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  1. What You Need to Know Before Delivering Your Next Monologue
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Arranged in chronological order, this ongoing series includes the original. Shorter, faster, funnier : comic plays and monologues Collects short plays and monologues covering the full spectrum of humor styles and includes selections.

What You Need to Know Before Delivering Your Next Monologue

Volume 5, original one-minute monologues for women ages Gurney, Terrence McNally ,. One On One : The Best Men's Monologues for the 21st century One on One challenges actors to explore the inner self, develop skill and artistry for auditions, and deliver.

These monologues sometimes comic, sometimes serious, and often. The Perfect Audition Monologue Auditioning with a two-minute monologue is a skill unto itself, apart from an actor's abilities in rehearsal. In this concisely written guide, Alterman provides expert tips for choosing, editing, rehearsing,. Report a problem.


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Extra Content. Read from the Book IntroductionAsian chefs cite five flavor notes—sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy—without which no meal is complete. While assembling the plays in this anthology, the editors enjoyed a dazzling range of comedic hors d''oeuvres.

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From laugh-out-loud funny to subtly amusing, caustic, witty, or outrageous, there are as many flavors of comedy as there are sense of humor. We read over short plays and monologues to create this all-you-can-eat comic buffet. Pete Barry''s irascible businessman extends his free fall from a plane to hilarious lengths in Nine Point Eight Meters per Second per Second. There''s also a wealth of play for two actors.

Senior actors will cherish Peter Handy''s bittersweet Friendship and Drew Larimore''s The Anniversary, quite possibly the first play about retirees in postapocalyptic Siberia.

Free Female Monologues from Published Plays

Genders bend freely in Adam Bock''s Three Guys and a Brenda, in which all four title characters are played by actresses. Nina Shengold''s Double Date upends political correctness by taking "joined at the hip" at face value, while Jacquelyn Reingold''s A Very Very Short Play sparks an airplane romance between a one-foot-tall woman and a twelve-foot-tall man, both played by actors of average height.

Other three-character plays include John Augustine''s uproariously acerbic cell-phone-age comedy PeopleSpeak and Caleen Sinnette Jennings''s Uncovered, which finds gallows humor in the post-Katrina cleanup. Eric Coble''s physical comedy H. Three plays with larger casts go back to school for laughs. Billy Aronson''s Reunions offers a wonderfully demented spin on catching-up small talk among high school alumni, Philip Dawkin''s whimsical Nothing riffs on an alien invasion at school, and the gruff coach in Daryl Watson''s hilarious Snap tries to whip his dozens insult team including a stuttering girl with unforeseen gifts into shape.

Monologue- Garden State - Dramatic Teen Monologue

For divinely inspired slapstick humor, try Mikhail Horowitz''s Mere Vessels, a fearless inquiry into the spiritual lives of ventriloquists'' dummies, or Elizabeth Meriwether''s Particle Board, which gives the pompous Great Man documentary a well-deserved plank in the face. As editors of more than a dozen play anthologies, we''ve been gratified to hear of many multiplay productions culled from our previous books.

We urge readers of Shorter, Faster, Funnier to enjoy these plays in any way you can: read them aloud with friends; mount a stage reading, full production, or evening of short plays. As always, be sure to acquire the proper rights first—playwrights don''t take kindly to finding unauthorized performances in online listings or YouTube postings.

Contacts for performance rights are listed in the back of this book, along with playwrights'' biographies and an index by cast size. Whatever your comic taste, you''re sure to find something within these pages to make you laugh.