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In order to see Jesus, we first need to let him look at us! The desire to see Jesus dwells deep in the heart of each man and each woman. My dear young people, allow Jesus to gaze into your eyes so that the desire to see the Light, and to experience the splendour of the Truth, may grow within you.

Whether we are aware of it or not, God has created us because he loves us and so that we in turn may love him. That Face - we know - was revealed to us by God in Jesus Christ. That is the question I address to you on this World Youth Day First of all, create a silence within yourselves. Allow this ardent desire to see God emerge from the depth of your hearts, a desire that is sometimes stifled by the distractions of the world and by the allurements of pleasures. Allow this desire to emerge and you will have the wonderful experience of meeting Jesus. Christianity is not simply a doctrine: it is an encounter in faith with God made present in our history through the incarnation of Jesus.

Try by every means to make this encounter possible, and look towards Jesus who is passionately seeking you. To see Jesus, to contemplate his Face, is an unquenchable desire, but it is a desire that man unfortunately may also deform. This is what happens with sin, because it is the very essence of sin to draw our eyes away from the Creator and to turn them towards what he has created. To be truly free means having the strength to choose the One for whom we were created and accepting his lordship over our lives. You perceive it in the depths of your heart: all that is good on earth, all professional success, even the human love that you dream of, can never fully satisfy your deepest and most intimate desires.

Do not let yourselves be distracted from this search. Persevere in it because it is your fulfilment and your joy that is at stake. Dear friends, if you learn to discover Jesus in the Eucharist, you will also know how to discover him in your brothers and sisters, particularly in the very poor. The Eucharist received with love and adored with fervour becomes a school of freedom and charity in order to fulfil the commandment to love. Jesus speaks to us in the wonderful language of the gift of self and of love so great as to give our own life for it.

Is that an easy thing? You know very well that it is not! It is not easy to forget our self, but if we do, it draws us away from possessive and narcissistic love and opens us up to the joy of a love that is self-giving. This Eucharistic school of freedom and charity teaches us to overcome superficial emotions in order to be rooted firmly in what is true and good; it frees us from self-attachment in order to open ourselves to others.

It teaches us to make the transition from an affective love to an effective love. It is with such inner freedom and such burning charity that Jesus teaches us to find him in others, first of all in the disfigured face of the poor. This is the way to meet Christ. The world is in urgent need of a great prophetic sign of fraternal charity! Novo millennio ineunte , Do not forget to seek Christ and to recognise his presence in the Church , which is like the continuation of his saving action in time and space.

It is in the Church and through her that Jesus continues to make himself visible today and to allow humanity to come to him. In your parishes, movements and communities, be welcoming to one another in order to build communion among yourselves. This is the visible sign of the presence of Christ in the Church, in spite of being so often blurred by human sin.

Forget tulips in bright sun. Focus on faintly lit tulips in the margins. All those images taken in the bright sun and dark shade were only going to be. Your next decision is to decide if you want a close-up, wide-angle with background, or. I tried all three but on this particular day with not so special tulips,. I veered away from close-ups and pursued compressed telephoto shots.

Next, you have to get. You can start by just scanning the tulips. This is not easy when the garden. However, getting motivated is a lot easier when you find a group of. It's highly likely that when you get home you'll probably be disappointed with most of your images. But, you'll also get some surprise. Of course, you'll find. Unfortunately, the blooms will be gone by your next visit so you'll have to wait till next year.

Time to start over. A bove image shot with Nikon D with hand held. APRIL - Additional images can be viewed under Kachemak Bay, AK. Winter is the best time of year to photograph eagles and one of the best places is in Alaska. Planning for a trip to Alaska in early March,.

You'll spend a lot of time. Layers are good. The weather turned. Being comfortable sure makes. Knowing that we would be photographing flying eagles, I did travel to La Jolla in January to practice. They are slower than eagles but every minute of practice really paid.

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While the weather was mostly cloudy to rainy,. I captured about 7, images over 6 days and ended up deleting about 7, of them immediately. When photographing eagles at 9 FPS, there are a lot images that just don't make the cut. A wing. I do wait till I get home to delete images. I did tend to shoot tight so this led to a lot of missed compositions.

The advantage is that when I. Noise was a problem because many locations were dark and dingy; that's just the wy it is. In order not to blow out the whites, I also used highlight priority. I was a little worried about my settings but my prior photographing flying. On the image above, did I mention that. I like to think of it as preparing to be lucky. A bove image shot with Nikon D with with high speed battery pack and G2 hand held. MARCH - Additional images can be viewed under Cormorants.

I was walking along the rocky shoreline near the coves in La Jolla and came across this cormorant. He was actually kind of camouflaged as can. Instead of shooting tight, I decided to include. I like the rock he was. One of the questions a viewer might ask is how many pictures of a bird can you take before. The answer is, a lot. I try to take all kinds of photos of birds, some with. The types of photos really is unlimited. Flora - Plumaria. Additional images can be viewed under Tropical Flora. As some parts of the U. It's more bright and cheerful than most other flora during the winter.

Feel better now? The irony is that some of the most beautiful flowers that I have photographed have been way out of. Even some of my best photographs of roses have been taken in winter-stricken rose gardens. But, they are there, somewhere, hiding. Not a lot of people would say that SoCal experiences a real winter, especially people from colder. Of course the flora in SoCal thinks something different as the roses, annuals, and.

In fact, the color last fall in the Eastern Sierra was about as is. I was in Maine at that time. Maybe next year. A bove image shot with a Nikon P on a cheap tripod. Additional images can be viewed under Pelicans. Pelicans are usually photographed in January as the males are in peak color. So in mid December. I decided to check out the situation in La Jolla and see if there was anything of interest.

I was really. Once the sun broke the horizon and sun rays hit the cliff, everything lit up and the birds. For about five minutes,. A true experience. Unfortunately, after about a half hour, other photographers and. This is what typically happens in all of January. The excitement of seeing these flying dinosaurs glide onto the cliffs makes you want to shoot like. I get home and start selecting images for post processing, I literally discard all of the images of the. However, wait too long and the sun quickly. I don't think there is more than. For me, the optimal light lasts about 5 minutes. I've photographed a lot of pelicans over the years, and after a while, the images become repetitive.

The big difference is that lenses have gotten. The resolution. It's hard to. I feel like I have to. While enthusiast photography is cratering people would rather use smart phones , the cost of. A high end sports body used to cost around. A high end, fast telephoto lens, still costs up to. Because the. A bove image shot with a Nikon D with grip and Tamron G2 on tripod. Additional images can be viewed under Nikko, Japan.

Kegon Falls is located in Nikko N. It was a particularly beautiful day in the peak of autumn color and I think everyone else. It took 3. The parking near the falls was packed and there were people everywhere. I was with a business. One of my associates told me that the view was better from a different location so I headed in that.

I missed the location but found a pay booth to an elevator that took me down to the. Sometimes you just get lucky. While the viewing platform was also packed. Most smart phones are 28mm so I was able to get a. I was surprised how few people were using real cameras. Should I have used a slower shutter speed to smooth the flow of the waterfall?

I can understand. Just an opinion. Acadia N. Maine - Bass Harbor. Additional images can be viewed under Acadia N. Acadia National National Park is visited by 3. It sure is nice that there aren't nearly as many visitors during the autumn when the. Even with the more limited. There are splashes of yellow, orange, and red, but the color can also be used as accents in photos. The area includes no shortage of rock cliffs, harbors,.

Cadillac mountain experiences beautiful sunrises and is the first light to hit the U. As a result, the types of images varied widely over my 5 day autumn trip. The workshop I attended was no walk in the park. We woke up about AM each morning to. After sunrise, we drove around the park loop road. Once the light became too bright, we headed back to Bar Harbor,. Around PM we headed back out in the field to catch more location images.

It's an achievement thing. Santa Ana College Dons Football. Additional images can be viewed under Don's Football. The fun part of shooting Junior College football is that you have relatively unfettered access. It's best to be. Sigma F2. It's big and heavy but after the sun goes down and the less than brilliant high.

I've seen many. Like I used to. The goal is to capture "peak" action so that the viewer can savior the moment. Video is. Selecting the images is. I've leaned a new technique for shooting football games in the evening called Auto-ISO. The camera body. This seems counter-intuitive but every shot is.

This produces a lot of grain but is perfectly suitable for posting. Great Blue Heron. Additional images can be viewed under Egrets. I was in the process of unexpectedly shooting some really nice images of Egrets and Great Blue. There was no way I was going to be able to capture a close-up image of the bird with my full frame. It's ability to capture images of birds at distance is simply awesome. Nikon will soon be selling the recently announced P with a focal length of , I may be the. From a business point of view, the new mirrorless bodies are. I doubt. However, the existing P and new.

P will allow anybody to shoot close-up images of birds and wildlife that the best, most. What's the catch. The P and P1, have a tiny little 16MP sensor which is still twice the size of. In case you didn't notice, there are some pretty awesome images being. Warning, bird watchers claiming to seeing some. Uh oh. A bove image shot with a P The Wedge. Additional images can be viewed under The Wedge. Finally some waves in Southern California. It took till the end of July this year.

Since there is. We recently had 4 days of waves, spread over a couple weeks of waves that were. No big 25' A-frames but some nice tubes, beautiful sets, and a few angry waves. Both surfboard and body boards are allowed in the morning hours but I have a preference. Standing up and dropping off the top such seems more dynamic. A bove image shot full frame DSLR with JULY - Additional images can be viewed under Great Blue Heron. I just kept burst shooting until he stopped. Since I was shooting Lotus,. I just. I've photographed a lot of birds in my life, most intentionally, but every once in a while you get some.

For the Lotus shoot, I wasn't planning to. Again, it takes some. Without the right equipment, this image would have never. JUNE - Additional images can be viewed under New Zealand - S. Island ,. Also check out NZ Folio. Once again, the best camera is the one you have on you, ready to shoot. In this case, I just jumped out. Notice that this photo resulted from me, looking backwards, as I ran away from the blades. The sunrise and the person at right also caught my attention and gave some. What isn't shown in the image is that we were at the peak of a mountain top and there was only one.

There was room for 2 helicopters and that's it. On take off, the pilot asked if we were. I said "no, but I'm afraid of falls". Upon take-off after shooting the sunrise for an hour,. The sun had risen by this time and.

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A bove image shot with a lowly iPhone 7 hand held. Additional images can be viewed under N ew Zealand - South Island ,. It does require a 12 hour flight. For over 8 days,. Cook, Mt. Aspiring N. Overall, the geography of the. South Island is remarkably like California except without all the people. This was a genuine photography workshop with only 6 photographers conducted by Phillip Bartlett ,. His style is very deliberative and precise. I felt a little different as I was photographing. The most important factor for me is that we were usually at the right place at the right time. I like to post a variety of images of a location and then post them on a page I call a "travel photo.

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My goal is to provide the viewer an assortment of different types of images of a location. I'm sometimes surprised at which images viewers like. The image above was taken near Glenorchy, Queensland. While this image was primarily of the. We hit peak color perfectly. I took a lot of. Notice the lit up mountains in the middle to. That's a lot of luck at one time. This image will also hold up to being. I didn't realize that I had gotten this image till I got home and started post. Azalea at Descanso Gardens. Additional images can be viewed under Descanso Gardens. The reason for going to the Descanso gardens in late March is to see the spring bulb gardens which.

While the general view of the tulips is just plain awesome, actually capturing. I take thousands of images that. It's just that I have really high expectations after seeing the general view. You've probably noticed that the image above isn't a tulip but an azalea or actually a rhododendron. That's because I know that when the tulips are blooming, so are the azaleas, but you'll have to wonder. They were pretty well hidden from the tulip gardens. As such, you won't. Personally, I find the experience of.

Day in the life - Manchester Uni visit and Climate Change March

The azalea image above was taken with what I call my "Instamatic" which is really a 24mp, cropped. Regardless of whatever serious lenses I carry with me, I always. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to pull out my serious equipment and use this combo. Because the is really a macro lens, I can get close-ups with interesting backgrounds.

I'm not sure there are any other combos that can this so easily. It gives a different perspective to flora. It lets you focus on the composition instead of your equipment. Cherry Blossoms in Japanese Garden. Additional images can be viewed under Huntington Library. It is a delicate little scene and a few other photographers were taking macro shots. The scene was kind of camouflaged by the brightly lit. I thought about using a graduated. Instead, I decided to bracket the scene with 2 images, one optimized for the brightness of the upper left.

Of course I was using a tripod. In post processing,. I simply copied one image over the other, no opacity, and proceeded to use the history brush to erase. I flattened the image, proceeded with my normal post-processing work flow Is this a real photo? I think so because this is what I saw in my mind. It was my eyes and the camera. Superimposing 2 different exposed. I would have resorted to exposure blending but this image just lent itself to the technique. I'll will have to use it more often in difficult lighting. Water Falls at L.

Additional images can be viewed under Arboretum - Water Falls. When I first walked up to the water falls at the Arboretum, I had no intention of shooting any images. I had walked past them many times in the past and this time they were totally shaded and bland. Photography is light and there definitely wasn't any noticeable inspiring light. All of sudden. I "saw" an image that I thought might work.

I would have to depend on composition. I shot a number of images, mostly close-ups at slow shutter speeds. I wasn't prepared with a ND filter. I didn't shoot too. In retrospect, I should have worked. A bove image shot with a full frame, Lone Pelican at San Joachim Marsh. This yearling was all by itself. It's a beautiful bird but not really a beautiful. This image was cropped in post processing instead of with lens. This is normally something I don't do. I've been shooting with a 24MP, cropped frame camera with but decided to shoot with a In practice, I can actually crop the It also doesn't hurt that, technologically, the FF sensor is just a higher MP version of the smaller cropped frame sensor.

Another way to look at it is that the on 1.

Several decades ago Amy Grant recorded a song…

What does this have to do with the image above? This image of a pelican is a 24MP crop taken from a full frame sensor. Had I been using a cropped frame body, this would have been the image I would have gotten with no reduction in quality. Arboretum - Arcadia. Additional images can be viewed under L. A nice, brisk day in SoCal with a dash of fall color at the L. Kind of subtle but that's. The image. Unfortunately, a lot of the. I am in the process of upgrading the bodies that I shoot landscapes.

Unfortunately it adds weight and. It's not a matter of creating. My 24 MP cropped frame body, my Instamatic, with macro lens, will remain in the bag. A F4 lens will be partnered with a new 45 MP full frame body. A F5. For landscapes, the is great for real wide angle images and the The macro will cover the range between 28mm and mm. This does add about 3 pounds to my existing pack. It still fits in a backpack that can be stuffed in the bin above my seat in a small, CRJ type jet.

Ouray, Colorado - Woods Lake. Fall Color - Last week September. Additional images can be viewed under Ouray, Colorado. Spent 5 days photographing scenery along the Million Dollar Highway U. Route from Ouray to. Silverton to Telluride. Traveled to the Black Canyon outside of Montrose on day 3 due to rain storms. I had signed up for the trip a year and a half in advance, not knowing if the Aspen trees would be in. We hit peak color in a window of about 2 weeks. It wasn't the ideal year as. Actually, I like. There are no reds as you would see in the Northeast during fall. The image above wasn't taken along the highway at one of the typical photo spots congested with lots.

I have a lot of those shots also. This shot was taken as I was walking along a. The parking lot is to the left of the Aspen. What attracted me. It happens. Equipment Limitations:. When you travel to a location by car, you can pretty much take anything you want as long. When you travel to a location that requires you to not only take a mid. It is a compromise between quality, zoom range, size, and weight. What you take on a trip. On a winter trip to Jackson Hole a couple years ago, I totally guessed wrong. You'd think it would be about scenics but it turned into a great wildlife shoot.

There are usually some wildlife opportunities on a landscape trip but you'll have to forgo taking the long telephoto if you want to get all your equipment on the regional jet. A is a. Your backpack starts getting really heavy. Equipment Strategy:. I first started by using a camera backpack that would fit in the overhead bin of a regional jet.

Yes, there. Second, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to shoot the "big landscape" so I included a 36 MP full frame camera with wide angle lens. I also like compressed landscapes so I included a 24 MP full frame. It can also double as a wildlife combo. Finally, I almost always take my. It's actually a 24 MP cropped frame body with macro capable zoom lens. Santa Ana College vs. Victor Valley. Santa Ana Stadium. Additional images can be viewed under SAC Football. One of the attractions of shooting football, is that you never know what kind of images you are going to.

Just be prepared to shoot and be really lucky. An image starts with some sort. I also look for the ball, a player number, and if I'm really lucky, an identifiable face. Of course some sort of image composition and appropriate background help out a lot. Also throwing in. While most action photographers tend to focus on fewer elements in a sports image, such as a close up.

I also do this for surfing and scenic photography. I like to give the viewer something more to look at and maybe ponder the image for a. The first thing you learn from other professional photographers is to simplify the image. I actually prefer. Perhaps that's because I'm generally the only photographer on the field and I can't take a chance on capturing one outstanding image versus capturing several decent images.

I'll accept a group of decent images if they tell. This is particularly true of scenic images. There is always going to be another photographer that is going to capture a better image. One additional observation, the image above could be either great offense or great defense. It just. I just look at the image in photographic terms as I outline above. Equipment Notes: The game time start at PM straddled the late afternoon into the early evening hours. The problem was that a slowish zoom is ideal for late afternoon but not so much for the early evening when ISO numbers need to be cranked up.

After sunset, I was shooting at F5. If I had. With the higher ISO's not only do you increase grain but you also lose dynamic range. JPG images look really muddy and require a lot of post processing. Huntington Beach CA. Additional images can be viewed under Men's Surfing. Every year at the end of July it's time to check out the U. Every year I take an ultra long zoom lens and shoot from the beach for a couple days and then.

The surfers are always top notch but the waves. This year for the shoot from the pier I decided to try a on a full frame camera. No images to write home about but when I finished, I walked over to the north side of. It was quite crowded with surfers in the water so I. All of a sudden, like Moses parting the sea, a single surfer appeared on a. For me, this is a unique image much different. Do I have one too many longish telephoto zooms? Actually, the new. The isn't quite as sharp but has much better auto focus, slightly wider. San Joachim Marsh. Additional images can be viewed under Ducks.

On a Sunday morning I was kind of bored and really didn't want to drive anywhere too far away, so I. It contains the largest sewer water. The processed water is disposed of in a number of ponds before. The ponds do attract a lot. This is not a small marsh with over For the image above, my wife and I were walking along a dike occupied by a couple ducks and their. I was able to take a bunch of pictures of them see Ducks but then they started moving into one. Although they were behind some reeds, I decided to take few shots anyway. I couldn't. It actually. Sometimes it just pays off to be impulsive.

Lotus Bloom - Echo Park. Additional images can be viewed under Lotus. They're back. The lotus are the off spring. It's a. The image above does not represent the most photographed view, having been taken near a much. Typically the scene includes a few skyscrapers in the. Notice all the photographers at the right.

When I arrived at on a Sunday morning, the area for photographing the lotus was packed with photographers and tourists from all over the world. Since I. I had never seen it before in all my years of shooting lotus at the. It must have been added during the renovation. This is an example of how wandering around at.

It also produces an image of a scene much less photographed. Perennial Garden at L. There seems to be a resurgence in botanical gardens on Southern California. The L. Arboretum in. In light of. There is also a shifting focus from hardscape to landscape. There needs to be a balance and for several years, there simply was not enough green stuff being. I suspect that it is more productive to solicit donations for hardscape.

Botanical garden already has a great orchid house, Madagascar garden, water features, and. The perennial garden is a garden. The paths. On first look, its seems. If you like to take photos of flowers, this is the place. One technique I use is to just simply put my equipment down and walk around without your camera.

This is good for your soul and photography. Just enjoy your. After a while, you'll know when to start shooting again. This is part of the photography experience in so many ways. Additional images can be viewed under IMSA. The problem with going on Sunday is that the 4 Photo Locations are over crowded and you are only allowed 20 minutes on each stand before being rotated out. You have to have a camera to enter the photo stands but most fans have no intention of using them, they just want entrance to some pretty good locations to view the race. I used a at Turn 1 end of straight away and Turn 4 and a at Turn 11 hairpin turn.

The photo locations are much more restrictive than track side with a press pass. My strategy was to focus tight so as to eliminate distractive elements in the back ground. Some times the images seemed repetitive especially when trying to capture each race car in the same position. It really is a game of nuance and the cars are moving very quickly so it is not as easy to catch the perfect shot as it might seem after the image has been captured.

The latest DSL equipment makes capturing these race cars like shooting fish in a barrel. Give yourself a break, don't bring your old equipment, and if that is all you have, since you are paying a couple hundred bucks to get a photo pass, upgrade now. Sherman Garden. Succulent Garden. Additional images can be viewed under Sherman Gardens. I'll bet that most people that live in Newport Beach CA, have never heard of it and drive by the. Sherman Library and Gardens every day. It's fairly small but contains an orchid hot house and garden,. It is.

I particularly like the succulent garden which is. As with other botanical gardens in SoCal, entrance fees and donations are supplemented with. While I was photographing the. Good thing I didn't notice that till I was leaving. I need to concentrate when I'm photographing. In all seriousness, I was quite surprised to see these interesting patterns and it is a real pleasure to. These are not discrete patterns but. However, I did see another person struggling to find. The bright sunlight also caused a few brightness problems but there were. The gardens don't till AM. Additional images can be viewed under LA County Arboretum.

Remember Fantasy Island? This is the lagoon in front of the building from which Tattoo yelled those most. Due to the tremendous rain in late and early , the lagoon is now beginning. It never totally drained but pretty close. I have no clue where all the carp and turtles went but hopefully their populations will recover. The lagoon is natural and was supposed to be refilled by a spring but it also had run dry in the past couple years. Several other water features at the. Arboretum had also run dry.

I have shot this lagoon many times over the years but this time it just seemed different. I think it's the. I generally shoot images with a focus on color. Of course, snow covered scenes are magical. I don't know if this image is effective at conveying the "experience" or not, but it is to me. I like the colors, it's decently framed,. If I can get the viewer to look into the image for more than a couple of seconds, then I have succeeded.

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If you are the type of person that isn't interested in these type of scenic images, than you probably. A bove image shot with a cropped frame DSL and lens at F8 on tripod. And a little help from another member. I was at Descanso Gardens to photograph fungi after a rain storm in the early morning when one of. I had earlier heard a bunch of ravens throwing a hissy fit but didn't know what the problem was. An owl. It sounded like a scene from an old classical movie. It was very dark and I could hardly.

The owl and leaves in the tree were very backlit as I aimed my camera straight up into the. There was nothing particularly interesting during the rest of visit but as I approached the exit, the same member flagged me down to see if I had gotten any good images of the owl. I showed him an image on.

I then asked him if he knew the names of a couple ducks in a nearby pond and he proceeded to tell me about all the crayfish that were in the pond. I didn't think much about. Holly cow. I wasn't quite prepared low ISO as the scene was very dark which resulted in shooting at a low shutter. Any movement the from the camera or subject would be blurred.

I rattled off a couple dozen images as the duck cruzed through the water and actually got one that wasn't blurred. The duck was thrashing his head and biting off the crawfish's claws which was very blurred. It was an amazing scene and I was fortunate to have gotten a single sharp image, by luck. Additional images can be viewed under Irvine Regional park. I've been. If you look closely, you will see a person walking their dog at.

The above image was taken with an iPhone while walking my dogs. Can I blow this image up really. Would I have gotten that image if I didn't have my iPhone with me? Am I glad I got. This is a prefect example why the smart. It's always on you. On a business note, iPhones are cleaning the clock of the traditional manufacturers of DSLRs and point-n-shoots.

Demand is collapsing as iPhones are increasingly improved and now can take stunning images at. A bove image shot with an iPhone, hand held. I have no clue on the settings. Are there any? Additional images can be viewed under Hakone, Japan. On a recent trip to Tokyo, we spent an extra day and found this really nice little museum outside of.

Tokyo with a great garden. The primary attraction was the main garden and show cased trees with. After wandering around a bit, I found a path that led to a hillside garden. It truly was as serene as Japanese gardens are supposed to be. I could easily visit the garden again in different seasons to really capture its hidden beauty. Unfortunately, I only had a couple. Normally, I would just take a bunch of images, select the best, and post them on the site. I'm trying to. It's not just a picture but an experience. I generally. Along the way, I will usually capture an image or two that I really like such as the one above.

I will also post an image that will remind me of the "non-photographic" experience such as the table I. Not much relevance for the viewer, but plenty for me. In summary, instead of presenting isolated images without context, I try to think and plan for groups of.

It kind of sounds like an old fashion vacation slide show. Descanso Flora Close-up. Additional images can be viewed under Flora. I had intended to shoot flying birds closer to the beach but the.