Guide This Week in the Civil War - July 20th - 26th, 1862

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Davis was arrested yesterday, charged with disloyalty. Baltimore Sun , September 29, , p. Warren rallying the Marylanders, allows an inference prejudicial to the Maryland troops in this corps. Baltimore Sun , June 11, , p.

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Valley Register Middletown , June 3, , p. Woolley's detectives. Cecil County Whig Elkton , May 28, , p. Baltimore Sun , May 20, , p. Baltimore Sun , May 6, , p. Baltimore Sun , April 14, , p. Annapolis Gazette , March 24, , p. Webster, of Westminster, Carroll county, Md. Lee's invasion of Maryland, arrived in this city on Sunday last Weekly Sun Baltimore , February 6, , p. Cecil Whig Elkton , January 16, , p.

Thomas G. Baltimore Daily Gazette , January 11, , p. Valley Register Middletown , December 4, , p. Annapolis Gazette , November 12, , p. The Valley Register Middletown , October 2, , p.

This week in the American Civil War: July , – Tri-County News

The Steamer Cecil, under military employ and in charge of a Massachusetts officer, has made two excursions to Chester River Terms much less Baltimore County Advocate Towsontown , August 15, , p. Brown of the Confederate Army, formerly of Baltimore, was one of the wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg, and died in a hospital, upon the field, July 10th.

Battles of the Civil War: Crash Course US History #19

Permission was obtained from the military authorities by his father Baltimore Daily Gazette , August 3, , p. Baltimore American , June 30, They have shown no disposition The Lutheran Observer , June 26, , p.

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Baltimore Weekly Sun , June 20, , p. We keep a supply on hand, and can execute orders promptly Baltimore Daily Gazette , June 4, , p. Having bought at the old prices, we will not charge any extra "tariff" Baltimore County Advocate , May 30, , p. We are now greatly in want of every article of hospital supply, and we need funds, in order to pay the salaries of our chaplains and others who are engaged in visiting the sick and instructing them in the duties The Lutheran Observer Baltimore , May 15, , p.

Baltimore Daily Gazette , April 27, , p. Baltimore Daily Gazette , March 12, , front page.

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There are a great many good people who think they see in the abounding corruption of society and our national calamities unmistakable signs of the approaching end The Lutheran Observer Baltimore , February 13, , p. It was accompanied by no disturbance, as far as known. In Prince George's county,where some trouble was said to be apprehended Baltimore Weekly Sun , October 18, , p. The Baltimore Republican , September 26, , p. The Lutheran Observer Baltimore , September 12, , p. She was held for the Marshal. Andrew Burns was yesterday taken into custody E Boardman, who volunteered to visit the hopitals about Annapolis and Baltimore, to minister to the sick and wounded soldiers from Pennsylvania, has written the following letter Baltimore Weekly Sun , July 19, , p.

Of twenty-nine State prisoners Baltimore Weekly Sun , May 17, , p. Bigger, Esq. Baltimore Weekly Sun , May 10, , p.

The Lutheran Observer Baltimore , May 2, , p. The slaves of Prince George's county, we hear, are running away in numbers. Baltimore Weekly Sun , April 19, , p. Baltimore Weekly Sun , February 22, , p.

This Day in the Civil War

Such applications must be accompanied by a written statement of the reasons Baltimore Weekly Sun , February 15, , p. They entered a low groggery on Pratt Street Baker and learn his views in regard to their election The South Baltimore , January 2, , p. Baltimore Weekly Sun , October 26, , p.

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Companies of the Wisconsin regiment were observed The Daily Exchange Baltimore , August 15, , p. Baltimore has its Bastile, and its citizens are forced The Valley Register Middletown , July 5, , p. Wallis authorizing the Baltimore board of police to temporarily close all drinking saloons, whenever necessary for the preservation of the peace of that city Filmed by the Maryland State Archives. The South Baltimore , May 23, , p. Baltimore Crowds Celebrate Capture of Petersburg. The city of Baltimore passed through another day of intense excitement yesterday Baltimore Sun , April 4, , p.

See the full scanned article. Sincere Secessionists Increasingly Rare in Baltimore. There is a prevalent impression throughout the country that there are large numbers of secessionists in Baltimore Secesh Canons Snub Loyal Colleague. The many friends of the Rev.

Delaware Dentist Detained.

Illustrated London News: Volume 41

Thomas H. Baltimore Celebrates Constiution, Emancipation. The Mayor addressed the following communications to the city council last evening.. Substitute Swallows Bounty. Quite an interesting and novel case occurred at Major Blumenberg's office on Friday night last Charged with Disloyalty. Enlistment Bounty Increased. The following ordinance has passed both branches of the city council:. Baltimore Sun , September 16, , p. Marylanders at Spotsylvania Disorderly, Not Timid.

A picture in a late number of Harper's Weekly, representing Gen.

Civil War Campaigns

Local Men Volunteer in Baltimore. The following persons from this place and vicinity have volunteered in the one hundred days service Republicans vote to ask for a reconstruction of Lincoln's cabinet. In preparation for his assault on the Confederate fortress at Vicksburg, Ulysess S.

Grant reorganizes his forces into 4 Corps 13th, 15th, 16th, 17th under John A. McLernand, William T. Sherman, Stephen A. Hurlbut and James B. McPherson respectively. Ulysses S. Grant called off a supporting campaign over land because of continued Rebel raids. Jefferson Davis issues a general order proclaiming Benjamin Butler an "enemy of mankind" and authorizing his immediate execution if captured. The U. Monitor founders in heavy seas off Cape Hatteras.

The boat is towed to port. As he begins to drive the Union troops back he is attacked from behind, loosing men. Union 13, Confederate 10,