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The author challenges the meaningfulness of precision and recall values as a measure of performance of a retrieval system. The author examines selected examples of the literature that generate conflict between cultural responsibility and artistic freedom along with a sampling of the heated and heartfelt exchange about that literature in Internet discussions.

This article argues that those in leadership roles bear a special responsibility for creating a sense of purpose in the organisation. A powerful and inspiring landscape, the Grand Canyon overwhelms our senses through its immense size. While illustration can clarify meaning for a child, pictures will also dilute the experience and colour it with the artist's own interpretation. If you do not observe this rule, the resulting class number will be either meaningless or, at least, have the wrong meaning.

Trying to reason out or make sense from an obsessive thought usually only strengthens the thought. It is only by human intervention at the time of data creation that sufficient normalization can be effected to make innovative machine access meaningful. The model visually demonstrates how concrete experiences give meaning to abstract theories. Messages which users receive from the products of their culture contain information which aids in the sense-making process. The most important factor in literary acculturation is the peer group process of meaning making.

The thirst grew not just for preservation but for circulation of stories that gave meaning to life and coherence to communities. In the rather scary, insecure world in which we now live, people require access to the information, knowledge, ideas and works of imagination to make sense of their lives. We need answers to these double-edged questions of why bother about children's books and the method of introducing books to children.

Among Mr. Welsh's professional activities and accomplishments are his successful efforts to foster an increased two-way communication between LC's Processing Department and his professional colleagues in the field. She had over a dozen cavities and was given a liquid which knocked her out after about 30 minutes. A year-old man was knocked unconscious in an attack while riding his bike late at night. Duck-billed platypus, a semi aquatic mammal, is a soft and cuddly creature, but can also knock you senseless if you venture too close.

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  • Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo Anthology 2: Literary virtual reality in a high-tech low-life hangout..

My head smacked into the cement sidewalk, and knocked the wits out of me for a good bit. Forgetting the wall mounted television directly above her, Gemma stood up quickly and banged her head hard, knocking herself out. Since then library planning has developed along lines best suited to British practise and needs. As we have seen, equivalence relationships are essentially one-way , taking us from non-preferred terms to preferred.

Through the study group I put some meaning back in my life - on Monday mornings it's easier to get out of bed. If you go off at tangents, you could end up with pointless discussions about the best car to buy, the public transport alternatives, etc. Unfortunately the Oz government is hell bent on turning a pointless argument into an economic disaster.

In times of dictatorship artists resort to a language of double meaning to express unpopular opinions. We stand with the Secretary-General of the United Nations and other distinguished speakers in stating without equivocation that everyone has the right to freedom of expression. These brief, generalized statements will become more meaningful as you examine actual manifestations of PMES and T in the CC schedules. Even countries which have well-developed economic infrastructures may in some respects experience poverty of information, particularly in rural areas.

This edition was found to be inadequate in several respects , and the same could be said of all editions until the eighteenth. To some extent , at least, any theory designed to study this process evolves from practice rather than vice versa. In a sense she was relieved, because, while she thought that she had acquitted herself reasonably well, she wanted next time to be better prepared. Tighten the fitting with a pipe wrench in a clockwise direction. Different permutations are made by reading the elements in a clockwise direction and leading with a different element in each compound.

It is mentioned here as an example of a specialised list of subject headings, special in the sense that it is intended for a particular type of application. If one had to make a gross generalisation about library borrowers it would be along the lines that they are more likely to be women than men.

Application Requirements

This will satisfy the second objective of an author catalogue, in that it becomes easy to review the extent of a library's collection of works by a specific author. To a great extent preservation consists of appropriate storage of documents in the broadest sense. Godwin argues that insincerity is the most stubborn obstacle to social reform and political revolution in the widest sense.

He was an social anthropologist associated with what has become known as functionalism, in which he put forward the idea that questions concerning the origins, stages and law of development in culture are subordinate or secondary to discernment of functions. One is the written word, letters to LC, and no one is particularly shy on that score nor should be. This has provided several new schedules for the revised edition, and substantial progress has been made in working out others along the same lines. Not so much has been done along these lines , beyond the bounds of arithmetic, as might be done, primarily because of the economics of the situation.

However, its potential in this direction became evident, and in a catalogue card service was started. The socio-political reform now under way in Hungary requires renewal from librarianship as well, and one may draw on the author's ideas in this respect. In other words, the elements of any single case may point to several concepts; in this sense , the cases are like icebergs - more is hidden han appears on the surface. Except for a few library schools like that of the University of Botswana which is gradually attempting to adapt the curricula to the African environment, little has been done in this vein in the other library schools.

The most important events which took place in this spirit are the following. In this regard , the traditional view of the library as a storehouse of materials cast a long shadow over future goals. One major element in this effort is developing and educating existing library staff. In that spirit , I offer the following breakdown of Internet and Web documents.

Abstracting journals especially suffer on this score because the preparation and inclusion of abstracts is time-consuming. As the title of my talk indicates, we are on thin ice, and in more ways than one. Databases differ in many respects , most importantly in content and types of source document. The enumeration is still, in most respects , relevant to She is not a 'progressive' educator in any sense of the word , and vehemently resists what she calls 'undigested novelties' and 'frills and fripperies' in teaching methodologies.

In spite of their protestations to the contrary , most bosses prefer subordinates whom they get along with, who cause them no anxiety, who quietly accept their decisions, who praise them. The front of the lens and the filter both unscrew in a counterclockwise direction. Next, taking the handle of the windlass the rounce in his left hand he gave it one full turn anti-clockwise , thus running the rear half of the forme back under the platen.

Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery terminal by loosening the holding clamp nut with an adjustable wrench in a counterclockwise direction. Communication flows in all directions - vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Officials say a ruptured section of pipeline that spewed oil into a southern Michigan river had a lengthwise rip less than five feet long.

Peel onions, halve lengthways and slice very thinly crosswise. Of course, reference service in its broadest sense has generally included both the informational ie, reference work and the instructional functions. The study covers the full range of functions for the bibliographic record in its widest sense.

In all these regards , the public library is distinctly unlike the school, academic, or research library and, unsurprisingly, its collection development reflects this, too. Subsequent to the seminar the majority of academic libraries have had open access service in almost all respects similar to the general principles discussed at York. The use of libraries has in every sense risen between and The professional role of the library is, typically, to introduce people to relevant information using that term in a very broad sense to include imaginative literature and intelligent recreation.

This article describes some of the main reference sources for Sephardic studies in the broader sense of covering issues related not only to the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula and their descendants, but also to those of the Middle east and North Africa. In a broad sense , electronic commerce is the sale of products and services over the Internet. In a broader sense , however, the global tightening of information and border controls affect many spheres of society.

But in a larger sense , we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground. Parts of the schedules differ in various respects from other parts of the schedules. Bertrand Russell has written a great deal of sense about the tricky problem of individual liberty and achievement and its relationship to government control. He then went on to note sardonically that, 'this may not be a major drawback because of the increasingly uncritical acceptance of cataloging data which probably conflicts with previous practice at a given library'. Apparently minor errors in the use of notational symbols can make nonsense of class numbers.

So while that may have accorded with a rule, it violated common sense. In such cases consultation of the classified files would be pointless and frustrating to the user. Quine's thesis of the inscrutability of reference maintains that it is senseless to ask what the referent of a term is.

It makes no sense to sacrifice our health to balance the budget. The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes. There was , it appeared, little point in spending more than four minutes indexing a particular document, for the additional time gave no improvement in results. There seems little point in hundreds of cataloguers in separate locations wading through cataloguing codes and classification schemes in order to create a variety of catalogue records for the same work. The article 'Reeling and writhing and fainting ' outlines the problems encountered by illustrators of books.

It is the same painful image of a hunted down woman losing her senses and led by shreds of twisted logic. The bleed was so severe that she almost lost her consciousness and had to be hospitalised for 10 weeks. Endowed with the gift of being able to both listen and question, this paragon always is ready to meet the public without losing balance or a sense of humor.

What further indications do you see that Macbeth has lost his sense of reality?. The concept of the main entry has lost any meaningful purpose in current online cataloguing. The symptoms of agoraphobia, a condition in which an individual fears entering public areas, include fears of leaving home, fainting , entering open and closed spaces, shopping, entering social situations, and traveling far from home. Representations of phenomena particularly important to melodrama are examined, such as love, farewells, deaths, tears, and fainting fits.

But what is the point of paying through the nose for booze that you can get just as easily at the Supermarket at half the price? Although the isolate numbers for the concepts are correct, these mistakes in the use of facet indicators render this class number meaningless. Hundreds of thousands of people died from this inexplicable ailment without ever regaining consciousness. Listening to stories, poems, nursery rhymes, nonsense , while occupied with a loved adult in a comforting activity, acclimatizes the infant to the rhythms of prose and poetry. For the student of literature, the rediscovery of the pleasures of nursery rhyme, of folk and fairy tales, of nonsense verse and story leads in itself to a realization of their importance and function in our lives.

Answers to the basic questions could be produced on the basis of common sense , in each individual instance. This article reveals seven key points which apply street savvy psychology in the workplace. However, what is considered good judgement in one culture is often considered bad judgement within another culture.

In my judgment , these changes will come about in one of two ways. Daniel used good sense in that he did not cause a confrontation over the matter but went to the eunuch and asked for permission to eat pulse and water.

Society, Development, and Spanish Language Program

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High School. Gap year. Students in this program have the option of completing Spanish language coursework in combination with elective courses in English related to a variety of disciplines, including Argentine culture and society, economics, politics, and viticulture. Coursework is designed for visiting international students, though elective courses in English are also open to Argentine students at the Universidad de Congreso.

API students participate in several excursions per session designed to help familiarize them with areas of their host city, country, and surrounding region. The following is a listing of all excursions for API Mendoza programs. All excursions are subject to change. The group will travel approximately an hour outside of Mendoza to be dazzled by the magnificent views. While hiking, students will be introduced to the native fauna and flora of the region and experience the majestic beauty of the mountains around them.

Como Leer y Estudiar La Biblia

Located in the mountain village of Cacheuta is a relaxing resort featuring a number of thermal baths of varying temperatures, as well as mud therapy, saunas, and other relaxing treatments. API students will enjoy a therapeutic retreat from their studies here! San Rafael, developed from the desert, is an oasis similar to Mendoza due to its network of canals.

By , San Rafael had become a major destination for European immigrants, drawn by the developing fruit orchards, olives groves, and vineyards. San Rafael is now an important economic hub in the southern part of the Mendoza province. The torrential Atuel and Diamante Rivers have led to the creation of a number of hydroelectric dams, as well as a large reservoir and lakes, which have become major tourist sites.

The lakes and rivers offer wonderful opportunities for water sports and great scenery. San Rafael also has a dazzling canyon formed by the Atuel River, with incredible rock formations. Housing more than one-third of the total Chilean population, Santiago defines Chile. It is a thriving metropolis with many museums, restaurants, and other cultural activities.

Surrounded by mountains and with its mixture of architecture reminiscent of both old Europe and the United States, Santiago enthralls visitors. On the second day, the group will go on a full day excursion to Valparaiso to see one of the most beautiful cities in Chile next to the Pacific Ocean. Mendoza is the main wine-producing region of Argentina, featuring more than producing wineries. Leaving the city of Mendoza, one encounters olive oil factories and wineries.

On route back to Mendoza, participants will enjoy visiting a famous church related to the history of Mendoza and its vineyards. Advanced-level Spanish speakers have the option to complete coursework in Spanish alongside their Argentine peers. As the standard Argentine academic calendar begins earlier than the session for international students, taking courses with Argentines will require an additional fee and affect the program start date.

Español | Our Daily Bread University

Students who wish to gain professional experience while earning academic credit are recommended to select the internship course offered by the Universidad de Congresso. The Argentine academic calendar follows the calendar year. The first semester in Argentina is actually the equivalent of the spring semester in the U. Students selecting either the Academic Year or Calendar Year options will have approximately a 2-month break between semesters during which API housing is not provided.

API students receive their transcript from the Universidad de Congreso upon completion of their program. Rodrigo will be your Resident Director in Mendoza and a resource for you while you are in Argentina! Most students will complete a total of courses. The amount of courses you can take is dependent on your language level.

All courses are equivalent to 3 U. Advanced-level Spanish speakers will have the option to take courses with local Argentine students these are labeled as 'with local students' in the course title of the subjects below. Although you will not know what courses are available with Argentines courses are offered based on students interests' until you arrive in Argentina, we would like to know if you are interested in exploring this academic option.

Remember that integrated courses will require you to stay past the standard program end date, through the integrated exam period. Please indicate you are interested in taking courses with Argentines in your Course Form during your application process and your Program Coordinator will follow up with you.

Recommended US semester credits: 3. View Syllabus. The main objective of the Agribusiness Course is to provide an inside of the local Agribusiness in Mendoza Argentina as well as to train students to analyze socio-economic interactions among individuals, resources and agriculture markets. Furthermore, enable students to acquire knowledge and tools to contribute to the provision of answers to local agriculture production e. The course would have theoretical lessons as well as fieldwork and excursions. Students are expected to attend and participate in classes as well as prepare a final presentation on a case study and share their views on this learning experience in Argentina.

This class will take 14 weeks to develop and discuss an introduction to creative writing. There will be both short assignments and longer assignments which are meant to explore, define and refine tools needed for creative writing. The course synthesizes both reading and writing with an emphasis on the creative production. The texts span the genres of prose; fiction [novels and short stories], non-fiction and poetry. Selected published works will be analyzed in class both to provide inspiration for student writing as well as to represent strategies.

Writing Assignments are used to promote creative exploration and self-expression. Students will build a body of work throughout the 4 months together. Earlier drafts and revisions should be saved and not deleted. One longer text will be selected for submission in the final portfolio. This is a workshop whose main objective is the production of original work. The weekly assignments should be available on the Internet for the instructor and everyone else in the class each week. What every visitor basically wants, whether he is interested or not in the winemaking process, is to listen and learn about the basics of viticulture, its process in the vineyards and of course, the production of wine from start to finish and finally, the presentation of the product to the public.

All of this can be achieved with training led by knowledgeable professionals involved in the winemaking business. We will look at how the dynamic triangle of Environment, Politics, and Identity manifests itself in Argentine Literature. We then turn to some of the major literary movements in Argentina during the 20th Century with an in-depth analysis of the works of Jorge Luis Borges.

Language of Instruction: English Spanish. This course is intended for students who are interested in exploring the specific configurations of gender identities and relations in Latin America, with a specific emphasis on Argentina. In addition, students will be introduced to some of the policies through which the Argentinian State has sought to tackle gender power imbalances, including laws such as the Sexual Health and Responsible Procreation Law , the Comprehensive Sexuality Education Law and the Law to Eradicate gender-based violence Argentina entered the 21st Century immersed in an economic, political and social crisis that sparkled new social movements and strengthened existing ones.

The women's movement and the LGBT movement in Argentina have achieved legal successes during the first decades of the new millennium, including civil rights like same-sex marriage, the possibility of legally changing gender identity and access to a wide range of sexual and reproductive rights. However, cultural changes are not always attuned to legal changes, and women and people who do not fit the heterosexual norm still face challenges when it comes to living the lives they choose, free from violence.

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  • Luigi Giussani (1922–2005).
  • Pathways to Financial Freedom?
  • Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung, Urbanisierung und Industrialisierung in Südafrika (German Edition);

The course will focus both on these achievements and these challenges. Sexualities are fluid, diverse, influenced by factors such as age, religious beliefs, local traditions, ethnic background, etc. All these will be explored throughout the course readings and activities. The goal of this course is to provide students wi a basic rules and framework in international human rights law and the different systems of enforcement. For this reason, it is open to students that have no background in international law or international human rights law. Also, it will explore the challenges and opportunities for human rights promotion and protection.

The program studies basic elements and other types of protection as the International Criminal Law, basically the concept of international crimes and their historical evolution. Finally, the course will explore a number of topics in international human rights law in Argentine and Latin America: obligation assumed by the States thereby the International Declarations, Conventions and Treaties. The theory provided at the beginning and the end of the course will provide insights into history,.

This course provides a detailed overview of the wine industry with emphasis in wine production and wine evaluation. Students will learn about viticulture, wine-making, and wine tasting, with vocabulary-building exercises, reading comprehension, and study labs.

  • The Radical Middle Class: Populist Democracy and the Question of Capitalism in Progressive Era Portland, Oregon (Politics and Society in Modern America).
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  • Escuela de la Biblia Online gratis y Ordenación (si es necesario) Instituto de Líderes Cristianos!

The content can be applied globally; however, Argentine wine production will be the center of discussion. A brief history will be provided to meet economic, political and social issues of Argentina since its inception as a. As a criterion for the successive exposure issues will be discussed in greater depth the closer in time the content.

Two approaches to the development of the course will be used: the first from a macroeconomic perspective: fiscal. The public system is highly decentralized at the provincial level. In the case of primary care is frequently under. Since , the number of Argentines relying on public services has been increased. And the effort of the policies. The harmonious and sustainable economic development of a region implies a balance between productive sectors, society, and institutions.

In a long-term perspective intra-generational effects become significant; therefore the sustainability approach applied to rural development imposes certain criteria. This course aims to analyze the structure of agricultural markets, understand the impact of the activity on all production units, introduce the main concepts of economic analysis in the environmental and territorial area, and contribute to the analysis and design of production policies in the future.

The course is an introduction to the principal concepts of social policy and the most recent discussion of social protection in Latin America and Argentina. The course will aport to the critical perspective of the community development and the relations between the state, the market and community development using the categories that the theory of social politics aport to see these thematics.

This course provides an introduction to the principal concepts of social policy and the most recent discussions of social protection in Latin American and Argentina. This course will help students to realize about the problems that affect our planet such as climate change, pollution, greenhouse effect, deforestation, etc. It is an important tool for facing man-made effects on the environment through its three dimensions: environmental, social and economic.

The objective is to learn how to face human life in each place we live in under the concept of sustainability, involving the simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality, and social equity but also considering the cultural dimension. Mega mercados y alianzas. Desarrollar en el estudiante la capacidad de evaluar y solucionar problemas inherentes a su ambiente.

Para ello se ha seleccionado un conjunto de importantes trabajos existentes referidos a los mismos. Today it is required that the Organizational and Labor Psychologist have global perspective, thought and competitiveness. Within our scenario today there are some questions that are worth thinking and re-thinking: What position should Human Resources departments take in organizations? If it is we want to startunraveling some questions, as professionals responsible for human development, it seems important to consider some proposals.

These should emerge around the basic premise that the role of the Organizational Psychologist, which probably needs to be re-conceptualized. Some authors today argue that the facets of the new role of the organizational psychologist seem to be oriented in relation to a professional profile: innovative, intelligent and daring. This means positioning ourselves in a different way to what we have been doing to solve the new challenges that arise today in organizations.

CognoscitivosLograr que el estudiante AptitudinalesContribuir a que el estudiante ActitudinalesFomentar en el estudiante Las edades de la historia. Hechos relevantes. Arquitectura sin arquitectos. Edad antigua: Edad Media, Edad Moderna. Prehistoria e historia. El surgimiento de las primeras civilizaciones. Grecia Roma. Edad Media. El paisaje natural, el paisaje cultural, paisajismo sustentable.