Manual Playing Golf - Start From The Beginning: The 9 Key Lessons On Golf Playing

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The Short Course is a beautiful Par 3 course offering a relaxed environment for all the family to enjoy.

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Whatever standard of player you are the Short Course is a perfect place to either learn the game or to sharpen your scoring skills. Plus a round only takes 90 minutes! Why play the short course? Book a tee. View Fees. Hoebridge is one of the best golf day venues in Surrey, very well located within easy reach of the M25 and M3 Motorways.

Golf Day Packages. Corporate Golf Days. Charity Golf Days. Seasonal Golf Days. Our bay driving range is covered and floodlit so you can enjoy practicing, whatever the weather, all year round.

This Month's Play and Learn Calendar

Find out more. Available everyday from 12pm on the Par 3 Short Course. For beginners, juniors, regular golfers and low handicappers — take your pick from individual or group tuition. Our Professionals are here to help with whatever is challenging you and ensure you get the most out of your game. We have fantastic and safe learning facilities for new junior golfers at Hoebridge. Why not give your children the best possible start in golf with a choice of lessons, memberships and Junior Golf breaks.

This badge teaches the golfer how to use the putter efficiently to get the ball in the hole! The Work Ethic badge teaches the golfer that it takes time and practice to become skilled at the sport. The Honor badge contains all the knowledge and experiences the golfers need to learn to understand the history and how to play the game.

This badge requires research of legends and current players, and covers the rules and etiquette of the sport as well. The Performance Badge sets scoring benchmarks for the golfer.


Our target… the score of 36 or better! You can view your current Operation 36 Objectives in the mobile app. Your coach will teach and test you on those objectives and mark complete when you have mastered it. After you complete each objective you will unlock new ones. You can also view custom objectives your coach sets for you in private lessons. The center of the app allows you to log all of your actions you are taking to improve your game. Log playing, training, and social actions on the app to earn points and move up your community leaderboard.

Encourage your friends by liking and commenting in the activity feed! The Op 36 platform has transformed our junior golf program at Carmel. With the long-term program in place combining academy classes, supervised practice, and the Op 36 matches - we are developing golfers who want to stick with the game outside of coming to class. The fact that there is a roadmap laid in front of the junior that will allow them to shoot even par golf makes that goal seem much more achievable.

Operation 36 is ultimately about finding a golfers challenge point and providing a motivating plan to get better and track progress. Op 36 will no doubt be the flagship for family golf programs around the world. It shows the golfer their goal and how they are going to get there, and allows us to do our job. If you're looking to create family golf at your facility, this is the way to do it.

Game Guide | Topgolf

I had a mom tell me that Op 36 has transformed her son. Usually he does programs for a week and doesn't want to continue going to class. She said with Op 36, he's excited to show up every week! I've been meeting with my PGA members, and can't help but share Op 36 with them. Operation 36 is a super impressive platform, and I'm proud to be a part of it. Through Op36, we are giving golf professionals a way to have a significant impact at their facility by increasing the number of students in player development and increasing revenue.

Operation 36 is a network of facilities who believe in providing the highest quality player development programs for new and experienced golfers. All facilities leverage the Operation 36 Playing Format that challenges golfers to shoot 36 or better starting close to the hole and progressing further back as your skills develop. Find a community and begin your improvement journey today! Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

Op 36 Matches Operation 36 Matches challenge golfers to shoot the target score of 36 for 9 holes. Op 36 Academy Classes The Op 36 Academy Classes were designed to provide golfers a group coaching environment for you to learn the game, set goals, and develop your skills. Supervised Practice Supervised Practice is a structured training session under the watchful eye of a trained coach.


Level 1 Orange Rank. Level 2 Yellow Rank. Level 3 Green Rank. Level 4 Blue Rank. Level 5 Purple Rank. Level 6 Black Rank. Posture The Posture Badge contains the skills and knowledge the golfer needs to be able to demonstrate a consistent powerful golf swing. Grip The Grip Badge contains the technical skills and knowledge the golfer needs to demonstrate to master the grip. Alignment The Alignment Badge gives our golfers a solid base for understanding how important learning to align at their target is.

Mastery The Mastery badge contains the information the golfers need to learn to master the sport.