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His triumph raised the question of whether his realpolitik would lead to a shift towards economic nationalism, undermining the liberal framework if the international economic order and a structural transformation of globalization. His presidency allows us to study what the nationalist far-right actually does when it rules. To some, the trade war indicates such a shift in the international political economy based on selective protectionism and partial imperial retreat.

On the contrary, Trump's economic and foreign policies embody a neo-Reaganite approach to intensifying world market integration, while his bilateral transactionalism is merely the strategy to achieve this particular goal. Hence, Trump's economic approach is in fact a continuation of, not a rupture with, Barack Obama's foreign economic policy goals and merely radicalizes Obama's competitive-austerity approach in a global beggar-thy-neighbor capitalism. Der bilaterale Transaktionalismus ist lediglich ein anderer strategischer Ansatz zur Erreichung dieses Ziels.

Kasseler Schriften zur Friedenspolitik. Kassel: Jenior, pp. The Green New Deal, understood as a means to reestablishing US hegemony, has failed and given way to a global austerity turn. This has significant consequences for the ability of the US state to fully and hegemonically integrate China US foreign policy faces a dilemma. On the one hand the financial dependence on China rule out direct confrontation, on the other hand the perpetuation of US hegemony depends on averting that the increasing regional integration in South East Asia emerges as a challenge to the US-dominated world economy and its monetary configuration.

The US are therefore pursuing a risky strategy that seeks to achieve its goals through utilizing existing tensions, most notably around the South China Sea, in order to increase US military presence in the region. The article contextualizes the current NATO intervention into the Libyan civil war in the debates about the new imperialism and the crisis of global capitalism. It poses the question as to whether it can be interpreted as an act of Based on an analysis of the political economy of Libya from decolonization to the contemporary Gadhafi regime, it argues that the integration of Libya into the world order of global capitalism had already occurred as an act of free will.

Therefore other reasons must have led to the hesitant decision to go to war. More Info: Pt. Strutynski, Peter Ed.

Ausfürliches Abkürzungsverzeichnis - USA-Lexikon

Die Welt ist in Bewegung geraten. Quartal , S. Forces of Labor. Arbeiterbewegungen und Globalisierung seit [Forces of Labor. Labor Movements and Globalization since ] more. Labor Movement. View on pecritique. Stimmt das? Konzerne und "Steuermoral" [Corporations and Tax Evasion] more. Er sei kein Reformer, sondern spinne die Krise weiter Er sei kein Reformer, sondern spinne die Krise weiter.


Aussenpolitisch steht das Weisse Haus zur Zeit angesichts der Kriegsvorbereitungen gegen Syrien wieder ganz vorne im Rampenlicht. View on freie-radios.

Arroganz der Weltmacht. War on Terror , U. View on ag-friedensforschung. Libyen und der neue Imperialismus [Oil, Control, and Ideology. Libya and the New Imperialism] more. Social Theory, Political Theory and Marxism. A central pillar of contemporary conspiracy theories is the notion that all modern wars were secretely plotted and instigated by the Federal Reserve Bank.

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In these circles, the founding of the so called "Creature from Jekyll Island" in Also right-wing libertarians critical of U. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul have led a long struggle to "End the Fed" as his book is called , and signs to "End the Fed" could also be seen at demonstrations of the international Occupy movement leading to heated debates and confrontations.

Against these conspiracy theories and drawing on key American historians' debates, this paper scrutinizes the actual historical origins of the Federal Reserve Act and shows that the founding of the Federal Reserve took place not in a period of defeat but rather the advance of subaltern social forces and that the Federal Reserve Act is an embodiment of a historic compromise between various social classes and class fractions in the political economy of the United States prior to World War One.

Drawing on the theoretical tradition of neo-Gramscianism, the paper argues that the emergence of a U. In other words, the American Empire was not the result of a devious plan by an all-powerful American or transnational ruling class, but rather its Making was the consequence of a political process in which subaltern social forces, unable to fundamentally challenge the existing power structure as such, are co-opted, absorbed and inscribe themselves into that very structure. Progressive Era , Labor History U. History , Karl Marx , U. View on inkrit. Karl Marx' Philosophie der Praxis.

Transatlantic Theory Transfer. Missed Encounters?

Geburtstags [Karl Marx's Philosophy of Praxis. On the Occasion of His th Birthday] more. Gramscis Konzept des organischen Solange es Klassengesellschaften gibt, werden organische Intellektuelle auf die Universalisierung der Interessen ihrer Klassen durch eine Sprache der Wahrheit und Notwendigkeit zielen.

Ein Endpunkt ist seine Theorie des Staates im Kapitalismus jedoch nicht. Stattdessen ist sie auch durch historische Kontextualisierung in der View on wildcat-www. Der Brumaire des Donald J. Berlin: Dietz, Diese Entwicklung in der Rationalisierung kapitalistischer Produktion revolutionierte nicht nur Dabei wird die Relevanz der Marx'schen Entfremdungstheorie und mithin die Einheit von jungem und altem Marx behauptet. Jahrhundert begeben. Wer vom Kapitalismus reden will, sollte von Migration und Heimatverlust nicht schweigen.

Um den Begriff des Imperialismus, seinen Gegenstand und seine Reichweitewurde seit je gestritten. Ist er der Oberbegriff,der die Rebuttal to Andreas Wehr] more. View on zeitschrift-marxistische-erneuerung. Vorabdruck des 7. Kapitels aus dem Buch "Imperialismus. An Introduction" ] more. Die Rede ist vom britischamerikanischen Geografen David Harvey. Am Oktober wird er 80 Jahre Oktober wird er 80 Jahre alt. Wie kam es dazu und warum? Theorie, praktisch. Frank Deppe zum Geburtstag [Theory, practically.


In Celebration of Frank Deppe's 70th Birthday] more. Staatstheorie und US-amerikanischer Superstaat. A Conversation With Clyde W. Barrow] more.

Auswahlverfahren an amerikanischen Elite-Universitäten

View on argument-verlag. Kritische Intellektuelle im An Interview with Stephen Gill] more. Review of "Aufstieg der Neocons. Drury more. Review of "The Liberal Virus. Foreign Policy , and Imperialism. Talking About Power. The Crisis of the German Left Jacobin interview more. But as the main parties lose their hold over Germans, the Left does not seem well-placed to take advantage.

Publication Date: Publication Name: Jacobin. View on jacobinmag. The Death of the German Dream Jacobin interview more. Angela Merkel has resigned as CDU leader.


Her failed promises of "prosperity for all" are leading to the disintegration of the traditional mass parties. New arrangements were needed. Germain carried this out beautifully, with help from the Master Hilarion. As that time approached, however, it became increasingly clear that the Cabals who control your world wished to avoid this payout. A few decades later, it concerned the bringing to light of a humanitarian project approved by the IMF. Over time, this led to the emergence of a number of governmental, economic and political coalitions, which were protected by the Ascended Masters.

In , this measure was officially carried into effect by a series of secret agreements promising that the UFO cover-up would cease when these funds were disbursed. They hoped that this policy would enable them to block the disbursement of funds. Viewed as a modern development, the roots of NESARA can be found in the response by the Supreme Court to banking foreclosures against farm property which the Court found to be illegal. In the course of reviewing these practices, the Court went further and ruled that many other contemporary banking, taxation and governance arrangements were unconstitutional.

The US internal terrorist act of September 11, , was the most dramatic of these tactics. The gold which backed the new currency was stored in the WTC towers and stolen by the cabal. That is why the provisions of NESARA are monumental in scope, embodying sweeping reforms for Earth that will begin as soon as the legislation is officially announced. When people become aware of the reforms, they will be motivated to participate according to their capabilities. Following that you will be in the right frame of mind to apply yourselves to the business of preparing for Ascension.

That is the ultimate goal. According to Matthew, the dark forces tenaciously held onto control of the top rungs of all human institutions. Now they are realizing that it cannot work for them much longer, and they are sparing no tactic to hold onto their fast-ebbing control. They may not appreciate the requirement imposed on the coalition that it respect free will. That is to say, potentials that nobody thought about.

However, SaLuSa does make one prediction regarding timing. On Jan.

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