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Plaza Vieja It was the last of the main squares built in the city. It is the only square of the city that does not have a church, because here was located the slave market. Today it has food businesses, sites of historical, social, commercial and artistic interest. It has been recently recommended by Trip Advisor as one of the best places to visit in Havana. The process of restoration to which it has been subjected to has restored its splendor.

The Carrara marble fountain located at its center and designed by Italian Giorgio Massari was even rebuilt. As twin of the Torre de Avira in Cadiz, is the first of its kind in America. The modern equipment donated by the Government of Japan, is complemented by several halls that illustrate the emergence and evolution of the universe.

The setting allows you to enjoy the views of the square while listening to Cuban music. It also has a small cafe of classic style. Later it was used as the headquarters of the Ministry of Education between and , and after the Triumph of the Revolution it was the seat of the municipal government offices. Located on rails in the middle of the entrance of the small alley of Churruca, it shows the visitors the luxury and comfort with which the Presidents used to travel by train.

During the sixteenth century, the area was part of the coastline. It was named after a small Franciscan convent located in the area, which, as time passed by, evolved into the majestic building at present. Around the square, docks, archives of scribes, residences of notable neighbors, governmental institutions, as well as the town hall and the Government building and the prison began to grow that stayed there until That year, they were transferred to the Plaza de Armas. Fuente de los Leones Located on one side of the square, it was definitely settled in that place in Designed and made by Italian sculptor Giuseppe Gaggini, it was carved in white Carrara marble with classic style.

Lonja del Comercio 2 Amargura and Oficios streets, Tel 07 The five-storey classic-style building dates back to , and was built as a modern business center which since its founding has headquartered important companies and offices. It is topped by an imposing dome on whose top was placed a statue of Mercury, the Roman god of commerce, messengers and thieves. Oficios between Amargura and Teniente Rey streets, Tel. In Baroque style, it has a 40 m high bellfry that was, for a long time, the highest point of the city. Eventually, it was consecrated as the main church of the city from where the procession of the Way of the Cross used to depart every Friday.

Its large central nave currently houses one of the most important concert halls in the city and El Museo de Arte Sacro, unique of its kind in the country. It exhibits costumes, altarpieces, vases and chalices, belonging to some of the first churches of the town, as well as displaying the burials of illustrious figures of the city through skylights located on the ground.

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From the tower you can see an interesting view of the city. Beliefs have spread that touching its index finger brings good luck. At this peaceful site lie the remains of important personalities of Cuban culture. On its premises there is also a small Greek Orthodox Church opened in After functioning for some time as market place, in the 19th century it took the name of Parque Michelena, until the twentieth century. It took its name after the custom of sailors to go there to pray for having good trips.

It exhibits numerous collections of equipment of this type of businesses, as well as some medicines and conserved old herbs. La Puerta de la Tenaza is the only gate that remains standing out of the nine that the walls used to have. An inscription, placed on one side of the wall that supports it, shows a map of the ancient walled city.

It is a cultural center because in its spacious side yard multiple community-oriented cultural activities take place. The visitor has the chance to see some old locomotives at its entrance. Now turned into a beautiful promenade, it is illuminated by elaborate iron lampposts and delimited by low and trellised stone walls that isolate it from traffic.

Sagrada Catedral Ortodoxa Rusa Ave. Characterized by the golden domes in the form of bulbs that crown their towers, it has magnificent altars in its interior that are attractive due to their peculiar Byzantine ornamentation. Museo del Ron Havana Club Ave. It exhibits an impressive model of a sugar factory as well as utensils and tools of the Industry.

Nosotros Cubaneamos: Cuba holidays Get the best Day Tours for your Cuba Journey

It has 5 specialized rooms as well as a shop and a bar where you can taste typical cocktails of the Island. It has impressive and luxurious rooms typical of the residence of the presidents of the Republic. At present, it houses the Museum of the Revolution and it exhibits in its rooms an ample collection that illustrates the last stage of the wars for the independence of Cuba. Likewise, it exhibits vehicles and airplanes used in different actions of the clandestine struggle in the cities. These exhibitions display works from the earliest days of the colonial times and the foundation of the Cuban Academy down to Contemporaneity.

Its construction was finished in December, and at that time it was described as one of the most modern and beautiful buildings of the city. At present, the building houses several offices belonging to Cuban and foreign companies.

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It currently maintains its functions and exhibits a statue of Hemingway at the corner of the bar sitting on the same seat he used to sit on. Known for having staged important artistic presentations, its remarkable historical value make it a fundamental site for the history of Cuba, since in its halls the constitution of the Republic was signed in During some time, it was a museum, but after the passage of Hurricane Wilma it underwent a rigorous restoration in order to turn it into an archaeological museum.

From its beginnings, it displaced other avenues of the city as the hub of social life. Around it, the houses of the most notable people of the city assembled. It has 1 km of length and its sections are guarded by eight statues of lions made of bronze. In it took its current physiognomy after a remodeling that provided height to the central walk, which was illuminated with elaborate lampposts and adorned with benches of stone and granite floors.

At its northern end is a statue of Cuban poet and patriot Juan Clemente Zenea. The hotel opened its doors in and has maintained its service uninterruptedly, hosting some of the most important figures that have visited the island. Its gallery shows a collection of black and white photographs of its most distinguished guests among which are Josephine Baker, boxer Joe Louis and Al Capone, who stayed on the sixth floor.

It is also the meeting place for baseball fans. Its fountains and lighting system have been recently restored. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. The building, decorated with neoclassical motifs, was erected in and rebuilt in Renaissance style in The present neo-baroque building dates from when it headquartered the Centro Gallego. This majestic building is topped by a At the foot of the statue of the Republic is located a diamond of 24 carats that belonged to the crown of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and that indicates km 0 of the central road of the Island.

This cacique ruled the area before the arrival of Columbus. Designed and sculpted in by Italian architect Giuseppe Gaggini and commissioned by Conde de Villanueva, it was built in white marble of Carrara in neoclassical style with three meters of height. In his right hand, it holds a horn of plenty and on the left the coat of arms of the city. Parque de la Fraternidad Monte, Reina, Amistad and Prado streets It was located in its current site in , occupying the grounds of the old Campo de Marte, to commemorate the th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

Its present aspect dates from from the times of the renovation carried out by Jean Claude Nicolas Forestier. Busts and statues of the heroes of American independence circle the park. You may now tour it assisted by a guide and may also visit its Casa del Habano to purchase or enjoy the best cigars in the world at its own home. It has become a sample of the microcosm of the city. Occasional fishermen, street musicians and street vendors are a common sight at all times. Today it is a busy place frequented by visitors for rest and relaxation, as well as skating, capoeira and skateboarding.

If you want to enjoy a genuine drumming and a real rumba, this is the place to learn about and have a live first-hand experience with this manifestation declared by UNESCO World Heritage in Currently, at the entrance you can see the two columns that bordered its entrance and the pedestal of the statue of King Carlos III. Nowadays it is the key center of the city and the site of most of the places of interest for tourists located downtown.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba O and 21st streets, Tel. Since its foundation, it has been the flagship hotel of Cuba and the setting for innumerable events and site of preference of many of the famous of the world-wide scene. Its history is also linked to the Mafia and its times of greatest influence in the Island.

Proclaimed National monument in , it is located in the coastal outpost of Punta Brava. The perfect place to taste an excellent Habano or a refreshing Mojito, is one of the favorite places for tourism in Havana, which is why it was declared by the World Travel Group as the Leading Hotel of Cuban tourism since It puts on a spectacular Cuban show marked by good music, singing and dancing performed by important cabaret figures in Cuba. Its stage offers every night a display of talent and creativity designed for the enjoyment at one of the best and most emblematic cabarets in Cuba.

On L street is the majestic staircase, the scene of protests, political ceremonies and youth demonstrations since its early days. Crowned by the statue of the Alma Mater, which was the work of sculptor Mario Korbel and finished in , it is the symbol of this university that receives and dismisses its students on the top of La Colina.

Perhaps the most impressive building on the Colina is the Aula Magna the main lecture hall , a place of great events and richly ornamented with marble panels and paintings by Armando Menocal. Ferrara returned to the Island carrying a considerable amount of objects belonging to Bonaparte, like a plaster funerary mask that was made two days after his death, his pocket watch, a toothbrush, a molar, a lock of hair and the pistol he used at the Battle of Borodino.

The majesty of its architecture, combined with the exquisite curatorship of its rooms and collections, make it a museological referent. It takes its name from the large number of monuments, sited throughout its different sections, erected in honor of several presidents of Cuba and Latin America. It is famous for being the meeting point of the urban tribes that have occupied numerous sections of the walk in an almost official way.

Quinta de los Molinos Ave. It took its name from two tobacco mills located in this area between and Today it displays impressive collections of endemic and exotic flora and fauna, which can only be seen in its 4. It also has a bonsai garden and the first Mariposario Butterfly Garden of Cuba. Designed by Italian sculptor Giovanni Nicolini, it was made in With a classic style, it is considered one of the most beautiful sculptural ensembles in the city.

Declared as National Monument in , thousands of visitors come here every day. With 57 hectares of extension, it has more than funerary monuments among which are mausoleums, chapels, tombs and galleries. It is considered the largest cemetery in America. Divided into 16 blocks like a Roman military camp, it has well-defined areas that mark the social origin of its occupants.

The highlights are its central avenue, Ave.

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She was buried with the creature between her feet, and years later, when her sarcophagus was opened, she had the remains of the creature in her arms. Since then, it has become a place of worship for many women without children who pray and take offerings to ask to become mothers. Filter 1.

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