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  • Translation of eight hundred in German.
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After reading aloud Chapter 6, titled Marriage, of the Napoleonic Code; examining the birth certificates of the bride and groom, the death certificates of the groom's parents, the death certificate of the bride's father, and taken the sworn testimony of the groom and four witnesses that the dates of death or last residence of the groom's grandparents are not known; with no objection to this marriage; so we ask the bride and groom if they willingly take each other as husband and wife.

Each one said "Yes! Let it be known in the name of the law that Franz Heinrich Prasse and Clare Marie Diekmann are united in the bonds of matrimony. This document is witnessed and undersigned by Friedrich Viewohner, step-son-in-law of the groom, a farmhand, 35 years old living at Markendorf; Friedrich Heinrich Prasse, step-son of the groom, a farmhand, 28 years old living at Markendorf; Heinrich Schember, brother-in-law of the groom, a gardener, 42 years old living at Meesdorf; Christian Diekmann, brother of the bride, a day-laborer, 36 years old living at Markendorf; the groom; and myself.

The bride and bride's mother do not know how to write. He kept the Prasse surname by marriage when he subsequently married Clare Marie Diekmann. This was particularly confusing since both Franz' spouses had the first name of Clare. If you surfed in from the Internet directly to this page and do not see a menu for the website on the left, please click HERE to re-enter the website from the primary entry page.

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Translation of eight hundred in German

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Knowledge transfer and exchange are always at the heart of our activities. The network lives from the engagement of its members who contribute in various ways. Work within the network is mainly coordinated via an Intranet.

More German numbers

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