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Balzac: A Life. New York: Norton, Travisano Rutgers UP. Capital: A Critique of Political Economy. Penguin Classics. Where Angels Fear to Tread. Frederick Ungar A Book.

THE OPEN HOUSE Trailer German Deutsch (2018) Netflix Original Film

A Reading of Dante's Inferno. Chicago: U of Chicago P. New Directions Publishing Company. Can Pub. Imagining the Holocaust. U of Georgia P.

Empire - Movies, TV Shows & Gaming | Film Reviews, News & Interviews

Duke UP. University of Texas Press. The Oxford Companion to Spanish Literature. Clarendon Press. The New York Review of Books. New York. Continuum International. Samurai Cat Goes to Hell. The Complete Review. Retrieved 3 February Zenit: The World Seen from Rome. Chicago Sun-Times. My Visit to Hell. Realms, a Strang Company. The Infernova. Blackburnian Press. Gabriels inferno, Gabriels rapture and Gabriels redemption. Canada Author location Toronto book location : Berkeley publishing group. Retrieved 2 July Nine Circles. Dante's Inferno: The Graphic Novel.

New Arts Libra. Marvel Masterworks Resource Page. Dante Today.

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Bowdoin College. Feldman plays George, a reluctant sidekick to Scarlett Perdita Weeks , a young alchemy scholar and his former girlfriend. Let this be a warning, children: Nothing good happens this far below street level. Run Time: 81 min IMDb: 6. Mike Flanagan, who directed Oculus and Ouija: Origin of Evil , expertly directs this simple tale of a deaf woman being menaced by a masked and later unmasked killer in her remote home.

Run Time: 91 min IMDb: 5. One of the scariest movies on this list also happens to be a documentary, albeit one that aims to frighten audiences in the way of a typical narrative horror film. Run Time: 94 min IMDb: 6. This Netflix nightmare follows a group of friends who venture into the Scandinavian wilderness in order to honor their recently-murdered brother.

The guys, Luke Rafe Spall , Phil Arsher Ali , Hutch Robert James-Collier , and Dom Sam Troughton are forced to take a different path from the one planned, a mistake that leads them to cults and sacrificial offerings and an ancient being who prefers to stake its prey. That makes it a tough story to film, which may explain why it took 25 years to get turned into a movie.

But the wait was worth it: director Mike Flanagan delivers a resourceful, disturbing adaptation anchored by a great Carla Gugino performance with some fine supporting work from Bruce Greenwood. Run Time: 84 min IMDb: 6. This Iranian horror flick manages to tie in relevant world events with a darker story of demonic possession. The film follows Shideh, a former medical student and mother trapped in her home during the bombings of Tehran with her daughter, Dorsa. After losing her father, young Veronica Sandra Escacena and two classmates attempt to contact the other side with a Ouija board during a solar eclipse.

Something more sinister breaks through, though, as Veronica is haunted by a dark presence everywhere she goes. While that is certainly open for debate, what Veronica does do is excel phenomenally in the cliche horror bits every viewer has seen a thousand times over, such as mishandled Ouija use, frightening entities that only the protagonist is privy to, and twisted dreams. Based on a true story, the film relies on the strong performance of newcomer Escacena, highlighted by her haunting expressions of terror and anguish. Run Time: 89 min IMDb: 5. Plaza stars as Beth, the dead girl revived, who begins exhibiting strange behavior, eventually going into full-blown zombie mode while her devoted boyfriend Zach DeHaan tries to manage her mood swings and her pesky craving for human flesh. Ebooks

John C. Run Time: 82 min IMDb: 6. Run Time: 80 min IMDb: 6. Zombie movies have been done to death, brought back to life, and repeated a few more times.

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An overworked dad is riding the rails with his neglected daughter when a Z-word outbreak strikes, causing savagery from corpse and living alike. A varied group of people is stuck in a bar after a man is gunned down outside. As the paranoia spreads and they turn on one another, they discover a mysterious sickness could be the culprit. Run Time: min IMDb: 5.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a vapid L. Gyllenhaal gives a deliciously weird, over-the-top performance as Morf, a guy who investigates the horrible deaths of people who recently bought paintings from an unknown artist who may have imbibed them with some kind of evil spirit via his own blood. Those spirits take hold of anyone who stares too long at the portraits. Featured TV. Featured Music. Featured DimeMag.

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Alex Diedrick. United Artists. Next Entertainment World. Dimension Films. Magnolia Pictures. Buena Vista Pictures. New Line Cinema. Columbia Pictures.

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Gravitas Ventures. XYZ Films. The Orchard. Cannes Film Festival.

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