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Clinical and social implications will be discussed. Our inquiry began with this question: What criteria distinguish an authentic Conceptual, Diagnostic, and Assessment spiritual experience from mental illness? Issues Historically, the line between spiritual Concepts of spirituality in Aotearoa are experience e.

Despite the impact of religion on the Recent psychiatric literature and form and content of mental illness, contemporary sociopolitical developments mainstream psychiatry has tended to ignore, suggest a need to reconsider the place of pathologies, or dismiss, such experiences to religion and spirituality in mainstream the fringe of accepted practice with such psychiatry Turbott, Religion centres on existential Mental Disorders DSM-IV provides issues that can have profound psychological guidelines for discriminating normal and importance, but conflicting religious beliefs abnormal behaviour, but little guidance is and experiences can be both a reflection of given regarding religious experiences and psychological distress as well as a cause spirituality.

Zinser, Such issues are problematic for mental The aim of the initial study was to health professionals who must decide the examine how mental health professionals mental status of individuals reporting and primary caregivers make judgements ideation and behaviour motivated by and assessments pertaining to the spiritual concerns Sanderson et al.

Anne's old blog: reverse speech -- voices from the unconscious

They may also derive from, and The Initial Study include superstitiousness, clairvoyance, The participants involved in the initial telepathy American Psychiatric study were three groups of mental health Association, , beliefs in magical professionals i. Some of these experiences e.

This view supports beliefs that receive little or no subcultural the Ministry of Health guidelines. Many supplementary items were consequences. If this is so, the three groups, and upon completion of how will such social changes affect the questionnaire, the participants in each conceptions of magical ideation and focus group were engaged in discussions psychosis?


An experiment The participants in this study made a In order to investigate the effects of a number of astute observations concerning contemporary magical ideation we decided the relationship of magical ideation type to test the little-known but interesting experiences and the current mental health controversy that exists concerning claims system in New Zealand. They also made that backward messages are hidden recommendations concerning the unintentionally in all human speech, and improvement of service delivery.

The manipulation of informed perspective on such issues. The suggestibility and priming variables were need for information-gathering is central to the focus of this investigation to examine the clinical interview process Matthews, the potential role they may play in reverse , and the inclusion of information of speech perception. The recordings were indicative of mental illness, but rather selected as they were generally regarded as possession of positive talents — even if examples supporting popular theories and distressing.

In other words, perception of reverse speech may say more After each participant had been invited about the listener than it does about the into the laboratory, they were exposed to speaker. A control group were provided concerned commentary from the with no prompts or leads whatsoever.

Reverse Speech Dictionary - The Analyst's Guide to Metaphors of the Unconscious

As can be seen, the discussion Analyses were conducted to test for went somewhat beyond the original significant differences between the control, question of comparing spiritual experiences suggestion, and each primed group. The largest differences within the conventional belief structures of occurred between the Control and Primed a given group or culture. No significant the acceptability of the beliefs in cultures difference was found between the two with strong spiritual values. The results show that the more information Nevertheless, given the above that is delivered prior to exposure to the discussions and laboratory-derived stimuli, the more likely that participants experiment, the notion that conventional were to hear apparent perceptions in the spiritual beliefs cannot be separated from target stimuli.

Furthermore, the two primed unusual thinking patterns of people with, or conditions yielded the highest means over prone to develop, schizophrenia was not the four conditions, these findings also supported. Mean affirmative responses for control, suggestion, and primed groups. Distribution of affirmative responses for control, suggestion, and primed groups. Washington D. Caldwell, T. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 34, Chadwick, P.

The omnipotence of voices: A cognitive approach to auditory hallucinations. Richard speaks with the discoverer of Reverse Speech and a paranormal investigator who reveal what EVPs sound like in reverse. He was the first person to ever document speech reversals in human speech in and has worked extensively since then on research and development, as well as maintaining a therapeutic and consulting practice.

He has had an active career spanning 24 years, furthering the field of Reverse Speech as his full time occupation. He has developed new theories, and designed therapeutic and training techniques. He has lectured around the world to crowds of thousands, and trained hundreds of students.

Christian D. He has specialized in the Environmental Remediation industry, for close to the last 20 years of his life. Christian is also a Private Investigator, that specializes in multiple disciplines, such as Forensics, Criminal Profiling and Paranormal. I don't honestly remember what it said, though.

But if I don't listen to people when they talk straight to me, why on earth would anything think I'd listen when they talk backwards to music? This song is well known is Backmasking circles. It contains two naturally occurring speech reversals that say, "Decide to smoke marijuana," and "Give some acid. Something that not a lot of people know is that if you play recent Presidential speeches backwards you'll hear, "Do crank", "I bend over for Dick" and "You stupid fuckers actually elected me AGAIN".

Check it out. Stephen, I'm pretty sure he's saying that stuff frontwards too. Word Verif: updck No foolin'! As the wife of a presidential scholar, I must advise you presidents say nothing that specific, interesting or witty. Some genius in the music industry came up with the idea of backmasking to make all of us burnouts ruin our records by spinning them backwards. Whether or not the messages were actually there, most of us never heard the fucking things, plus we ended up replacing some albums and needles.

A work of fucking genius. Crack open another tallboy, dude, and pass me that Iron Maiden record. That was a riot. Although the last version of The Shadow's intro sounded like he said "Girl weevil.

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My son played one of his RAP songs backwards for me to see if I could hear the hidden message. I told him I couldn't tell the difference. It sounded the same forwards and backwards!

Reverse Speech Voices of Unconscious Examples Cassette Included by David John VG

I love reverse speech. It's so demonic My dark secret is that I'm a 42—well practically 43—year-old white guy who likes rap music. But I confess, it prolly does sound the same both directions. Do you think 'Unchained Melody' qualifies? And "Unchained Melody"? Motown all the way, baby! Righteous Brothers, yeah! And, yeah, I know they're a couple of white guys. If you ask me.

Which no one prolly did. Just sayin'. I need a beer. Are Country and Western two different things?