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Duchenne muscular dystrophy DMD is the most common form of muscular dystrophy caused by mutations in the dystrophin gene. Loss of dystrophin initiates a progressive decline in skeletal muscle integrity and contractile capacity which weakens respiratory muscles including the diaphragm, culminating in respiratory failure, the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in DMD patients. At present, corticosteroid treatment is the primary pharmacological intervention in DMD, but has limited efficacy and adverse side effects.

Thus, there is an urgent need for new safe, cost-effective, and rapidly implementable treatments that slow disease progression.

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One promising new approach is the amplification of nitric oxide-cyclic guanosine monophosphate NO-cGMP signalling pathways with phosphodiesterase 5 PDE5 inhibitors. Our social-connectiveness is very important. Professional Development in education has the responsibility of promoting teacher growth in a valid and practical manner. A community of teacher-learners can effectively promote this growth beyond what simple in-servicing alone can accomplish.

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Workshop and other in-service events are magnified by collaborative, shared-experiences. As teaching professionals we need to learn, share, and collaborate with their peers, we need to feel successful and believe in our ability to succeed. Our work as champions of innovation must be informed by the best practices examples provided through peer coaching and mentorship programs which can be high effective, when they provide collaborative atmospheres. Like championing a cause, mentoring is a professional role that requires professional renewal, enhanced self-esteem, more reflective practice, and leadership skills.

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The knowledge and skills that experienced teachers acquire as part of mentor training and practice is continual professional growth. Mentoring programs for teachers should serve to offer deliberate psychological and professional development conditions necessary for the development of teacher knowledge, skills, and dispositions, thus increasing teacher retention through effective, efficient mentoring.

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Champions, mentors, and peer coaches must develop their understanding of building helping relationships, effective teaching practices, effective coaching practices, and how to work with adults. As we think beyond working with one colleague at a time, we must begin to think about developing our culture. The best practices found in effective professional learning communities PLCs can help us significantly. PLCs can be defined at multiple levels local, state, national, and international in multiple contexts team of teachers, building staff, school district of teachers, group of common content teachers, etc… yet the focus of every PLC must be to explore three major questions: What do we want each student to learn?

How will we know when each student has learned it? How will we respond when a student experiences difficulty in learning? There are five major attributes of PLCs 15 :. Clearly the research shows repetitive themes in community building and job satisfaction for teaching professionals. The teaching can be a lonely profession complete with isolation and the close-my-door-and-teach mentality. Yet, the wealth of knowledge and experience that can be accessed through well structured professional development and collaboration opportunities.

This takes effort on the part of the teachers, administrators, and institutions of learning, but the effort will yield positive results. ARCS Model There are certain key stages which are important to helping others to adopt emergent technology and innovativeness in general. Attention When we relate the relevance of using emergent technology in the classroom we must describe how adoption is advantageous. Relevance The adoption anything new must first be framed by something old, something familiar, and then advantages should be explained.

Satisfaction What does it mean to be successful at adoption?

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Engage inquiry puzzles, questions, problems, dilemmas. Create variety different kinds of examples, models, exercises, and presentation modalities. Relevance: relate to experience and needs Described: Allow audience to select or define goals, give examples of goals, discuss value of goals. Satisfaction: build a sense of reward and achievement Described: Support learning applied in real-world or simulated context with consequences Provide feedback after practice to confirm, analyze, or correct performance Apply consistent consequences for meeting standard consistent evaluation criteria Examples: avoid over-rewarding easy tasks, give more informative feedback rather than praise or entertainment value use practical examples related to audience interests award certificates for mastery of skills provide testimonials from previous audience about value of the learning give evaluative feedback using equitable criteria Reflection: Reflection: Why does social praise not work as well as informative feedback in creating satisfaction?

How do rubrics change satisfaction?

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Connections in Championing, Coaching, and Mentoring In an effort to understand why teachers continue to teach in a challenging career I once conducted a survey of 75 Middle School teachers asking them to identify why they stayed in their profession. Collective Learning — application of collective learning to address student needs. Supportive Conditions — time scheduled for teachers to come together to learn, make decisions, problem solve, and create work exemplified by collaboration.

Shared Personal Experience — a peers helping peers process, based on a desire for individual and community improvement founded in mutual respect and trustworthiness of the teachers involved. Source Notes in order of use Johnson, S. Keller, J. Accessed 18 Apr. Tschannen-Moran, M. Rogers, Everett M.

Diffusion of Innovations. New York: Free, Bandura, A.

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Psychological Review 84 2 , Puentedura, R. Accessed 20 Apr. Smith, T.

(MY GRADE: 1 ## GAME) Sonic R

What are the effects of induction and mentoring on beginning teacher turnover? Hanson, S What Mentors Learn About Teaching. Educational Leadership, 67 8 , Reiman, A.

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Journal of Moral Education, 31 1 , Dotger, B. DuFour, R. Schools as Learning Communities. Educational Leadership 61 8 Hord, S. Issues… about change.