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  1. Who were the “sons of God” in Genesis 6? |
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It is yet another example of Sethian Gnosticism; a text used by a group who originally worshipped the biblical Seth as a messianic figure and later treated Jesus as a re-incarnation of Seth.

sons of God of Genesis 6 are not angels nor sons of Seth - who are they?

The text is written as though Jesus Himself is the author, but the Coptic language of the text it was originally written in Greek is so complex and confusing that scholars have great difficulty understanding its contents and are hesitant to acknowledge the text as a unified work. This text was written in the latter half of the 2nd century at the earliest and scholars believe it was written in Alexandria. The time and location of the writing exclude the text from being a true eyewitness account related to the life of Jesus. As part of a collection of Sethian documents, The Second Treatise of the Great Seth contains a crucifixion account similar to that offered by Basilides, a known Alexandrian Gnostic teacher from the 2nd century.

Who were the “sons of God” in Genesis 6? |

The Church Fathers were well acquainted with Basilidian Gnosticism and condemned it as heretical from the moment Basilides appeared on the scene. Jesus is clearly venerated as the source of divine wisdom. The text also recognizes several elements from the Passion narrative, including the fact that Jesus was beaten with reeds, forced to wear a crown of thorns, nailed to a cross, and appeared to die.

John the Baptist is also mentioned as part of the text. The Second Treatise of the Great Seth fits well within the ancient genre of Sethian, Gnostic literature, and as such, it presents Jesus as the communicator of secret, esoteric wisdom meant for only a select few. This view of Jesus also held by Basilides saw Jesus as a purely spiritual being, and required the crucifixion to be only an illusion if it was to fit within the context of this theological view of Jesus.

This ancient non-canonical Gnostic text was a late, heretical document. Overview This book originally appeared as Chapter 3 in my book, As The Days of Noah Were, but it soon became apparent that there was much more to the theory that I failed to address.

Serpent seed

Over the past couple of years I have received quite a few emails asking me to approach the issue from a more in depth perspective that would be easier to discuss with pastors, researchers, and church goers. This book is a response to those requests. The Lines of Seth Theory is one of the most important theories that appears in the Bible.

It is so important because much of our understanding of the Bible, starting at Genesis 6, is dependent upon whether or not this theory is true.

The purpose of this book is to thoroughly explore The Lines of Seth Theory, its origin, and how it ties into the Biblical narrative. My goal is to take the reader on a step by step Biblical process which will help them better understand the events that occurred in Genesis By the time we reach the end of the book, the interpretation of the Genesis 6 events will be very clear to all of those that read until they reach the end.

This book is the perfect tool to use as a starting point in a study on Noah's flood.

Seth in the Bible

In its pages you will learn what many of the early church leaders knew and why they believed this theory to be so important. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.


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