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Hardy was both confused and puzzled regarding Sal's connection to this Joan woman. Before his death, on every Fridays Sal Russo sold Salmon fish to his customers, who were judges and police lieutenants. Because of the quality of the fish Sal supplied, he was fondly mentioned as "Salmon Sal" by his close friends. Sal owned a boat moored right behind the federal court. During his younger days Mario worked in his father's hotel named Grotto, back in the kitchen.

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Mario was also a young attorney with political aspirations. Hotel Grotto was having a very tough time,was suffering heavy losses. Giotti family received a notice from State of California, that the hotel should be properly renovated, because of the hotel's poor standard to meet out the needs of the tourists. The family needed forty-five thousand dollars to bring the place to the code prescribed by the State or the hotel would be shut down.

Mario Giotti and his best friend Sal came up with a smart idea. If there was a small fire in the kitchen, doing a little damage to the hotel, the insurance cost can cover the renovation. Mario and Sal thought the fire could never spread, with its backup and alarm systems. Unexpectedly because of the grease in the kitchen the fire spread fast, burning the entire hotel. In an attempt to put down the fire, a fisherman named Randall G.

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Palmieri, dead on the spot. Randall was a sweet faced young guy,with two kids and pretty wife Joan. Out of sympathy towards Randall's wife Joan Palmieri, Judge Giotti helped her to run the family out of Trust fund, established by his family. Joan, later married Ron Singleterry,lived a peaceful life till her death.

The judge also gave Sal Russo dollars out of gratitude and guilt, mainly to keep him shut. Hardy learns these matters from Joan's daughter, who responded after seeing Hardy's advertisement. Hardy also interrogates judge Giotti after finding a leather hose,from Sal's belongings,first he mistook for belt and learning about the burnt down Hotel Gorotto,from the paper archives.

Judge Giotti's wife Pat Giotti, wants her husband to reach great heights in his career. She wants her husband to be a Supreme court judge without any hindrances. Sal Russo became a great threat to her wish. Because of his Alzheimer's disease and cancer, he forgot that his son had taken his dollars as per his instructions. Sal began to yell and threaten the judge if he didn't give his money back, Sal will declare in public the tragic incident happened in Hotel Gortto,and their roles to hide the death of an young fireman.

This, made the judge restless, even though he had confidence over his best friend. So, Pat Giotti to help her husband, and to wipe away the blabbing Sal Russo who was posing a great threat to her husband, killed him with morphine overdose by visiting Sal's apartment secretly. Pat ,also wanted to stop Hardy who was constantly digging Mario Giotti's past even after Graham's acquittal.

Meeting ,Hardy at gun point,while he was working late. She was arrested and sentenced six years jail at County prison. As per his father's wish, Graham donates Sal's entire funds to Joan Singleterry and joins as law associate in David Freeman's office. Apr 28, Lee rated it liked it Shelves: detective-crime-thrillers , john-lescroat , legal-thrillers.

This older John Lescroart novel finds Dismas Hardy defending another lawyer who is accused of killing his dying father. When the district attorney fails to prosecute a politically ambitious State Attorney steps in sending an assistant with a grudge against the defendant to prosecute. As usually with Lescroart lots of twists and turns and good legal action leaving you up in the air on how the case will turn out and who is the killer.

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  7. Aug 06, Marcia rated it it was amazing. The story has many ideas: assisted suicide, right to life, care for the elderly, betrayal, and lust for power. Most of the characters react in some way to these concerns. Further, Dismas Hardy adjusts himself to married life with children and at the same time realizes he is a defense attorney rather than a prosecutor.

    ‎The Mercy Rule: Dismas Hardy, Book 5 (Unabridged) on Apple Books

    I like the realistic way the recurring characters change a little to adapt to their circumstances. Sep 15, Colleen rated it liked it. My mind wanders when I'm reading this book Perhaps that will change I'm pages into the book -- and it's taken me over 2 weeks to get to that point Mar 29, Robin added it. I liked this book. It was well done and was thought provoking.

    Dec 07, Kirsty Darbyshire added it. I think I'd better mark this one done as "abandoned", I just can't get into the story at all. I like the premise, I just don't find myself wanting to read this book. I've read these all out of order with this one a prequel to "The Hearing," which I read last week Even though older, there is a bit of currency in both I don't think Lescroart thought much of the Kamala Harris-like character that he's drawn as Diz's legal foil In this one, the legal heart rests with the question of "mercy killing" as per the title Great Fun!!! Aug 14, Patty Jaacks rated it really liked it.

    It has a whodunnit aspect that had me guessing until the perpetrator was revealed. Both sides of the issue of euthanasia are examined through various characters and their actions. Motivations of the characters are scrutinized as the plot unfolds. I bought this book at a used bookstore in Australia and though it was written quite a an engaging and thought-provoking tale about a current day issue that resonates with many people who are facing end-of-life decisions or are caring for someone who is.

    I bought this book at a used bookstore in Australia and though it was written quite a long time ago this topic is still very relevant in ; in fact, little progress has been made legislatively. Dec 05, Terri Floccare rated it really liked it.

    The Mercy Rule

    Diz and Abe take a look at mercy killing and more, of course!! Not preachy, but enough content to start one thinking May 12, Shirley rated it really liked it. Jan 12, Colleen rated it really liked it. Loved this book! Jun 26, Melanie Wissel rated it really liked it. I enjoy the Dismas Hardy series. Always a good read. Sep 22, Judy Green rated it really liked it. May 24, John rated it really liked it.

    Mostly enjoyable read. Pretty predictable on the front end but captivating during the trial portion. My first Dismas Hardy, and I might try another. May 06, J Jares rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , read-in Another great book In the s, there was lots of talk about mercy killing or assisted suicide or euthanasia and Dr. It was a hotly debated topic for several years.

    In , Kevorkian was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to a to year prison sentence. He was rele Another great book He was released in and died of natural causes in This book was released in the midst of all the uproar and I think John Lescroart handled the issue well. This story is about an elderly man, Sal, who is experiencing Alzheimer's. However, Sal has started to worry about his headaches - which turn out to be inoperable brain cancer.

    More books by John Lescroart

    He is in incredible pain. After disappearing from his children's lives for 15 years -- Sal and Graham the eldest of the 3 kids reconnect. Because of the nearly constant pain, Graham has given morphine injections to his father. When Sal dies, Graham is arrested for his father's death. Lescroart has a wonderful sense of humor and the dialog between Dismas Hardy and Abe Glitsky is often priceless.

    Dead Irish 2. The Vig 3. Hard Evidence 4. The Mercy Rule Aug 01, Ferne rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Karen Kijewski fans! Dismas Hardy is back in the role of defense attorney and sometimes that means being at odds with his best friend since the friend is Lt. Abe Glitsky now in homicide but both always remember where the friendship began when they were both young cops walking their beat. Diz's client, Graham Russo, an estate case suddenly becomes a client charged with murder. The prosecutor begins his case with "Ladies and gentlemen "The Mercy Rule" is a story that one will remember long after the book is finished.

    The prosecutor begins his case with "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. The defendant, Graham Russo, murdered his father for money. This story is an evocative portrayal of the multiple complexities of assisted suicide between definitions - from the viewpoint of humanity vs. The story is also compelling due to the introduction of new characters to the series, Sarah Evans and her partner, Marcel Lanier - the Sal Russo investigating team working for Abe.

    One of the wonderful things about Sarah is on a night home alone, "Carrying her afghan in from the bedroom, she gets herself settled in her chair and spent most of another hour finishing a paperback about Kat Colorado going on tour with a country singer in Nashville, saving the woman's life, of course, winning another one for the good guys. Sarah liked these books about women private eyes, especially the quick-witted, smart-mouthed ones. She didn't fancy herself like them, but it was fun to live in their shoes for the space of a book As I've said in other reviews of John Lescroart's titles, this is not my first read of a title by John Lescroart nor my first read about character Dismas Hardy and definitely will not be my last.

    Sep 03, Tony rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , series , reviewed , It had one major problem, however: the test audiences hated the ending.

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    So the studio forced him to change it. Undeterred, Hughes turned straight around and made essentially the same movie again the next year Some Kind of Wonderful , except this time with the ending he'd originally wanted for Pretty in Pink. Having read The 13th Juror just last week, I kept finding myself wondering if something similar had happened to Lescroart too, as The Mercy Rule is pretty much entirely the same book, except with some different legal arguments view spoiler [and outcomes.

    Lawyer: just admit you did it, and explain why, and nothing will happen to you. After all this is San Francisco. They're more likely to give you a medal than put you in prison. Client: But I didn't do it! Everyone: Oh yes you did! Client: Oh no I didn't! Lawyer: It's really obvious that you're guilty. Just let me explain why you did it, and I guarantee you'll be free. Client: No, no, no. Big Court Battle happens. Big Court Battle ends and judgment is delivered. Time passes. Oh, hey. Turns out someone else did do it after all. Nov 08, J rated it really liked it.

    Lescroart is one of my favorite crime writers. I love the circle of San Francisco characters he has created: ex-prosecutor, ex-barkeep, now defense lawyer Dismas Hardy, homicide detective Abe Glitsky, et alia. In this case Hardy represents an unemployed lawyer accused of murdering his elderly, declining dad. In fact the grown son had in recent years reconciled with the dad, a one-time sports figure who's reduced to selling freshly caught BEWARE: One man's bookflap summary is another man's spoiler.

    In fact the grown son had in recent years reconciled with the dad, a one-time sports figure who's reduced to selling freshly caught fish on the down-low. But the son appears awful guilty based on initial hard findings and on his own unreliable statements. Turns out the son is innocent. Hardy, as usual, goes to great lengths to uncover the facts that exonerate his client.

    What is disconcerting -- yet oddly believable -- is that the true killer is eventually identified, but gets off with a mere hand slap because the killer is a close associate of an esteemed federal judge. Interestingly, the law isn't only about finding and presenting the truth. Sometimes it's also about presenting a near likeness of the truth in the hopes that a jury will buy the falsehood.

    In this story, somebody definitely got away with murder. Nov 10, Chris Carr rated it really liked it. This is the first Lescroat book I've read so I came into this book not knowing his other material. The main theme of this book is the moral and legal issue of assisted suicide.

    Other themes are explored, such as the treatment if women within the American police force and just how laws are often broken when it comes down to smaller issues. Those in the courtrooms and law enforcement have no issue buying illegal fish from a victim of the story The characters are flawed. The love story between the d This is the first Lescroat book I've read so I came into this book not knowing his other material. The love story between the defendant and a police officer seemed rushed because the writer likely wanted to force another contentious issue into the story.

    The conclusion was rather cliches for my liking. Jun 27, Jim rated it liked it Shelves: From the beginning I never really got into the story. The supporting characters were somewhat colorful as they are usually for all of Lescroart's books. However, it didn't feel like Dismas Hardy or Abe Glitsky got comfortable with their roles withing this story. Written in , it came across very dated as well. Most of the time I don't worry about what time period a book is set within.

    Not to worry I'll be moving on to another John Lescroart book sometime soon.

    Episode 551 - John Lescroart Interview

    He's a master story teller and one of my favorite authors. Three stars out of a possible five stars, leave this one on shelf for the time being. Dec 10, Keri rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , s-read , suspense-legal. Another great legal procedural from JL. Dismas by this time has won two clients freedom from murder charges and is gaining quite a bull dog reputation.

    He started writing as a student at the University of California-Berkeley, where he majored in English. Following college and a job with a telephone company, he traveled around Europe, singing folk and country-rock music.

    The Mercy Rule (Dismas Hardy, Book 5)

    He won the Joseph Henry Jackson best novel award for under California writers with the autobiographical novel Sunburn. While helping his wife raise their two children and working in legal, bartending, musician, and social service positions, he still found the time to write numerous novels. The Mercy Rule. John T. Vowing to spend more time with his wife and kids, Dismas Hardy is hesitant to take on the case of Graham Russo, a could-have-been-great baseball player indicted for the murder of his father, Sal.