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Hinduism: Clarified and Simplified

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The men from the central India became more balanced because of agriculture and helpful water bodies and fertile plains. In a nutshell, the same things happened to the persons that went to and settled in Egypt, Arabian Desert, Europe or even China. The local climate and seasons and also the available natural food and habitat changed their life and created greater difference. The Three Wise Men that predicted the birth and birth place of Christ and took a great journey to meet him and tell the world who he was; are definite proofs that Indians used to travel to distant lands during ancient times.

They went there and presented gifts to Christ that started the tradition of Gift. The men that captured Rome were also Indians that had settled at different places myriads of years before that incident; and the persons that bought Rome from them and freed it were also Indians, Indian traders.

Red Indians or Africans are not dreams; they are true and truly Indians. The West is trying hard to prove that Homo sapiens, i. Man, fall in four different categories on the basis of physical construction.

Hinduism - Clarified and Simplified by Shrikant Prasoon (, Hardcover) for sale online | eBay

It is a known and accepted fact that the conqueror tries his level best or worst to destroy the language, culture, religion and civilisation of the conquered. It was done vehemently and successfully in the case of Hindus. As a result most of the Indians are far away from their real culture, civilisation, language, religion and philosophy. They are taught and they think that the borrowed ideas are correct and good for their health, happiness and prosperity. It is definitely thrice removed from reality. India is and Indians are still the richest people in terms of mineral wealth, skilled human power, character, wisdom, knowledge, philosophy, religion and spirituality.

Those that have retained Indian-ness are healthier, happier and far away from the modern rat race. They wanted to know what an elephant was. How did it appear? They were blind so they had only the touch for knowing the fact.

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They touched different parts of an elephant and declared an elephant to be like the part that they had touched Their findings were based on the single part that each touched. The story is a satire on Indians and on their way of living; their beliefs and Religion. It has been termed as blindness. At least, it is the way, the narrative poem is taught in the class-rooms.

It has to be taught to every student as early as possible and definitely before the final Secondary School Exam with a clear intention that the immature mind will never forget the psychological impact of the poem. Are the Indians really blind and foolish? The narrative has a moral in it or a couple of morals like such other stories.

It has decidedly deeper meanings than the established foolishness of the Indians. Only seven parts of the whole were touched, there is a chance that the whole contains 70 or or parts or may have infinite number of parts like the Cosmos or the Hinduism. All men are correct in parts at their respective place and in a particular context. But in the light of the whole, the whole truth, they are all wrong. Are we not all wrong? Are we not living in and with illusion or illusions?

A journey through the holy places of Hindus all over India

Are we not taking the part to be the whole? Are we not going all out for one or two pursuits? Are we not living an incomplete life? Are we not dividing society; family? As persons are we not fragmented? We have yet to realise it. They proved this and numerous other things at a time when there was no other culture and civilisation elsewhere in the world. Culture and civilisation flourished there wherever Indian knowledge reached. The height and depth of that culture, civilisation and knowledge is incomparable.

No civilisation and culture has come closer to that. To surpass it is still a dream. The refinement and sublimity of their language is living proof. They had such a great command over language that they wrote the books of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Medicine, Mathematics, Astrology, Astronomy, etc in poetry; and gave their theories in Sutras comparable to a maxim or an aphorism. Hinduism is that elephant which is being seen from 7 or 70 or —- different angles, and 7 or 70 or —- different parts are being seen, touched, felt; and declared to be either this or that.

Their immediate aim is being completely fulfilled. They are touching only the outer reality of Hinduism.

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Through that or those parts the whole is beyond conception or perception or both. The parts, that they are able to touch because of prejudiced blindness brings them to grotesque conclusions. This way neither the blind men will know the elephant nor the prejudiced persons know Hinduism. Its real and inner truth will always evade them. The story is easily applicable to Hinduism. Most of the men, including philosophers, scholars and spiritualists have felt only a part of the great and most ancient religion and announced their verdict.

The verdict is far from the reality and is definitely not complete. In the story, the blind men touched and felt only the outer part of the elephant.

The elephant remained elusive for neither they felt the whole of the outer reality nor they had inkling into the inner reality. The moderns are restless and in a hurry. They give a passing glance and announce their final findings and results.

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The hurry is the reason, that numerous scientific theories were replaced by new theories during the last fifty years. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Hindu Rites and Rituals: Origins and Meanings. Product description Product Description Hinduism Clarified and Simplified is the best book on Hinduism written so far; and most exclusive and exhaustive one. Born in , Prof. Among his more than 50 published works, there are various collections of poems in Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Bhojpuri, besides many general books in Hindi and English.

His works on Spirituality and Religion are among the bestsellers. His five books on Management have brought into light the ancient, remote, forgotten and effective theories of Management. Not Enabled.

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