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  1. 13 Foods You Need to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
  2. Power in numbers
  3. Zombie Tuesday: the Apocalypse Diet Plan | The Unsanity Files
  4. 2. Astronaut Ice Cream

I do tend to bring another smaller knife, like a paring knife. This is for doing delicate skinning and butchering work. In terms of carrying skillets, that's just additional weight. What we do is teach people to use native food methods so you don't need those things. The one that's still around, and that's probably the quintessential ideal for cooking is the steam pit.

13 Foods You Need to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Steam pits have been around for 50, years. The technology is amazing. Steam pits are like Mother Earth's idea of a crock pot: you can never overcook the food. Well, this is the thing about survival.

If the zombies are right behind you, you need to move quickly. You can only grab the things that don't require deep cooking or preparation. There are certain edible plants that you can just grab and go: nuts and berries, some plants. But some you have to steam, or cook, or leach. You have to leach the tannins. That's a good example. Let's say that you've gotten far enough away from the zombies that you can take some time, then acorns are fantastic.

You leach them using cold water that's always healthier. Shuck them, put the meat in a pot. Pour cold water in it, and then you make tea. That brown tea can be saved for later use, by the way.

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  5. Bottled Water.

Once the water runs clear, dry the nuts out on a rock, and then you can eat them on the go. Though what I prefer to do is to crush them into a powder along with, say, walnuts and pine nuts. I like to make a flour. I add a little water and some herbs and berries and make great pancakes. Warm up a little pine-pitch and drizzle it over them.

Oh my goodness. So you can make flour. You can get sugar. But I know I'll be missing my extra-virgin olive oil, my red wine vinegar, my finishing salts. Are there analogues for these in the landscape?

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  • Animal fat is a great oil substitute—it's great for cooking with. But for salt, you have to find your way to the ocean. You can then distill or render out the salt from the sea water.

    Power in numbers

    After the zombie apocalypse, you're either running and there's no time for preparation, or you've settled down a bit and you can enjoy the fruits of primitive cooking skills, and find ingredients or make tools, some of which are just like what you have at home. You know, the mortar and pestle is just a rock and a rock.

    There are so many different tools that mimic everything you might need without needing to carry it with you.

    If you do have the pleasure of chilling out, if the zombies are a few miles away This smorgasbord of freeze-dried, dehydrated eats can sustain four people for an entire year. The selection offers everything from elbow macaroni and chicken bouillon to sweet corn and cheese blend. Even survivalists need something sweet every now and then. The frozen and freeze-dried dessert was originally dreamed up for the early Apollo space missions.

    Neopolitan was always a popular choice, but it also comes in chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip and even ice cream sandwiches. If you are reading this, it means that you are one of the few people on this planet being proactive about zombie apocalypse preparedness.

    Zombie Tuesday: the Apocalypse Diet Plan | The Unsanity Files

    Good for you. Or, if you have acquired or found this book during the apocalypse, congratulations on still being alive. Aside from the complete annihilation of societal conventions as we know them, we are talking about the end of chorizo, chocolate bars, and tacos here. Once civilization collapses, you will probably never eat another glazed donut. Or a really good piece of French cheese, or even a banana, for that matter.

    There will be no more GrubHub pizza delivery, and no more freshly baked cookies coming out of the oven. In fact, if you ever see your local convenience store clerk again, he will probably want to rip your entrails out. The friendly farmer you buy heirloom tomatoes from? Face it, life as you know it will cease to be. To be sure, your main objective in surviving the zpoc will be to not become a zombie. The zombie diet is not all that appetizing and frankly pretty monotonous anyway, composed of widely varying quantities and qualities of human flesh and organs.

    But as that initial fiesta runs dry, all that the undead will be left with are the tough, athletic types who were fortunate enough to make it through the initial outbreak. I, for one, will pass. But I digress. It would be naive to think that the zpoc will be a cakewalk.

    When You Can’t Beat the Heat, Eat Spicy

    That alone will be monstrously hard. It is my hope that The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse will help you surmount these challenges, tastefully. The U.

    2. Astronaut Ice Cream

    Army learned long ago, when they began developing shelf-stable complete meals for soldiers that could be heated without access to fire also known as MREs; see Army Rations: Having Fun with MREs , that there is no underestimating the morale-boosting power of a hot, well-balanced meal. A good meal can truly bring you back from the brink of succumbing to the horde. The simple pleasure of warm and enjoyable food, given even a little consideration and TLC during preparation, can help remind us that not all pleasures in life have been devoured by the biters.

    Know that the road ahead is not filled with the most delicious meals you have ever eaten. You will be forced to hunt, prepare, and eat things you might never have imagined you ever would.