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The Darling River fish kill is what comes from ignoring decades of science | John Quiggin

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  4. Can Massive Water Changes Kill Fish?
  5. Why Do My Fish Keep Dying and How Can I Prevent It? | Today's Pet Inc. - Elkridge, MD

The water PH and hardness are also critical; the sudden drastic change in either of them can cause fish to die. Solution: You must acclimate the fish. Let it sit there for at least 20 minutes for the temperature of the water in the plastic bag to become the same as the water in the tank. Many novice fish keepers do that after listening to the sellers at the fish stores, however, what they miss is the next step.

Now the water temperature is the same after the fish bag has been sitting in the fish tank water for over 20 minutes, but the water chemistry such as PH and hardness are still different! What now? I usually do the following. There is no need to transfer all the water if the container is not big enough. Until the water in the container is almost all from the fish tank instead of the pet shop water from the plastic bag. In this way, the fish have the time to get used to the new water parameters slowly.

The whole acclimating process usually takes me about 1. We based the above scenario on the assumption that you have an aquarium heater if the fish you keep are tropical. Most aquarium fish sold at the shops are tropical. I use a 50w heater in a gallon tank, and the temperature is very stable since I have good water flow around it.

Fish tank maintenance might also cause shock to the fish if the fish owner did it wrong. It is a bad idea. A lot of fish died because of this practice. If you change all of the water, there has to be a significant change in the water parameters. It is exactly what we must avoid.

The water should come from the same source every time. It is also critical to make sure the new water has similar water temperature compare to the water in the fish tank. You can say every water change is also a form of fish acclimation. Without doing it correctly, fish die quite fast.

Ammonia and nitrite poisoning is a more complicated problem. Without a filter, no fish will be alive for long. That is certain, and there is no way to get around it. Second, you must understand the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle. Fish produce ammonia as a natural waste. Ammonia is toxic, and it will harm the fish. In a natural environment such as a lake or a river, there is so much water, and it removes ammonia quickly, but in a closed system such as in a fish tank, ammonia builds up and become more and more concentrated!

Usually, in two to three weeks, the level of ammonia concentration in a fish tank will be sufficient to kill the fish. The answer is you do not need to remove it physically. In a well-established aquarium, there are naturally occurring bacteria that feed on ammonia as food. Most of these bacteria live on the filter media where there are lots of surface areas. These bacteria only colonize on the surface areas! The ammonia feeding bacteria will convert ammonia to nitrite. However, nitrite is even more toxic than ammonia!

Now what? There is a different type of bacteria feeding on nitrite, and convert it into a much less harmful form — nitrate. The second species of bacteria also colonizes the surface areas in the fish tank, and just like the first type of bacteria, they mostly stay in the filter media because that is where the most surface areas are in a fish tank.

Water quality tests

Nitrate is entirely harmless to the fish until there is exceptionally high concentration. Ammonia and nitrite must be kept at 0 at all times if you want your fish to live. What did I say? You will never have remotely close to enough bacteria to feed on ammonia and nitrite if there is no fish source of ammonia. But your fish will also die if you add it to the fish tank before there are enough bacteria.

It makes no sense, does it? It sure sounds like nobody can keep fish alive at all if the fish tank is newly set up. There is a solution to it. It is something every fish keep need to know before getting any fish at all. To test your water chemistry for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and PH, you need a liquid water test kit. Paper strip kits are not accurate at all.

I use API freshwater master kit. It is far more accurate than paper strip test kits. And it is, in fact, more cost-effective due to you can use it for over times. For saltwater aquariums, you need a different test kit called API Saltwater master kit. Every home aquarium must have a good filter, or the fish will die.

If you are looking for advice on a filter, I recommend AquaClear power filter if you are on a budget. They are very reliable. For large fish tanks, I recommend canister filters. They are more efficient at biological filtration, and they make no noise at all, but they cost more. It is a high-quality German brand.

Overfeeding is a source of many problems. Fish do not need to eat remotely as much food as humans. They have no need to burn calories to keep a constant body temperature. Many new fish hobbyists have no idea. They keep feeding fish a large amount of food multiple times a day.

Too much food can kill the fish directly with the digestive problem. Uneaten fish food will rot and pollute the water. It will cause ammonia and nitrite spike, which will indirectly kill the fish. The ideal feeding routine for aquarium fish should be once a day, with no more food than the fish can finish within a minute. Uneaten food must be removed as soon as possible. Stop overfeeding fish can also solve a lot of the aquarium problems such as pest snail infestation and algae overgrowth. There is also the fish disease problem. A lot of fish farms, wholesale warehouses, fish shops, have poorly managed fish tanks.

Many contagious fish diseases and parasites run rampage. They are often deadly if not treated immediately, and they kill a lot of fish in the hobby. Because most fish shops have the centralized filtration system, a single infected fish can spread the disease and parasites to every fish tank in the system. The likelihood of getting a fish with a disease is extremely high every time we buy new fish. Purchase fish from a reputable source is a good idea to ensure you get high-quality fish to begin with. Purchase fish from a poor source is asking for trouble.

It is also when you need a quarantine tank to separate new fish from the fish you already have. Or you might risk losing the whole tank of fish. Some fish hobbyists use a mild general purpose fish medication such as Paraguard in the quarantine tank for all newly arrived fish whether or not they show any sign of a problem. It is one good way to minimize the chance of new fish dying to possible diseases and parasites. Let us hope more fish keepers do things right, so there will be less fish die in home aquariums. Please share the article to spread the word, if you like to contribute to the cause.

Over a year is definitely not enough for most fish species. Most fish can live for much longer than just a year. Some of them can live much longer. If only sometimes your fish live over a year, then there is definitely room for improvement. I had 8 gold fishes in my tank… Among them 3 were newly introduced and smaller when compared to old ones. Yesterday I found 4 of my bigger fishes being sluggish and dying within a day… I am not finding an answer why only bigger fishes are sick? Hi Fazil, Did you read the article? Have you made any of the mistakes mentioned in the article? Come to the forum for more help.

Make a thread under the Fish section. We need more details to pinpoint the possible problem. I back a new little catfish. Ive had my fish for ten years got a bigger tank put some of their old water and new water. Today i did the same and they all died.


They were so big n beautiful im just heart broken! Maybe there is too much new water? If the water hardness and PH had changed too much, the fish would not be able to adapt and it might cause them to die. The fish should be given time to adapt…instead of just dump them in. You have to be more specific about your situation. Please come to our forum to give more detailed information such as your tank size, filter type, how long have you had your fish, how often and how much do you feed them etc.

Without further information on what you have, and what you have done so far, there is no way to pinpoint the specific cause. I did ask for some more information in details in order to answer the question. That was indeed not helping to fill me in on the situation. I have had a well established litre tank for nearly a year. Until today. Last week well 6 days to be accurate I Brought a nee fish to join my panda moor and black moor.

However today he was bobbing about the top at first I suspected swim bladder but within an hour he was dead. Tested waster with a liquid testing kit and levels were OK. So why did he die? Perhaps the new fish was not able to adapt to the new water in your aquarium. The introduction of new fish is one of the hardest part. If the fish can adapt, they live.

If not, they often get sick or die. I had a shrimp in my fish tank for over a year. I changed the water in the tank several times. The shrimp developed bumps on the back and died. Any ideas why it died? Sorry, there can be many reasons for the shrimp to die. I am unsure of the actual cause without a lot of details such as fish tank size, the filter you use, heater you use, the food, and the actual species of your shrimp. How often do you change the water, what water conditioner do you use, etc. I brought new fish tank stones and 6 fishes starting 2 day my fishes are good i give them 1 time food in a day but my 2 fish die early morning after that i think reason will be food is not sufficient for theme then i give them food 3 times in a day after five day 1 more fish at evening day im change water every days.

Hi, You only need to feed your fish once a day. Feed them no more than what they can finish all of it within a minute. Overfeeding is one of the most common problems in fish keeping and contribute to a lot of fish deaths. Only now do I know what were all the reasons behind my fish sudden death everything I bring new ones. Thanks to the admin for the detailed analysis of the problem. Got a question here. How should we feed our fish. Can there be any variety or it should only be the same packaged food we were given during our purchase.? Hi Naveen, Thank you for reading the article.

It is the best to get some high quality fish food. We also have articles about fish food on our blog. You may check them out to find your answer. If you still have questions, feel free to ask them on our forum. I have had my guppy and platy fish in my pond which also has a water Lilly for nearly 11years and they multiplied really fast. Hi Jane, How big is your pond? It is very likely the newly added goldfish have overstocked the pond.

It is causing an ammonia spike, which will eventually kill all fish if it is not fixed. Or should I remove the goldfish?? Without a filter system, ammonia will build up and eventually kill all fish. You first need to figure it out how big your pond is, then get a filter system for it accordingly.

Please check out our article on Aquarium Filters to see why you need it. No fish can be kept alive without a filter. Unless your pond is huge with tons of aquatic plants while having only a few fish. We have raised fish for years in many outdoor ponds from gallons to gallons and never used a filter. These fish have been living long health lives without fail or a filter. If you have enough plants and algae to the point they will absorb all the ammonia produced by the fish, then surely you do not need a filter.

It is safer to use a filter system. Hi admin, I had 4 Gold fish 2 tiger fish and 2 big shark fish they were about 2 weeks then the started dying any reason why they died and after my Gold fish started dying my shark fish were eating them. Too small of fish tank perhaps? What filter system are you using? I need the exactly fish species to be sure. They might not even belong in the same fish tank since their natural habitat are different. I have a new tank. Set it up 4 about wk b 4 buying my fish. I bought 2 tiger barbs , 2 clown loaches , 2 angles , 2 sharks and 1 sucker.

Brought them home let the bag sit in the water 4 -2 hrs then put them in the Tank. The next week we went and got another sucker fish and 3 dalmatian mollies. Did the same with the bags. Did not add their water to my tank tho. We noticed that one of my clown loaches had ick. We treated the tank , both my clown loaches died that day. Then the next day 1 of my shark fish was dead and my sucker that I had for 2 days was dead.

I cheked all my levels and every thing was spot on. Would you know why they all died at once. Plz help me. I love fish and fish Tanks. Thank you for all the help you could give me. Maybe the treatment you used was too harsh on the fish? Treating ick can be done without using medications. Check out our article on ick. We have all kinds of fish. But we get new ones, and we float them, then the water thing, guess what the new ones die. The water is conditioned. The others dont die and they was new once upon a time. So what now!

Did you acclimate the new fish well? They need more than just the same water temperature. Other factors such as water PH, hardness, and even nitrate concentration can affect fish if it changes all the sudden. You need to add fish tank water into the new fish container little by little until it is almost all fish tank water in the container.

Fish need time to adapt. We need more information to pin point it. Such as the actual tank size. The fish species. What water conditioner did you use. What filter do you have. Everyday one or the other fish die wen i see in the morning. I add additional water to the tank if the level is below the normal. Can u plz help to my fish sustain in the tank.

Fish Diseases and Parasites

Do you have a filter system in your fish tank? If so, what filter is it?

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Are you using an aquarium water conditioner? If so, what is it? Have you added water conditioner to the new water and let it sit to have the same temperature before adding it to the fish tank? I had two black moore fish in my tank which were perfectly fine until a couple of day back. I have been using the same water source. This is a fairly new tank. Approximately around a couple of months old. Maybe you did not acclimate them well during the water change?

You can easily shock and kill your fish if the temperature, PH, hardness, etc. I had 16 fishes in my tank and now I have just 10 remaining. How big is your fish tank? It is likely you are overstocking your fish tank. That is a big no in fish keeping. I have a 29 gallon fish tank went to pet smart had my water tested they said it was great I even let it sit for 1 week like they told me to bought 10 tropical fish and 1 alg eater did what they told me to.

After 1 day one died after 3 days another one after 1 week one more and last night my alg eater was dead I got 5 more left. These chain pet stores never give the right advice. Their employees are simply not trained to answer professional questions about pet care.

I have recently bought a fish tank My fish all have died in a week or two until recently I bought new fishes and they seem to be doing pretty well! Your article helped a lot. Its been 3 weeks All still happy and active. I just need tips to make sure they survive Should I do very partial water changes or complete water changes? I also have guppies in a fish bowl Tips for them? My fish tank is 30 gallons. Anyway thanks after all. Fish will get into shock and die easily if you do that. They do not like large swings in their environment.

Make sure your filter system and heater are running properly. I got 2 fishes 5 days ago 1 is female and other 1 is male today my female fish dead. Hi chanula, There is not enough information for me to find out the cause for your loss. You need to tell me more details first. Okay, I realise I may be doing the new hobbyist obsessive thing which has brought me to this thread! Hi Elle, If the fish is fine, then there is no need to worry about it. The fish will act weird almost immediately if they are in shock.

Otherwise, they are most likely fine. Size of the fish tank? What filter system and heater? What exactly fish species are they? Thanks for the great information here. I followed the steps between you, the pet store and the pamphlet. Yesterday I introduced 3 guppies and 4 tetras.

I let the water acclimate about 40 mins for temp, and swapped in new tank water for about another 40 min. Hello Erin, Did you also acclimate the fish with the tank water when you introduce them to your aquarium? The temperature is only one of the things they must get used to before being released into the fish tank. Sure, if they are made for aquarium use. Regular plastic plants might leak harmful chemicals if they are not manufactured to be used in the water.

Why is my fish at rhe bottom of the tank on its side and dont move i tried to move the fishbowl but didnt move. How big is the fish tank? What fish do you have? What filter? Any water conditioner? Please come to our forum and post a thread there with all the information. We will be better help you there.

Hi my name is pj and i went to the store and i got 5 guppies and 1 angelfish and a bala shark and the angelfish had no problem with them no fighting or picking a fins. Hello PJ, Guppies might not be the best tank mate for the larger fish. There is also not enough information. Please come to our forum and post a thread there with what setup you have, and what exactly you did. In this past month all my fish looked fine, then on Saturday my Wrasse died, Sunday my flame angle died and on Monday my cardinal died.

Each morning one died that fish has not eating and it was swimming funny when it did swim, then about an hour later it died. My puffer seems to be doing finer at the moment and I hope it will live. Hello BlueAngel, How big is your fish tank? What kind of filter do you have? Need all the necessary information to figure out what might have gone wrong. Please come to the forum to post a thread there. Hi schultz, You have overstocked your fish tank. By the way, what kind of filter do you have? It is most likely there is ammonia and nitrite spike in your fish tank.

Both substances are toxic to the fish. It is what happens when you have a undersized fish tank with too many fish, with no filter, and not cycled the fish tank before getting the fish. If you come to the forum, and post a thread under the fish section, we will be able to better help you.

I used bottled aqua culture pre conditioned water in my tank , aquasafe conditioner , safestart in 30gal with a top filter, and a bottom gravel filter. Why do my tetra fish keep dying and my placo lives? Have 2 plants that are fine in there. What am i doing wrong? I use the float method and add 0. Only thing living is plants and placo.

Can Massive Water Changes Kill Fish?

Pleco is a hardy fish. Other fish dying left and right could mean there is something wrong with the water. Have you tested the water for ammonia and nitrite? Please come to the forum and post a thread there for further assistance. Hlo sir I bring 3 gold fish and 2 black fish gold fish type from the same aquarium of the seller but next day one gold and one. Black fish died why i have a filter also but tehen i saw gold fish who died the colour of the gold fish in their tale has been somwhere removed so plz tell me plz i want tthe fish to live.

Hi Ajeet, What size of fish tank do you have? What kind of filter? The type of water conditioner? If there is damage to the fish, then it could be aggression. Come to the forum for further assistance. Hello Ajeet, There is not enough information to provide you with help. Please come to our forum and make a thread under the fish section with all the information on what setup you have, and what exactly you did. We will be able to help once we have enough information.

Hi i added a new fish to my tank today and added him like you say to and he looked fine then the timer went out and the lights go out i was layinv in bed worrying because my angle fish was schocked by my anenome and he looked a little hurt I had to pull him out of the anenome because he was getting schocked and i came back out turned the lights on and boom all my were dead but one and he looked hurtin. Yes i have a filter yes i have lots of live sand well grown live rock and obiously an anenome what did i do wrong did the angle fish release a toxin did the new fish have a diesase… pls help.

Hello Alex, A lot of things could have gone wrong. We need more details to be able to help. Hello caroline, There is not enough information to give you an educated guess. Please come to the forum and post a thread under fish section with more details on what exactly you did before the fish died. Along with all the information including the fish tank size, what water conditioner, what fish species, filter type, etc. We can help you better on the forum. Hi, I recently got a new tank and one of my beginner mistakes were adding new fish immediately after i bought it with the shops water, wich was bad aswell now , my fish all died 9 of them in 2 weeks ph 7.

Then the other forum told me its part of the cycle? I hope you guys could help me out! Thanks in advance. Hello Simon, You are missing the ammonia reading. It is toxic to the fish. PH is not much of a concern as long as it is stable and the fish were gradually introduced to the new water. They can adapt. The most important thing about the water is to keep ammonia and nitrite at 0ppm. If you come to the forum and post a thread under fish section, we are able to better help you. Well i cleaned my tank , gravel with hot water and a small amount of dish soap , fully cleaned my filter and the decor pieces.

It has been running fishless for about 4 weeks now , still creating the supposed biatoms on gravel , plants , glass i tested the water a small week ago with the values above. Now i noticed small white organisms on my glass , filter , plants wich seems to be hopping arround in my tank. My question is now, are. Is it safe for me to add new fish in it? Hi Simon, Come to the forum and post a thread there.

I kept 12 fish for around 7 years some time back without water treatment. All I had was a filter and air pump. It was my first tropical tank, so I was very pleased with the success. However, I now have another tank with other fish in which all but the larger ones died suddenly after a while living with me. Within minutes they would turn black and die. Anyone know why that might be? Hi Bastian, It can be many reasons why your fish died.

Why Do My Fish Keep Dying and How Can I Prevent It? | Today's Pet Inc. - Elkridge, MD

Need more detailed information on what exactly you did before the fish dying to give an educated guess. So people there can help you out. I lost my fish because it got dead in few days But i dont know why it happened Well there are still four fish left And i need your help Please give me some idea to save them i will be very thankful to you. Hi, Taranjeet, You might want to use our forum and post some more details of your setup, and what exactly you did. I bought 5 mollies and 5 tetras yesterday and this morning they are all dead.

Thecwater was tested yesterday and was fine. What do you think might have caused this? Hi Kim, When fish die so quickly, they must be in some kind of shock from the change in water conditions. Fish can easily die from large and sudden changes in water temperature, PH, and hardness, etc. Have you acclimated them properly when you introduce them to their new home? It is recommended to add the tank water into the fish plastic bag little by little every 15 minutes or so until it is almost all tank water. Hi, I brought 4 big Gold fishes and some small gold fishes, also some angel fishes recently in small plastic tub.

Ammonia poisoning will eventually kill them. Any idea why? It would really help. Also they never want to eat the ignore the food completely. Hello melan, Did you let the fish acclimate gradually to the new water when you introduce them to your fish tank? Fish die that quickly usually mean they were in shock from sudden changes in water conditions such as temperature, PH, hardness, etc.

I had 2 mollies when I started it, but one died after about 2 weeks. The other died today. After the first one died I bought 2 more mollies and a Plecostomas. The Plecostomas died the day after i got it. I went back the next day and got another plus w gourami. I changed the water once, but I changed all of it at once not knowing that wad bad.

Also not really sure when adding water shoyld I first take the fish out before I treat it with chemicals? I did the thefirst time because I emptied the tank but not sure if when I take out some of the water and add new. Hi Andrea, It is most likely your fish died to shock when you introduce them to your aquarium. The new environment is different from what they came from. There is also the problem of a uncycled fish tank.

Please refer this to Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle. Change all of the water in a fish tank is what you must avoid. Do partial water change instead. The only chemical you need for your fish tank when you already got the fish is water conditioner. It is for get rid of chlorine. Bt the fish which put early they are healthy. What I do. Your post is confusing. What is exactly the size of your fish tank? That is not right. You do not need to put any anti-ich medication in the fish tank. Meds have side effects.

They are usually hard on the fish. The only thing you need is the water conditioner, and must be in the recommended dosage according to the instruction. There is also a lack of details. Aside the fish tank size, we need to know what filter and heater are you using. How you have introduced your fish to the aquarium. Acclimate the fish is a must, or they might die in shock to the sudden change of water conditions. If you are still around, please come to the forum to make a thread under the fish section.

It is easier to sort things out there. I recently got a tropical fish tank, with 2 platies. I have tested the water chemistry for 7 days now, which all seems pretty normal. Although, today I came home to find one of my platies panda platy laying on the rocks with a patch of green on her right side.

The chemistry I found today are: pH: 7. Hi Leslie, Have you recently done any water change? A lot of the problems occur when the new water did not match the old water in temperature, PH, hardness, etc. If they are new fish, it can also be they might come with diseases, parasites. Internal parasites are hard to detect. Hey, everytime me and my gf buy cardinal tetras or other fishes they all die ian a matter of hours , my gf always cries about this.

After we bought the fish 10 cardinal tetras and 4 pink danio, we placed the bags over an hour then just pour them in the tank. Any suggestions for us to help us , so that next time if we buy our fishes wont die , it also is waste of money if fishes die in a matter of hours especially.

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Hi Mac Denzel, You must acclimate your fish before release them. Water temperature is not the only thing they need to get used to. Other things such as water PH, hardness, etc. You need to add the fish tank water into the bag little by little. For details, please read the article. If you have any more questions, please come to the forum to make a thread.

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  4. It is easier to answer your question there. Set up a new tank nearly a week ago. Let the water cycle over night along with the filter and heater. Bought 6 lemon tetra and 6 neon tetra and 1 bottlenose catfish. They were all good. Two days later bought two fancy guppies.

    Each time we introduced fish to the tank they sat in their bags. Pretty much took him out of the tank as soon as he died. Is there anything we can do to prevent the other fish from dying? We have a 50L tank with filter and heater. Also tested the water and the pH level yesterday was a little high.

    Water temperature is not the only thing the fish must get used to before being released into the fish tank. They must also get used to other things such as water PH, hardness. You need to add some of the fish tank water into the plastic bag little by little. For details, please check the article. You might also want to do a fishless cycling before getting any fish. I used Prime drops Stabilizing drops, Quick start drops, water conditioning drops. The only thing you need is the water conditioner if you use tap water. Second, you must acclimate the fish when you introduce them to the aquarium.

    McCrabb said he had not spotted any Murray cod, which can grow to a metre and be up to 40 or 50 years old. But he said that during the previous fish kill the Murray cod had been the last to surface. Menindee tourism operator Rob Gregory told Guardian Australia he could see thousands of dead fish on Monday morning. Gregory said there had been a couple of cooler days in the area, and the fish may have died on Sunday, sunk to the bottom of the river and then floated up on Monday. Gregory urged the New South Wales premier, Gladys Berejiklian, and the prime minister, Scott Morrison, to sort out the management of the basin.

    NSW regional water minister Niall Blair said aerators had been installed between the fish kill events but it was difficult to prevent. There was also a release from Pamamaroo Lake which is thought to have put high salt levels into the river. Locals had feared fluctuations in water temperature could trigger another fish kill. Menindee has been sweltering under temperatures above 40C. There has been little or no flow in the Darling River, due to the extended drought conditions.

    McCrabb said the Department of Primary Industries staff had left, as had the clean-up crew sent in to deal with the earlier fish kill. On Monday morning a Department of Primary Industry spokeswoman said fisheries officers were en route to assess the situation in the Menindee weir pool and neighbouring sections of the Darling River.