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Wayne Gretzky, Canada. And here was Jocelyn, who grew up so close to home. We listened to her voice in our bedrooms at night and turned the volume up a little when we heard a track in Tagalog. Our parents were ashamed of the language even though they spoke it. But when we listened to that Jocelyn Enriquez song in Tagalog, it sounded beautiful.

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At the end of the chorus were the words mahal kita. We recognized this because of Brent Zalesky. When we were in our beds that night, we thought about how strange it was, how we never heard our mothers and fathers say those words to us before, mahal kita. W hen Marorie tried out for varsity, we joined her even though our parents said it was dangerous. Brent Zalesky came to all of our home games.

We played for him. At the free-throw line, we slid our palms on the bottoms of our sneakers before taking the basketball from the ref. Our palms got dirty quick, but it made the ball feel secure in our hands. We bent at the knees and learned how to hunger for that sound, those flicks at the bottom of the net. In practice after school we did suicides until we felt like puking.

We did them in our driveways at night too. Somehow, in practice, we started to talk like the boys. We blasted music in the gym during warm-ups before home games. Coach let us turn up the music so loud that we could feel the beat on the floor, could feel it in our bodies, our hearts.

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Who cared that the Bulls dominated back then and that the Dubs were shit. On the court, we felt proud. During games, we took hits and threw elbows like champs. Who cared that we would grow up to have all kinds of girls interrupt us, correct us, cut us, talk over us, throw shrimp cocktail at us? Could we blame them? Back then, we helped ourselves. We dove out of bounds. We broke bones. We got hard. You are currently viewing this article as a guest.

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Not To Us (Psalm 115)

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You can enable Cookies via your browser preference settings. Sign in Need help? July 10, [ Ambassadors ] [ Wealth ] [ Saturn ]. Single Page. Print Page. Download Pdf. United States Canada. Seeing as how I kind of loved Michael even thou he made me have a semi-heart attack with his affair, I will not be calling him an asshat. Really believe in it? Seeing as how I do not believe in the obstacles that have arisen…but considering what DID happen, I do believe how things turned out, but I do not believe these people will be able to have the ultimate happiness.

Do not let this opinion of mine detour you in the sense of right and wrong and the ultimate factor to cheater romances-groveling. There was enough groveling and remorse. There were tears and talks and discussions. I am very much singing praises to the way the author executed thing-I am just not supportive of the end result.

The heroine was his map of directions to finding what he was missing in the committed relationship he already had, and his infidelity survived the purpose of his wife really seeing him and his wants. But to specific masses. Cheater romance lovers that want to see something different. People that love angsty drama that is never over the top,but is still gut wrenching.

To those that want to cry their eyes out over their novels. Do I like this book? Maybe not. Mostly not. It depends on the second and the first thing that comes to my mind about it. This was my reaction by the time i completed this book,it was a roller coaster ride for my emotions from being so so pissed towards all four of them to feeling sorry for Ellen Kay cause she is the one who suffered so much pain may it emotionally or physically cause of treatments but all in all i can surely say this "Ellen Kay is not perfect,she may be weak at times but she is a brave character who withstood all the tragedies thrown at her by fate and hurt,pain,humiliation thrown at her by PHEW!

This was my reaction by the time i completed this book,it was a roller coaster ride for my emotions from being so so pissed towards all four of them to feeling sorry for Ellen Kay cause she is the one who suffered so much pain may it emotionally or physically cause of treatments but all in all i can surely say this "Ellen Kay is not perfect,she may be weak at times but she is a brave character who withstood all the tragedies thrown at her by fate and hurt,pain,humiliation thrown at her by those people who are her friends and profess to love her.

She is a Bit with capital B,she does'nt love anyone not Micheal nor Robert the only thing that led her to sleep with both of them was cause they both wanted Ellen Kay. I do not buy her excuse for starting an affair with Robert,if she felt not loved and always knew Michael loved Ellen she should have first talked it out with Michael and them decide whether she will stay or get out of her marriage instead of betraying the marriage and friendship of 18 years.

Robert:One hell of a cheating -selfish man,he never loved Ellen Kay how conveniently he is having affair with his wife's best friend when he is caught-professing love and crying,no concern when Ellen tells him she has cancer he is busy saying sorry cause he is caught with his pants down. From few moments here n there i also felt he is not a good father. He failed as a husband and also failed as a father. Micheal:I am confused as to what do i say about him,i can say he is good father and he was always there supporting and standing with Ellen through her treatments and surgeries but IF he loved Ellen all along and married Carrie on rebound if he is so clear on it then "Why did he sleep with her",he kept lying to Ellen when he is caught says it was nothing just happened but by what Carrie said its quiet obvious it was all planned after Elaina's death they again started their affair,What kind of love is this: I do not buy their reason cause if he truly loved Ellen he would have been with Ellen sharing the grief and pain instead of having se in a hotel: All i can say that Michael-Ellen rushed into marriage,they should have waited given time see where it went and then should have gotten married.

Lisa: May be i have gone crazy but i am very suspicious about this woman sometimes i felt she was jealous of Ellen and was trying to deliberately create problems for Ellen Things that disappointed me was Carrie went unscathed with her actions she broke Ellen's trust twice still by the end she was back to coming n going in house,Robert not knowing about his second wife's cheating on him,Court-Eve Chandler wanted to know more about them. I have my doubts over HEA. I firmly believe that "An Ex can never be just friends cause the spark and temptation is always there" I liked the book but there was too much of cheating,for me if Micheal had not cheated on Ellen,we would have gotten to see their journey towards HEA it would have been a 5 star book for me.

View all 3 comments. Didn't like any of the characters.

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Skipped through the chapters cause that's how much this book fucking annoyed me. What the fuck was up with her fucking so called "Bestfriend" I mean REALLY you call her you're Bestfriend but yet that stupid bitch betrayed you, and Ellie is one stupid bitch for her to still be friends with that whore of a Bestfriend.

Didn't like him at all. I wrote it! Before long, things seem to be working out perfectly for Ellie and Michael, but then their newly-formed bond is tested like never before. This book isn't for everyone, but if I wrote it! Jan 12, Bella rated it did not like it. This is one of the worst books I've ever read. All the main characters did was cheating around each other. Such a disturbing story ugghh. Definitely a roller coaster When I saw a tagline that has that phrase, I tend to think that it wouldn't be that effective. However, it was! I bought this book months ago and I finally had a chance to read it.

This author is new to me. But I'm glad that I got the chance to try her out. This book It starts with this woman who was trying to keep her life together after finding out that her husband was cheating on her with her own best friend. How dare she do that to this woman? And worst of al Definitely a roller coaster And worst of all, she was in the doctor's room being informed that she has cancer.. That's scary from the doctor who happened to be the best friend's husband. She found out that he had known for a while.

Then her life falls apart So many trials that one would think that she's a saint. I think that if I was in her shoes, I probably would have broken apart at a previous event that changes my life. No wonder why people are telling her that she's amazing, amazing. And she wonders why people thinks her of that so obviously she has self-esteem issues that I don't think anyone realizes until later in the story. I would give this a 5 star but there were few lines that were too repetitive - "You're my only wish" There were a few grammatical errors like the author forgot to put a " in the sentence to complete it.

Name was misspelled a couple times. However, it was not enough to distract me from the story which was nice! However, the repetitive lines were what made me drop one star. I still will read one of her books and I'm glad to see that I also have another of hers - Seeing Julia! I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

Shortly after this discovery, Ellie, mother of three children, is diagnosed with breast cancer. I really enjoyed this book as painful as it was to read. I am sure that Chapter 14 was the most difficult part of this book to write because it was definitely the most difficult part to read. It was certainly a turning point that I was not prepared for.

This is where the story really picks up speed. I could not put the book down. Just when you think that things are going to get better for Ellie… bam… more pain and heartache. So much for a person to endure. A great unpredictable book with astonishing surprises. Review by Judy: crafted flawlessly in first-person present tense, a difficult mechanism. However, the overall plot strains belief. Ms Owen writes well. The topics of surviving cancer, divorce, and Review by Judy: crafted flawlessly in first-person present tense, a difficult mechanism.

The topics of surviving cancer, divorce, and personal tragedy are certainly relevant but call for a more balanced approach by mature adults. While people may feel they are on a rollercoaster, as rational or even irrational human beings, they are well aware of the necessity to traverse the ground below with some plan and purpose. At this writing, the novel has received four five-star reviews at Amazon. To be honest, the premise of this book is really far-fetched even for a fictional account.

I really liked the gist of it anyway. Ellie married Bobby. Carrie, Ellie's best friend from college, married Michael. They've been friends forever and Michael is Ellie's doctor. On the day he tells her she has cancer, she tells him If you can make your To be honest, the premise of this book is really far-fetched even for a fictional account. If you can make your way through the first 13 chapters, I promise you that after chapter 14 they speed by and you're left wondering if you really just read all that. This book was very disturbing to me. The female character had already gone through so much finding out her husband had cheated-then longtime friend whose wife cheats with before mentioned husband comes in to save the day.

Tragedy strikes and has him running back into his wifes arms and the female lead running off to another city where she meets a young billionaire who sweeps her off her feet and carries her away to his island.

I know people are messed up in real life but we don't really want to read about it in books With friends like this, who needs enemies? Apparently this woman did as I'm sure they would have treated her better than her supposed best friend. Hell, even better than her husbands, first AND second.

This book left me drained and depressed. For a h touted as being so strong and extraordinary, I wished she had even more backbone to walk away. If I was surrounded by only these people, death would have been merciful. The writing was actually good; but the storyline was unbelievable It would send me spiraling downward to realize this really does happen.

I Love love loved this book!!!!! I have to say that I chose to read it because I share the same name as the author, if she has my name the book HAD to be good, right?!

I read it in a day, i could not put it down, i just had to see what was going to happen in the tangled mess the characters had created for themselves! It mad me laugh, cry, and so sad when I came to the end! Oct 18, Envywho rated it it was amazing. What the F did I just read??? I have never met a more f'up cast of characters I don't even know how to process my feelings right now and that is why I am giving this book a 5. This book provoked the hell out of me. Still try to process At times I hated it, but it kept me jones-ing for more.

Friends since college, Ellie, her husband and their mutual friends had it all. Each with successful careers, children and living comfortable lives, when out of the blue divorce, infidelity, breast cancer, death and betrayal swoops down on all of them, especially Ellie - cutting a swathe of destruction on many levels through her life.

At one point I was asking myself: what else can go wrong in these people's lives? To add to all the upheaval in her life, Ellie meets a man who means well but causes the ultimate complication in an already out of control situation. It thoroughly baffled me that so much can go wrong between two couples - including a complete partner swop - while they still try and hang on to their friendship.

In fact, the sweet parts as well as some of the almost poignantly sad moments often brought tears to my eyes. The romantic involvements of especially the main character is put under the microscope with the main relationship being put to the test multiple times until I thought that there was no way in which any relationship can withstand this much trial. You will have to wait right up to the end to see whether this happens or not. This makes the whole story just that much more realistic and believable. The problems addressed are those that happen to people all the time: Ellie's best friend betraying her again and again, ensuing divorce; the onset of breast cancer; an unexpected pregnancy - and all of that within the group of friends who had been together for twenty years and more.

This is not your average quick-read romance, but a book to be read at leisure so as to enjoy every moment thereof. It touches you on different emotional levels and forces the reader to face many truths; that we have no control over our lives, no matter how hard we try. What makes the difference though, is how we deal with it.

It races with this one pervasive thought: this can't be happening, not to us. I really enjoyed reading "Not To Us". Katherine is a brilliant writer. Ellie who is married to Robert, they have 3 kids Nick, Matthew, and Emily. Michael is married to Carrie and they have 1 child Elaine. Ellie learns she has breast cancer. Michael says that he will take care of her. Robert has an affair with Carrie, while Michael and Ellie have an affair.

Not To Us by Katherine Owen

Robert ends up marrying Carrie in Vegas. Michael and Ellie get married later on. Then the unthinkable happens Nick dies in a car accident, while Elaine is on life support and later on she dies. Nick and Elaine are both cremated. Ellie has an affair with Court.

He brings her back to Seattle once he finds out about her having breast cancer. Michael finds out about Ellie's affair with Court. Once Ellie has some tests done she finds out the cancer has returned and must have a double mastectomy and chemo. She is also pregnant when she undergoes chemo, that is one reason she put it off for so long. Michael comes back to Ellie before the she has her baby.

While doing a sonogram, the doctor's discover a second baby. Ellie gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The baby boys name is Beaumont Michael Shaw, but they call him Beau. The baby girls name is Ava Katherine Shaw. In the end Michael and Ellie express their love for each other. They end up going to Paris for their first wedding anniversary. The story is filled with happy times, sad times, and confusing time. I laughed, I cried, and I rejoiced with the characters. It felt like I was in their shoes and knew exactly how they were feeling.

Apr 08, Marisa rated it did not like it. I can't begin to express how much this book disturbed me, where do I start, should it be with the immaturity of the adults and how the children show more maturity in their little fingers then the parents.

Cardiovascular risk linked not to weight, but to body fat storage

Or how this was a book about polyamourse relationship then of true love, these selfish characters only new how to destroy each other's lives and other unsepecting marriages along the way as well. Unbelievable destructive story, it's a shame because the author can write, and writes well, I just I can't begin to express how much this book disturbed me, where do I start, should it be with the immaturity of the adults and how the children show more maturity in their little fingers then the parents. McConnell acknowledges he's the descendant of slave owners, compares himself to Obama.

Cleveland police arrest suspect in quadruple homicide that included 2 children. Knife-wielding man fatally shot by police in California. Somalia executes 3 over deadly hotel attack. Atlanta mayor OKs smoking ban in bars, restaurants, airport. Man may have been crushed to death by car during earthquake. Markets Right Now: Stocks rise on prospects for a rate cut. Ukraine: Chernobyl's radioactive dust shelter unveiled. Thousands of endangered animals seized in customs operation.

Romania's president blasts government over corruption report. Woman delivers their baby after fertility center embryo swap: Couple. Man says he killed teen because rap music made him feel 'unsafe,' police say. Teenage girl killed by stray bullet in restaurant parking lot. South Korean news anchor resigns after illicit photo allegation. Armored truck's cash rains on Atlanta interstate. Dog safely returned after it was stolen from soccer star's home.

This mansion inspired the one in 'Gone With the Wind' and now it's for sale. Comedian releases novel inspired by his Irish roots. Female high school quarterback throws TD on 1st pass in varsity game.