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In December , the family were recognized for having the most school-age children in Spain "and possibly Europe". Malta may be a small island but size can be deceiving. Spain's news in English Search. News categories Barcelona Valencia Seville More…. Membership My account Gift voucher Corporate Help center. Jobs in Spain Browse jobs Post a vacancy. Email newsletters Newsletter sign-up Edit my subscriptions. Other pages Apartment rentals Noticeboard. Father of famously large family dies in Barcelona leaving behind 15 children The Local.

Share this article. Chema and Rosa with sixteen of their children.

Corín Tellado

Photo: Familia Postigo Pich. In December , the Postigo-Pich family made headlines after it was honoured as the European Large Family of the ; now sadly, the family are in the news again. Become a Member or sign-in to leave a comment. From our sponsors Five unusual things you can do in Malta Malta may be a small island but size can be deceiving. Five ways expats can benefit from international health insurance.

Recent highlights Why is Spain cracking down on Spaniards cooking meals for tourists? In pics: , march through Madrid for Gay Pride. How to survive running with the bulls in Pamplona. Everything you need to know about Madrid Pride Second Brit dies after fall while snapping selfie at Costa Blanca beach. Tell us: What are the pros and cons of raising a family in Spain?

Related articles Raising bilingual kids in Spain: How to make it work. Madrid ranked world's best family holiday destination. Reluctant father forced to share custody in landmark ruling by Spanish court. US couple appear in Spanish court after living with dead son's body. Where either the husband or wife has married the wrong mate, both have married the wrong mates. Durante el cortejo, una mujer trata de hacer a un hombre un esposo; durante el matrimonio, ella intenta hacer de un marido un hombre.

During courtship, a woman tries to make a husband out of a man; during marriage, she tries to make a man out of a husband. The most common argument against marriage is the one between husband and wife. The husband with an iron-clad alibi is never as well off as the husband with a diamond-studded one. The success of a family budget depends upon the husband's power to veto his wife's bills. El hombre que constantemente critica el juicio de su esposa nunca parece cuestionarle su escogencia de marido.

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The man who is forever criticizing his wife's judgment never seems to question her choice of a husband. The husband who gets his breakfast in bed is probably in a hospital. The husband who goes home and finds fault with dinner should take his wife out to a restaurant so she also can find fault. El marido sabio aprende a leer la mente de su esposa, pero no trata de entenderla. The wise husband learns to read his wife's mind, but doesn't try to understand it.

El matrimonio a menudo enloquece a la mujer por el dinero Marriage often makes a woman money-madat her husband. The best laborsaving device for women will always be a generous husband with lots of money. Hooking a husband is like fishing: you must wait until the fish comes to the hook, but it helps if you wiggle the bait a little. There are some husbands who boss the house, but most husbands merely house the boss. There's only one person who suffers more than a martyr, and that's the husband who has to listen to her.

Once a husband demanded virtue in a wife; now all he expects is discretion. A woman's middle years are tough: that's the time when her children and her husband are at a difficult age. The average wife is willing to share everything with her husband, except her clothes closet. La esposa que es lo suficientemente tonta para pedirle consejos a su marido acerca de la ropa rara vez es lo suficientemente tonta como para seguirlos.

The wife who is foolish enough to ask her husband's advice about clothes is seldom foolish enough to take it. The wife who knows all about her husband's past never runs out of conversation. La extravagancia de la mujer obsesionada con la ropa a menudo convierte a su marido en un caballo de tiro. The extravagance of a clotheshorse often turns her husband into a workhorse. A woman's idea of meeting her husband halfway is to admit she's wrong if he admits she's right. La mejor ayuda que una mujer puede tener es un esposo corto de vista. The best beauty aid a woman can have is a nearsighted husband.

La mejor manera en que un marido puede enfrentar una crisis matrimonial es con una mano firmellena de flores. The best way for a husband to meet a marital crisis is with a firm handfull of flowers. The jealous woman who feels she knows her husband like a book always tries to keep him out of circulation. La mujer que congenia con los maridos de otras mujeres probablemente no congenia con el propio. The woman who gets on with other women's husbands probably doesn't get on with her own.

The woman who says she can read her husband like a book, is always furnishing book reviews. The woman who chooses her husband's clothes probably started out by choosing his wife. The woman who talks all day deserves a husband who snores all night. The woman who knows just what her husband is going to do next, probably isn't dancing with him.

"Cómo mantener enamorado a tu pareja" Por el Placer de Vivir con el Dr. César Lozano

A woman always knows what's behind the headlines: it's her husband at the breakfast table. La pregunta que toda chica se hace es si quiere una carrera o solamente un marido. The question that confronts every girl is whether she wants a career or just one husband. The only way some women can keep their husbands at home nights is by going out themselves.

La viuda se siente superior a la soltera porque aun un marido es mejor tarde que nunca. The widow feels superior to the spinster because even a husband is better late than never. Las citas siempre son un problema para las mujeres: el hombre que parece como si pudiera ser buen esposo, probablemente lo es. Dating is always a problem for women: the man who looks as if he might make a good husband, probably is. The nearest some husbands get to being tidy is when they drink their whiskey neat. Los maridos dan dinero para gastos, y las esposas los hacen.

Husbands give allowances, and wives make them. Los puntos de vista expresados por maridos en casa no son necesariamente los de la gerencia.

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The views expressed by husbands at home are not necessarily those of the management. Mejor tener un esposo sin amor que con celos. Better to have a husband without love than with jealousy. There's no one so exasperating as the husband who notices the burnt toast when he should be reading his paper like other husbands. Don't envy the husband whose wife has an even dispositionshe may be always mad.

There's nothing like a dish towel for wiping that contented look off a husband's face. There's nothing like a wife's know-how in the kitchen, or a husband's know-where. No mimes a tu esposo; si quieres un bebe, entonces ten uno nuevo. Don't baby your husband; if you want a baby, have a new one.

You can never tell about husbands: they are here today, gone tomorrow, but where are they tonight? Another husband who is hard to live with is the one whose wife can never find him.

Make it Happen – Hacer Conjugation in Spanish

Para algunos maridos, el lazo de matrimonio es simplemente un nudo de no me olvides. To some husbands, the marriage tie is simply a forget-me-knot. The only thing more dangerous to a bachelor than a jealous husband is a single girl. Solo hay una cosa peor que perder a su marido y eso es no poder cobrar el seguro. There's only one thing worse than losing one's husband and that is not being able to collect the insurance. Every woman should have two men in her life: a husband, and another man to compare him with. Todo esposo alaba la cocina de su madre, pero no la de su suegra. Every husband praises his mother's cooking, but not his mother-in-law's.

A barber is the only husband who talks as much as his wife. Every [executive] wishes he were as clever as he thinks his [secretary] thinks he is. A husband should always treat his wife as if she were a voter and he a candidate. Un soltero lascivo hace un marido celoso.

8 Maneras Extraordinarias de Honrar a tu Esposo (8 Great Ways to Honor Your Husband)

A lewd bachelor makes a jealous husband. A joint checking account is never overdrawn by the wife; it's just underdeposited by her husband. A light wife does make a heavy husband. A wife is seldom interested in what her husband is saying unless he's saying it to another woman. A wife always has the last word in an argument; anything a husband says after that is the start of another argument. A woman changes a lot after marriage--her husband's habits, friends and hours.


A woman never knows what to give her husband for Christmas until she learns how much he wants to spend for it. A woman will try on dozens of hats before she finally chooses one her husband will dislike. How wonderful is that woman who continues to be a husband's sweetheart all her lifeher own husband's! Mencken At 24 I wrote a love letter that brought an indignant husband onto my hands and damn nigh saddled me with his idiotic wife.

Some wives will do anything their husbands sayexcept listen to them. Algunos esposos olvidan los aniversarios; otros se ahorran mucho dinero aparentando hacerlo. Some husbands forget anniversaries; others save a lot of money pretending that they do. Some men are so kind to their wives, they are more like neighbors than husbands.

Algunos maridos no tienen talento para recordar los aniversarios, mientras que para otros es un don. Some husbands have no talent for remembering anniversaries, while with others it's a gift. Even when he has a model wife, a husband cannot help looking over the later models. Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte Even quarrels with one's husband are preferable to the ennui of a solitary existence.

Kathleen Norris Changing husbands is only changing troubles. The easier something's prepared, the less a husband likes it. Husband-hunting is the only sport in which the animal that gets caught has to buy a license. The Bible The unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife. Tal vez mejor lo digo de otro modo. Bill Hoest Husband to his wife: You think I'm right?

Maybe I'd better rephrase that. Bill Hoest El marido que debe desayunar en el centro de la ciudad tiende a llegar tarde a cenar. Kin Hubbard The husband who has to get his breakfast downtown is liable to be late for dinner.

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Kin Hubbard The husband that uncomplainingly eats what's set before him may live more peacefully, but not as long. Kin Hubbard Esposos, amen a sus esposas, y no sean violentos en contra de ellas.

Como Hacer Feliz al Esposo = How to Make the Husband Happy (Spanish Edition)

The Bible Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them. The Bible La esposa lista que conoce a su marido como un libro, nunca investiga ediciones anteriores. The clever wife who reads her husband like a book, never inquires into earlier editions. Mencken The way to hold a husband is to keep him a little jealous; the way to lose him is to keep him a little more jealous.