the pyramids at Giza seem to be connected as part of a mysterious grand unified plan or machine. The focus of all Egyptian religion deals with the quest for immortality, he added. UFO Sighting News. Yes, life exists everywhere, not all life forms need planets to exist. Thanks to SolarBug for this awesome discovery. Click here to subscribe to his channel.

Scott C. Democratic Virginia Senator Mark Warner said through his spokeswoman Rachel Cohen that he wanted answers if pilots at Oceana or elsewhere were reporting UFO sightings that interfere with training or put them at risk. The senator could not ask pilots to put their lives at risk unnecessarily regardless if the UFOs were weather balloons, little green men, or something else entirely, according to Cohen.

Gradisher said Navy officials did indeed meet with some congressional members and staffers interested on the matters this week to give a classified brief on efforts to understand and identify UFO threats to the safety and security of aviators. Follow-up discussions with other interested staffers were done the day after, Gradisher revealed. Gradisher added that Navy officials would continue to keep interested congressional members and staff informed. There is an inordinate number of asteroids in the solar system, each one with their own characteristics.

Most are nothing but rock and other sediments. However, every now and then there's a special one. NASA is currently following one of these special asteroids. They are looking at a nearby asteroid that contains enough gold to make everyone on Earth a billionaire - crazy, right? The asteroid in question is called Psyche 16, and it is nestled between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Along with large amounts of gold, there are huge quantities of platinum, iron, and nickel. All of those metals are pretty expensive, so how much is the asteroid itself actually worth?

NASA does have plans to launch a mission in summer which will arrive at the asteroid in around 4 years time, in Bringing back such a huge amount of gold would annihilate the global economy so NASA has no plans to mine, it is purely deemed a research mission. According to some researchers, Psyche is a survivor of violent hit-and-run collisions between planets which were common when the solar system was forming. Asteroid ownership was made legal in and so a number of mining companies are gearing up for a gold rush. While this would also have a profound effect on the global economy, it would be nothing compared to that of Psyche.

However, sometimes these people come across with information that is so explosive, so exciting, that it creates a massive wave of excitement across the web. One person who has managed to do this as the moment, is James Oberg. After his time with NASA he moved into becoming a space historian and regularly contributes to journalistic work on the subject.

The thing that makes Mr. Oberg so exciting to us, though, is that he has a lot of things to say about UFOs. Basically, Oberg says that many people who are buying into the theory of seeing UFOs and other objects are misguided. In a bid to explain what broke the normal rules we know, we turn to extravagant theories about aliens and UFOs. Typically, these also come with the idea that NASA silences these people afterwards — not in a mob way, of course — and thus it creates a real layer of intrigue and espionage.

Is it Mr. Or his colleagues in the past? Oberg, though, in his typical fashion, has found a good way of disproving UFO theories without insulting or slating anyone along the way. He claims that these are pieces of objects that have fallen off during space flight — anything from an ice flake to a paint chip — can cause people to be misled by what they see. So, apparently, all of these sightings are just specs of debris…. His other statement, that if spacecraft is in the right position in comparison to where the Sun is at that point, that it can cast a shadow on objects to make them disappear and re-appear within an image.

For example, last December California residents seen a ridiculous white streak bullet across the night sky. According to Oberg, this was a planned missile test from the US Navy that was seen instead. It was instead a large set of particles from the thruster of the missile itself, rather than anything more exciting. Is it really that out of our normal experience these days? This is a brilliant read and gives a really intriguing counter-argument to the twilight shadow theory that James has put forward. He states that the movement of the pattern is simply too strange, in the video listed above — the STS UFO mystery — for it to be the ice blocks that Oberg claims.

Seen as they move independently, we would be inclined to agree. However, we have to say that what Oberg claims is likely to be true for certain videos out there; tricks of the mind and photographic manipulation is always a possibility. But, at least in our view, not for every single video that has ever existed — that sounds every bit as crazy as the idea that every video is real!

However, that does not mean he should be attacked, or demonized, or insulted, or hated. Unlike the deep hatred and arrogance you get from other debunkers, Oberg has no problem at all with people continuing to look for evidence. It seems crazier than the stuff being real, to us! However, we deeply respect the work and commitment that Mr.

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Oberg has put into his discoveries and appreciate how he comes across. Kasher over Mr. Even those outside of UFO circles will likely remember the waer such technology behind these crafts is based on that recovered from a plethora of alleged crashes of extraterrestrial vehicles. And many, with good reason, believe these very specific aerial vehicles to be of at least partial human design. Debate still rages on wheth. Whether human or extraterrestrial in origin, the black triangle sightings have quietly been taking place in the upper northwest regions of the state of Washington for the last thirty years.

And while sightings of these black triangular vehicles take place all over the world, such a concentration of them in one by comparison small area of air space is certainly interesting. Or, if we say that these crafts are indeed from elsewhere in the cosmos, why such a concentration of this particular type of craft in this part of the world? As we will examine shortly, several sightings in the same region of the world may indeed suggest something of interest is taking place there.

As is often the case, the subject is one that could and does fill entire books. Needless to say, to examine every single sighting in a single article would be inappropriate and, for the reader, rather mundane. We will, though, attempt to provide a snapshot into one of the most intriguing aspects of the UFO community, in one of the most, in UFO terms, alluring areas of the United States. We should be clear that sightings of black triangle UFOs are seen all over the United States and around the world. And while we may indeed look at some of those sightings in future articles, either individually or as a collective, there is good reason to concentrate, for now, on the state of Washington and the west coast of the United States.

Perhaps not least because between them, Washington, Oregon, and California consistently ranks among the highest for UFO sightings in America. Furthermore, if we might step fully into speculative territory for a moment, we might want to look at the states that reside to the east of the west coast territories. Bordering California, for example, are Nevada and Arizona. And the state of Washington provides the perfect coastal entrance to it. We will be concentrating for the most part on sightings from the s and into the s for the purposes of our article here, in part, as it perhaps ties up with the Belgian UFO wave of the earlys, which we will come back to later, and because these more contemporary sightings are most definitely richer in detail.

Furthermore, while there are more sightings of triangular UFOs in California, for example, the overall percentage of such crafts reported, at least according to some figures in the region, is greater in the state of Washington, with around a quarter of UFO sightings in the Evergreen state being of triangular craft versus approximately a tenth in California. Below is another recent UFO sighting over Washington state — this one from What is perhaps interesting about this report, and others, is how similar, in terms of the slow movement versus the huge size of the craft and the lack of noise, to many of the descriptions of the Phoenix Lights in in Arizona.

A newspaper delivery boy would claim to hear a woman suddenly scream causing him to spin around and seek out the noise. The strange, triangular object hovered around feet from the ground and was silent despite its huge size. Furthermore, its altitude was so low he could see it was not a conventional aircraft. Sightings of these specifically black, silently moving triangular crafts continued as the s took over from the seventies.

Once more, there was a light at each corner of the object and a middle light. As the nineties progressed, however, the sightings would become all the more detailed. And intriguing. Perhaps, in part, this is down to the Internet and developments in technology allowing almost everyone to walk around with a mobile phone in their pocket courtesy of their mobile phone? On an evening in September anonymous witnesses, then husband and wife, would report a bizarre triangular craft from the isolated home in a rural area of Port Angeles.

On this particular evening, the couple was sat looking up at the stars when they noticed something moving again the black sky. Thinking it was a plane they at first paid it little more attention. That was until they realized it was moving much too slowly to be a plane. In fact, it was moving much too slow to be anything conventional.

They would watch the craft for around twenty minutes, the time it took for it makes its way across their field of vision above. All the while they expected to hear the sound of its engines, however, no such sound was forthcoming. Finally, it would approach the Olympic Mountains where it suddenly vanished with sudden and fantastic acceleration. Both witnesses would state that the craft was unlike anything they had seen before.

One Sunday evening in November came a sighting of a black triangular object. Only this time at much closer range. They would continue down the highway, wrestling with the idea that the strange lights might be a small plane or a helicopter. However, try as they might, they could not see the craft part of the object, only the lights. If it had been a small plane or helicopter, at such close range they felt they should have been able to tell so.

As the witness approached Boeing Field it became obvious that the object — whatever it was — was about to proceed into over the facility. They brought their car to a stop and stepped out in order to get a clearer look before it vanished over the airfield. They would continue:. A triangle with one large, round unblinking red light at each of its three corners! Silently, as it had remained throughout, the object disappeared into the night sky. The witness would stop their vehicle and look out momentarily. They would estimate the object was at an altitude of no more than feet.

Even stranger, despite its mammoth size there was no sound at all from the apparently other-worldly craft. It continued to on over the treetops, moving at an unusually slow pace for a craft of its size. The witness would estimate that the craft covered less than 1, feet in the thirty seconds they stood and watched it. For a moment, it hovered silently in one place for several seconds, even turning off all the lights momentarily. It would then move out of sight in the same calm, steady manner. Like a prehistoric, aircraft, moving in sympathy with the mammoth of the mammoth beasts who plodded along the land below.

However, a link for the report is not available at the time of writing. As they both focused their attention, they could see a triangular craft moving slowly across the sky in the direction of Boeing Field. At each underside point of the triangle was a dim orange light. They would watch the black triangular object for several minutes, noting how bizarre it was that it seemingly emitted no noise whatsoever.

It would eventually become lost in the distance of the night sky and the outline of it, so clear initially was gone. At around pm, with the sky still enjoying the glow of the Summer Solstice, as the witness was speaking his wife, he noticed the black triangular object moving silently, despite its huge size, across the sky. It was only in his sight for around three seconds before it disappeared from his sight behind one of the other houses on the street.

This perhaps says a lot for the low altitude of the aerial vehicle. The witness would describe as black with light grey paneling. Furthermore, at each corner was a dim white light. Interestingly, as the witness has a keen interest and knowledge of aviation, he would claim that he instantly thought of the UFO sightings in Belgium in the early nineties. He would claim he had read a lot about the incident. UFO investigators would report the witness to be particularly credible. Both due to his demeanor and background. Furthermore, the witness was quick thinking enough to draw a detailed drawing with equally as detailed information about the sighting.

You can see that drawing below. Reboare went outside to place some recycling material into the appropriate containers. What perplexed the witness more than anything else was the distinct lack of noise suggestive or a propulsion method or system. The witness would estimate the craft was at least the size of a jet.

Or even around three-quarters of the size of a football field. Furthermore, how it moved through the sky, at a relatively low altitude was strange. At least to him, it gave the impression it was floating rather than flying. The craft would eventually vanish out of sight. Further correspondence between the witness and UFO investigators left the latter feeling that Mr. Renoare was not only of sound mind but a remarkably credible witness.

Although it was only his intuition, Mr. The witness, who had his camera at the ready, suddenly attempted to capture the object, quickly snapping three shots. However, due to the settings he had his camera adjusted to in order to photograph the moon clearly the pictures were blurred beyond recognition. You can, however, see sketches of the incident they made below and at the bottom of this section.

Both witnesses were believed to be credible and sincere in their report. They would stress that the position of their home meant they were used to a lot of air traffic. And all kinds of aerial vehicles of all descriptions passing over them. This, however, was most definitely something neither of them had witnessed or even seen before. However, no noise or other disturbance came. The couple would continue to watch the craft until it vanished out of their sight. The TR, some claim, stands for Tactical Reconnaissance. Might these crafts belong to the black budget department of the United States military?

If that is the case, by definition there would be no public acknowledgment. And there has been a lot of apparently leaked information in recent years regarding these triangular crafts. Information suggesting that they are indeed top-secret government crafts. However, US authorities still maintain their position that these are not secret crafts. Of theirs or, to the best of their knowledge, any other country.