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And please tell me how you express the voice of your pets. Melissa L. Annie Butler Shirreffs.

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A Playful Sheep Gleefully Bounces and Down Upon a Backyard Trampoline on a New Zealand Farm

Cait Rohan Kelly. Arden Moore. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Toggle navigation. Contributions Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Get Dogster in Your Inbox! Stay informed! Get tips and exclusive deals.

All rights reserved. Prefer Cats? Visit Catster. Watching your dog get super excited and fly off is not only cute, but usually pretty funny. Like these Basset Hounds. Both of these Basset Hounds have come down with a case of the zoomies… and for the silliest reasons. Our first Basset seems to be unusually excited about being on the porch. Watch him sprint back and forth in the video below.

And our second Basset is zooming around the yard with a toy. His owner is chasing after him, but Arthur will not be caught. Want to learn more about the zoomies, read our article here. Looking for a holiday gift for the zooming Basset Hound in your life? Check out our products on the AKC Shop. We were only supposed to stay for the afternoon and then another BHRG person was going to take us home and foster us, but Mommy fell in love.

Mommy begged Daddy to let her try fostering, but he and Layla were afraid that Toby Marie Layla's dog would not like me since she didn't like other dogs. Little did they know that Toby Marie would become my first bestest friend. Finally, Daddy said that Mommy could TRY fostering me, but that if Toby Marie didn't accept me then someone else would have to foster me.

Of course, Toby and I got along great, and Mommy couldn't possibly let me leave, so she adopted me. Layla and Toby moved out in November and then Mommy became a foster parent. She really loves it 'cause she gets to help homeless hounds find their forever homes. Daddy says that I am his dog, but Mommy says that I am hers! My name is Irene and I have found my forever family. I was in foster care for almost a year. Some people said I was too aggressive. I just needed a family who needed just me and let me be myself. As you can see I am as big of a baby as they come.

I go everywhere with my family. There's Daddy, Mommy, Ariel and me. I spend all day relaxing. I need my beauty sleep since I am a senior basset hound. I have full run of the house and a doggie door to go out when I please. I am the Queen of this Castle. I even sleep with my Parents.

I am adjusting to the good life quite nicely and my family showers me with kisses. My habits are eating, sleeping, snuggling, sleeping, oh, did I mention sleeping. My family is just as laid back as I am and we seem to like this way. It is still nice when Senior dogs can be adopted like me and have a family to keep me for the rest of my doggie days! My foster folks welcomed me after heartworm treatment and my new brothers taught me about the huge doggy door. I learned about waiting my turn and about ear scratching and tummy rubs and adoring my people.

We went to all the adoption events for many, many car trips but no one paid me any attention, barely even patting my head, so I curled up in a little ball and tried to hide myself. Finally, my foster family decided not to put me in that stressful position anymore and they adopted me! Thank you foster family for showing me there is still love in the world, even for an old, forgetful houndy like me. Thank you foster brothers for giving me the time and space to become the happy carefree old girl that I am.

We adopted Marvin in and had our first child in We had no idea how Marvin would behave around our son as we never saw him interact with children. We are so happy to report that he is so gentle and kind with our son - we couldn't be happier. It's as if he knows to be gentle whenever our son approaches him and Marvin just happily falls over to his side wagging his tail in anticipation for some hugs and pets.

Our son is now a year and a half old and they are the best of friends. They like to sit at the window together and check out what is going on outside. They really enjoy just sitting together hanging out. We are looking forward to years of friendship and companionship with Marvin. We adopted Lucille about three years ago. She is such a wonderful, creative, curious, and loveable basset. She is one of the three bassets we have. Lucille loves to chase rabbits, squirrels and anything that flies.

She is the only one that doesn't get into trouble by getting things off the counter tops. She is creative in the way that she asks for treats. She has taught herself how to talk and how to sit up strait when she wants anything. Thank you Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia. Hello there, my name is Porkchop it was Kalhoon when the nice person I live with adopted me back in I just wanted to send you an update on how I am. I live near woods and me and the person I live with take lovely walks in them all the time. In fact, we do all sorts of stuff together.

I like to go for rides in the car and camping the most I think. My days are filled with naps, belly rubs, walks, more belly rubs, playing with my toys, and chasing squrriels. I am a very happy dog. We adopted Avery at the end of November He was a quiet, nervous dog with worms, fleas, two broken teeth and a fear of loud noises and dark shapes. Now, he's bulking up, eating happily after a little dental work , and is becoming more trusting of humans. He loves running around sniffing scents and playing with other dogs in Piedmont Park every week.

He has the run of our home and is very happy with us. Whatever we do, he's very happy to be a part of it, sitting on our laps or by our feet at all times - he'd rather do that than eat!

Basset Hound dog breed. All breed characteristics and facts about Basset Hound

He's very much a family member, and everyone who has met him has fallen for him. Even my friend who's wary of dogs said he was the lovliest dog she'd ever seen! My name is Winston. I was adopted a year ago this past summer.

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My mom and dad already had another basset, Flash, at home when they came to see me. Mom went up to the adoption site just to "look" at the other bassets. See she thought that she really didn't need another When she saw me, she fell in love. What can I say? I'm a good lookin' man! I must say I wasn't in very good shape at the time but Mom, Dad, Flash, and lots of love took care of that. I went from 34 pounds to 60 in no time flat. My hair was horrible with spots missing and my nails were brittle at the time. Now I am sporting a shiny new coat, and my nails are back to the original hardest substance known to man.

My mom gave up on cutting them a few months back so now me and my sister, Flash, go to have our pedicures about once a month. The person that found me said I was tied up to a machine outside of an abandoned gas station. It was a very sad state of affairs.

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Since I was left outside for so long with no love, I am now afraid of lightning storms. Mom and Dad cuddle with me when I am scared now. Flash just looks at me like I'm crazy. Most of the time now I spend working on my snoring technique, hiding bones in the backyard, sneaking naps on the couch, and playing with my sister.

Just wanted to share how Reagan adopted August is doing. As you can see, he loves being an indoor dog, sleeping on all the furniture, including mom's cream velvet chair! But one look at those sweet eyes and we let him go anywhere! He has gained weight from being the skinny boy that was found tied up at a Kroger who could do that? Very healthy though, all the neighbors ask how we got a basset that isn't overweight! Reagan is as sweet as he can be, loves everyone sit down and he is in your lap! One of his favorites is his two-legged cousin Jack, who loves his "Ray-ray" very much.

Reagan has also accepted his newest brother two-legged who showed up in May Baby Ryan loves his puppies, and already wants to pet them! My old Oreo went to the bridge recently after some 20 years on this Earth. When rescued by BHRG, he was blind, flea ridden, and heartworm positive. When I adopted him in , we all figured he might have a few years left.

Those years turned into quite a few years. She is a joy to have as a part of our lives! She is the sweetest dog; I can't imagine anyone EVER letting her go, but now that we have her, she is here to stay! We already had a Basset named Savannah tri-color and she was so happy to get a new friend. They love each other as you can tell by the photo.

We adopted Maple formerly known as Gladys one year ago. It was a long drive down to Perimeter Mall to pick her up, but that has to be one of the best days of our lives! Here we are one year later with a crazy 45 lb Beasset Hound, Basset-Beagle mix! Maple is spoiled rotten, with her own stairs to "our" bed, her own pillow at the foot of the bed that she will not go to sleep without, and the love of our entire family. My sisters and parents argue over who get's to Maple sit when we go out of town. She definitely has a wild streak, and a penchant for electrical wires! Maple keeps us on our toes and has provided countless hours of entertainment and undying love.

We have the Basset nightly around here, and we play drag o war instead of tug o war, we are her keepers of bones and greenies, and the givers of belly rubs and the receivers of welcome home kisses! Hello, my name is Emily. I was adopted in August of I first want to thank Lisa for helping me find my new home, she knows me as Sally.

I also want to thank Rebecca for being such a great foster mom and taking really good care of me until I went to my forever home. I have a great new family, who takes care of me and changed my name to Emily Rose; they also call me Ms. My four-legged brother, Max, and I bonded instantly, but my four-legged sister, Chelsea, is still the boss. I am very social and I like to try to make friends outside, but I love that I am an indoor dog and can cuddle with my mom and human sister.

By the way did I mention my human sister is wrapped around my finger, all I have to do is bark, and she does whatever I want? In fact, I once got a whole shelf of treats, but now I have lost my girlie figure. I do love to eat, and when my bowl is empty, I just take it to my mom and she gives me more. I love my new family, and they just got me a new four-legged sister, Molly. She and I both have long ears. I am very happy in my new home! I would like to thank Michelle for finding me my new home and transporting me here.

It rained the first week that I was here, and when mommy let me outside I hid underneath the sliding board. I gained 10lbs in the first month. I still dump my food dish, because I cannot eat out of the bowl. I love remote controls, even more so than my dad does. I have eaten three; they taste really good!

If you want me to do something, you better have a treat. Please do not leave the trash can out, because I will get into trouble. I am nicknamed the Nibbler; I will nibble on everything including you if I want your attention. I am a true basset hound unlike my sister, Emily Rose, I run the show! If you have a lap, I will sit on it. I love my forever home! Note from my mom: Basset Hound Rescue is a wonderful organization. Thank you for my new daughters, Emily and Molly. How could anyone have ever been mean to my little BoBo Bocelli?

It took him two weeks to not be afraid of the dark anymore. He has gained about pounds, and now has a few basset "rolls" on his body He has his own recliner, but he prefers my off-white brocade couch. He sings when you hug him or rub his neck. He sleeps with his sister, Ouisa Belle, in between us in bed every night. I adopted this wonderful dog on December 6, , and what a blessing this dog is to my life.

He has a big personality with a gentle demeanor. Satchel has been everything a dog could be to his human, but most of all he's family! I had some doubts it the very beginning that had nothing to do with Satchel's behavior - I was so stressed during my first month of taking care of him. But because of many wise words of encouragement from the foster mom and the people at BHRG, I was able to overcome my self-imposed stress and began discovering the awesome dog that was now in my life.

Very soon, Satchel and I became like peas and carrots, and it's never been the same since. Some of his favorite things to do are to go on hikes, take long sun shine naps, and socializing at softball games - but most of all he loves Jeep rides to the neighborhood Dairy Queen. Satchel's made an impression on every one he meets and people just fall in love. He even went on a business trip with me and was in a photo shoot with human models. You should have seen the way we worked that set! We're a walking billboard for this rescue organization All I have to say is, "What a dog! Hi my name is Annie.

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  4. I was adopted by my mom and dad in February, and they just love me. They tell me all the time that I am their little princess, and you can see I even have a crown!

    Antics of 'Lady'-a playful basset hound! by Brigitte Pace

    I am the only dog at their house which is fine with me because I get all the attention. Everywhere I go people stop to tell me how pretty I am. My mom and dad can tell I used to be around children because I love to play with the neighbor kids. Thanks Georgia Basset Hound Rescue. We are one happy family now!

    My name is Goldie or GoGo. Mom pretended I was a foster dog until October, , then she made it legal and adopted me. I am so glad BHRG found me and sent me to my forever home. How did they know that my brothers had been anxiously awaiting my arrival? We loved each other from the very first. Jackson and I liked to nap together and Smokey and I especially love to play and run around the backyard in circles. It sure is fun. Mom thinks things were a little rough in the beginning because I was a tad on the wild bad side and my mom was beginning to wonder what she had gotten herself into.

    I still don't know how she knew I was the one who cleaned off the kitchen counters and took dishes out of the sink. Also, I tried to eat that entire bag cereal that I spread all over the kitchen floor so she wouldn't have to clean it up. Plus I even shared those 48 cheese crackers I stole with my brothers. OK, so I ate seven 6-packs without unwrapping them and they had to share one, but I did let them have some. I was just trying to be a nice sister. I jumped and walked with my two front feet up in the air so much, my mom started calling me GoGo Dancer. Now she just calls me GoGo.

    Finally, my mom sent me to stay with a very nice dog trainer Kate Jackson at Jabula Dog Academy for a week and I came home a new dog. Mom says she knows exactly why I came into her life. It turns out I was meant to be here to help mom and Smokey through some very, very sad times. My brother Jackson started feeling bad around Thanksgiving and had to go to the vet lots of times.

    Finally, in January we found out Jackson had cancer. I helped take care of him when he was sick and let him sleep in my crate and my favorite chair if he wanted to. Jackson went to the bridge on April 15, after trying very hard to beat the cancer. My mom knows Smokey especially needs me now. I think I have helped a little. We all miss Jackson, but my mom says having me in her life now seems like a miracle. Thanks BHRG for sending me to my mom. My mom and Smokey say thanks too! We have always been owned by multiple bassets, but when one makes their trip to the Bridge, the emptiness is still the same.

    I was looking for another houndie to train in agility. As fate would have it, my local rescue took in a 6 week old puppy named Buford who is pictured with Adrianne , and we ended up fostering and then foster failing on him. He was the fourth basset member of our family. Our hearts were broken, and our house felt empty without her. A big piece of us was missing. I learned a month later that Adrianne was returned by her adopters for a variety of reasons. Stephanie took a chance and contacted me again. Adrianne had been adopted out twice, returned twice.

    See a Problem?

    I told her I would check with my husband, but highly doubted he was ready to adopt again. And come here she did. She was finally on her way home. Yes, Adrianne DOES get into the garbage even when it is fortified behind a baby gate, kitchen tables, and chairs! She is tall and goofy, just like Duchess was, and amazingly, does some of the same little quirky things Duchess did that none of my other dogs do!

    She is very much like I imagined my Duch to be when she was a young, bratty kid. We were so lucky to meet Luke and when we were told that we could adopt him, we were just so happy. We cannot think of any reason why he and his brother were homelees because he is the most beautiful dog. He lives in our family with our other basset, Lady, who is 13 months old, and with our daughter, Kristina, who is 12 years old, and my husband and me, and our guinea pig, Molly. Luke and Lady just fell in love when they met, and we just fell in love with Luke when we saw him the day before. It was like it was meant to be because we were not out looking for a basset to adopt and then suddenly we met Luke and his foster mom!

    How could we do anything else than take Lady to see him? Now they are like a married couple. Thank you very much for Luke. Best regards The Bach Family. My name is Zoe , aka.. I love to sing so much, I think I'll get into the American Idol contest! I'm sure I'll win paws down! It must be true, 'cause every time I go for a car ride and I sing there too! Thank you BHRG for giving me a great home and a wonderful family! A special helloooooo to my foster parents! I'm Lumpy, a. I now have two nice homes. I have a townhome in Smyrna on a lake with lots of steps, a park, geese and ducks, and miles of sidewalks, and two sisters who are cats.

    My sisters and I play a game called "hard to get". I ignore them and they ignore me. My mommy and daddy like it that way, though. My other home is a cabin in the woods in the north Georgia mountains. Up there, I have a big yard to explore next to a noisy creek. During the week, I stay with my daddy in the cabin and go to work with him everyday at his construction project where I bark at all the workers.

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    They've adopted me too - as the project mascot and call me funny names like "Flash" and "Lightning". I had trouble getting in and out of the car at first because of my arthritis, but my daddy gives me bioflex and baby aspirin wrapped in cheese twice a day and I'm much better. Sometimes I use a ramp to get into the Jeep, and sometimes I just get in all by myself. I love to ride in daddy's Jeep too because I have a big, soft bed and daddy keeps a stash of treats under his seat. We stop for coffee and milk bones on our trips too - at the Race Trac in Ellijay. I don't worry about finding a soft place to sleep anymore because besides my Jeep bed, I have 4 other beds.

    One's in my daddy's office, one is in the cabin, and two are in my townhome. I don't have many accidents in the house anymore as I know to go to the door and bark when I have to go out and potty. I took my first trip to the "Basset Barbershop" on a Saturday. The girls at the shop told my daddy they were not going to give me back to him. I guess they liked me. I'm eating better and I get brown rice and grated cheese with my kibble.

    I want to beef up a bit before I go to my new vet, Dr. Ann Mayberry-Welch, at the end of the month. The only place I can't go with my daddy is when he has Georgia National Guard drill. My daddy says my legs are too short to salute and, besides, the U. Army already has a mascot. I know my mommy and daddy love me too because they keep calling me their "big, beautiful, bodacious, Basset boy". They promised me that, someday, I can have a playmate and companion that they'll adopt from the BHRG too- just like me. I was a stray walking the streets of Atlanta, and the local animal control was going to put me to sleep.

    Whew, it was close. They fell in love with me at first sight! They couldn't wait to take me home because they had driven a long way to find a special basset. Well, I went home with my new parents the next weekend I had to be neutered first and met my big sister. And when I say "big", I mean it. She's a German Shepherd dog.

    Well we were best buds immediately and played until we couldn't play anymore. We were a happy family. Then my parents found a stray, and she was a chihuahua named Midgie, and we just had to keep her. She fit in great! Well, we moved back home to Kentucky and mom and dad kept finding strays and then they started fostering for the local humane society over 50 dogs saved and rehomed so far. I just love meeting the new foster dogs and one day a very special foster dog came home with us and she was a pretty basset.

    Well, my parents thought she was so special; I once again had another sister. How lucky am I to have three sisters and two parents to love me. I even now live on a farm and get to sniff all kinds of cool stuff! But my favorite thing to do is lay on the couch with my mommy and get all the attention! Thanks BHRG for finding me the best family ever! As you can tell, I sleep wherever I want My mommy adpoted me, Emmaline , on St. Patrick's Day because she was lonely. To her surprise, she met my daddy the very next weekend! At first, daddy didn't think I was a real dog because I didn't fetch and all I did was sleep My parents seem to take in the lonely She taught me how to drink out of the toilet and I taught Sambuca how to sleep on the couch.

    She is the biggest wannabe you have ever seen! We have a cat sister, too. She doesn't give us much trouble. The best is when we go to Georgia we live in Florida to see grandma and grandpa. They have 3 bassets and a wannabe! Can you imagine dinnertime with the 6 of us? Well, just wanted to check in and let you know that all was going great! I wonder if we will have another sister? My name is is Dexter , my forever family adopted me on Thanksgiving, and I have died and gone to heaven! My two legged sister and dad saw my picture and fell in love at first sight,but had to get the thumbs up from mommie.

    She really didn't want to because she just had her beloved poodle stolen and was completly heartbroken. But like I said,momie has a tough telling sissy no! When first saw Sissy, I knew I was never leaving! My mom, well I knew I would have to win her over. When I first came here, Mom said I looked a liitle tired and sad, and my ears where in pretty bad shape.

    But being the animal lover she is, she made a point of being nice to me. Now she can't enough of me! Don't tell her, as much as I love her, I love Sissy more! Sissy takes me for walks and loves on me all the time. I have made a few doggie friends,and they come over to play me with all the time, and sometimes Mommie let's them stay the night with me. I've taken over all the pillows, blankets, Mommie's side of the bed, and she dosen't seem to mind.

    The only time she gets mad at me is when she is sleeping during the day cuz she works nights , I'll decide I have to have the pillow she is using, and I will stand there whining and barking until she bops me on my head with MY PILLOW My mommie told me that her heart doesn't so bad anymore since I came. The only complaint I have here is taking my medicine, but I get a really good treat for taking it!

    MY mom works in a resturant and she usally brings some awesome treats for me. When she doesn't, I'll give the sad eyes treatment all day so she'll double the goodies next time! I love my Family, and I know they love me too. They show me and tell me how much they love me everyday! So it took me awhile to finally sit down and write to you about Stella. At first I hesitated because I thought I would have plenty of time. Then I waited because it was so hard. I got Stella April 17, It was the happiest day of my life.

    I brought her home and at first she was a little hesitant to warm up to my other dog Merkery. After she figured out he wasn't going anywhere, they got along fine. Even though Merk was a much younger dog than Stella, they would still run around the apartment and play. Her favorite room was the kitchen, and she adored sleeping on the bed The trip was pretty long for Stella, but she spent most of it napping. When we finally reached TX, she was thrilled. We had an actual home to live in She loved going outside to sunbathe in the wonderful TX sun and would give a scratch at the door to be let in Sometime in August she was diagnosed with mouth cancer But you could never tell Stella was sick.

    She still stalked me when I headed toward the kitchen, greeted me lovingly at the door, and cuddled up next to me at night. Unfortunately, in the middle of November she lost her battle with cancer. She stopped eating It was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life Even though I only had her for seven months, she made those seven months the greatest. I am sending you a picture of our wonderful basset "Tucker". He was known with you as Big Boy. Since adopting him over 4 years ago, we have relocated to the panhandle area of Florida. He loves the warm climate, loves to run in the sand, chase waves and chased the seagulls and little crabs on the beach.

    He never meets a stranger and loves to stop to "chat" with everyone. He is about years old now, and weighs in at 70 pounds. He still thinks he is a lap dog. He is a total member of the family, and the best thing that ever happened to us. Thank you again. My wife and I adopted Maizy from you around March. She has really blossomed into a wonderful companion. My wife and I feel our home is full again. Around here she is also known as "Couch Potato". I'm Coral , and I have a story to tell you!

    First, I want to thank my foster family for taking such good care of me. I love you! In October , I was adopted by my forever family.