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By the summer of , Rome had withdrawn the remnants of these troops to Italy. German generals again took the lead in the defence and, although they lost the island after weeks of bitter fights, they succeeded in ferrying large numbers of German and Italian forces safely off Sicily to the Italian mainland. On 19 July, an Allied air raid on Rome destroyed both military and collateral civil installations.

With these two events, popular support for the war diminished in Italy. The next day Mussolini met with the King, was dismissed as prime minister, and was then imprisoned. Although they publicly declared that they would keep fighting alongside the Germans, the new Italian government began secret negotiations with the Allies to come over to the Allied side. The armistice was publicly announced on 8 September. By then, the Allies were on the Italian mainland. The Italian surrender meant that the Allied landings at Taranto took place unopposed, with the troops simply disembarking from warships at the docks rather than assaulting the coastline.

Because of the time it took for the new Italian government to negotiate the armistice, the Germans had time to reinforce their presence in Italy and prepare for their defection. In the first weeks of August they increased the number of divisions in Italy from two to seven and took control of vital infrastructure. This included Italian-occupied southeastern France and the Italian-controlled areas in the Balkans. Only in Sardinia , Corsica , and in part of Apulia and Calabria were Italian troops able to hold their positions until the arrival of Allied forces.

In the area of Rome , only one infantry division—the Granatieri di Sardegna —and some small armoured units fought with commitment, but by 11 September they were overwhelmed by superior German forces. General Caroni, who was tasked with defending Rome, was given duplicitous orders to have his troops abandon Rome something he did not want to do , and essentially to provide rear guard protection to the King and his entourage so they could flee to the Abruzzi hills, and later out to sea.

They later landed at Brindisi. Most importantly, Badoglio never gave the order "OP 44" for the Italian people to rise up against the Germans until he knew it was too late to do any good; that is, he belatedly issued the order on 11 September. However, from the day of the announcement of the Armistice, when Italian citizens, military personnel and military units decided to rise up and resist on their own, they were sometimes quite effective against the Germans.

On the Greek island of Cephallonia , General Antonio Gandin, commander of the 12,strong Italian Acqui Division , decided to resist the German attempt to forcibly disarm his force. The battle raged from 13—22 September, when the Italians were forced to surrender after suffering some 1, casualties. The ensuing massacre of several thousand Italian prisoners of war by the Germans stands as one of the worst single war crimes committed by the Wehrmacht.

Italian troops captured by the Germans were given a choice to keep fighting with the Germans. About 94, Italians accepted and the remaining , were designated Italian military internees and were transported as forced labour to Germany. Some Italian troops that evaded German capture in the Balkans joined the Yugoslav about 40, soldiers and Greek Resistance about 20, After the German invasion, deportations of Italian Jews to Nazi death camps began.

However, by the time the German advance reached the Campagna concentration camp, all the inmates had already fled to the mountains with the help of the local inhabitants. Aldo Brunacci of Assisi , under the direction of his bishop, Giuseppe Nicolini , saved all the Jews who sought refuge in Assisi. In October Nazis raided the Jewish ghetto in Rome. It is estimated that 7, Italian Jews became victims of the Holocaust.

About two months after Benito Mussolini was stripped of power, he was rescued by the Germans in Operation Eiche "Oak". The Allied armies continued to advance through Italy despite increasing opposition from the Germans. The Allies soon controlled most of southern Italy, and Naples rose against and ejected the occupying German forces. The Allies organized some Italian troops in the south into what were known as "co-belligerent" or "royalist" forces. These Italian forces fought alongside the Allies for the rest of the war.

From this point on, a large Italian resistance movement located in northern Italy fought a guerilla war against the German and RSI forces. Winston Churchill had long regarded southern Europe as the military weak spot of the continent in World War I he had advocated the Dardanelles campaign , and during World War II he favoured the Balkans as an area of operations, for example in Greece in But Italy itself proved anything but a soft target: Mussolini was captured and killed on 28 April by the Italian resistance while attempting to flee.

Japan reacted with shock and outrage to the news of the surrender of Italy to the Allied forces in September Italian citizens residing in Japan and in Manchukuo were swiftly rounded up and summarily asked whether they were loyal to the King of Savoy, who dishonoured their country by surrendering to the enemy, or with the Duce and the newly created Repubblica Sociale Italiana , which vowed to continue fighting alongside the Germans. Those who sided with the King were interned in concentration camps and detained in dismal conditions until the end of the war, while those who opted for the Fascist dictator were allowed to go on with their lives, although under strict surveillance by the Kempeitai.

The Italian concession of Tientsin was occupied by Japanese troops after resistance from its garrison. The news of Italy's surrender did not reach the crew members of the three Italian submarines Giuliani , Cappellini and Torelli travelling to Singapore , then occupied by Japan, to take a load of rubber, tin and strategic materials bound for Italy and Germany's war industry.

All the officers and sailors on board were arrested by the Japanese army, and after a few weeks of detention the vast majority of them chose to side with Japan and Germany. The Kriegsmarine assigned new officers to the three units, who were renamed as U-boat U. Alberto Tarchiani , an anti-fascist journalist and activist, was appointed as Ambassador to Washington by the cabinet of Badoglio, which acted as provisional head of the Italian government pending the occupation of the country by the Allied forces. On his suggestion, Italy issued a formal declaration of war on Japan on 14 July Italy and Japan negotiated the resumption of their respective diplomatic ties after , and later signed several bilateral agreements and treaties.

Nearly four million Italians served in the Italian Army during the Second World War and nearly half a million Italians including civilians lost their lives between June and May Prisoner-of-war losses are included with military losses mentioned above. Updated studies by the Ufficio dell'Albo d'Oro of the Italian Ministry of Defence have however revised the military deaths to , Civilian losses were , , post armistice including 61, 42, post armistice in air attacks. Civilian losses as a result of the fighting in Italian Libya were estimated by an independent Russian journalist to be 10, The genocide of Roma people was 1, persons.

After the armistice with the Allies, some , members of the Italian armed forces who refused to side with the occupying Germans were interned in concentration and labour camps. Of these, around 50, died while imprisoned or while under transportation. The Treaty of Peace with Italy, spelled the end of the Italian colonial empire , along with other border revisions.

Unlike in Germany and Japan, no war crimes tribunals were held against Italian military and political leaders, though the Italian resistance summarily executed some of them such as Mussolini at the end of the war. Mussolini was killed by Italian partisans on April 28, Allied press reports of Italian military prowess in the Second World War were almost always dismissive. British wartime propaganda trumpeted the destruction of the Italian 10th Army by a significantly smaller British force during the early phase of the North African Campaign.

Many previous authors used only German or British sources, not considering the Italian ones, hampered by few Italian sources being translated into English. Sadkovich, Walker and others have found examples of actions where Italian forces were effective, yet are rarely discussed by most histories.

Levine, an author who has also extensively worked with Italian sources, points out that while Allied efforts to choke off Rommel's supply lines were eventually successful and played the decisive role in the Allied victory in Africa, the Italians who defended it, especially navy commanders, were not feeble-minded or incompetent at all. Weinberg, in his George C. In addition, Italian 'cowardice' did not appear to be more prevalent than the level seen in any army, despite claims of wartime propaganda. It would seem clear that, in terms of their motto Ferrea Mole, Ferreo Cuore , the Italian carristi really had "iron hearts", even though as the war went on their "iron hulls" increasingly let them down.

annies first day of school i am a star personalized book series 1 Manual

The problems that stand out to the vast majority of historians pertain to Italian strategy and equipment. Italian equipment was, in general, not up to the standard of either the Allied or the German armies. Mussolini also dramatically overestimated the ability of the Italian military at times, sending them into situations where failure was likely, such as the invasion of Greece.

Historians have long debated why Italy's military and its Fascist regime were so remarkably ineffective at an activity - war - that was central to their identity. MacGregor Knox says the explanation, "was first and foremost a failure of Italy's military culture and military institutions. The author possesses a keen insight into the differences between how experiences are remembered in hindsight, and how they were actually experienced at the time, supporting his ideas with page after page of well-researched anecdotes from all sides of the conflict.

Like most Americans, I presume, I knew only the public grade school version of what happened in Italy, basically only that they changed sides, without understanding any of the context, how that was even possible politically, and how the citizens dealt with such a change. This book filled in the gaps for me nicely. My two minor quibbles about the book are that I would have liked more information on Mussolini personally, although I'm happy to leave that for another book, and that many of the individual anecdotes are not individually cited.

It did make for a more conversational tone, and the author did cite general references, but in an academic work it was jarring to not see an endnote mark more often in certain places. There is, of course, explanatory material on events ocurring before July and after April but the primary focus of the book is on this brief span and an attempt to explain how it led to Italy's shift from a pre-war pro-Fascist government to a post-war democracy after abolition of the monarchy by nationwide referendum in despite the King's abdication shortly beforehand on May 9, , coincidentally almost a year to the day that Germany had surrendered.

The author's purpose is really twofold: By the time the war ended Italy was in chaos as a result not only of the military struggles and invasions on two fronts the Germans invading to occupy northern Italy and the Allies invading southern Italy first as conquerors, then as colloborators but also by sectional political fighting among hard-core Italian Fascists, anti-Fascist rebels, Monarchists, Communists, and others that resembled civil wars. Overall, it is an interesting look at this aspect of World War II, particularly from the vantage point and eyewitness accounts of those who lived through it.

There is very little in this book about Mussolini. There is maybe one page on the Facsist Council meeting of July 25, , and one page on his death in April Most of the book is filled with activities of the partisans and the general mood of the Italian people from the September armistice until the end of April The author recounts obscure partisan events in obscure places to make generalizations about Italy during the late war period boring.

For readers interested in learning about the fall of Mussolini and the Italian Fascist system, you will need to look elsewhere. If I had known that the author, Morgan, was an academic, I definitely would have selected a different book on this rich subject. This volume is a textbook - a dull and mediocre history of fascism.

It barely mentions Benito himself, and scarcely touches the conduct of the war in Italy. Instead of the supersize picture of Mussolini on the cover, a plate of cold pasta would have been much more genuine truth in advertising. The daring Nazi rescue of Mussolini from a rocky mountaintop earns one wimpy paragraph. One person found this helpful. See all 6 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway.

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Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Then, in August , the Italians advanced into British Somaliland.

Navigation menu After suffering and inflicting few casualties, the British and Commonwealth garrison evacuated Somaliland, retreating by sea to Aden. Editorial Reviews The Axis forces were ejected from Libya and Tunisia in six months after the Battle of El Alamein , while their supply lines were harassed day after day by the growing and overwhelming aerial and naval supremacy of the Allies. The Fall of Mussolini: Italy, the Italians, and the Second World War by Philip Morgan Although they publicly declared that they would keep fighting alongside the Germans, the new Italian government began secret negotiations with the Allies to come over to the Allied side.

As per Board Policy Kim Goldsberry has directed me to inform you in writing that we will have a Special Board Meeting on Monday, April 29, at p. Special meetings shall be called by the President or the Treasurer or by two 2 members of the Board by serving a written notice of the time and place of such meeting upon each Board member at least two 2 days in advance of the meeting. The agenda for a special meeting is limited to the purpose set forth in the public notice that is provided at least twenty-four 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

As such, when the Board calls a special meeting to discuss particular issues, the statement of the meeting's purpose must specifically indicate those issues, and the Board may only discuss those issues at the special meeting. The Board may not discuss matters not disclosed in the purpose statement of a special meeting public notice, either in open session or executive session of the special meeting. Nothing, however, shall prevent the Board from specifying in the public notice that the special meeting is being held for "general purposes," if that is the actual reason for the meeting.

The Athens City School District has now received an updated credit rating and is in the process of finalizing the Preliminary Offering Statement for the sale of Bonds for the building project. The Administration anticipates having our bond underwriter, Baird, begin marketing the bonds to the public later this week with a final bond pricing date sale date on Wednesday, April 24 th. This concert will feature music performed by close to students that participate in instrumental music grades in in Athens City Schools. With all the changes in store for next year, it is more important than ever to keep our PTO strong and we need your help!

We are seeking volunteers to run for the positions of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and volunteer coordinator. We hope to have more than one volunteer fill most positions, so that we can continue the great work that PTOs have done at both elementary schools. Friday June 7th will be make up day if needed. Activism Through Recent History is a podcast that delves into the lives and experiences of activists who have been fighting for causes since the 70s and the convictions of one aspiring high school activist.

Shaw and Giglio have been activists since the 70s and 80s but Weber is a young activist at Athens High School. We had the privilege of speaking with them about their lives in activism and we hope that their experiences help inspire and educate more activists who wish to join the fight. The Matrix Podcast Athens Activists. The training sessions are NOT mandatory - they are for the benefit of your child in preparation for the August 1st soccer try-outs. You are free to come to as many or as few as you like based on your summer schedule.

They should expect to do a great deal of running for the full duration of the session. The SupportMusic Merit Award recognizes individual schools that demonstrate outstanding achievement in efforts to provide music access and education to all students. We have collaborated with 1st Day School Supplies to help parents and teachers get the exact supplies needed for next school year without the hassle and aggravation of shopping.

Plus, the prices are competitive! These items can be ordered a la carte through this site as well. You can make your purchase right now, get started by clicking the link below and select "Athens Middle School:". It's here!! Come join us for "Rockin' Robin! Tickets are still available! Contact West Elementary at Click the " Read More" link to view the trailer for a sneak peek at what you'll see! Sam Bikowski received an award from the Ohio Soybean Council.

Congratulations to all of these students. They competed against 5th through 12th grade students from 7 counties in Southeast Ohio. Yearbooks are still on sale and can be purchased from Mrs. Roach in room A or online from Jostens. Sales end in May so order your book soon! Please contact Mrs. Here ye, Here ye, Here ye! This Friday, the 29th of March, in the year of , let it be announced that the Morrison-Gordon Elementary Drama Club will perform their theatrical production for the year! All proceeds will be donated to My Sister's Place, a local women's domestic violence shelter.

Bring in your donations not just dimes during AC, and remember that every donation makes a difference, no matter how small. Last year we raised over a thousand dollars as a school! The AC class that raises the most money will get a doughnut party for their prize! Healthy breakfast alternatives will also be offered.

My Sister's Place provides shelter to women, their children, and even their pets experiencing domestic violence, as well as providing outreach counseling and court advocacy. Here is their website if you would like to learn more! In this podcast we take a blast to the past and talk about childhood TV shows. How did they influence us and how does media change cartoon watching culture? We also talk to parents about raising children on television, and timing media usage.

What are the recommended watching hours for children, and are you up to par? All meetings will take place at Athens High School at p. Join with community stakeholders and civic leaders for a workshop and deep dive training led by the Racial Equity Institute of Greensboro, NC. A deep dive training will be offered on March 21st at Stuarts Opera House. On March 20th, there will be a free three hour workshop held at Ohio University.

Both of these groups combine elements of jazz, EDM, and other genres of music, using instrumentation foreign to what those genres usually consist of. This episode covers their stories, progression and the growth of their sounds. For further details or information contact Liz at lschwarzel athenscsd. In this episode of the AHS Matrix Podcast, we explore our favorite and least favorite movies of , and discuss what movies we're looking forward to in the upcoming year. Podcast hosts interview AHS students to hear their favorite and least favorite movies of If you have any questions about registration or programming at Athens High School, please try to attend.

The schedule for those meetings is as follows:. The Summer Camp Calendar is now available. Please check it out for a list of camps offered this summer. Click on the If you have additional camp information, please email that information to acsd athenscsd.


Thanks to Lindsey Swank Meili for putting this together again this year! Union St. Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend! Click here to view the flyer for the meeting. A student-written opinion piece discusses instances of police excessive use of force. In the podcast, we discuss student body response to the article and interview Athens City Police officer, Captain Ralph Harvey. Click here to view the the flyer. You may pay with cash or check.

Thanks in advance for your support. The 3d Annual Bobcat Bulldog Indoor field day is almost here! It will be this Saturday, February 23, from p. This super fun celebration of a healthy living will include:. All parents and caregivers must sign a release of liability upon entering the event. Children may not be dropped off, parents and caregivers must be present. Several weeks ago I put out a call for volunteers to assist with Planning Committees for the programming and design of our new elementary and intermediate schools, as well as for the renovations at Athens Middle School.

I had a great response. In fact, despite adding more parents to the PK-3 and committees than originally planned, I still had 14 additional parents who I've asked to help on an as-needed basis throughout the process this year. In all, nearly one hundred different people will provide direct input as members of the committees! Learn more about this award by visiting the Ohio Auditor of State website.

Key Club members took the donations and joined their Kiwanis sponsors to fill approximately 80 shoe boxes. A great time was had by all while supporting our global community! Any current building administrator was able to apply for these open positions. There was one applicant for each position, therefore interviews were not necessary. In an effort to keep you informed I wanted you to receive this information as quickly as possible following the meeting. It will be held in the Boger Cafe. It is a night for family fun! Board games will be provided and families are encouraged to bring a board game to share.

There will be free popcorn! Leave electronics at home! No drop-offs - this is a family event! We hope to see you there! In this episode of the Matrix podcast, we explore the unsolved disappearance of Brandon Swanson. Brandon was a year-old college student from Marshall, Minnesota, who went missing after an unsettling phone call to his father. May 14th, marked the ten-year anniversary of his disappearance. Tony Schorr from Schorr Architects will make a brief presentation regarding the planning and design process for the elementary school buildings and the Board will discuss several issues related to the project.

Public Participation has been moved to the end of the meeting, at which time Mr. Schorr and Mike Dingledein from Community Design Alliance will lead a discussion to garner initial input from members of the community. If you are unable to attend, please send a message with your ideas or thoughts to Dr.

Please be on the lookout for announcements later this week about opportunities to participate in District Planning Committees and smaller group conversations which will occur in February and March. Photo I. It is a suicide prevention program through Nationwide Children's Hospital. The goal of the Signs of Suicide SOS Prevention Program is to reduce youth suicides by teaching students and staff to recognize the signs and symptoms of suicide and depression in themselves and others and to follow the ACT Acknowledge, Care, Tell message. Help us celebrate spring and generate funds for the Morrison-Gordon library by participating in the annual Scholastic Book Fair!

This poster will be on display throughout the book fair, and provides the titles of books teachers would like to add to their classroom. Members of the Morrison-Gordon Student Council presented information to the board regarding their activities. The podcast starts with an interview with School Nurse Molly Wales, where she explains the details of the curriculum.

She also touches on using inclusive language from the beginning of her lessons, which start in 4th grade. We then transition into interviews with AHS students to talk about their thoughts on the new curriculum and their past experiences with sex ed. The annual Athens Middle School food drive is underway!

The food collected directly benefits families in the Athens City School District family. The food will be distributed through our own personal food pantry in Chauncey. Please send any of the following to your child's advisory class:. This is a great opportunity to share with your child how important it is to "Be Kind" which is one of our AMS core values. Is your child interested in earning college credit while enrolled in middle or high school next year? Representatives from Hocking College, Ohio University and Rio Grande will be present to explain the admission process to their respective schools and AHS school counselors will identify how credits can be applied to student graduation and progress through high school.

Please mark your calendars! In this edition of Around Town, we summarize the outcome of the midterm elections and have a special interview with Representative Jay Edwards. Edwards talks about his previous term in office, what he hopes to accomplish in his current term, and his plans for youth engagement in the future. I'm sure many of you already know that we may have our first winter weather tomorrow morning, with expectations for freezing rain and ice accumulations.

Ice is the most challenging weather event for the District, as buses cannot operate safely. Additionally, we need to keep in mind the many high school student drivers traveling in their own vehicles. I wanted to assure you that our team will be up very early in the morning watching the weather and road conditions and I will alert you as to any need for a delay or cancellation as early as possible via our calling system. Club members walked in the parade and were given the high honor of judging the costumes. The seminar gives high school sophomores from all over the state of Ohio an opportunity to interact with leaders in business, education, media, government and volunteerism over the four-day seminar.

Current students can pick up their preordered yearbooks Tuesday and Wednesday during lunch. Former students can pick up books after school, have a sibling pick it up for them, or make arrangements with Mrs. Roach by emailing her at mroach athenscsd. We had lots of beautiful sunshine and got a ton done. WEST Elementary looks wonderful! On September 13 th the Appalachian Food Project officially started having an impact on local school children. With the delivery of apples to classrooms in The Plains Elementary, students in the school began having a healthy snack available to them whenever they need it.

A week later, granola bars were also delivered. On behalf of the Athens City School District Board of Education, Faculty and Staff, and especially our students and families, it gives me great pleasure to thank the voters of the Athens City School District for supporting our District at the polls today.

This election sets the course for significant change and improvement for our district. As a result of this funding, our students will be assured state of the art 21st Century facilities for many years to come. Each year, the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics recognizes outstanding teachers, professors, emerging leaders, and friends of mathematics. This year, Maria Douglas, a 5th grade teacher at East Elementary, received the Elementary Classroom Teacher Award for the Southeast District for in recognition of her exemplary teaching in mathematics.

Congratulations on this great honor Mrs. Emmy's project won the state at the spring state convention last year when she was a senior at AHS and then she moved on to nationals from there. We are so proud of you! We are so proud of your hard work and dedication! Gibbs details the conditions of the levy, the plans for building if the levy passes, the nature of school funding, and the specific structural needs of the buildings in Athens City Schools.

This swashbuckling farcical comedy is rife with swordplay, witty banter, and campy fun! High school students from 27 U. Hannah Bernstein from Athens High School in Athens was among the students selected to attend the prestigious three-day conference. A Beam remote presence device has been installed at East Elementary for a student that is unable to be at school. This is a joint pilot effort between The Ohio State University and Nationwide Children's Hospital to enable remote learning for students..

The student is able to control the robot remotely in the classroom via an iPad and stay connected with school work and classmates. The student can see, hear and talk like they are in class. The robot can also go classroom to classroom. Learn more about Beam in action. Please complete the form below to submit your RSVP. Student Council will serve donuts to our veterans at am during an informal reception with the assembly at am. All students at Athens High will be in attendance in the gymnasium.

The Marching Band and Symphonic Choirs will perform. This episode features an interview with Athletic Director John Rodgers about ACSD's concentration on the importance of character development for student athletes. Visit the school website for weekly podcast episodes! There is no zero-cost option.

All of the information below is attached in a PDF file as well. This article was approved and now can be used as a CEU course. Please click here to access the eHearsay journal online. Items for sale include:. Download your free app for real-time access to grades, assignments, attendance, schedules, announcements and more. Brek Newton won Honorable Mention, while Petra Leonard won second place in the agriculture drawing contest. Congratulations, Brek and Petra! Tuesday, September 11th is picture day.

Trisha is a local business owner and AHS graduate. She has been supporting the Athens High School yearbook and athletic programs for years. As a first step, an initial survey was emailed out in June. Survey respondents were asked to provide contact information if they wanted to be included in face-to-face conversations about bias and discrimination at a later time. The Ohio Academy of Science selected 61 Ohio schools and teachers to receive this honor.

Each school will receive a special Governor's Award certificate, and each teacher will receive a complementary membership to The Ohio Academy of Science. We have attempted to contact families on these routes, but must have incorrect phone numbers for some as we have not been able to reach all families affected by this change.

The meeting room will be the old cafeteria just inside the main entrance. YouthMOVE is a national youth led organization devoted to improving services and systems that support positive growth and development by uniting the voices of individuals who have lived experience in various systems including mental health, juvenile justice, education, foster care, homelessness, alcohol or drugs, developmental disabilities and co-occurring disorders. Although the state council consists of older youth, local chapters of YouthMove may include youth ranging in age from Jade is currently working on gathering support to start a local chapter.

Beginning at pm, students can visit their new classrooms and meet their new teachers. School supplies can be dropped off at that time. The picnic will be on the back playground and will begin at pm and end at pm. PTO will provide hot dogs, chips, cookies and drinks. Please bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on. About students, selected from 6, applicants nationwide, participated along with an adult mentor from their school or community. Olivia represented a region comprising most of Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia. She chose West Elementary sixth-grade teacher Jennifer Hinkle as her mentor.

Seventh grade and new student orientation will be Thursday, August 16 from 6 - pm in the Athens Middle School Auditorium. Practices will be M-F until the first day of school. At that time, we will practice after school M-F. Follow this link for Final Forms instructions. You may be aware that the District has been taking several steps to better understand issues in our district around bias and discrimination and to identify specific action steps we can take to improve the culture and climate within our schools and our community.

As one initial step in this process, I've worked with volunteers at the Ohio University College of Health Sciences and Professions Social Work Program to create a "needs assessment" in the form of a survey. Please know that individual responses will be kept private and that only aggregated data will be reported externally. The survey will remain open until Monday, July 9th at Noon.

Deadline for bids will be noon on Tuesday, June 26, at which time bids will be opened. Athens City Board of Education reserves the right to reject any and all bids and the submitting of any bid shall impose no liability or obligation upon said Board. As we face changes in facilities and curriculum, the primary intention of the organization is to provide parents and guardians a recognized voice in the district. Though fund raising and traditional booster activities are options, it is hoped this group will have a diverse active role boosting our students academically.

Coach Moody amoody athenscsd. He looks forward to another great season! Thank you. Your account remains open all year, but you will not see data for this year after June Athens High School Athletic Boosters hosted their annual award ceremony at Elks Lodge in Athens on Sunday May 20, , where they celebrated the success of the class of Do you love tennis? Do you want to play tennis? Do you have no idea what tennis is, but think it sounds interesting? During the meeting, I will go over the paperwork needed to be on the team, expectations of team members, varsity qualifications, as well as exciting opportunities to play this Summer.

If they cannot attend, that is fine. I truly encourage anyone with interest in tennis to come to this meeting! I can't wait to meet you! After submitting a research paper on a global challenge in early March, making a presentation, going through a debate and an interview, Hannah was recognized a Borlaug Scholar and selected to be one of the 5 students on the state delegate team to attend the World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa on a 3-day all-expenses paid trip in October.

Representative Edwards was gracious enough to spend quite a bit of time showing our Student Council a variety of areas as well as answering all their questions. We are appreciative of his time during our visit. It was the best Statehouse visit we have had in a very long time.

Thank you, Representative Edwards! School will be out soon. Summer meals for kids and teens will be served in our community this year. Olivia will represent Ohio and West Virginia while participating in events at Quantico and meeting national leaders in D. You may reserve tickets by calling EAST; however, we will need payment in order to hold your seats.

Dinner is served at pm on Thursday and Friday and pm and pm on Saturday. Please click here for a preview of the play! To infinity and beyond! Partnership students from OU conducted a variety of stations for students to visit and learn more about space. They could also "make and take" items from some stations. The night concluded with our Skype session with our astronaut. It was out of this world! AMS is having a t-shirt fundraiser. What a great way for your middle school student and yourself to show your school spirit! The t-shirts are dark grey with dark green lettering dark green bling is available as well.

Please contact your child's advisory teacher if you have any questions. Congratulations for your outstanding leadership with 72 juniors at Camp Akita in Logan, Ohio! Regional Scholars is a Leadership Conference designed for high school juniors. The gifted coordinators of southeast Ohio collaborate to organize this event that is held every spring. Students learn group dynamics, personality types and differences in communication styles through the two day event.

Each year the event is held in a lodge in southeastern Ohio supportive of outdoor activities including archery, ground initiatives, climbing tower and nature hike. Students will be encouraged to participate in activities outside their comfort zone. A college fair and financial aid session allow the students to become familiar with applying to a wide variety of colleges and universities in Ohio. At the conclusion of the event, students leave with new discoveries about themselves and lasting friendships.

Visit the Regional Scholars website to learn more. To qualify for the SupportMusic Merit Award, Athens Middle School answered detailed questions about funding, graduation requirements, music class participation, instruction time, facilities, support for the music program, and community music-making programs. Responses were verified with school officials and reviewed by The Music Research Institute at the University of Kansas. You can purchase tickets online at brownpapertickets. You are all probably aware of the recent flooding in Chauncey and the surrounding areas.

Please pass this information along to those who may benefit. In addition to providing food, the pantry does have personal care items and cleaning supplies. Upperclassmen are allowed to purchase one guest ticket with their own. Barr's room. There will be a Pancake Breakfast to raise money for Ms. I'm gathering a team of enthusiastic, creative, and talented volunteers to help out at our upcoming Scholastic Book Fair, and I would like to invite you to help out.

Spread the word to your friends and invite them to help us have the best Book Fair ever! If you need to contact me, please use the email address below. Thank you! Pam Congrove pcongrove athenscsd. Previously, all classes were half-day. Our students did very well, collectively earning the Top Middle School Award. Sam Bikowski won a Plant Science award. Luca Gagliano won an award in Biology. Reynolds Huard won a Biology award, a Broadcom Masters invitation. Shaw, the school nurse, will be at AMS to collect medications during school hours am - pm on:. This is the week before students leave for Washington, D.

Please plan accordingly. Athens City Schools are closed today, Wednesday, March 21, , due to inclement weather. This is the 9th snow day for the district. The last day for students will now be Friday, May 25, It was a great team effort! We had success individually as well with Lisa Liu finishing in 1 st place and Eric Carpenter finishing in 3 rd place.

Next up is the state competition in Columbus. Great job mathletes and good luck in the state competition!! Placing 3rd in the Girls Pole Vault. Ethan was the school winner for Morrison.

So easy. So fast. So Target.

He was then required to take an exam to qualify for the Ohio State Geography Bee. Only the top 50 from around the state advance to the state bee. Ethan will be attending the state bee in April for a chance to advance to the National Geography Bee. Congratulations, Ethan! To schedule an appointment, please call Linda Bennett at between am - pm.

Please note that preschool classes will be all-day for the school year am - pm. As you can expect, the events in Parkland, Florida have troubled us deeply at the Athens City Schools. The safety of our students is our number one priority and it us up to all of us to be vigilant in this regard. As such, some of you have inquired about the safety procedures and protocols in our schools. Every year the VFW's across the country have a Voice of Democracy writing contest that also brings a scholarship.

Grace finished 1st out of this post and 6th in the state. Lauren finished 2nd out of this post. Way to go ladies, we couldn't be more proud! Administrators and the counselor from Athens Middle School will be visiting each school to go over course options and answer questions. We will describe the steps in the registration process and talk about middle school procedures. Please try to attend. Wow creator.

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Inspiration producer. Difference maker. Miracle worker. The countless ways in which teachers make a difference form the foundation for a lifetime of learning and exploring. We love celebrating the great things happening in our schools on social media. We are writing to you to let you know that some recent changes on Facebook are making it a little tougher for our posts, videos, announcements and more to show up in your news feed. The second poem is a snow-day rap.

Click the Read More link to the next page to open the link. Our girls also set two school records today!! Congratulations Bulldogs! All Athens High students are welcome to attend. Let's also give a big hand to the students on the Winter Formal Court! Track and Field season begins soon!

Packets are also available from Coach Hall in Room during advisory. Given that this year's flu strain is aggressive and widespread, we wanted to remind you of the following:. Congratulations Lindsey! Athens City Schools wishes to announce a roundup for parents seeking early admission to kindergarten for their children. Regular admission to kindergarten requires that a child be 5 years of age on or before August 1 of the upcoming school year.

However, under some circumstances of students with cognitive advancement, early admission may be granted after a screening process. Important information and resources will be provided. In the event you cannot attend, or for more details, call by March 23, Proof of Residency i. Are the Winter Blahs getting you down? Are your children climbing the walls? Does the whole family just need a chance to get out of the house for some good old fashioned play time? Good News! There will also be interactive nutrition activities for families. All activities will have modifications for all abilities.

Vegetarian and vegan snack options available! A big "thank you" to the teachers, staff, and students who gave their time and energy to make the competition possible. It is the intention of the Superintendent to ask the Board to approve the calendar at the February 15th Board Meeting.

If you need some help with food assistance, please stop over. Monthly Food Pantry Information.

Happy Birthday, Maddox

Military families provide an invaluable service to our country. In an effort to ensure the needs of military families are being met, the Ohio Department of Education is requiring all districts to collect information regarding the military families who have students within the district. The FFA sponsored blood drive collected 36 units on December Thanks to all staff, students, and community members who donated. Special thanks to Ms. Stalder and FFA students for working so hard to organize the event. The next blood drive will be sponsored by Key Club on May 2.

Interested students should sign up in the office ASAP. Last year, Lifetouch offered seniors a class composite photo for graduation. Students had their picture taken individually in graduation attire and the pictures were electronically put together in a group photo. This is being offered again this year. Individual pictures will be taken Friday, January 5. Students may have their picture taken in the McClure Conference Room next to the cafeteria before school, during study hall, academic coaching, or at lunch.

Composite photos will be available for purchase. Graduation gowns for the photo will be provided at the school.

Please contact the HS Office with any questions. We are planning a very special annual event with our cross-town rivals, The Alexander Spartans. Once per year, these two schools will come together for a wrestling dual during the end of a school day in order to raise money for the Turn It Gold Foundation - a foundation committed to raising funds and awareness for childhood cancer. All students in the school building will be invited to the gymnasium for an assembly on December 13th Wednesday for this event. We are allowing all students to attend this event free of charge, but our goal is to earn donations for the Turn It Gold Foundation throughout following week.

Judges from Ohio University rated projects in 10 different categories. This is first time the band has gotten a superior rating since Congratulations on an awesome accomplishment! Heavy rain overnight caused flooding in some areas, and this is the reason for the delay.

First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg Read Aloud by Books Read Aloud For Children

The Athens Bulldogs have a busy weekend ahead. There are three major events occurring that I wanted to bring to everyone's attention:. The runners shown are Peter Buckley and Tony Tonkovich. Both have broken school records this year and qualified to the State Meet. Photograph taken by Geoff Buckley.

Learn more about the Live Healthy Kids program! State St. Hall at ahall athenscsd. Include the Veteran's name, service information branch, medals, etc and your AMS student's name, please. A picture for our bulletin board will also be appreciated. If you had a student who competed in a Fall sport and you have not yet added them to a winter roster, please do so as soon as possible. She was in the Air Force and a group of veterans are in Puerto Rico helping the victims of the hurricanes. She is flying down to Puerto Rico for a week beginning this Monday, October In addition to taking these cards, she is taking supplies as well.

She will travel with fellow veterans into the most remote areas in the mountains of Anasco, spreading the love and good wishes from our students at AHS. She will also serve as an interpreter for the group as well as do mental health assessments. While it has a serious-sounding name, the book is an entertaining discussion of why many people in the U. As election day nears, I want to remind you of an important issue for our schools in the upcoming November 7 election.

The Athens Board of Education voted earlier this summer to place a renewal earned income tax on the ballot. Our district technology team is currently working to develop a vision statement. In order to ensure that this is a shared vision that accurately represents who we are and what we strive to do as a district, we encourage you to become a part of this process by freely responding to the questions that follow.

Only one submission per household is necessary. Please click here to access the survey. If you graduated last year and you purchased a yearbook, you can pick it up from Mrs. Roach any day after school or you can arrange for your yearbook to be left in the main office by emailing Mrs. Please make your check out to "AHS Yearbook. So as to assure that as many people could attend the board meeting as possible, the Board has selected a different date for the October meeting.

This state required report shows that district students continue to make progress in many areas. The class of at Athens High School has one more thing to be proud of; they earned the highest ACT scores in the district for the past five years and showed progress in every subject area. The dump truck will then be used to help with clean-up. AMS students and families brought in the much needed supplies. Students from Mr. Her product has now been picked up by WalMart.

We are look forward to seeing all of our middle school students and families.