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Her dad thinks she is clean, her best friend, and her brother…she is hiding it well — she lives with me…all my valuables are locked up…I keep a key on me as I go running or leave the house…now I am thinking of putting dead bolts on my office door and my bedroom door…This is killing me. I am all alone. What a way to live. Sad and so unfair. My daughter too. I know your pain. This week while she and other addicts living in the home, a friend died. This was a eye opener for me. Hi cindy my daughter started using solvents age 12 now at 33 she is an addict using heroin on a regular basis although she denies this as she denies everything if her lips are moving she is lying …such is the illness of addiction …I have honestly tried everything and had a breakdown …The illness of addiction is like a cancer spreading the illness to all of the family and whoever lives they touch … For me I had to recognise my daughter was gravely ill and I had to step back because my girl was not a bad person trying to be good but a sick person who had to get better ….

I went to family anonymous which was a life saver for myself … As of today I have been bringing up my daughters 3 year old daughter who was a miracle …my other daughter and 21 year old other granddaughter have not spoken to me for years …. And so I wait…. I know how you must be feeling. My daughter is 39 She has a meth addiction this has gone on for years Ever since she was 20 years old.

She has two daughters one age 18 and a 2 year old. The 18 year old has a 5 month old son who has medical problems and is in state custody as she uses drugs too. I have guardianship of the 2 year old until next court date. My daughter has been to rehab 3 times she always leaves. My granddaughter has been in rehab once which did not help her. She has heart failure from the meth and is on many cardiac medications. This is only a brief summary. To tell it all would take me writing a book. I am totally burned out from all the events I have been thru.

I have tried so hard to be a good mother and I feel I have failed. They get involved with the loser type guys, and my daughter I have lost my loving feelings for her. She talks bad about me to people and comes home begging. If I give in and let her stay she lays in bed crashing for a few days trashes the house, has no respect for herself.

I am not letting her stay anymore I worry about her and my granddaughter constantly but I feel helpless. They must want to get help, they just want to party as my granddaughter calles it. I feel Hopeless about the situation. So very hard I totally understand. I have watched my eldest child 35 year old daughter basically ruin her life over her addiction.

The pain is real but I have learned that I must let her go and allow her to live her life and deal with her outcomes. See we all have that right as humans. My faith in God keep me grounded but again the pain is real. I want to encourage you to find support through the the church, find a recovery group for you and life out your life and destiny. You are special and worthy of a full and peaceful life. We have to let them go. I pray all the time for my girl and hold on to the hope that today she will make a better choice.

God bless you my sister. Christine C, your post really touch me. I had a son die of a drug overdose and now my daughter is addicted to meth and I am certain she suffers from mental illness. I am trying to get temporary custody of my grandchild. Is there any way that you can contact me via email?

I know that I have to go on living and I want to use my pain to one day help others like you have. Exactly, you have just totally explained my heart and new me. My husband committed suicide 7 years ago, opiods from pain mgt. Put him out after 6 surgeries from re-infected hip replacement caused by my sending him for acupuncture to help hip pain from former car accident while he was in treatment and he contracted MRSA from that.

Destroyed his hip-no insurance! Let him come back here to recover, of course they had to reintroduce him to opiods so he relapsed and I had to put him out again. I am DONE! Still miss the sweet boy God blessed me with-he is barely there. Have to let them go and let God. Ladies, Never give up hope, but be true to yourselves. This drug crack,meth,ice or whatever it is, it is the drug from the scum of the earth. That as well means consequences they have to accept. We have to do tuff love act. We placed a keypad entrance to our bedroom where we have stored all of our keys for the house, cars, etc , as well as to our to two other rooms where we keep sensitive information filing cabinets with credit card info, etc.

I feel like our home has become Fort Knox! If I leave my bedroom door open even for a minute, she is in the vanity area borrowing makeup, etc. Constant heartbreak and sadness for her dad and me. My husband and I just returned from an extended vacation first time in 10 years and we would not allow her to stay in our home in our absence. It feels so, so helpless:. We have been struggling with our adult daughter for the past 8 months. In and out of rehab and halfway houses. She is good for awhile, but relapses.

Seeing them totally out of it, and ending up in emergency room, they look so sad and helpless…but the truth of the matter is WE are the ones who are helpless. THEY are the only ones. Until they do, they go thru hell along with everyone else around them. Sooner or later you have to get tough and learn the word NO.

Have you ever gone to Naranon meetings? They are a support group. They not only are a safe ground for you to vent your feelings for all that you are going thru…but may even offer some good sound advice. I have finally done this after our long 8 months that seems to be getting only worse. Thanks to all those who have commented. Do not be alone with this. It happens more often than you realize. Thanks to all those who read and comment on this blog.

Kindest good wishes to all. We have tried everything even tough love , nothing has worked so far we just get accused of not being supportive …it just goes on and on with no end in sight … Last resort open to us is cutting off all contact. How did this work out for you? My daughter is 23 and we have been going through this for 12 years. It means locking up our bags at night and locking up everything else too. Just want to know if your horror has ended? I too have a 31 years old daughter that is a drug user. She has a 3 years old daughter that my husband and I are raising because of my ex son in law working hours.

My daughter have been in detox, rehab and sober living many times. She has now reached a new low when m6 exhusband over heard her talking about doing sexual favors on the phone. My exhusband provides her with a place to live and food. Last week she bang on my 90 year old mother door asking her for money. Some of my family members think I should be doing more for her because I have walked away due to the fact that a year ago I had a terrible anxiety attack. I think we ate doing what we are supposed to be doing by taking care of my grandaughter which is a big task for a 60 and 70 years old couple.

However, I still feel guilty that I have walked away from my daughter. This is what we mean by family disease. Do you have any resources in your area to get some support? You might even want to seek out counseling, either with a professional or even via a sliding-scale clinic at an institute or university, depending on where you live. Thank you for writing. I have a daughter who has been addicted to drugs for the past 6 years, she is 25 now.

Hanging around with people on drugs.

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She said all the right things, manipulated us so much. She has never hit rock bottom as I have always been there. She is adamant she is not on drugs but then she always has been even when we find her with them. I have not found anyone I can talk to about this and feel all alone. Hi Nicola. Thanks to you and others for your feedback.

Sounds like a very painful ordeal you and your family are enduring. I highly suggest participating individual or family counseling, as well as al anon meetings at the least, for some support. Addiction is brutal and affects the whole family. I do hope you and your daughter find the help needed sooner rather than later.

I feel exactly the same way as you. Crisis care has a very long waiting list for any help. I have custody of 3. I cant talk to anyone in the family because they Judge.

Addiction is not a disease — and we’re treating addicts incorrectly

I actually came across this website because I am searching on what I can do. Heroin as far as I know has been just the past few months especially after my son in law lost his Life to it. For instance my daughter needs drug addiction, depression, mental etc.. HOW do I search for someone for all?? Dayton Ohio area. You are also welcome to call us for assistance finding a therapist.

We are in the office Monday through Friday from a. Pacific Time; our phone number is ext. All of this sounds so familiar. My 32 yr old daughter and 2 young children moved in with my husband and me year ago. This was to get on her feet. In that time she got arrested for possessing drugs and had 3 felonies. This was her first offense and we paid for an attorney. She went to rehab one month each and back to the same old behavior. She moved out with the children and I was beside myself calling anyone that would listen. She knows the children are what she can hold over us.

Her ex took her back to court and now has the kids. I am relieved that they are safe. She is living with someone who is just as erratic as she is. Has blaming me for loss of her kids. Calling my work and making up lies…. She needs to go away to a long term to be evaluated for drugs and mental help and no one not her probation officer, court order counselor is taking this before the judge. My daughter will be 23 tomorrow and she is a drug addict. She had been clean and 2 months. Away from getting her son back. The father has him. Her father and I are woried sick about her she says she is in the parc unit.

I know for a fact she is not there. I Have night mares of finding her with a niddle in her arm. I guess my point Is I have been to meetings I stop giving her money and bailing her out of everything….. Now we dont no were she is What is worse not knowing or watching her do this to her self. I totally understand what you are giong thru. Reading these comments is chilling. They have both lost their children to foster care and one to the other grandparents.

I have been betrayed and manipulated and used. My marriage has suffered because I keep trying to help them. My husband gets mad if I cry and talk about them. Now we watch as our 16 year old son is slipping into the substance black hole and we our starting to lose another one. My 28yr. She is always cussing and trying to argue with me, if I say anything negative about the fact that she is using drugs, I think she is drinking too.

The saddest part is she has my 2 and a half year old Grandaughter. I had to have her removed from my home because she pulled a knife on me and my boyfriend and threatened to stab us to death. I could go on and on, but it is just too painful. I wanted to update on this thread because of how important it is share some hope.

The best thing I could do for myself was get a support group and take care of me. I prayed alot, read inspirational books with daily uplifting messages, kept telling my girls I love them, and got busy helping some other girls at a sober living house. Taking them to meetings and listening to their stories and giving them hugs helped fill that void. They have taught me alot. She gave me strength and hope for my own daughters and became friends with my younger daughter months later.

Jail for 90 days and the vivitrol shot with 4 days a week counseling is gotten my youngest girl sober- she is getting visits every week with her 2 year old and by June should be getting her home. My oldest had a total mental breakdown from a combination of bad things and we went to her apartment and saw her mind was gone that night. That was so scary to see her totally out of touch with reality…her so called boyfriend didnt bother calling so we did.

I believe we saved her life that day. She spent weeks in the mental hospital and was given a diagnosis of schizophrenia and medication. Had we not brought her home she would be in a homeless shelter. Thank goodness the boyfriend is in jail and we cleared out her apartment. Unfortunately most of these sober living houses do not accept people who need meds so we are now in limbo on where she can go from here. I cant bring a 2 year old home until I find a place for my older daughter to go. My oldest told me she is struggling because she misses her kids and doesnt know how to put her life back together.

I just give her encouragement that they her kids are fine and will at least get a chance to see her one day as long she continues to stay clean. She does not deny that drugs brought her that comfort of numbing everything but I keep reminding her that the pain has to be enough that she wants to make the changes to get her where she wants to be in life.

She is lucky to be alive. Her neighbors at her old apartment overdosed and left behind 3 small children. Its so sad. She gets a chance they will never have. I believe prayers have helped alot. I dont know whats to come but at least I have God and alot of people to help me through whatever happens, and my girls do too. May all of you find some sort of peace with what your going through.

I am grateful today and I will pray as I do every day for all the sick and suffering still out there. ODd several times and has POS boyfriends who mooch off her and beat her. We get calls about her constantly and the last OD last week she almost died. She was high 30 min after discharge. She is near end stage liver failure, has endocarditis and valve deterioration so we are going to lose her soon. I had a major breakdown and dealing with chronic major depression. I just feel sick. I feel your pain and pray as u do for God to takemher so she has peace.

Guilty for that yes.. I am sorry for your struggle with your daughter. Only difference, I have two daughters 22 and 25 and both have put our family through the same things. I know you posted quite some time ago but I was moved by your story since I can relate. I pray every day that the answers come for all of us. My daughter is in hospital with endocartitis and liver issues.

I am so very sorry for the heart felt pain pounded into your soul every day, every hour, every minute and every second…and it is your own loved one from your own body that is holding the invisible hammer. You will eventually find an escape route from the invisible hammer…it is only you that can make a change within yourself…not your addicted daughter. She has made her own choices…its time to make yours now. Al anon will slowly layer your being with strength and healing powers. You will feel strong again. It should not be your own life in jeopardy. Forgiving and then letting go is OK.

It may be your saving grace. My daughter has abused Soma, Vicodin, Xanax and pot. We exhausted every avenue possible trying to find a place for her. Finally MHMR visited with her they would not tell us anything that was said…. HIPPA laws. We took her home, her telling us they were going to call her for rehab that day. She sat on the bed with bags packed for 5 days and no phone call. She has been in and out of jail, arrested again yesterday for DUI Xanax and let out of jail again last night.

I have searched everywhere for help and it costs a fortune…. I just found out she is doctor-shopping and has been taking Xanax and Soma Soma was filled Aug. Soma was filled on July 23 and was also empty by the 17th of August, plus she is smoking pot. My daughter is displaying extreme anger, confusion, irritability, paranoia, nervousness, forgetfulness, dilated pupils, forgets to eat, drinks nothing but soda pop and coffee and is constantly holding her stomach. Are there any alternatives for treatment that the government or state will cover?

The laws need to be changed so that those suffering from drug addiction and mental illness can get the help they need. Anyway there is a lot of free help out there like NA, narcotics anonymous and AA which all run free support groups everywhere in the world. The main thing I want to tell you is to take care you and your health, we are the most important person in our lives. Only then can you make sense of the whole mess.

Remember some cares, and my heart goes out to every person suffering from alcohol and substance abuse. Hello, I would suggest a faith-based program. Many are no cost and they often have a higher effective rate than others. Teen Challenge and Salvation Army are two organizations that offer residential treatment. There is also an excellent book for you that has helped me on Amazon. Where I live. Praying for you, Debbie. Thanks all of you for your input. I would agree you may have to try different approaches, or a few different meetings in al-anon if al-anon is one of those approaches.

Nothing is one size fits all and sometimes it takes time to acclimate. If you do try a support group or step program, give it a few tries before deciding. Dealing with drug addiction is a lonely road. So important to find people you can share with. Alanon is a great group. So many.. Try another.. It has changed my life… I was not living my life before Alanon..

Now after 4 years I am enjoying my life! And still loving my Loved one. I have learned ways to be around the addict.. And not get sucked under.. If I could do it anyone can! My daughter is 30 and she just kicked out of rehab. She has lied, stolen, and begged us for money. I said no. Im afraid she will do heroine again. She cries she is in pain. I look at myself and wonder where did we go wrong with this girl of ours. I feel like a failure as a mother. Allie you are not a failure and you did nothing wrong. Once you realize this you can begin your own recovery. Drug users are master manipulators and will bring you down at all costs.

Stay strong my friend. I myself am dealing with the same thing. Stay strong. Praying for all families who are suffering thru this. I have a 31 year old daughter that had everything going in her life. She had a good job, house and great kids…she started using drugs. I think it is meth she uses. This has been going on for 3 years.

Her kids are with their dad. They come over every other weekend. I hurt everytime i see my kids. They miss their mom, they need their mom. She is now running from the police. I lay at night thinking, how did this happen? She does not realize that time is running out, her kids are getting bigger and she is missing out on everything. Hi Isa. Gosh what an ordeal. How awful to see your child get mangled by addiction this way. I honestly believe that. I urge you to try getting some practical and emotional support via alanon meetings and counseling with a therapist who understands the impact of addiction on families.

There may be some on this site. And you can find a local meeting via alanon. Thanks for writing. I have very similar circumstances except I watch my daughters four children. I pray God gets us all through this nightmare. My husband and I Are raising our grandsons.. All you can do is make your home peaceful.

Let your daughter know you love her.. But as long as she is using she cannot come around. So hard in so many ways… I go to a group called Alanon. And it has changed my life and made our lives so much better… Wether my daughter continues to use drugs or not. Try it!!! I feel for anyone going thru all of this. We all have our own horror stories to tell. Fortunately, I have temporary guardianship of her child, since she is an admitted addict and is incarcerated. I hope not, he is a heroin user, himself.

So, needless to say, I am torn between concentrating on trying to get help for my daughter and at the same time proving my case. Both Al-anon and Nar-anon meeting places are over miles away. This is a rural community, and drugs are so prevalent here, and it has affected so many. Wow… think I just read all comments and have to say you all have confirmed my suspicions. My 30 year old daughter is definitely addicted. She has lost her two children, to two baby daddies, bankrupted herself with school loans that will never be paid, has had more cars repossessed than I have ever owned, has never kept a job for long, currently unemployable… been in jail for robbery and embezzlement and now on parole.

She missed her last court date and is now considered a fugitive. I could go on but my story has already been written well by all of you. I am going through the same set of scenarios. I will not allow myself to feel bad. I hung up and turned the phone off. We had her in a place with my dad who has an extra space.

Nor will I allow them to offer any. After reading all this, it sounds as though it is futile. I too fear that my daughter is dying a horrible death and all we can do is watch. Good luck to everyone of you who are struggling. John, It sounds like she is close to being at the bottom. I would check and see if there is a long term rehab in your area. I would suggest one that is all female and one that works on 12 steps and behavioral modification.

This has helped my daughter. The one my daughter is in is a non-profit and does not cost. They work with the individual for enrollment in programs that can help pay. When she comes to you and ask for help, I would work with a long term place for her to go and let her know she now needs to help herself. John, I wrote an earlier post somewhere and oh how things have and can change.

Our daughter is 26 and as I write this she is currently in jail finally after breaking her probation. Our daughter is a follower and for the past couple years has turned to drugs. Going down the wrong path and hanging with her new friends has led to legal problems. She started using spice k2 and meth. We recently saw her for the first time in court last week after not seeing or talking to her for 4 months.

This is new to my husband and I as she is our oldest. Now she is apologizing even tho 2 days ago she told her grandma on the phone she hated us and wanted nothing to do with ever again. I was weak this morning and added money so she could call me so I could talk to her longer. My husband is a paramedic and we have tried everything for her including rehab and she was never ready.

She still is in denial. All she tells me now is she will go anywhere just to get out. Kim and Jamie and anyone else … I appreciate the comments and hope you both are finding things a little better. Since my last post in January now July there have been some changes but the jury is still out. My daughter seemed to sober up while in the county jail for a few months and of course hated it go figure. They have a great program that works with women only that helps them to transition back in to society following non-violent incarceration and drug addiction.

They offer a place to live with other women that are going through the same thing. They support each other and follow very strict rules. They help with legal issues, finding work… and ensure they follow all required protocols of their probation. She appears to be doing quite well and seems to be quite motivated.

2. When You’re Enabling

Time will tell. In the meantime, this life altering event has certainly changed my perspective on the big picture issue of opioids in the US. Fingers crossed that each of you including myself can help our stricken family members and friends get out of this horrible rut. Shelly, I have felt and had this same Conversation. This is how addicts go on for so long.. My daughter has struggled with addiction for 19 years. All I did by letting her stay at home was give her a Place to come and not face her addiction. I made it easy for her.

I wish I had the courage to let my self let her go at that young age. The fact of it is.. I have started going to Alanon group that is saving my sanity. You cannot save your daughter. You are not keeping her away from bad people. It took me too long to realize this and I know the pain. I surrender to the fact that I have to get out of the way… As painful as that is for me. And pray that someone crosses her path thatshe will listen to. That she will hit her bottom.. I was afraid her bottom was death and it may be. But trust me…. Debbie, Your situation seems close to mine and I am so frustrated and lost.

I have had custody of my granddaughter now for over 3 years, my son is currently in jail again for probation violation of using. This time he may get some serious time, not help. Sad as he had a doctorate degree and all is lost. His wife is also a long time user and an alcoholic. My struggle is when is enough enough for my precious granddaughter who is seven? My husband wants to move out of state just to get us away from the situation! We have cut off all monetary help, but I still think we are missing something.

Thanks for listening. I pray for you all. My boyfriend is in the same situation with his 21 year old daughter. It is destroying their lives. The stealing has plunged them into poverty. I want to help but feel helpless and its killing me and our relationship to watch. I have researched and offered suggestions and resources. Tried to put then when in touch with others that have gone through it unfortunately I know other families that have been there.

I try hard not to judge but feel he is enabling. I am starting to lose respect for him and hate her. Anxiety is beginning to take its tole.. What advise can you give to others to best help you? What have your friends and family done that has helped? How do I protect myself in the process?

I am replying to my own post. I am disappointed that nobody has responded. I guess everyone here needs to vent…and that is fine! Was hoping for advise. Hi Helpless. Please see my response to Isa on September 8, and see if that helps at all. Thanks for posting. I was madly in love with a nice man and we were going to get married this past summer. He has a 34 year drug addict daughter who has been a stripper, hooker, porn star and lost her first child due to abuse of him. He gave her everything in his house when he moved in with me with the understanding that if she needed money she could sell his stuff.

That lasted about 10 minutes. I started looking at his phone and she was blowing it up daily begging and hounding him for money. I could see right then that it was never going to stop. He was never going to have the backbone he needed to walk away from the crazy. When I tried to talk to him about it, he shut down and became defensive. That seemed the only viable option for me. Hi, I believe most of us that have a child addicted to drugs, are trying to find solutions.

As for myself, I have a 22 year old son that has been doing drugs for 8 years. I have been an enabler, primarily out of guilt. I too had quit a great job, went to jail, and behaved in ways I thought I may have been possessed. My husband was a wonderful enabler, as well as my family and children too.

I never was homeless, hungry, and I managed to put a successful housecleaning business together while being an active drunk. My husband was also a drunk that made great money and provided well for our family. This thought was reinforced by my best friend since high school. She asked me what I was drinking while I was talking to her. I wanted to tell her coffee, but I told her the truth. She asked me if being an alcoholic was causing all my problems. I was angry, and said goodbye to her.

There was my moment of clarity and a spiritual experience sufficient enough to bring about a psychic change. The next day I drank 3 beers left the others for my husband, and the next day Sunday I did not drink. That was May 19, My point of the story is simple, I was ready to listen, and willing to be honest with myself that my addiction was going to destroy everything.

The willingness and honesty made me open up enough to the idea I needed help. Sadly, my son who is an addict, does not want sobriety. His life is anything but living, but a slow suicide. Having over come what I did, and how I got to that point, should have been remembered. I am allowing him his dignity to make poor choices for himself.

He knows it is certain death. He knows about recovery. His choice is to refuse help and continue. I had a spiritual experience and a moment of clarity. I need to back away, get quiet so he can hear God. I am not God. She is staying with us n steels all are medicine. Unlike alot of you all I just found the proof my 32 yr old is on drugs. After her shower I went into her room and in a little black makeup bag in a gray soft bag I picked it up and there was a pipe in it not a weed pipe but a pipe that is used for something else and then a baggie fell out!

So if she isnt using why did she take it into the shower and why does she evenhave the pipe? Like most of yall what so I do now where so I turn now. She has our 2 grand kids. I have never been so at a loss like I am in a different world. Like this all isnt real. While I am not a professional, I do have quite a bit of experience in this area and some advice I would give you is first to really educate yourself about the nature of addiction and if you can prevent it, try really hard to stay away from living in denial because it is just not going to help you or her in anyway.

I would find an addiction therapist or someone similar and get advice about how best to help her and then work from there. When in doubt I always refer to a mental health professional for advice so that I know I am handling things to the best of my ability and can never look back and say if only I had not tried to wing it, maybe…. Just remember that no one can force an addict to get help but the addict. Not love for children or family, not the threat of homelessness or the possibility of prostitution, nothing can heal an addict but his or her own steel will and determination to get better.

Laws withstanding! Keep a level head and good luck. Our daughter is 24 and been using drugs for past 7 years. Started with drinking and pot in high school and moved on to Oxycontin and now for the past 2 years Heroin. We have sent her to rehab twice — both times her asking to go but both times she came back home and went back to the same losers she hung out with before. We sent her out of state to a halfway house to get her awaay from all the druggies she knew here and within 3 days one of the losers had driven 8 hours and brought her drugs and she was arrested with them. We made her stay in jail for a week before bonding her out and made her use a public defender.

Told her it was her consequences to deal with. She survived and went to counseling for a couple of months and then was right back with the same crowd and using again. It is so stressful and embarassing having her live with us because when she is clean we see glimpses of the daughter we love so much but then she goes on a binge and we see a monster- she is so verbally abusive and out of control. Our other 3 children have cut ties with her completely.

They had to live through too much stress and chaos because of her and want no part of it anymore. They ignore her when they come visit and it breaks my heart for them all. It feels so hopeless — like she will never be the daughter we knew or live the life she was meant to. I have completely isolated myself from friends and family because I am so embarassed and ashamed.

Have a 28 year old stepdaughter doing the same. Your story sounds so similar its scary. Its like a bad dream that goes on and on. Just wanted you to know your family is not alone. Your situation is almost a mirror image to mine. My daughter is 36 and I have a picture of her on my wall, her eyes are clear, dressed nicely, clear skinned, smiling so sweetly and has a little weight on her bones.

That is my daughter, and I want her back. Not the manipulating, verbally abusive not only to me but her 4 yo child , paranoid, depressed, manic daughter. In the last 4 months she has stolen a debit card, forged checks, lifted credit card, and has opened credit cards using my ss. I just found that out when pulling my credit report. I looked thru her phone when she was arrested, and all of her texts were about where she can obtain drugs and prices. I am at a loss. Maybe getting her child back will give her the motivation to get clean and sober. I live with my mother to take care of her, and I have all this drama to top it off.

She has sunk to such a new low. The courts are on my side against her having custody. The father of the child is another can of worms. I am an addict. I need help, but reading how terrible it is for you people, I am to afraid to ask for help from my family. I have lied, but, I have not robbed my family, or anyone else for my habit. What I am going to say now, is not for you parents out there whos children have robbed them and destroyed their familys……This is for the rest, for the mother who found the pipe…… I understand that it is distressing….

I am sorry that you feel bad, parents…. Thank you for your comment, Brian. Yes it is very unhelpful to turn to loved ones for help and have them respond with distress and worry- that just burdens you even more. If someone asks you for help I think the best thing you can do is respond calmly and nonjudgmentaly and with total support and positive attitude and just get down to business and take care of them and get them into treatment with love and support and care but with a firm hand as well. If your loved one comes to you for help he or she already knows that you are burdened and hurt and that is not the time to express that feeling to the addict.

I wish you could ask for help. I had my own issue once that was not really an addiction but regardless when I went to my parents for help they responded in distress and it was very upsetting but if you need help you need help so i say suck it up and do it for yourself. Good luck. My son is 26 yrs and addicted to ….. I love him very much and i did everything i could do for him, i have a bad feeling about the whole things.

I do not want to be in this world anymore to see this situation. Thank you for your comment, Alex. We wanted to provide links to some resources that may be relevant to you here. I Sit here at 3 am in The morning worried sick.. My Daughter 21 is Using meth.. Shooting it up.. She is currently being Looked for by the police..

10 Ways To Let Go Of Someone You Love

Cause she skipped out on parole among other things.. I am at the end.. This Is Too Stress full for just me. Please Help Me make that call. I am so happy to have found this site. Our 16 year old son is an addict and last January we had him removed from our home. We pray for our son every day. We will always love him. I will keep you all in my prayers, too. Find an Al-Anon meeting.

It will save you. My heart breaks for you as it does for me. We have a 40 y. Son who is hopelessly addicted. This year he came to us at the beginning of the year, homeless, thin, broke and greatly distressed and said he wanted to turn his life around. He can get food from the welfare agencies as he does regularly. He had a lovely partner and was starting to make a life for himself with her and that all blew apart because of his lying and her distrust of him. He wants to be allowed to do what he wants and wants society, his family, his children to accept him without question.

And if that means destroying lives, he refuses to see that because the addict only sees his own needs. I do feel sorry for him, but I also see how selfish he is. And I get angry when his actions hurt my loved ones. The main reason is that the 12 Steps of AA do not solely focus on not drinking alcohol. While this is a requirement for Alcoholics Anonymous participation, the program goes so much deeper than this.

The goal of the 12 Steps of AA is to change the way you think. All behaviors start with a single thought that eventually leads to them. Another reason why the 12 Steps of AA is so effective is that it encourages reliance on a Higher Power. It leaves the definition of the Higher Power up to the individual. Some may be comfortable with calling their Higher Power God, while others might not be. Even so, relying on something outside of yourself is necessary in order to remain sober. AA meetings are typically a bit more informal than people expect them to be. Depending on the size of the group, you may sit in a circle, or you may sit in chairs in rows.

That is not the goal of the people at Alcoholics Anonymous. Someone will usually call the meeting to order as you begin. The first thing you do together may be going over the 12 Steps of AA. They are typically all read aloud in unison.

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After this, people will be given the chance to speak and share. There may be a speaker who talks the entire time. Or, the person in charge may open the meeting up to anyone who wants to share. You are more than welcome to just sit and listen to other people share their stories. There is usually a greeting time after the AA meeting is over. In general, people attend AA meetings on a weekly basis. However, there are some people who encourage attendance at 30 meetings in 30 days.

This is specifically for those who are new to alcoholism recovery. Still, there is a lot to be said about going to more than one AA meeting a week. It will help you get accustomed to how the meetings work. There could be many reasons why this might be the case. You may feel comfortable in a smaller setting, or in a larger setting. There are so many AA meetings in your city, or in your state.

You should just keep trying different meetings. The 12 Traditions of AA will give you a good idea about how the organization works, overall. Each tradition is actually a guiding principle that helps Alcoholics Anonymous do the work they do. At some point, you will be encouraged to obtain an AA sponsor.

This is such an important step for you as you continue on in AA. A sponsor is someone you can turn to who will help you stay on track with your sobriety. Almost everyone who is in AA has a sponsor. That person should serve as a guiding light for you, and not someone who will impact you negatively. Bill W. He had been sober for only a few months, and was suddenly struck with the urge to drink. He thought to himself that it would be helpful to have another alcoholic to talk to.

He found one in Dr. As you think about getting a sponsor, it may seem like a strange concept to you. You may think that you have plenty of friends and family you can turn to when times get tough. This is when sponsorship is especially helpful. You need to have one in your life, and you may need one for quite some time. This is a really good question. You should know that this is not the end of the road for you.

You should actually take one of two directions. You may need additional time to put them into practice in your own life. This relates to the Steps themselves. The Tenth Step is all about taking a continued moral inventory. That means a person must be honest with themselves. The other direction you may want to consider is to become a sponsor yourself. Think back to the time when you first started Alcoholics Anonymous.

Someone else may need you to do that for them. Instead, they use it as a way to help control their lives. Remember, recovery is about making your life manageable again. The 12 Step program gives people a framework to do that. The Alcoholics Anonymous website has a great search tool that can assist you. Also, technology has answers as well. AA offers a series of online meetings. A person can use these to help them stay on the path to sobriety. But they do offer help and assistance. A person can use these meetings if they have to miss their regular meeting. Remember, you may not completely fall in love with your very first AA meeting.

Somewhere out there, there is an AA meeting that will be just right for you. She attends regular AA meetings and she says they are fantastic. She is telling me that these12 steps may help with my depression? I disagree with what she is saying due to me not having an addiction to anything. I was just wondering about your thoughts? If your sister thinks it could help, then I would say what have you to lose?

She knows you well, so anything that can assist with your depression is worth a try! Best of luck! If you relapse on the 12 step program and surrender again will you have to restart the program from step 1; e. Yes you need to restart again the steps because you will have to: Step 1…admit being powerless to alcohol that your life has become unmanageable. This way you do not pick up to drink again.

Great web site. The explanation of each step is quite useful. The exemplars are wonderful as well. Thank you for this succinct yet comprehensive explanation of The 12 Steps. I myself am one of those people. Thank you! I decided to give A. It was a pleasure reading about the 12 steps. I really enjoyed it, thank you.

Glad the article resonated with you! We wish you all the best as you seek out the AA Meetings and continue your recovery journey! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. The addiction is in charge. Surrender your ego and be willing to ask for help anytime you feel overwhelmed during your recovery.

Learning to pray , which simply means having a conversation with Who or What is helping you — sharing your thoughts, asking questions, and expressing gratitude. Learning to meditate , which means taking the time every day to reflect on the things that happen to you, what you learned, and what you might like to do differently. Processing your experiences and emotions can help you learn to change for the better. When you concentrate on those things that you CAN control, you are better able to focus on doing what needs to be done to recover.

Why is this so important? But only by acknowledging your faults can you take steps to correct them. To this end, it is a good idea to write your inventory down. There are three reasons why humility is so important in this Step: It allows us to recognize the severity of our defects. Without that humility, it is possible that we will underestimate or minimize the impact of our actions.

It allows us to recognize our own limits. We have to be humble enough to understand that alone, our intellect, our reasoning, and our willpower are not enough to overcome our addiction. Humility allows us to come to the realization that there is something greater than both ourselves AND our addiction. And, because it IS greater, that Higher Power can restore us to sanity.

For example: Seeing an ex in person can cause them embarrassment or problems in their current relationship. A person you may have physically harmed might be traumatized by your presence. Confessing to some criminal act you may have committed does not mean implicating others. Being of service to others has several benefits: It reminds you of where you once were and where you no longer want to be.

It helps hold you accountable. It gives you a sense of purpose. It keeps you from becoming complacent in your recovery.

So how do you start?

It enhances your fellowship with others. You have insights that may allow you to help when no one else can.

When you share your story, others may be inspired by your successful ongoing recovery — to the point that they are finally able to regain their own sobriety. The 12 Traditions are: Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon AA unity. For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority — a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern. The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking.

Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or AA as a whole. Each group has but one primary purpose — to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers. An AA group out not ever endorse, finance, or lend the AA name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property, and prestige divert us from our primary purpose.

Every AA group out to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.