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Frederic Dard never finished any studies, nor he possessed any academical degrees. He finished elementary school and high school in Bourgoin-Jallieu. Later, when he moved with his parents to Lyon in the search for a better future, they decided to send him on business studies at the Le Martiniere school in Lyon, a branch of La Martiniere colleges. The studies were rather and uninteresting for young and creative Dard, so he became Le Martiniere school dropout.

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Frederic didn't need any additional education to become a prolific writer and he sure is an example that not everyone needs education to become a professional in any working field. Dard's first engagement ever as a writer was at his young age, when his uncle who had connections with employers of Lyon's local magazine - Le Mois de Lyon, employed him as a journalist in this local magazine.

During his time at Le Mois de Lyon, he wrote about Lyon's street life and the criminal world of Lyon, full of brothels, criminals and various criminal acts commited in Lyon. He published his very first novel in , when he was just 19 years old. Later he also continued writing and publishing novels and was eventually encouraged by famous French writer Georges Simenon to try adapting one of his novels for the theatrical play.

In the year of , he moves to Paris with his wife Odette and their two children, convinced that writing is the life path he should follow. After moving to Paris, he experienced many problems as a writer struggling to feed his family. He acknowledged that writing for theater will not support his family, so he went back to writing novels.

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He was in need of quick money and success. Dard was encouraged to keep on writing by Armand de Caro, a publisher he had met in Paris. Dard wrote up to 5 novels at the time on San-Antonio's adventures and became very popular among readers. But the newly acquired popularity came with a price he had to pay, he was under constant pressures from interviews and television appearances. Apart from writing in the detective genre, he wrote many other novels in different genres using various noms de plume.

Dard started his writing career as very young in Lyon's local magazine Le Mois de Lyon. While working there he published various articles on happenings in Lyon from everyday events to the dark underground world of Lyon.

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After the publishment he also wrote several new novels. In , he moves to Paris because he was in a search for better life with his family. He comes to an idea to write about Detective Superintendent Antoine San-Antonio, and when his idea became reality, it turned out to be a huge success. He wrote books about Antoine San-Antonio, under the nome de plume San-Antonio, same name as the main protagonist of that novel series.

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All of his novels were written in first person. Dard wrote more than novels during the time of his career, of which belong to novels about San-Antonio. Children's books also belong to his opus. San-Antonio book series were sold in millions of copies worldwide and there is no household in France that doesn't posses at least one book about San-Antonio.

He received Grand prix de litterature policiere in for his novel The Executioner Cries. Dard was also a successful film writer and director. He also made an achievement as he is recognized worldwide as a quality writer, whose books are read by all generations of people. Berlin, Dard never joined any political party during his life. It is only known that he was a patriot and that he loved France and French people. Dard had a typical lifestyle, a life with 60 years of writing. He went on to become the best-selling writer in France. He hasn't imposed his views on anyone, however he did use a lot of strange words to describe the anatomy of men and women in his writings which is not easy to be translated to English.

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He was a strong person with the strong belief of self-realization which has inspired a lot of people to start writing. Personality He was born a cripple in the left arm, Dard had a complex of low self-esteem. At the time of his pre-school education and primary education he was targeted by bullies because he was a cripple. The bullying and harassment left deep scars in his personality. He was also victim to constan fights of his parents and his father's drunkeness, which led him to depressive state.

Because of all the trraumatic events happening to him and his family, he found a sanctuary at his grandmother's house, where he developed a love for books and all things written. At school he was very shy and average. His depression was so intense, that, in some instances, young Dard would not speak for two or three days. He was a lover of the female kind, and thus he married twice. The Executioner Weeps is the story of an obsession, defined in terms of the narrator himself as follows:. My love for her began at exactly that moment, just as a race begins when the starter pulls the trigger of his pistol.

I was living the dream that all men have: of loving a woman without a past. A woman to whom we represent a new start. The novel is both, a thriller and a love story, but it turns out to be a dark tale about the fears of a man who is unable to face up with a reality he might not like it, while holding on to a dream existing only in his imagination. It can be considered a kind of parable about machismo and jealousies.

Anyway, it can be read as an interesting reflection on interpersonal relationships and to a certain extent a jealousy drama. A really interesting book that is very much worth reading. I would also like to take this opportunity to point some inaccuracies like, for example, the continuous reference to carabineros , an armed force of Spain that, established in , lasted until when, disbanded, it was merged with the Guardia Civil. And I do believe the reference to Costa Brava, the littoral of Gerona or Girona , is not accurate, since the action takes place in the littoral of Barcelona Costa del Maresme and Tarragona Costa Dorada which are further south.

The King of Fools will be available on 5 September Pushkin Vertigo publicity page. Penguin Random House publicity page. Simenon Simenon. Dard and Simenon were good friends …. Mientras trata de ayudarla a recordar su pasado, el artista se enamora, pero conforme los secretos de la vida olvidada de la mujer empiezan a salir a la luz, encuentra que su nuevo idilio se va a convertir en una pesadilla …. Daniel la lleva a recuperarse de su accidente a su alojamiento en Casa Salvador.

De todos modos, Daniel hace todo lo posible para ayudarla y pronto se enamoran. Una mujer para quien representamos una nueva oportunidad. Un libro realmente interesante que vale mucho la pena leer. Thanks for your comment Cathy. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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