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Simple Table of Houses for Astrology Phoenix 2013
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Never before in the history of India have we witnessed political campaigns like the Loka Sabha Elections. Political parties are thrashing each other. Mudslinging is at its high, the campaigns are ugly and character assassinations has become a daily ritual. While India looks forward to vote in April and May , various astrological scholars and sharing their interpretations of horoscopes, transits and mundane influences.

Our beloved editor-in-chief, Niranjan Babu, has already shared his analysis and views in the April issue of the Astrological eMagazine. In this May issue, we have two astrological scholars share their interpretations and predictions. Sri Indranil Ray analyzes the horoscope of Narendra Modi in relation to the India Independence chart, uses the help of the Prasna to arrive at the prediction. Parashara, in his magnum opus Hora Shastra largely discussed children in the context of fifth house in Chapter Largely, the fifth. A scholar by name Kalayanavarma in the 10th century, in his work Saravali also details about aspects around children wrt to fifth house.

He goes ahead and tells us that wealth and poverty should also be seen from the fifth house. One can clearly noticed that fifth house is more than just children. It also denotes wealth, poverty, patience etc. Can it denote more than this? There is an underlying aspect that the fifth house denotes — passion and self-expression which manifests or unfolds as children, wealth, critical thinking etc.

Sri Barry Rossen writes about this, and shows how one can read the fifth house. Vedic Astrology helps you achieve financial stability. It gives them stability, security and comforts.

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However, not all are blessed with good finances. There is a saying in Sanskrit —. Smt Lalitha Donatella Riback writes about how can read the wealth aspect of a person and also the selection of the right remedies. Nemani Venkata Raghunatha Rao. The Arudha Lagna shows the social standing and image of the individual and the Lord of the Arudha Lagna is the prime controller of this image Maya.

Raghunatha Rao has been practicing Vedic Astrology since With a doctorate in Business Management by profession. Ramadas Rao, Pt. Sanjay Rath, Pt. That these changes are largely fated is borne by the fact that this Dasa will reveal the changes based on time-periods in Rasi or Navamsa or in any respective Varga Charts.

Interpretation Principles 1. Determine the Arudha Lagna per Jaimini method. Determine the signs occupied by this Lord s of the Arudha Lagna. If there are two lords, then determine the stronger of the two based on the sources of strength of signs. Man has to face the problems of life boldly and courageously. He should not run away from them or shift the blame on others.

Problems have their origin in past deeds, done either in this or in a previous birth. At such time, one need the support of God or at least confidence in oneself to live up to any situation. Vastu is today a house-hold word, the world over. In any construction — a residence, a temple, a layout, a hospital, a corporate business complex, an educational institution, etc.

simple ephemeris with tables of aspect for astrology london Manual

Each structure comprises of various materials like sand, brick, cement, mortar, wood, steel, etc. Each material including us radiates energies — positive and negative. Vastu aims at interfacing these and other terrestrial energies our pets, us, the furniture, the electrical and other gadgets, the carpets and curtains, etc. Vastu gives importance to surroundings around him and tells us that balancing the various energies in this environment ensures stable mental and physical health.

An imbalance can cause sickness, lack of affluence and discontented home ambiance. The ancient masters while speaking of the different mandalas or plans identified the adi bhootas or the primary elements of nature in a nine module plan called Pitha mandala. Take out your building plan and place the nine module plan on it. Divide the central module into. The central main module corresponds to the brahmasthana of the house.

The remaining eight modules of the house correspond to the four cardinal disha directions north, east, south and west and the four angular vidisha directions northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest.

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The Adi Bhootas primary elements identified by the ancient masters for the four angular directions are udaka water for northeast, agni fire for the southeast, akasha space for the southwest and vayu air for the northwest. The central module is identified with the primary element prithvi earth. His navel is in the central module. His right arm is in the southeast and the left arm in the northwest. As a general rule, the masters of the home can occupy the south and southwest rooms, the male children can occupy the south, southeast and east rooms, the female children can occupy the north, northwest and west rooms and the elders grandparents and the senior members grand uncles and aunts and the not-too-well members of the family can occupy the northeast portions of the house.

The elder members of the family sleep with their heads to the south and the younger members with their heads to the east. There were not so many lines which had to be changed and the little work it needed was totally worth it! You may want to build these extensions by yourself:.

Type: python setup. In order to do that you may need to consult the documentations. You can start the program in the Morinus directory with: python. Linux: It seems that with Unity the menu-bar of Morinus doesn't appear and menu-items can only be invoked via hot-keys With Gnome the menu-bar appears and works. The only thing left to be fixed is the placement of the planets in charts. Currently planets close to each other are not drawn correctly.

You can start the program in the MorinusMac directory with: python. Regiomontanus-housecusps in case of Regiomontanus PDs. Currently the PDs to the intermediate housecusps are the same in case of Placidus underthepole and Placidus semiarcus. The Placidus underthepole is only an approximation to the Placidus semiarc. In mundane PDs the aspects are not calculated on the Ecliptic but in the houses. Only the midpoints, mundane aspectual directions other than conjunction and opposition and directions to house cusps are different in case of Regiomontanus and Campanus PDs. If the "Topocentric" is selected in the Appearance I dialog then topocentric positions will be used in the PDs.

If "Sec. Motion" is checked then the PDs of the Moon will be adjusted accordingly real-time Moon. If "User" is checked then the point defined by the ecliptic coordinates will be directed to the selected significators. For example in case of 16Capricorn 25min 46sec: should be entered in the Deg. If "User2" is checked then the selected promissors will be directed to the point defined by the ecliptic coordinates. If only User is selected in the Primary Directions dialog then its speculum will be shown in User-Speculum.

If only User2 is selected in the Primary Directions dialog then its speculum will be shown in User-Speculum. The ayanamsha only affects the Terms in PDs, so e. The zodiacal parallels which are, after all, a variety of antiscia are always based on the latitude of the planet, irrespective of the PD settings. Bob Makransky's book was mainly used because it was written for programmers in my opinion.

It can be downloaded. PDs In Chart Zodiacal Preliminary astronomical remarks Speaking of Zodiacal PDs in Chart and Ingresses transits on the first ones , according to some generous mails Martin Gansten sent me, as I understood no real method came us from the ancient masters to draw them. Hints only. And as I know, solely in recent times, thanks to computerized procedures, the students had the possibility to deal with them. Under the astronomical viewpoint, in the temporal gap PDs express their effects minutes after the birth to cover years in the real time , changes in the celestial planetary positions i.

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So, the zodiacal positions drawn for the planets in these charts are reckoned thanks to certain symbolic or pseudo astronomic criterions. Available in its options, Morinus offers three different methods: the first is the most common in use, the second coincides with the first unless the starting planetary positions, the third is a wholly new method. To avoid confusion in the terminology the same adjectives could be used for the charts and for the planets utilized to cast them in the options they are labeled "Celestial" instead of "Zodiacal".

What follows is the technical viewpoint of the writer and to do involves necessarily other persons' opinion. First option from the planets M. Gansten quoted me the basic principle of PD as formulated by Ptolemy: "For a place is similar and the same position in the same direction with reference both to the horizon and to the meridian". This is the a first way to satisfy the Ptolemaic indications, but being this ecliptic projection "mundo referred" it has a disadvantage. For "simple" geometric, trigonometric and astronomical reasons, the formulas involved are valid for points lying on the ecliptic only, i.

Second option from their ecliptic feet We have a second possibility to satisfy Ptolemy. Keeping the same above method, the native zodiacal planetary projections can be used as starting point. In such a way the technique is Radix compatible. Starting from the birth, the planets move smoothly from their native positions in zodiac without jumps due to the latitude. The two above variants must be accepted as they are, as symbolic techniques dictated by the wishes of the tradition. Any effort to frame them in one astronomical context is senseless and fated to fail.

We have seen, for example, that the first is discontinuous at the Radix. On the other end the second does not respect the basic astronomical principle for which two real celestial objects, with latitude, after an equatorial rotation of the celestial sphere see their ecliptic feet vary their mutual zodiacal distance. We remember that for both of them, flowing the time, the planetary positions in zodiac are dependent from their forced, immutable placing in the local space.

This enforcement, necessary to respect the tradition, may generate perplexity to astronomical eyes because the zodiacal positions "are what they are", regardless to the observing geographical point. In other words, what happens with the two above methods is that for two horoscopes cast at the same time for two different points on the Earth, the PDs in Chart positions do not coincide. Third option full pseudo-astronomic So, to satisfy a more plausible astronomical scenery, a third option arose.

Starting from the true equatorial planetary positions, we detect the PDs pseudo-zodiac the whole ecliptic, "frozen" in the position it had at the birth and thanks to a true coordinate system transformation equatorial to ecliptic we reckon the zodiacal positions. Of course, doing so the zodiacal positions of our planets are not related with the mundane, local positions any longer. It's interesting to note an unusual detail: the intersection axis between such a pseudozodiac and the equatorial plane, rotates on the last one in the time, with the consequence that the Aries-Libra Points do not coincide with the Equinoctial Points any more.

Therefore the differences with the two previous methods increase up to several degrees increasing the directional arc. It was possible to limit this option to the Moon only, but we preferred to extend its effects to all the planets as well. An astronomical second motion means that the true geocentric astronomical positions are reckoned, without any compromise.

Simple Tables of Houses for Astrology New York 2013 Let's Try

The secondary motion is not involved the first two methods: for this reason this option is active for the third pseudo-astronomic method, only. Domification Just like the Profections charts, thanks to criterions of calculus oriented towards a global astronomical base, for the three methods the position of the cusps is not limited to the four cardinal points but is available for all of them full domification, identical for the three methods.

In these charts the positions in the houses have the ordinary problem related with the latitude. This flaw is everywhere in the astrological flat graphics, is unavoidable and due to the tridimensional celestial sphere context. The user is informed that casting PD charts with the third method, sometimes, changing the arc of direction, smoothly and with continuity, the positions in the houses may change.

Accepting the pseudo-astronomic premises, this is completely natural. Note these terrestrial positions must not be understood as mundane positions related with the diurnal motion the PDs come from: they alter little over a period of symbolic years while the true mundane ones change widely and quickly in the minutes after the birth. Take care to click on the radio button "Show".

Clicking "OK" the stepper dialog will be closed. For the PDs in charts only not for the Ingresses , a further right mouse click in the window permits to show single graph, comparison graph, speculum and square chart. When promissor and significator, or their aspects, are in the same mundane position with a lot of variants, with or without latitude the current techniques give the related arc of direction and, according to the analogical key, the hit date.

The question is: it's possible, in such a moment, to see the full, mundane astronomical context? In other words: it's possible to cast a chart, of course in graphic mode, with the full set of the planets in daily motion, seen as promissors, versus the radix set of the planets regarded as significators? Keeping between them the geometrical ratios? The answer is positive. These charts do not show the zodiacal signs. They show the "local space", instead, i. The planetary placing is according to the mundane positions, different from the positions the planets have in the houses in the common zodiacal charts.

To note the pure, full astronomical nature of these charts, the same true astronomical properties the standard, zodiacal charts have see the note on the speculum below. According to the terminology used for the Zodiacal charts labeled "Celestial" , these charts are named "Terrestrial". Of course they are cast starting "from the planets", with their latitude, and show in chart the tabled, traditional Mundane PDs.

Note that the double option available for the "Celestial" From the planets or From their ecliptic feet is not possible here, because the traditional Zodiacal PDs framework does not permit an overall representation correlated with a synthetic pseudo-astronomical view. Secondary motion This option affects the charts in global mode. In this way the charts are not perfectly compatible with tabled PDs but, marking the lunar sec. Under about 25' with the max.

For the superior planets the difference is very smaller. Terrestrial reckoned without secondary motion would be in full agreement with the tabled PDs if the lunar sec. A thin question remains: are these charts a good approximation of the traditional mundane PDs or vice versa? The answer to the reader :- Domification In Terrestrial double charts radix and PD , under the astronomical viewpoint only the radix domification has a meaning. They are the reference system and can't rotate respect to In the tabled PDs, their use as promissors is possible applying them the mathematical formulas used for any other celestial object that lies on the Celestial Sphere.

The movement of the cardinal points in the role of promissors, in the Terrestrial charts should be a mathematical trick: we preferred to avoid this non-astronomical feature. Once the tabled PDs are showed, right mouse click on one row and follow the instructions given above for the Zodiacal PDs in chart. For the standard zodiacal charts radix each parameter in the speculum is a real astronomical parameter.

Simple Ephemeris with Tables of Aspect for Astrology London 2013 Let's Try

For other charts the speculum may shows fictitious parameters. In our opinion this does not authorize to consider one technique better than others according to the content of the related speculum because, starting from an astronomical context, the astrology bases its analysis appealing to the analogy and symbolism laws, too. Anyway, even if some more detail should be important, summarily, for each chart we have: Radix: True astronomical speculum Transits: True astronomical speculum Revolutions: True astronomical speculum Sec.

The long. Other parameters unchanged Placidian Profections: Fictitious speculum. The mundane parameters are prescribed. Reckoned the longitude Mundane: True astronomical speculum Ter. PDs inCh. The mundane parameters have almost the astronomical values Cel. Ptolemy : Fictitious speculum. Reckoned the longitude Cel. Pse-Ast : Fictitious speculum. Only the equatorial coordinates have astronomical values [Roberto] Almutens Currently the almutens are calculated acc. There are three types of Almutens: Points e. A lot of astrologers used only the Essential settings in their Almuten of the Chart calculations.

The program cannot tell you which planet is the AlmutenOfTheChart because e. Only the astrologer can decide which planet is the AlmutenOfTheChart. The accidental settings can be easily excluded from the Almuten of the Chart calculations by unchecking "Use". Any option can be set to zero and it won't be calculated. Sun-phases: oriental positions only and only in case of the mars, jupiter and saturn: degree from the Sun[Weak], [Medium], [Strong], [Medium], [Weak].

About the Essential settings: if OneRuler is selected then only one planet gets the score of the tricplicity and in case of daytime the first triplicity ruler will be that planet, in case of a nighttime chart the second one. Already existing Topical Almutens cannot be modified.

the astrological seventh house

When you select a Topical Almuten in the combobox then its name and rows will be shown in the editor. The new Topical Almuten will be added to the combobox when you click on "Add". Only the seven planets are used in the almuten calculations. Profections After PDs, the traditional astrology recommended the Profections. There are different types of Profections: annual, monthly, daily, the last two in different variants. The most important is the first type.

The traditional annual Profections in Zodiac move the Radix positions in the amount of one sign per year. The native ASC moves clockwise in the sky in the amount of one Placidian house per year. All the computations are done, for each astronomical object, according to its astronomical parameters.

Generally the minor cusps are not included in the analysis. Thanks to an oblique rotation of the celestial sphere, Morinus is able to cast the profected full domification, too. The program permits to choose between mundane and zodiacal Placidian Profections. In the first case the planetary positions are related to the local horizon, in the second the positions are related to the ecliptic, i.

Of course, Placidian Profections are not possible for polar regions. For all of them, a continuos profected movement is available, making in this way the astrological analysis easier. For a full understanding of the technique we suggest to work with double charts, setting the starting date and time with the native values. Then increase the profected time with steps of one year till to reach twelve, where cycle finishes and a new one begins. Changing the time, look the native ASC position related to the external profected domification.

The currently available zodiacal yearly profections are identical to the traditional yearly deg zodiacal profections. FileDialog self, mtexts. This way you will get a point x,y of the circle with radius. Maybe degrees should be in radians, it depends on the language or function you are using.

For example degrees is pi 3. Then: drawtext x,y, "Hello" You will see where it puts it. Then try with angles: 0, 30, 60, 90, , , , , , , , This link looks good. This is my first python program. I am a candidate master chess player peak rating was Russian texts changed Zodiacal PDs with latitude to aspects of significators changed Acknowledgements changed About Primary Directions changed Click on these departments to access multiple articles on the subject:.

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