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Preview — Deception with Murder by Jenn Vakey. Rilynne Evans was just beginning to adjust to her new life in Addison Valley when tragedy struck. Along with her new partner, Detective Todd Matthews, she found herself working against the clock in search of the killer who claimed the life of one of their own. Before she was able to make any headway in the case, a horror from her past comes back to haunt her, leaving her sp Rilynne Evans was just beginning to adjust to her new life in Addison Valley when tragedy struck.

Before she was able to make any headway in the case, a horror from her past comes back to haunt her, leaving her special skill affected. She is forced to rely on her ability as a profiler to track down the murderer before it is too late. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details A Rilynne Evans Mystery 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Deception with Murder , please sign up.

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S19 reviews Trapped unknowingly in a curse she lives out her life as a doctor. She has loved and lost, seen the world, it's disease and it's war, but what she hasn't seen is a hobbit, a dwarf, or even an elf. So what will happen when she is taken far away from the world she knows? Can a man of Gondor ease her pain? Will she be able to break the curse and find out the truth about her origin? And so here we are, a few dozen chapters later, with a story still to tell.

So enjoy the aftermath of my literary equivalent of hate-scrolling, Heathens. Bubblegum by Wendy McCalister reviews It started with a joke. Then it took to another level of shameless flirting and unexpected kisses. Poor Botan wasn't sure if she could retain her sanity. Unraveling by DraconisMuse reviews Someone from Rogue's past appears, bringing back memories she never wanted to remember. Utter Chaos, or Something Like It by lychee loving reviews When you have more than a dozen mutant teenagers under a single roof, every day is an exercise in patience A series of oneshots with a focus on the adult population at Xavier's, and a healthy dash of RoLo.

Buss by Wendy McCalister reviews The two times he tried to kiss her, and the third time he actually did. It's just rain! You won't melt! Pure KxB smut. Namesake by Karin Ochibi-chan reviews Botan gets a lizard and names it Hiei. Demon Hiei is not amused. Silent Secrets by xxxfire-feariexxx reviews Voldemort has won. Ginny, prisoner of war, is enslaved to a reluctant Draco Malfoy as an eighteenth birthday gift. She silently harbors a dark secret, and Draco is intent on discovering the secret that could either save or damn the wizarding world.

Victimized by xxxfire-feariexxx reviews Ginny's life falls apart after she is raped by a gang of Death Eaters and left for dead. She gives up on living and retreats into herself, becoming empty and numb. That is, until an obsessed Draco Malfoy takes it upon himself to save her.

Rated M for language. Cover art by the lovely Line Sagittarius. Hitsugaya, Karin K. How Dirty is Your Mind? Kurama x Botan One-shot with a special guest appearance from everyone's favorite silver haired thief. The Talk by Crystalteen reviews Johnny is beginning to notice how fast his kid sister, twelve-year-old Cassidy, is growing up. Unfortunately, that means none other than the arriving time for Johnny to give her "the talk. Enfer by GeniusofFun reviews Picking up a cellphone and returning the thing to its original owner should not lend in you in the middle of a murder investigation.

Perhaps the road to hell really is paved with good intentions. Somewhat LxOC. Now with a sequel. Jessica Kendrick in: Middle-earth Mission by TaylorMomsen reviews "So basically I'm not special and the fellowship doesn't really need my help, but you want me to give up my own world to help save yours? And I take it I won't be getting paid for all of this life endangering nonsense? Tenth walker, Legomance. Legolas x OC. Never Had A Choice by onlyonepage reviews Leaving behind her past in Sheffield's steel city Evelyn finds herself choosing to take on the sole responsibility of Small Heath School.

Swept up into the lives of the Shelby's she finds that she never really had a choice in the first place. Once shot. Jekyll's delight. But the visit coincides with Franz's arrival. Sparks fly between the good doctor, the prince, and Louise. On top of this, power is getting to Hans again. A foreign ruler's arrival brings foreboding possibilities of war at a very bad time for Elsa, then Jekyll's dreams begin Is Hyde really gone?

Here by OurLittleSecretOkay reviews An unstoppable force meets an immovable object-his jealousy and her stubbornness respectively. I just. I hate this ship so much but at the same time, I'm fascinated by it. And so I've written a book to get it off my chest. Enjoy, Heathens. GreenEyed Jealousy by MissScaryKitty reviews Loki believed he had plently of reasons that justified his wrath, Sora's betrayal of their love was just one more. If she was so determined to stand between him and destroying Jotunhiem, then so be it.

He would destroy them all. The Knot Unravels by Watch. Kill reviews Rukia gives birth to her second child and can't help but feel happy only one of her children looks like their father. But certain legacies refuse to die, and fate will always have its way; post Bleach ending.

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My Downfall: Alternate Ending by LucretiaDecoy reviews Alternate ending to my fic My Downfall, starting with an alternate version of chapter 29 and continuing on. This version is Kurama x Botan. Or so Tauriel thinks until she goes back to Erebor to throw herself on the mercy of her unborn child's only kin and discovers that sometimes love outlasts death.

But can it remain unchanged by the harsh realities of life?

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Rating changed to M. My Downfall by LucretiaDecoy reviews The gang are reunited to investigate rumours of a planned uprising in demon world and somehow Botan finds herself spending a lot of time with Hiei with both getting more than they bargained for. Repost of fic. To Have and To Hold by Rashka reviews Touch was a foreign thing in their world but that didn't mean it wasn't needed. Even for ferry girls. Lady of the Lake by Lady Viola Delesseps reviews The journal of Sigrid, daughter of Bard of Laketown, a humble girl tasked with the care of her family- nothing more, nothing less.

That is until great doings in Middle Earth come through her doorway toilet, rather , in the form of a company of dwarves, one of whom is smiling, blond, and a prince The Red Lady of Winterfell by LadyCassie reviews There is a tale about the Great Lady of Winterfell, of how she slumbers beneath the great stone castle, awaiting her beloved's return. What once had been filled with laughter and life, now stands empty, no one daring to venture into the now derelict castle. The Age of the Hero by LadyCassie reviews The tale goes that the hero was the Goddess's love reborn and that the sword she had gifted him was born from her love.

It is said that while the others around them aged, the hero and Goddess stayed forever frozen in time, together as long as the hero held the blade. The Red Wolf's Ghost by LadyCassie reviews They tell tales of the red wolf's ghost, how her body was found laying underneath the god's tree in kings landing. They say she appeared to be sleeping, but when the guards went to touch her, she was as cold as winter.

There are whispers that the old Gods came to claim the wolf who had wandered too far from home. The Winter Queen Sansa Stark stands tall, her Direwolf Lady stands beside her, although it is known that the wolf died in the Great Lady's early years. There are many tales as to why the Great Lady had two statues. Squeal is The Children of Winter. A Stitch Away by LucretiaDecoy reviews Botan is determining to be useful to the boys during the Demon World Tournament, and although Yusuke turns her away, she finds an unlikely patient in Hiei.

As she attempts to heal his wounds and impart some sound advice, the conversation takes an unexpected turn. HieixBotan, will be a short fic. Yusuke is still out from his fight so Botan takes matters into her own hands. They were naive teenagers when they married. She had the picture perfect family in mind, while he was a free spirit who was only able to focus on doing what he loved. Now, after two children, heartache, and subsequent years of separation, they might have a second chance. Little Tiny 7 by Deliverer reviews Things are going well between Hans and Elsa, but adjusting to life in Arendelle is a challenge for Hans.

Trust is hard won, and while the people mostly like him, the servants are another matter. He's on high alert. Kristoff and Anna are trying for a baby, but when things go wrong, Hans finds himself in the spotlight in only bad ways. If he can't win them over, this ends badly. Devil's Sweet Temptation by Wendy McCalister reviews "I always get what I want," he murmured against the skin of her throat, but she was more focused on the warm hand trailing teasingly up her night dress.

Good lord, what had she gotten herself into? Pushing Athelas by Mont Girl of Lumatere reviews The facts where these, there once was a Pie-Maker with an extraordinary gift; she could raise the dead with a just touch—but only for sixty seconds, or else someone else would have to die to take their place. Iroh takes him to learn to secrets of the White Lotus.

And the spirits have grown tired of the hundred year war. Breath Control by manhattan martini reviews Zuko escapes the Capital through the underground sewer and heads down the Jang Hui River. However, when he reaches Jang Hui, he runs into the Painted Lady … and she's not happy to see him. Come Back to Me by kaitiebee89 reviews "And when the pieces came together, when time unfroze itself and he realized with a gut wrenching, sinking feeling what had happened—what he had just lost—Daryl Dixon felt everything that was holding him in the present disappear in a cloud of blinding rage.

Everything I see is red. Revenge is Sweet by Ohmiya Chieko reviews Being the every playful fox that he was, Kurama was always the one embarrassing her. A fight with pirates, a secret, and an attack lead to the discovery of a mysterious woman, an unknown. Her blatant obsession with Hans burns Elsa, but she doesn't know the half of it. When the Princes turn against her, shock and confusion overwhelm; but there is more to this story. When Hans starts regressing, things get ugly. Based on the idea that Katara and Zuko are the reincarnated souls of Oma and Shu.

Oma POV. Secret by Dixongurl reviews After her kidnapping, Beth tries to cope with the new world order and the dangers that arise with it. Including the protection of her unborn child. Curiousity Killed The Cat by kblover reviews Keiko overhears an interesting or is it disturbing conversation in the girls' toilet Bedtime Stories by sallythedestroyerofworlds23 reviews Post , canon-compliant.

Suble but fully intended IchiRuki. Told from Kazui's POV. Listen by hashtagartistlife reviews The only time she has ever felt she could be a proper mother to Ichika was when Ichigo was around. Canon-compliant [Ichiruki]. Stay by hashtagartistlife reviews In which everyone is just a little bit terrible. Trust Me by hashtagartistlife reviews The hollow lies. Don't trust a word he says. One Question by hashtagartistlife reviews Simple enough to ask, simple enough to answer, but it's not like Ichigo's ever done anything the simple way.

The aftermath takes Ten years longer. At first, it is merely to gauge whether these Earthlings are worthy of their avatars. But in a twist of fate, it sets off a journey that may turn the goddesses against the Fates themselves. About new beginnings and old ends. Yet, no matter how much he wished it, Ichigo could not stop fate. Set directly after the events of Chapter Flashforward by LittleRuky reviews Having lived through the end of the world once more, Ichigo realizes that everything is just a means to an end. And that end is now. Or simply another version of what could have been.

Please read the manga before you open this fic. Entwined by scripturia reviews A waterbender trapped in a tower of secrets. A wanted thief running from more than just the law. When their worlds collide, they both realize they need each other to get what they want. The deal? To gain back his most prized possession, he must take her to see the southern lights Easier said than done. A Zutara spin on Disney's Tangled.

Scratch by Graphospasm reviews The first time I met Kuwabara, he hit me in the face with a dodgeball. It all went downhill from there. Now he insists on bringing me apology presents, my best friend keeps trying to curse him, and am I imagining things, or are dudes in black suits trying to kidnap my friends?

At least Kuwabara hasn't found out I can turn into a cat yet. Then he'd never leave me alone. Kuwabara, OC] Shizuru K. Honor Among Thieves by ludivine loves rain reviews Botan is sent to get information from Kurama about a string of thefts that greatly concern Spirit World. He seems to know - and want - more than he is letting on. All alone and with nothing but revenge still burning he pushes himself to return to greatness but sometimes revenge can be put to the side by a woman.

One that he has never seen or experienced and finds himself unable to look away from her. Milestones by Violentredroses reviews Rose and Tommy have been through so much together, and their lives only grew richer together. A series of one shots done after Run, Run Rosie. Intesect the Time by Aisa Bellvard reviews The Untold past of Aizen, while he still played the role of vice-captain of the 5th squad. What will he do if she finds out about his betrayal? That's a story where the past intersects with present. Aizen, OC] G. Ichimaru - Complete. Suffering torture, starvation, and more, they'll need to start working together to have a hope of freedom again.

The mirror quivers Run, Run Rosie by Violentredroses reviews Rose never intended to let him in. She never thought he'd be interested in the quiet barmaid; nobody was to be honest. However, Mr. Shelby brought butterflies to her stomach and a blush on her cheeks whenever he looked her way.

Do fallen heroes deserve second chances? Can Terra forge a new life for himself with Aqua by his side? Or will an enemy from their past force Terra down the path of darkness once again? Discontinued, and up for adoption. Not Your Regular Date Doctor by Artemis reviews "Phasma hadn't had the heart to tell him that women didn't have a secret magical hive mind. Shameless Reylo crack. And he had Minato's hair and eyes. But, after his mission to the moon She started to realize maybe he didn't have ALL her personality. Set after The Last: Naruto the Movie. Spoilers included. Sweetest Downfall by ohgeekyone reviews "You are my sweetest downfall.

I loved you first. Kurosaki Ichigo wonders what he's done in a past life to deserve this. Dinner and Other Such Hazards by hashtagartistlife reviews There are tears in Inoue Orihime's eyes as she turns to face Uryuu in the small flat they share. Didn't anyone teach them about what was and was not appropriate behaviour in the kitchen?

He's not sure he wants to hear this 'explanation'. In hopes of forming a political tie that will end it, Elsa agrees to seek a suitor. Among those are the single princes of the Southern Isles, and their order is simple. Make certain one of them is the chosen consort, no matter what. Elsa, however, has a mind of her own. This game won't be so easy after all. Sequel to 'Three Days'. Will they be able to find a home that fits both their needs? Or will their styles cause conflict?

Find out in this week's episode of House Hunters: London. How ironic to be in a room with Superman and yet be unable to shake the presence of a single, ordinary man. Three Days 3 by Deliverer reviews Three days. That is the amount of time Elsa has left after she is betrayed to Weselton by Hans; but since when has the prince done anything without deeper motive? Is it treachery if she hoped for it? A plan to mend political ties turns into a decades old mystery the Duke wants closed. Then things get dangerous. Time is running short for them all. Sequel to 'Scourge of the Seas'.

Kind of Like Us by nannygirl reviews The night following Career Day Red talks to Kitty about something he saw in the garage earlier that day, between a maybe not so unlikely pair. For Her by thaliaarche reviews How did Undertaker get his scars? Why is he interested in Vincent and Ciel? What's the purpose of his Bizarre Dolls? Why does he love laughter so very, very much? It has been a year since Katie and her friends left Narnia. Now they are back to help their new friend Caspian. However, something not only wants to destroy Katie but her relationship with her and Peter. Sequel maybe up soon.

Scourge of the Seas 2 by Deliverer reviews When pirate attacks grow more violent and common in the North Sea, between the Southern Isles and Arendelle, it's time for the princes and the sisters to act. A deal is made, Hans granted more power than Elsa is comfortable giving, but there's little choice. Will it be a decision she regrets? The question is in what way? Sequel to Angel in the Snow, Demon in the Shadows. Every Moment After by BookishDruid reviews It's been 2 years since Elsa's coronation, and Hans has been sending her letters he never expected her to read.

The drawer where she kept them unopened has over-flowed and curiosity has gotten the better of her. Walking by Ellsey reviews As Hiyori recovers from her injuries, a lot of walking is involved. One walk in particular takes an interesting turn. Love and Romance by Ellsey reviews When Hiyori gets injured, Shinji is forced to come to terms with his feelings.

Diamond in the Ruff by Draygen reviews Alexia is back with the more action then before. And this time nothing seems to make since. With Ardeth and Alexia on the outs and Ihmotep trying to find a way to prove his love, can Alexia keep herself sane long enough to help Rick and Evy save Alex? The Jabberwocky by Timaelan reviews Vegeta's nature was far from being a caring father.

Yet, due to some grim events, he starts to feel the need to watch his kids closer. Maybe he missed something. Dark themes. She is weeping, she will not fight. Strike now And he did He raised his sword. As he approached he could have sworn he saw the wings of an angel. She stopped. Maybe she'd stopped even before. She no longer knew.

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She turned to face him. Her sister believed he was good. Decent… So why did she see a demon in his shadow? None are related to each other, but someone suggested I put them all on. Some may be made into longer stories, others not. Some are long, some are short. All individuals.

Will be updated as new drabbles are written, but for all intents and purposes it's completed. Awakening by the typewriter improviser reviews Sequel to Reincarnated Dean was dead. Sam was gone. Nikki was whisked away. Miles away in Connecticut, a blonde with a hazy past starts hearing voices and having dreams about two brothers who go from state to state saving people. She was looking for answers, just like Sam and Dean.

Sam didn't think he'd ever see her again, and she didn't think he'd be real. Haunted by rukia-neesan reviews Battles don't always take the form you expect. Mild Ichiruki, slight Hichiruki, sequel to Beautiful and Control. Clashing with Legends by routavaurio reviews After a chance encounter with a strange boy, S.

They might be a new threat, or they might be hidden allies, older than any of them had imagined. And the longer it takes to decide what to do about them, the worse everything gets Valentine's Chocolate by Ellsey Rukia wants some Valentine's chocolates, and finds herself at Urahara's Shop in search of them. The Devil's Own by sofia reviews "What does Lucifer want with this girl? She's just scared and confused human girl, there's nothing special about her. Really, the worst part of Rey's day.

The Dream by guineapiggie reviews Leia wakes from a nightmare about her family. Captain Phasma interrogates him.

A Preposterous Union by Jesus. Lives reviews Fili finds himself intrigued by a certain body part of Sigrid's, and when he is caught staring by Tilda he is barraged with all sorts of nonsensical ideas such as a romantic union between their two people. He was a kid once except children are innocent, aren't they? You can stick him in a box, but he'll never stay there. And that might be a good thing.

They didn't expect the rest of the family though to bring home guests. Karin brings home Toshiro along with someone whose supposed to be dead. Isshin brings home a young man and young women who look strange. Yuzu brings home others to the chaos. Fee Fye Foe Fum by smart-blonde-the-oxymoron reviews Demons are soulless creatures that feast on the souls of others. It makes sense that a demon couldn't love, right? Every demon has a 'soul mate' and Sebastian's just found his.

Let's just say He knew he would make it up to her some day. He knew there would come a time when he was strong enough to protect her. He just had to become more powerful first. To Ben, it was his destiny. Instead, he stayed in Concord, helping the March family through Beth's illness. He never told anyone he'd not had scarlet fever. When Beth recovers, Laurie falls ill and Jo rushes home to help her boy. Old feelings resurface. Could there be something more than friendship between them? Is Jo too late? Seeing Sakura just made leaving much more difficult.

Rating may increase to M in the future. Down the Rabbit Hole by lizzpercush reviews In which a twist in time reverses the familiar roles. Now Jinx is the hero and Kid Flash the villain.

Leave behind reality and all preconceived notions and journey The again, legend and reality can have a blurred line, especially when you're friends with the Avatar. Life Support by AwkwardCat16 reviews Set the summer after OOTP, Harry, drowning in grief and the weight of the prophecy is in desperate need of someone to keep him afloat. Enter Margaret Graham, a perfectly normal, if somewhat introverted fifteen year old muggle girl who finds herself intrigued by her new neighbor at Number 4 Privet Drive.

The boy with the beautiful emerald eyes. Rated T for language. Hermione, Ron, and Ginny hatch a plan to overthrow Tom from the inside. But, not is all as it seems, and Ginny soon finds herself embroiled in a web of deceit, along with battling her growing feelings for Tom. There will be 10 chapters, I may be making an actual story sometime soon so if you have any prompts you have been dying to read then send them in and I may pick one!

Description: This story is set in the Silver Millennium kingdom. It deals with why the Shitennou chose to join Beryl and why Beryl became evil, though it includes all characters in an extensive look at the fall of the Silver Millennium. Warning: Character death. Much Abides by Black Hole of Procrastination reviews After spending ten years lost beyond the Wall, Jon is finally reunited with his lady wife.

Remix Couple: Odysseus x Penelope. It's not like they'll have anything to do with us anyway How very wrong I was. She has everything she could possibly wish for. But Mary also has a secret. A secret that threatens to be revealed when an auburn-haired greaser shows up in her life. The Volunteer by Colubrina reviews He took her soul when she was eleven. She'd poured it out and he'd drunk it up and poured a little bit of his own back into her and that little bit grew and grew.

What happens to the possessed if the demon isn't wholly killed? Indebted by mentalfictions reviews Fate keeps throwin' them right back together. It doesn't take long for trouble to find them again, and this time around Fuu might just have to do some of the saving herself. Because It Defies Logic by Paper. Bullets reviews Maybe I'm destined for misfortune my entire life.

All I ask for is to start my life over again - forget all the wrong I've done, and dedicate the rest of my existence to doing good. Maybe it's too much to ask for. Mr Kuchiki Takes a Wife! Respected prosecutor, Kuchiki Byakuya enlists the aid of one of Tokyo's finest, police detective Matsumoto Rangiku to thwart the evil plans of his uncle, Kuchiki Kouga. Hitsugaya, R. Matsumoto, Kouga K. A little bit of Doug x Evie and while I wrote it intending it to be a Jay x Evie pairing, it can also be seen as friendship.

She had not spoken to anyone other than her Mother until she was ten years old, she didn't understand how the streets worked. So he found himself watching her, keeping an eye out for her. And his job wasn't done yet. Jay's POV of Chad's confrontation. Can be seen as either friendship or romance. Cleaning no Jutsu by Erisah Mae reviews She seemed determined enough. Maybe she'd be able to finally answer the question that had been bugging him for a while now, since he had realised he'd forgotten the answer years ago. What colour was his carpet?

Steve and Natasha shared their dreams Scarlet Witch showed them. Correction by weekendwriting95 reviews "No they didn't 'accidently' misspell my name. Sherlolly, prompt fill for Tiffany! Will his feelings reach her before the disaster or will fate have its own way for the two? A series of interactions between Beth and Daryl at the prison. I don't buy into the theory that they never interacted, despite how little of it we saw on television.

They spent the winter as part of the same small group, and were both part of the core group setting up the prison. The Shoreline and The Sea by yumi michiyo reviews Crown Princess Elsa of Arendelle knows what is expected of her: she'll marry the prince she's been promised to since she was born, and someday, she'll rule her kingdom as queen. What she wasn't expecting was to be captured by pirates. Particularly not one with a smart mouth and a fondness for duels.