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So if workplace romances are your catnip, look out. Some readers felt the heroine was a bit of a push over, while others thought this was a great start to a new erotica series.

Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series #1)

It has a 3. I knew what to expect and part of me was actually looking forward to seeing the ante upped in cracktastic glory.

Not as straight—or uptight—as he thought #1 MM Romance Audiobook

Maybe more. This is a romantic suspense and I read the book late last year, giving it an A — :. It truly is a beautifully written book.

Scribd is also scheduled to start carrying this title in August, so mark your calendars! Any Day readers care to compare this set with her other books?

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Any other fans of the series in the Bitchery? Hero romance tournament by Kensington, so feel free to vote when it opens February 9th! This is a fantasy historical and reader favorite. Carrie S. Even if you purchase one format now, you will be able to change your selection in your account after purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Below is a list of the file formats we offer and the devices that support them. The Adobe reader is available as a free download at www. EPub will also work with Stanza. Cherie, office IT tech and unmitigated girl-gamer-geek, protects her privacy by telling the office matchmakers she has a boyfriend stationed overseas.

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Tech Sergeant Zakarias, the unit IT guy, tells the guys on base he's got a girlfriend waiting back home. Both lies are designed to keep the two of them safely insulated from well meaning friends -- and heartbreak. When the two IT people voted least likely to ever get a date collide at Cherie's office Christmas party, they decide it's easier to ride the holidays out together than try to escape their own lies.

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Pearl discovers that Foxes often disappear once their contracts have expired This story has a bit of everything: love, romance, BDSM, and erotica. Take the journey and follow the lives of adults trying to discover themselves while finding love! Full of twists and turns, you will go on an emotional rollercoaster while listening to this fun and exciting audiobook Gabriel's Inferno is the first in this intoxicating trilogy featuring Gabriel and Julia, following their sensual journey of forbidden love My boyfriend, Brian, is a good man.

Nancy Friday's taboo-shattering best seller My Secret Garden is the most popular and controversial book of women's sexual fantasies ever published. Women who feared their erotic fantasies called it scandalous. Women who recognized their own fantasies in its pages, rejoiced Henry Lennox is a powerful man with unique tastes.

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He sits atop a media empire that he has built from the ground up Cheswick Ludwig Fontaine IV was tired. Groomed to be a successful business from birth, he'd studied and worked hard his entire life.

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He'd even turned the millions left him by both sets of grandparents into his first billion while still in college Stalking and restraining orders are a thing of Alayna Wither's past. With her MBA newly in hand, she has her future figured out Forbidden fruit is the one that always tastes the best It's a nothing job in a nowhere joint - until Tatum Jackson walks in.