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  1. How to Increase Your Amazon Kindle Book Sales by % in a Week
  2. Fiverr Review – Pros and Cons from a Fiverr Buyer & Seller
  3. Freelancing on Fiverr

Sellers often report issues with the payment system being slow or costing too much in fees. Fiverr is attempting to add other forms of payment but at this time the 14 day waiting period stands for users at all levels. Some people have a difficult time getting noticed on Fiverr, particularly if their gig is in a popular category. A great way to get noticed though is to be active in the forums, chatting and helping other users. Overall, Fiverr is a valuable freelance website that allows sellers a lot of freedom in what they choose to offer and what extras they choose to charge for once they get to level one or above.

If anything, it is a great stepping stone on the path to transitioning from working at a job to becoming your own boss, doing what you love to do. Some are focused exclusively on SEO, others on design. Keep in mind that Fiverr is, as far as I know, the only well funded of the aforementioned marketplaces.

Just because a user is form outside USA , they cancel any gigs made! They a lot of incompetent people working just to use you! If anybody wanna get rip, just use fiver, they surely will strip you naked! God shall rip them off this world, god will reward fiverr for each its bad work! Fiverr is incredibly terrible. They denied all of my gigs even though they were straight forward.

Then I had to contact them just to be able to delete my account. Thanks Thomas, I have had some really mixed feelings about all the work I done and used several sellers. Some experiences were really bad. I have only recently discovered fiverr but really enjoy it. I posted a gig writing messages using license plate letters from my collection and have had 2 orders a day for 3 days so far.

Everyone has been easy to work with and happy with the product they received. I will never attempt to use fiverr. I agree with some of what you said, but the tables have turned now. Are you sure though? Please sort it out with the buyer. I tried literally 10 times for each sale before. Even if they are inactive, they refuse to remove feedback. But I somewhat I agree with you because sometimes, its the sellers fault and not necessarily the buyers.

I am talking about the 0. My novella was proofread by two Fiverrs— one outstanding, one good. I also hired a graphics artist to design my book cover. Although the first designer stated he spoke English, clearly he did not because he created a porno book cover for an innocent teen romance. Then he tried to get more money from me to create a different design when he clearly stated that he would revise as many time as necessary. My chief problem is with uploading. Overall, the sellers are generous and talented. Clear communication is the key for quality service, which is hard if there is a language barrier, and the seller has misrepresented his ability to speak English.

I would like Fiverr to add an optional tip gig after a product is received.

How to Increase Your Amazon Kindle Book Sales by % in a Week

I was looking for a designer to create a simple logo. If so, can anyone mention a name here or privately for a good logo designer? You really think I could write 15 word articles in 1 day? Cancel their order and my ratings plummet. I have had good luck and bad with buying services on Fiverr. One person never completed the gig, but pressured me to put positive feedback up within his timeline.

Did not see any results from having these backlinks produced. My focus was on promoting either my Youtube Channel or my facebook page that promotes my youtube page. Paying facebook, while expensive compared to fiverr seem to have better results for my Facebook page. Nothing beat just one of my videos becoming popular for no apparent reason that I have failed to duplicate. App design should cost hundreds or even thousands, not 45 bucks. I am a current Fiverr Seller and Buyer for more than 8 months. This is a good article but I had to point out the paragraph about cancellation ratios. There are numerous reasons why there are cancellations for a gig.

This is not the case. So as a business person, I cannot do my job based on stupidity, missinformation, and flat out ignorance. So the cancel request is a good option. I totally agree! I have had to use cancellations due to incomplete information and very poor communication.

Sometimes the buyer will submit orders and never write anything after that forcing cancellation. That has happened to me or after they submit information, I never hear from them again. Not even a thank you whatsoever! This sounds a bit like Thumbtack. Although, it is quite different as far as how you get a gig. You have to bid on it against four other freelancers. But one good thing about Thumbtack is that you have some level of communication with the buyer if you are willing to pay the small upfront fee for placing a bid in the first place.

I prefer to communicate directly with my client. I have gotten quite a few good gigs through Thumbtack, but it IS limited, so I am always looking for other web services that offer freelancing opportunities. But Fiverr seems a bit weak. Its not the same thing as calling someone stupid. Also, its not an assumption if you are dealing with a client personally.

If trying to insult my clients, which I have never done in their presence, then I would just call them an idiot.

How To Create An eCommerce Website With Wordpress ONLINE STORE! - 2019 NEW!!

To deny what a person is just because you do business with them is appalling. Yeah, I got our word wrong. Their are alot of stupid people with millions of dollars. No, I never call my clients stupid, ignorant, nothing derogatory. So we decided to cancel before any work was started. I just wrote a comment about how it goes both ways.

You sound reasonable just frustrated- I get it so nothing personal but I tell ya it goes both ways. When you post as an anonymous entrepreneur, you kind of create, the same problem on your review that you are upset with them over…Just saying. Making it easier to sellers? If a buyer ask for something you never offer in your gig, even if you ask mutual cancellation it affects hardly the seller.

Oh and if you are new there say goodbye to your level 1 upgrade in the near future. I have read of people being level 2 and TRS who lose all their levels for a damn link that was not allowed, is that even fair???? Of course it would be biased towards buyers. Buyers are where Fiverr gets its income. Fiverr is a waste of time. All of these sites, Ebay, Google, Fiverr are buyer oriented which blows my mind since the Sellers are the one who provide the income. I was a top tier seller on Ebay after months of setting up my business. There is no working with the young masterminds that start and run these sites.

Everything for them is numbers and algorithms and I hope it bites them in the butt someday. What is good? I am not happy with fiverr. I had trouble sending a music link and when I finally sent it, the seller would not respond to say whether he could open it. I tried support twice with two different people who were unable to get in touch with seller and now have to cancel order. A waste of my time. Shailah Edmonds. Had used it for a few times now but NOT a single time I can get a satisfied service.

I tried Fiverr on the advice of a friend, and bought a bunch of services saying they could get my YouTube views up. It worked. Then today I got a notice that two of my YouTube vids were removed due to violations re: machines creating fake views. So not only did I lose the artificial views, i lost the legitimate ones, which in some cases were around For an indie musician like me, this is a fucking disaster, and I will never use Fiverr again. I wrote about my results, profits, and experience here :. Time waster. Pathetic customer care. Never expect a reply from the customer care team.

If you are lucky you will get a reply after 15 days or so. Users can also sell and buy digital goods, and take advantage of the built-in credit system, using virtual cash to pay for projects and proposals. The design is similarly clean and flat, and fully responsive. It looks great and works great across a range of mobile devices.

Taskerr comes with monetize options: site admins can charge sellers a fixed price for listings, and upsell those listings with featured placement options. Users and admins alike will find the intuitive interface simple to use, and a powerful backend panel will give you extra control over frontend appearance and design. You guessed it: Pricerr by SiteMile also tackles the micro job niche. As an extra, this theme even supports bitcoins. But SiteMile still offers free installation for inexperienced users, which makes this one a particularly good option for users brand new to WordPress the platform.

Fiverr Review – Pros and Cons from a Fiverr Buyer & Seller

The theme allows users to both offer services and request them. TaskerDev gives you full control over your marketplace in the backend, and provides features like Escrow, private messaging, and a feedback system. Multiple payment gateways are supported and the site can be totally monetized: charge listing fees, bid fees, or even take a percentage cut of each sale. Excellent integration with Twitter and Facebook is another plus. Definitely worth a closer look if this is the sort of marketplace model you have in mind.

The development team brings over 10 years of WordPress experience to the table, and everything you need to get started is included with the theme. The design is minimal and modern, with the developers prioritizing speed, functionality, and user experience over cumbersome visual gimmicks and superfluous, unfocused functionality.

Noteworthy features include payment integration via PayPal, commissions fees, and a bidding system. Usability tweaks like social login are also a nice touch. The codebase is SEO friendly, ready for translation, and responsive for consistent performance across the full spectrum of mobile devices and smartphones.

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Overall, WPFreelance is a streamlined, well-realized theme backed by a helpful, fast support team. They include all of the features and functions that you need in a freelance marketplace, and they are easy to use. But some of them can be a bit hard to install especially the ones that require Dokan or other plugins to function. And that wraps up our look at some of the best WordPress freelance marketplace themes. If you think we missed anything, or had a particularly good or bad experience with one of the themes above, feel free to let us know in the comments.

Thank for your post review. Could you share with me how to contact site owner? I have tried admin siteturner. These Marketplace themes look great. So its marketplace meet booking system. Any suggestion would be helpful. Hello Everyone. Please give your honest experience. I want to build a service marketplace website like Fiverr or Freelancer and I think TaskerDev has the features I need.

I have searched widely and seen many negative and discouraging reviews and comments about Appthemes and Sitemile. Please I want to know, which theme can I use and how much reliable is PremiumPress and the themes. Kindly help me with info. Thank you. It would have been great if you guys gave live websites running the themes within the article or in the comments section.

Freelancing on Fiverr

I am one of the people that purchased the project theme in the past along with hirebee and both theme had issues. Now in i have turned again to project theme from sitemile and they have had pretty good updates. The theme is the most stable, and has enough features to get you started with a freelance website. Also after 2 years they still give me free updates which is a big plus, and i didnt paid anything else.

I am creating a plugin for WP Job Manager. Makes choosing a theme a lot easier. I have tested both project theme and taskerdev theme for a year now and they are very good. Its true that at first there were some issues specially with taskerdev, as project theme was mint condition but the updates they launched starting end made taskerdev also very good. As we have the complete membership at sitemile, i cant ignore the pricerr theme which is very close to what we need in terms of microjobs type of site.

I really think they are worth and we did spend the money for something good. Thats my two cents. I cannot believe! Someone has idea of any location based wordpress theme with services directory?