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  1. The Classics
  2. Donuts | Tim Hortons
  3. Where to get free donuts for National Doughnut Day: Krispy Kreme, Walmart, Dunkin' & more

For gluten free and vegan offerings, keep scrolling down!

The Classics

Breakfast Served all day everyday! The Donuts We know that's what you come for. Warning, beware! Our Chefs are creative and often change their minds, so no complaining if we don't have your donut!

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Buttermilk Old Fashioned the king of the classics, crunchy exterior, ring shaped with irregular edges, vanilla bean glaze. Cinnamon Old Fashioned rolled in cinnamon sugar. Chocolate Old Fashioned buttermilk old fashioned with chocolate glaze.

Donuts | Tim Hortons

Vanilla Bean Glazed classic, pillowy yeast raised donut, real vanilla bean glaze. Candied Maple Bacon classic yeast raised donut dipped in maple glaze and covered in candied bacon.

  • Chris Makes Doughnuts?
  • From My Corner Seat.
  • Bavarian Creme;
  • The relentless pursuit of really, really really, freaking good donuts..

Chocolate Glazed Raised soft raised donut, valrhona chocolate glaze. Cinnamon Crunch Raised raised cinnamon crunch. Raised yeast doughnut filled with raspberry jelly topped with chocolate frosting and a pretzel stake. Raised yeast shell filled with Bavarian cream topped with chocolate and two eyeballs, representing the vision of the great city of Portland.

Southern California

Chocolate cake doughnut with chocolate frosting, red sprinkles, a vanilla frosting pentagram, and chocolate chips in the middle. Raised yeast shell filled with raspberry jelly, topped with peanut butter and a side dip of peanuts. The Magic Is In the Hole.

Where to get free donuts for National Doughnut Day: Krispy Kreme, Walmart, Dunkin' & more

Quarterly Giving Campaign! Voodoo Swag of the Month!

How Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Are Made

Black and White Flexfit Hat. Must Try Doughnuts. See more of our Must Try Doughnuts.