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  1. 10. Real Life and Godliness | Seeking Spiritual Beauty
  2. The Beauty of Godliness
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  4. A Beautiful Woman: Godly, Chaste, Meek, Humble, Gentle

But that hierarchy — that notion of musicians being godlike, ingrained itself almost permanently. As pop stars revel in their godlike statuses, our unapologetic and public desire to emulate them has come under fire less than it once did. If cleanliness is next to godliness, then beauty tricks must put us on equal footing.

Her sister, Solange, appeared saint-like on the red carpet, draped in metallics with a portrait-like finish. At the Super Bowl a week before, Lady Gaga performed from the heavens, suspended several stories above her audience before deigning to our depths to sing and dance; sparkling, shimmery, and dramatically bejewelled.

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But alternately, the gods we see and want to look like are only temporary. For the pop stars we worship, makeup is a mask and a shield -- a way to differentiate between who they are to the world and who they are unto themselves. We end up treating cosmetics like fairy dust, convincing ourselves it will transform us from our normal selves to godlike beings.

Especially since, as makeup wearers already, we know better? The thing is, our relationship with pop artists today is built on more than just emulating their penchant for bronzer.

10. Real Life and Godliness | Seeking Spiritual Beauty

We look to makeup as a transformation tool. As a means of celebrating the power we tap into by creating shields and masks and deciding who we want to be for a night or for a week or for an album cycle.

And, unlike the way we once dressed up to impress our former musical gods, we dress up now to evoke the versions of ourselves that effectively drive us. Like, well, golden gods. Dedicated to modern and contemporary art she puts on large scale exhibitions that span installation, dance, sculpture, photography and spoken word. We sat down with the editor, writer and dominatrix Reba Maybury to discuss her taboo-breaking publishing house Wet Satin Press, her latest novel Dining With Humpty Dumpty and what it means to be a woman in control.

The Concern. Likewise, wives, be subject to your own husbands,. When they see your respectful and pure conduct. Why should you model the powerful grace of God in front of them? Even if some of these men do not obey the word unsaved or backslidden. Chaste- pure or holy.

So when these men see a reverence for God and a purity in your conduct. When, wives you model for them the very grace of God by submitting to them even though they do not deserve it , there is a beauty in this kind of conduct of such they will win them back to the Lord without a word. That kind of gracious conduct, in the eyes of God, is beautiful. Wives, how are you doing in the area of submission to your husbands? Have you bought into the lie of our culture that it is weak and degrading for a woman to submit?

Will you model the graciousness of God in your marriage and live out the true beauty of a respectful and a pure conduct? Young men, this is the kind of woman you ought to be praying and looking for! Young women, this is the kind of lady you should be seeking to be become. What does biblical beauty look like?

The Beauty of Godliness

The Contrast. Do not let your adorning that which makes you beautiful be external-. The braiding of hair. OK ladies, you heard it hear, you can no longer braid your hair, or wear jewelry, or wear nice clothes- right? No, this is not a command to completely ignore the way that you look on the outside.

You should care about your external appearance, it should be a representation of your relationship with God- it is important. But there is something that is much more important. There is a different set of criteria on which God bases biblical beauty. You should not seek to define your beauty solely on external things.

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  • Mt and a quiet well-ordered, without turmoil spirit. How should you adorn your heart? What does an imperishable beauty of the heart look like? It looks like a meek and a quite spirit. Mt Quiet- peaceable well-ordered, without turmoil. Illustration: Feminism common practice now to marry themselves. They put on the dress and have a ceremony and everything. I guess they can never find anyone as worthy as themselves to marry, and so they choose themselves.

    This is ugly. This is a reflection of our sinful natures. But the heart of a godly woman, the gentle and quite spirit, this is a reflection of the transforming power of the grace of God- this is a beautiful thing. The Appraisal. This kind of a woman, one who spends their time adorning their heart, in order to produce a gentle and a peaceable spirit- this is in the sight of God of great price. Great price- great value or worth, ordinarily of relatively high degree of monetary scale, very expensive, costly.

    In other words this is the kind of beauty that God values. This is genuine beauty, this is lasting beauty, in fact it is a beauty that is imperishable. The external beauty will fade away. But a heart that is changing to be become more Christlike, that is beautiful.


    The Example. For this is how. Wives, adorn your hearts, for this is how holy women in the old time, the ones who trusted in God, adorned themselves. Adorned- verb form of v. This is another sermon in itself, but it is interesting that the way a women dresses is tied in with the way a women adorns her heart. Notice in I Pet 3. Then Peter uses an OT example of Sarah. As Sarah obeyed Abraham. Whose daughters you are. Thomas Schreiner-. Rather there is a spiritual connection because of your common faith. Notice this thought is conditional-.

    Perseverance proves genuine faith, it does not take the place of faith. James- faith without works is dead. And are not afraid with any amazement. Peter Davis-. The point is that God sees beauty in the change that takes place in the heart. Ladies, how are you doing at adorning the inner person of your heart? How much time do you spend adorning the external?

    Should you not spend a greater effort adorning your heart in order to produce a gentle and a quite spirit? Do you have an over inflated opinion of yourselves? How can I tell? Do you have unreasonable expectations of your husbands?

    A Beautiful Woman: Godly, Chaste, Meek, Humble, Gentle

    Do you feel like they never measure up to the husbands that you deserve? Do you constantly wish you could make them better, more fitting for you? Do you have a spirit filled with turmoil?

    Do you get irritated at every little thing? Are you tempted to yell or scream when things are not going your way? Are you cultivating a beauty that is imperishable?