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A Reminiscent Drive just released two Studio Albums, both deeply charged with emotions and feelings in every track.

Reminiscence Of A Soul

But while the first album, "Mercy Street", delivers sentimental songs with sweet melodies, the second studio album, "Ambrosia", changes a little this concept. I'm not saying that this album isn't emotional, it's just more sad, in his own style. And some tracks in here will rock your world if you recently listen the first studio recording and you're looking for more: Here's a lot more for your enjoy! But with some changes: while Mercy Street have a kind of "unreal sound" The bass sounds false, there is no drum samples and there is a lot of sounds in lo-fi , Ambrosia have a more reallistic sound, with more beats, more bass quality and more computer generated sounds: In fact, while the first album have the announcement "No Computer In This Record!


The other big difference is the lack of Vocals in the Mercy Street LP There is a lot of vocal samples and speech, but all the tracks are escencially instrumentals ; but there is a couple of Songs in Ambrosia And with special guests! And, like the previous release, the entire CD package have a lot of pictures of Mr.

Alanski, with a Booklet with a page for every song, making space for the observer guys.

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With images of Budha, flowers, many plastic objects, rain clouds Now the songs review: the opener track, " On My Way to Providence", is a energetic track, full of the sounds that cautivate in Mercy Street, functioning like a continuation to the previous album. With the hard sound of the electric guitar of the good JF Kellner Guitarrist in the A Reminiscent Drive project in the background, and gradually being fulled with some guitars, keyboards and synthesizers. The third and tittle track begins with the same portuguese vocal sample to different velocities, sounding very weird, but it totally changes to a sad ballad, full of organic sounds Acoustic Guitars, latin percussion, and trumpets , revealing one of the more beautiful tracks listened in a A Reminiscent Drive Album.

This surely sounds nothing like the older A Reminiscent Drive, but it haves style, rithm and feeling. But the ambient keeps you there. Surely a A Reminiscent Drive fan willlike this one, so smooth and seductive I believe it has energy to refresh the soul. Filter by languages. New to YourQuote?

When Does the Soul Enter the Body? — Ananda

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I thought she love me, but she push the door that has written pull Show more. Because a farewell Is not forever school Reminiscent love memories unfo Google cloud.

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Sitting at the riverside, with my feet dipped in icy cold water, I wrote this Kabhi kabhi dosti mai bhi dil lag jata ha Fetching reminiscent Quotes. Seems there are no posts with this hashtag.

Tortured_Soul’s tracks

Come back a little later and find out. Write your own quotes on YourQuote app. Blues from the Gospel is a one-of-a-kind record in todays market reviving a long lost genre of melodic country blues with a scriptural message.

reminiscent of - eli. (official audio)

Dark Horses by Billy Goodman Released A collision of talents took place in Philadelphia recently when solo artist Billy Goodman fused his singer songwriter prowess with the production and rhythm section power of the hitmaker group The Hooters. Goodman, a touring resident of Germany for the last decade, reunited with his old friends The Hooters during their recent tour of that country; a stronghold of loyal fans for both artists.

Reminiscent Soul (Demo)

It was during a string of Hooters shows in Germany, in … Read more. Blues by Billy Goodman Released Essentially a solo CD of blues classics written in the late s with Billy on vocals and lots of slide guitar on his old strat and fingerpicking on his old Gibson acoustic. He has three CDs on his own label www.