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It is often used to describe anthropologists' or travellers' growing immersion in new cultures they are engaged with and has a racist note in it.

Going Native

But I can't find a source and would be grateful for information. In the U. Neither of which is necessarily true of the phrase "going native". The way to phrase this idiomatically without the debasement implied by affiliating with an inferior group might be "defected to the other side.

Going Native: Warpath by Paymaster Games — Kickstarter

But if your goal is to suggest being influenced by one's surroundings and losing one's previous sense of identity in favor of a new one, then yes I'd agree that "assimilated" or "integrated" are good terms, though not fun idioms. Appropriate idioms in that case might be "found a new religion" or "fell in with the locals. I believe Tolkien used the "gone native" phrase in relation to Radagast, the wizard in the Lord of the Rings whom Tolkien describes as having gone native.

I took Tolkien to mean that the wizard had found different priorities due to his time spent roaming. One gets the sense that, as wizards go, he was something of a disappointment!

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I have seen the phrase "going tribal" used at least once in recent reading, though I cannot recall just where. Just remembered where: in a John Le Carre novel the question " You haven't gone tribal on us have you? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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    Yes it sounds a little negative, as though one has become a traitor. I think of 'regression' as in 'regression to the mean' but going native is more 'regression to the mode'. Sep 13, Sep 10, I am glad to say that the Second Going Native Kickstarter has gone live. Please by all means check it out. Sep 7, In order to keep the funding level low, I am just asking for the money I need to cover all the production costs for all the models that I have and create one new large model, the Piasa.

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    The Stretch Goals, if we reach them, will cover many spirit beasts this size chart. I am hoping that we can at least reach one stretch goal.

    Also if any of you have any painted models for the first KS, I would love to see them. If any of you are bloggers or reviewer and you have done a review the Going Native game or models. Please post a link so that I put a link to it on this KS page. Aug 18, I am posting this up to give you guys an update on where I am and what is next. As most of you remember when I took this project back I finished much of this project with my own money.

    You can go native!…with native plants in your landscape.

    Well that money has dried up and I cannot finish the cards as planned.