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The tables are turned when Kwiz Kid in turn admits that he just was using her to lure the Titans to his base, as he was more interested in matching wits with Robin than in her. After discovering this, Kitten dumps him and slaps him, only to find out that he had long since escaped, and left a hologram projection of himself in his place. Killer Moth arrives and takes Kitten back home, scolding her for not telling him the truth about her fake kidnapping by Kwiz Kid. A newspaper clip on a panel shows her in a Slade-like outfit, resembling Ravager.

While not seen, it is written on the newspaper clipping that she also dresses up as Gemini Madame Rouge , and Madamoiselle Mallah Monsieur Mallah.

Reliant Kitten - Wikipedia

Despite being her enemy, Starfire develops some respect for Kitten upon seeing her girly-decorated room, which she finds adorable. In the end, it is revealed that her dress-up scheme was all a way to get her father's attention, as Killer Moth, while spoiling her, rarely actually spent time with her or bonded with her as a father.

Teen Titans- Girlfriend- Kitten vs. Starfire

The Titans help sort the matter out and Killer Moth promises to cut back on super villainy in order to spend more time with his daughter. Kitten has no powers, but she appears to have a degree of fighting skill.

In the comics where she underwent various "Bad girl" disguises, she is shown fighting against the other Titans, especially her Pink X identity. Herald Killowat Bushido Jericho Jinx. A preservation society exists called the Reliant Kitten Register. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Daily Express Motor Show Review October Classic and Sportscars magazine. Retrieved 2 January Motorsport magazine. The Reliant Kitten Register. Bond Bug. Raleigh Bicycle Company.

Brief drive: Smitten by a Kitten

Categories : Reliant vehicles Cars introduced in Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. So, in thoughts turned to motorcycle engines. The initial donor bike was a Kawasaki It wasn't an easy transplant, but with about 80bhp the results were promising and the Kitten with a 10,rpm purr completed plenty of miles.

Seeing the potential, Simon Bull, the watch and clock expert on the Beeb's Antiques Road Show, who has a fleet of historic racers, decided he just had to have one for himself. Sam located a suitably shabby estate and squeezed in a GTR DOHC Kawasaki engine, not forgetting to turn the differential upside down so the car didn't end up moving backwards at mph.

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Actually, with only bhp at 9,rpm, the true top whack forwards is nearer mph. To preserve the Q-car appeal it was important to keep the external appearance as meek as possible, but the suspension is subtly lower and the all-drum brakes went in favour of discs. Still, apart from the larger wheels, you'd never know the Kitten had been subject to such fiendish vivisection. Until you start the engine, that is. I tried the car on the road soon after its completion and was impressed by virtually everything except the non-existent reverse gear, which could have been inconvenient without a passenger.

Once fully sorted, the car was taken to the Castle Combe circuit to raise a few eyebrows and pulse rates. Lining up on the grid in what looks at first glance like a mildly decrepit Reliant three-wheeler, we provoked general incredulity. No one could quite believe his eyes - or ears - when we warmed up the engine with five-figure rpm throttle blips. Surrounded by wobbly glass-fibre and rattly windows, I must admit to feeling slightly apprehensive translation: scared to death as we hurtled towards the first corner with mph showing on the digital speedometer.

No need to panic though: dab of brakes, whoop down the sequential gearbox, floor the throttle and we were round. Funnily enough, nothing else on the track was exactly leaving us standing, but then maybe those BMW M3s and Subaru Impezas aren't all they're cracked up to be.

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Meanwhile, most of the spectators seemed to be falling over themselves laughing, for some reason. One-up it clocked about mph on the shortish straight. With a passenger to lug it managed mph and was lapping swiftly until a localised cloudburst turned Camp Corner into a skidpan.