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  1. Deregulation and Liberalization Worldwide
  2. The Sad State Of Service On American Airlines
  3. American Airlines and British Airways compared - Business Insider
  4. This Is Just How Bad U.S. Airports and Airlines Are Compared to the Rest of the World

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Andhra Pradesh. The fiery crash of the turboprop plane on Feb. In their investigation report, U. They said pilot error was the probable cause as the plane lost speed and stalled a few miles from the airport in Buffalo during a flight from Newark, New Jersey. In , the Federal Aviation Administration increased the requirements for commercial pilots and first officers.

Deregulation and Liberalization Worldwide

They now must have 1, hours of flying experience before getting a commercial license. The previous requirement was hours. Rest requirements for pilots were also increased following the crash of the plane, which was operated by now-defunct Colgan Air. The first officer of the Bombardier Q plane had taken a red-eye trip the night before from Seattle and then commuted from Memphis, Tennessee, to Newark before the flight to Buffalo, according to the accident report.

The captain of the plane had repeatedly failed flight tests throughout his training, drawing more scrutiny on pilot candidates' education. The stricter training rules make it harder for airlines, particularly smaller regional carriers that pay less than large carriers, to hire pilots, just as they're facing a wave of pilot retirements. Greg Everhard, a United Airlines captain and spokesman for the Air Line Pilots Association, the labor union that represents the carrier's pilots, said the changes brought about by regulators and the family members of Flight passengers turned "the hard lessons learned from the tragedy" into better training rules that shouldn't be rolled back to save on costs.

Last April, a fan blade on a Southwest Airlines Boeing broke loose during a flight, sending shrapnel flying and shattering a window, killing a passenger, Jennifer Riordan. It was Southwest's first on-board fatal accident in 47 years of operations. The FAA shortly afterward issued an emergency order requiring an inspection of the fan blades on the engine type that was on Southwest Flight Despite the new rules that came out of the crash, other concerns have emerged.

Regulators have recently examined issues including fires of lithium ion batteries on board aircraft and avoiding collisions with drones. Even a report of a drone sighting can cripple air travel , as the two busiest U. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox.

This Neat Design Could Make a Plane’s Middle Seats Tolerable

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The Sad State Of Service On American Airlines

All Rights Reserved. Data also provided by. After we got our boarding passes and dropped off our bags, we ended up stuck behind a surprisingly large Cathay Pacific crew at security. British Airways at Gatwick was There were only two agents working for the entire economy queue, and even if you checked in online, you still needed to have your passport inspected at the desk. It took us 45 minutes to get to the end of the line, and security added another 10 minutes or so before we reached the main terminal.

I've had better experiences at Heathrow, which is more of a hub for international business travelers than Gatwick, but the whole process here was jarringly inefficient. International first and business class passengers flying American have access to new flagship lounges and dining options at certain airports. But even if you're flying coach, you can access the Admiral's Club lounges by holding a membership, certain credit cards , or high-level elite status.

We enjoyed complimentary coffee, breakfast, and comfortable reclined seats overlooking the tarmac. The lounge was only sparsely filled, likely because most of American's long-haul flights depart later in the day. There will still be a regular Admirals Club in the B-concourse, though.

British Airways offers a lounge at Gatwick for passengers flying in first or business class. Economy flyers who hold a Priority Pass membership , on the other hand, can access the third-party No. It offers complimentary food and drinks, including alcohol, and has premium drinks available for purchase.

This was my second time in this lounge, and unfortunately — likely due to the fact that it was peak travel time — it was packed to the point that attendants were turning people away at the door. To be fair, Admirals Club locations can get extremely crowded as well.

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Crowding aside, the lounge is a solid place to relax, with ample comfortable seating with power outlets. However, American Airlines has a slight edge here. The food was better, and the lounge was renovated last year, meaning it has a fresh look and great design. Keep in mind that this is a tough comparison to make between the two airlines, as the London lounge was operated by a third-party, and lounge access rules vary significantly between airlines. That said We left the lounge and got to our gate a few minutes before the listed boarding time American Airlines has an intense focus on on-time departures as a metric this is referred to internally as "D0," according to aviation blogger Gary Leff , and consequently boards flights early.

This was fine in this case, since it meant we got to walk right on and settle down. But it can be annoying if you miss out on overhead bin space if the plane boards early.

In London Gatwick's south terminal, gate areas are totally enclosed. You show your boarding pass and passport when you go through the door to your gate, instead of when you board, so you can get settled and organized in the gate area. There's a ton of seating, and boarding is remarkably calm and organized thanks to the enclosure.

We were in the last boarding zone, but the whole process was quick and efficient. American Airlines has a fairly diverse, non-standardized fleet, owing partly to its acquisition of US Airways and absorption of its brand in That's meant that some older, less-comfortable planes are still floating around in service. However, the s and ERs that fly its flagship routes, including between New York and London, have recently been refreshed with new, clean, modern interiors, even in economy. Seats are pretty comfortable, about 18 inches wide with 32 inches of pitch.

A major perk: the first few rows of the main cabin are laid out in a configuration , although the rest of the cabin is a tighter This won't be the case for long: as American installs a new class of service, Premium Economy, the entire main cabin will be cramped into the tight abreast layout. This particular flight — which, unlike the majority of Europe-bound flights, left in the morning — was only half-full, so we had an empty middle seat between us. The seat was comfortable and well padded, and had a useful tray table that you could choose to open just halfway, and slide towards and away from you.

Each seat had a universal power outlet as well as a USB port, with an intuitive in-flight entertainment system that could be controlled by touchscreen or with a pop-out remote.

American Airlines and British Airways compared - Business Insider

There was a solid mix of TV shows and movies, including recent Oscar nominees. The economy cabin on British Airways' was less polished, and certainly not new. While the entire cabin was in a desirable layout, with about The seats were old, with pilling fabric and loose padding — the seat-back, meanwhile, felt like it was missing all of its stuffing. There was a vaguely yellowish hue to the plastic on the walls, bulkheads, and overhead compartments. Each passenger got a pillow and blanket, which I used as padding for my seat-back.

This Is Just How Bad U.S. Airports and Airlines Are Compared to the Rest of the World

There was just one thing that I liked about the seat: the headrest. It was comfortable and supportive, with "wings" that flipped down so that you lean your head on either side. It's worth noting a few things about this cabin, though. First, it's similar to what I've experienced on British Airway's primary New York service out of London's Heathrow, which is operated by larger planes.

However, the s are in the process of being retrofitted with an updated interior, according to the website London Air Travel. Additionally, the I flew is also scheduled to be refurbished with a new cabin, although it will be changed to a denser configuration.