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De Troeyer, Bio-Bibliographica I, Birckmann, Other literary works apparently were destroyed by Adam himself. Vita , written by his nephew Sasbout Vosmeer, apostolic vicar of the Franciscan mission in The Netherlands, and edited by D. Schmitz, Het aandeel der minderbroeders , ; A. XIV, Friar from the Venetian province. Taught philosophy and theology for several years in study houses of his order. Thereafter a teacher of Greek and Hebrew at the archepiscopal Seminar at Corfu. He died at Venice on 21 January It would seem that none of his works teaching manuals and course books reached the printing press.

Adrianus de Maringues Adrien de Maringues, fl. Spiritual author. Heavy emphasis on devotion for the holy heart. Friar from Lorraine. Born at Nancy. Fulfilled several functions in his order a. Bamberg, Venetian friar. Missionary and lector. After working as a missionary and a lector on Cyprus and Cairo, he continued teaching philosophy and theology in his home province. Due to his sound doctrinal reputation, he was asked to become a consultant for the Vatican and a visitator of the church province of Trent.

He died at Vicenza on 26 March Most of his works have never been published. Aloysio Grotto Venice, s. Adrianus Bratkovvicz Adriano Bratkovvicz da Isilz, d. After studies in his home province, he was sent to ROme, where he studied at the Collegium S. Bonaventurae from onwards.

Known for his sanctity as well as for his learning, he was elected provincial minister in Poland in Commentaria in Franciscus Madalenski Cracow, He also left behind a number of works in the Polish vernacular, among which polemical works against Lutheranism defending the invocation of saints and lay communion of the host , and sermons about the seven words of the redeemer spoken from the cross, held at the church of Saint Francis in Cracow in front of members of the local passion confraternity. These sermons apparently were printed in Cracow. Several of his works might be kept in the convent archive of the Cracow Friars Minor Conventual.

Giovanni Franchini, Bibliosofia e memorie letterarie di scrittori Francescani conventuali Ch'hanno scritto dopo 'Anno Modena: Eredi Soliani Stampatori, , Probably from Mechelen Malines. In and after active in Brussels as member of the Observant Franciscan friary provincia Germania Inferioris. Known for two vernacular texts, respectively on confession and on communion. Als die Minderbroeders, Predicaers, Augustijnen, Carmelijten, Johanniten, ende die oordene des heyligen gheets gheprofessijt.

Van desen mach hij gerechtighe absolutie ontfanghen, als van sinen gherechten pastoor. In that year he received ecclesiastical permission from the Pleban Martinus Cools, on behalf of the diocese. Onderwijsinghe ende instructie hoe hem een yeghelijck sal bereyden ter taferelen Gods te gane ende te ontfanghen dat weerde heylighe Sacrament, ghecolligeert uuter heyliger Scriftueren, ende ander gheapprobeerde doctoren Louvain: Hugo Cornwels for Peeter Verhasselt, One of Adriaan of Mechelen's motivations was that it was necessary to counter the many vernacular texts by reformatory writers.

XVI Nieuwkoop, I, Probably born in Louvain around Adrianus was also active as a preacher in Amsterdam before From that year onwards, he taught at the Franciscan Studium Theologicum of Louvain, where he taught fellow friars and lay people. From onwards, he also fulfiled the position of guardian, in which capacity he had to take care of the Franciscan friary during the siege of Louvain by Guillaume of Orange. In , he is probably guardian in St. Shortly thereafter, between and , Adrianus was in exile in Cologne, where he lived in the delapidated Olive monastery and preached in the local female Augustinian monastery.

These sermons on the Sacraments and the Eucharist were held in particular for fellow Dutch exiled Catholics, but also drew the interest of local lay people. In , Adrianus returned to the Low Countries. From he is found at times as a preacher in Antwerp and he is again guardian in Louvain in After a short stay in Brussels, he moved to Maastricht, with the aim to organize his written works. But he died there quite suddenly on November 22, , and was buried in the church of the Friars Minor. After his death, his Cologne Sermones Euchatistici were edited and pubished by Henricus Sedulius, with financial support of Adrianus's old friend from Louvain Hendrik van Elten.

Possible additional editions. De Troeyer I, The edition is available as an electronic document via the University Library of Ghent and via Google Books. The other works of Adrianus, including his Decalogi et catechismi explicatio , In symbolum apostolicum explicatio, libri XII , and his In epistolam sancti Pauli ad Romanos, liber unus , were apparently never printed and are probably lost.

L'Espagne classique 1474 - 1814

Adrianus Kozlovicz Adriano Kozlovicz Polaccho, fl. Polish friar. Author of a work in the Polish vernacular, known in Latin as the Cimelia animarum Christianarum Warshaw: typis Scolarum Piarum, , dedicated to the abbess Iustina Oraczouka. Polish friar, known for a published funerary eulogy, held at the funeral of Catterina of Zakliczyn, entitled Laetitia mortuorum Cracow: Typis Petricovianis, Minori Oss. Farmer, became after an unknown man from Assisi, Bernard of Quintavalle and a further unknown convert who died rather quickly the fourth disciple of Francis, on 23 April Throughout his life, he displayed a special love for manual work and poverty.

Before and after Francis's death he lead an itinerary life as preacher and mystic, and travelled through Italy, Northern Africa and the Near East. Eventually, he settled down in the hermitage of Monteripido, near Perugia. He is mentioned by many Franciscan hagiographers and spiritual authors and received several vitae of his own, of which that ascribed to friar Leo, is the best-known.

In the order the feastday for his commemoration is 23 April. Dialogus cum fr. Gratiano : Naples Naz. Dicta Aurea : Brussels, Bibl. Royale, IV ff. For a full stemma, see the study of Brufani mentioned below. By Nello Vian in: I Mistici. Scritti dei mistici francescani secolo XIII , ed. Iriarte et. Assisi, , I, The Dicta have also been edited in: Aegidius von Assisi. Die Weisheit des Einfachen , ed. Dialogo sulle gesta dei santi frati Minori. For a more in-depth discussion of the various subsequent redactions of the Dicta made between the year of Egidio's death and the mid fourteenth century, see the study of Brufani mentioned below.

Vita Beati Aegidii Ad excitandam , ed. Seton Manchester, , ; H. Jean compagnon de fr. Cavanna, L. Briganti, Il b. The writings of Leo, Rufino and Angelo companions of St. Francis Oxford, , ; E. Zeugnisse aus acht Jahrhunderten , ed. Paul Zahner St. Luigi Borriello, Maria R. Studi per l'ottantesimo compleanno di Giuseppe Avarucci , ed. Bartoli, W. Mastromatteo Bologna: Edizione Dehoniane, , Aegidius Caillou Gilles Caillou, fl.

Also author of a translation of the Recognitiones Papae Clementis. Aegidius de Baisu late thirteenth century. Aegidius Baerdemakere Gilles Barbiers, d. Was sent to Paris to finish his degree studies for the order. Obtained the theology licence and the magisterium theologiae in After his return to his home province, he became custos of Flanders and subsequently sufragan bishop of Tournai assisting bishop Ferry de Clugny.

On April 3, , he was selected for the episcopal see of Sarepta, and he was consecrated at Bruges on June 30 of that same year. He died at Lille on March 28, and was buried at the Franciscan church of Bruges. In Paris, in , probably magister in Some of his sermons de tempore et de sanctis did survive. Sermo de S 80 in commemoratione omnium fidelium defunctorum titulus: In die omnium fidelium animarum a quodam fr. Minore dicto Egidio bono clerico. In hiis verbis per Spiritum Sanctum exhortamur ad duo, primo ad offerendum Deo dignas oblationes pro mortuis Sermo de T 20 dnca 2?

In 3o sabbato in quadrigesima a fr. Egidio fr. Summa Theologica? Laurenziana Conv. Sbaralea, Supplementum, I, n. Glorieux', AFH , 17 , Aegidius de Cesaro Egidio da Cesaro Siciliano, fl. Partisan Catholic specialist of the doctrinal controversies with the Greek Orthodox Church. Apologia in Catalatinon Nathanaelis Xbiche Atheniensis, in quibus quinquaginta tres Propositiones Haereticales, vel erroneae ad hominem confutantur Venice: Typis Mortali, Author of a confessions handbook De confessione and of an Abbreviatio Operis Joannis Scoti not found.

Wadding, Script. Enventayro do oratorio de S. Edited in: A. Aegidius de Locheo Gilles de Loches, fl. Capuchin friar from the Brittany-Touraine province. Missionary in Syria and Ethyopia Abyssinia from the mid s onwards. Back in France in Again asked to be send away on mission again around Known for his knowledge of physics and oriental languages and culture.

Lexicon Capuccinum , 13; Peter N. Alastair Hamilton, Maurits H. Wadding, Scriptores , 8; Sbar. Schmitt, Dict. Lay Capuchin friar in the Castilian province Spain. Born in Took the habit in Known for his medical knowledge, expressed in his Tesoro de la Medicina , 2 Vols. Madrid, Portuguese friar. Studied theology at Toulouse. Active in Aragon, Portugal and at the general councils. Author of several works for the Portuguese King.

Left the order? Aegidius Gabrielis Gilles Gabrielis le Comte, - Franciscan tertiary and member of a Bogard congegration. After the death of his father, his mother was from supported by a local Bogard community. Continued with studies of theology at Standonck college, where he reached the baccalaureate by Due to material conditions, he was only able to obtain the licence in February the official doctorate was refused by the ecclesiastical authorities of Rome in From or thereabouts onwards, Aegidius taught as well: in Bogard schools and elswhere.

An attempt to obtain a professorship in philosophy at Porc was blocked by Gommarius Huygens. This setback enticed Aegidius to join the Bogards himself. Previously an independent religious group, they had become by affilated with the regular third order of the Friars Minor. Aegidius fulfilled several offices in the Bogard tertiary network visitator, general commissionar and provincial between He also taught as internal professor of theology in their Antwerp friary, and as professor of philosophy in Brussels.

In addition, he developed himself into a well-regarded preacher and confessor among the urban laity also among the higher middle class , notwithstanding his austere viewpoints on morals and behaviour. Several contemporaries suspected Aegidius of Cartesianist and Jansenist rigorist tendencies, which caused a lot of opposition to his teachings and his published works, even leading to attempts at censorship by his own order superiors. In , Aegidius had to travel to Rome to defend himself.

There, between and and , Aegidius found support with some more rigorist cardinals. Several of his works were condemned, whereas his adversaries Jesuite authors such as Aegidius Estrix, Gerardus Bolck and Jean-Baptiste Vindevogel continued their attacks. Although Aegidius found strength in the sympathy towards him by Antoine Arnauld, the ongoing attacks damaged his position. Some time after , he retired to Brussels and then to Louvain, where he died in Prolific author and correspondent.

Many sources still demand editorial attention. Thesis moralis practicae in secundam et tertiam partem Summae theologicae Brusels, Specimina moralis christianae et moralis diabolicae in praxi Brussels, This drew heavy attacks from the Jesuite author Aegidius Estrix. Thesis theologica de sacramento poenitentiae peccatoribus praesertim consuetudinariis et recidivis legitime administrando Brussels, Specimina moralis christianae, secunda editio ab auctore correcta et aucta Rome, Son of an Italian medical doctor and a Polish mother.

Commissarius Generalis in Poland and elected provincial of the Polish province in Later active in the Bohemian province, where he became provincial in Studied at the Collegium S. Bonaventurae between Baccalaureus Conventus in Padua in Later guardian of the Crema and Brescia friaries. Assistant of the provincial minister in the Milan province and himself elected provincial minister there in After another stint as guardian of Brescia from onwards, he was visitator of the Provincia del Santo and later became active as inquisitor in Adria, Rovigo , Treviso He died when he was in transfer to become inquisitor in Aquilea.

He was also known as a Lenten preacher, who preached complete cycles in Brescia, Vicenza and Lendinara Il Quaresimale di Diego Nisseno, dal P. Tensini tradotto di Spagnuolo in Italiano. Does not seem likely that this is correct, as translations of Nisseno's quadregesimal cycles were made by a number of non-Franciscan literators,. Variae resolutiones Casuum ad Officium Inquisitionis spectantium. Apparently never printed. Friar from the Fiemme valley in present-day Tyrol in Austria. Entered the order on 7 September First studied at the Trento friary.

Yet in November , he departed for Rome, to study oriental languages at the San Pietro in Montorio college. By , he is found as a professor of Arabic at the episcopal seminary of Padua. In that period, he published an Arabic and Persian grammar. He died soon thereafter, in November Agapitus Palestrinensis Agapito da Palestrina, d. Friar from the Roman province. Theologian and lector at various study houses. Strong opponent of probabilism and comparable philosophical currents, some of which were en vogue among the Jesuits.

Esame critico-teologico di quanto ha scritto il chiarissimo abbate D. Giaonvincenzo Bolgeni e Lorenzo Hervas Rome, Was sent by Francis to France in , were he was active as custos in Paris. In , he travelled to England to establish a new order province. He was very successful as the first provincial minister of the English province, as can be gathered from the chronicle of Eccleston. Among other things, he was able to enlist Robert Grosseteste as teacher of the Franciscans in Oxford. He was well-regarded by the English royal house. His cult was confirmed in Apparently no works of him survived.

Marietti, A. Pietro Maraneso, Bibliotheca seraphico-capuccina, 67 Rome-Bravetta, , Albertinus Veronensis Albertino da Verona, fl. Italian friar.

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Member of the Bolognese province. Solemnis praedicator in the Franciscan order, possibly lector and preacher at the Aracoeli convent in the early s, and possibly lector at the Bologna convent around [Cf. Habebat enim caput deforme et factum ad modum galee antiquorum et pilos multos in fronte. Lusit et vicit deditque comedere regi familiariter stando cum eo. Et omnes qui audiverunt hoc, commendaverunt fratris caritatem, curialitatem et libertatem. Holder-Egger, f]. Author of several sermon cycles, which seemingly did not survive in full, but have come down to us partially in a considerable number of manuscripts, frequently together by other homiletic and hagiographic texts.

Forse in questo aspetto sta la fortuna dei sermoni di fr. Sermones Dominicales signalled in other series, not yet found? MS Padua, Antonianum Assisi, Bibl. For more manuscript ascriptions, see Cenci and Pamato , Also interesting sermons regarding individual saints, such as Francis of Assisi. Angelica ; Bergamo, Bibl. Civica A.

Mai, MA 47 Delta I. Sabina XIV. Augusta ; Sankt Florian Stiftsbibl. Antonio di Albertino da Verona O. Rome, I, 6; M. Antonio di Albertino da Verona o. Rivista francescana di storia, dottrina e arte 2nd Ser. Albertino da Verona', Antonianum , 69 , ; Schneyer, I, Pamato, La pratica della predicazione nel Duecento. I sermoni di Albertino da Verona Omin. Laurenziano conv. Bohemian friar. Paris; in these various studia, he probably was going through the lectorate program. He also might have been doing some courses pro gradu , probably for his baccalaureate.

Lector in various Bohemian friaries. In , he is found as a lector in the Prague friary. On 13 June of that year, the pope wrote to Fortanerius Vassal former minister general to examine the case and to bestow the magisterium if he deemed it suitable. Albert apparently received the title for he is called magister theologiae in the list of archbishops of Zarew Astrakan, Russia , which post he took up on 24 May Albert died before 15 June CHUP , ed.

The latter mentions his conversion to Catholicism in in Italy. He became priest in and lector in the Franciscan order in In he became consultator of the SC. Wrote several unplublished pieces on Augustinian theology of grace and about Dutch censorship. An important figure in Jansenist and Spinozist scholarship. Franciscus de Hollandia O. Was ordained subdiaconus at Bologna on 14 March and diaconus on 4 April of the same year.

He was at Paris at least from 30 November onwards, where he studied theology at least until the Summer of still mentioned in Paris on 18 June After due examination, he was made Magister theologiae at the university of Bologna on 6 June , and on 22 January , he was appointed as regent master of the San Francesco studium of Bologna. Unclear how long he stayed there. In any case, he was in Frankfurt in , where he apparently caused scandal among fellow friars and outsiders due to some of his teachings.

It would seem he was involved with negromancy and pyromancy in Frankfurt and Berlin. For that region, the provincial of the Saxony province, Ludwig Henning took some of Alberto's privileges on 11 October Yet on 10 February , the Minister General Rinaldo Graziani gave Alberto licence 'eundi per omnes orbis regiones, ad quas opus erit, pro suis negotiis expediendis Subsequently, he moved back to Italy, for between and he taught moral philosophy at the University of Bologna. His various works seem to have been lost.

Sbaralea, Supplementum I, , 63; Giacomo da Cantalupo, Cenni biografici sugli uomini illustri della provincia franc. Atti delle celebrazioni organizzate a Verona - S. Bernardino dal Convento - Studio teologico S. Verona 4 , Albertus Marbachensis Albert von Marbach, ca. German friar. Followed the lectorate program in the studium generale of Strasbourg. Thereafter, he absolved some of his obligations pro gradu at Bologna and Paris possibly as baccalaureus biblicus. He read the Sentences pro gradu at Strasbourg becoming baccalaureus sententiarum or formatus , and thereafter taught two years a principal lector at the Strasbourg studium generale.

George, master of the university of Oxford to examine the Albert at the general chapter meeting,of Assisi and to bestow on him the magisterium theologiae if he was deemed suitable. Albertus indeed received this grade. At the provincial chapter of Strasbourg 29 April, , he became provincial minister of the Strasbourg province, a position that he kept for 13 years.

At the chapter of Speyer , he confirmed several new statutes, to enhance the observance of the rule. Albert died at the Speyer friary on 20 September His successor as provincial minister was Hesso von Lampertheim Italian friar from Cotignola Romagna. Studied at Faenza and Bologna.

Renowned for his philosophical, astronomical and theological knowledge. He died at the Cotignola friary. Caeliloquium Morale Bologna, A very curious work that tries to mix theological speculation on the heavens of the blessed with astronomy. Rome, , 8; Sbaralea, Supplementum ed. Rome, , 7; Bibliotheca universa Franciscana I, ; Giacintho da Cantalupo, Cenni biografici sugli uomini illustri della francescana osservante provincia di Bologna Parma, I, Albertus de Sancta Clara Alberto Gualtieri, d. Alcantarine Observant friar from the Naples province.

One year before his death, he was appointed to the episcopal see of Nictotera 21 February Author of devotional works. Tractatus brevis originis, progressus et formae recitandi coronam virginis Mariae dominae nostrae Naples, OFMCap from Tirol. Born in , he joined the order in and was clothed in Known for his preaching in Bozen Bolsano. Several of his sermons were edited. Zierler, Geschichte der tirolischen kapuziner-ordens-provinx , 2 Vols. Innsbruck: Wagner, I, ; Lexicon Capiccunum , Albertus Felix Parisiensis Albert Felix, ca.

Born circa He entered the order in and became a well-respected theology lector and preacher, known for his popular sermons. He wrote a number or works of religious instruction, also for the training of other friars. Par le R. This work was re-issued several times. This edition is accessible via Google Books. Friar from the Upper Germany Province. Viceguardianus in Regensburg and later in Nuremberg. Copiist of sermon manuscripts, of a manuscript containing questions of Bonaventure's Sentences commentary 2nd book, MS Munich Lat. Albertus would have started the production of the quadragesimal collection when he was vice guardian in Regensburg , and finished it while performing the same task in Nuremberg.

Quadragesimale: Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Clm ff. Albertum Hofeltinger Viceguardianus Ratisbonae, A. Albertus Milioli ca. Franciscan tertiary. Born at Reggio Emilia, where he was notarius sacri palatii Shortly after , he began to compile chronicles and histories of his region.

Spain, A Society of Conflict (3rd Edition) - PDF Free Download

In this period, he became acquainted with Salimbene da Parma, who lived in the Reggio friary in and after They became friends and Salimbene functioned as his confessor. Salimbene and Alberto also shared historical information. Chronica , edited as: Alberti Milioli notarii regini, Liber de temporibus et aetatibus et cronica imperatorum , ed. Tecniche compositive e costruzione della memoria politica nel "Liber de temporibus et aetatibus" di Alberto Milioli', in: Tempus mundi umbra aevi. Atti dell'incontro nazionale di studio Brescia, marzo , ed. Albertus Otero Alberto Otero, fl.

Italian friar from Vicenza. Lector of theology and bishop of Treviso papal appointment on 27 August , after a disputed election process. Remained bishop until his death around 28 April, Wadding ascribes to him a Summa Pontificia. Rome, , 6 ed. Albertus Parisiensis fl. French friar. In a letter dated November , the Franciscan minister general Gonsalvo talks about him as a possible candidate for the magisterium theologiae.

After receiving the doctorate, he became regent at the Franciscan Studium Generale of Paris. Author of several sermones de tempore and of a Quaestio Disputata de Principio Individuationis. Allegedly also the author of a commentary on the Sentences , additions to the Opus Oxoniense of Duns Scotis, and a commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics. Sermones de Correctione Fraterna : Naples, Naz. Quaestio utrum videlicet confessor habeat auctoritatem absolvendi Albertus de Pisa Alberto da Pisa, d.

Received into the order by Francis of Assisi in He was send to France in , together with his brother Agnello, to establish a foothold in Paris. In , at the general chapter of Assisi, he was elected provincial minister of the new Germany province. In , he was relieved from his post by Elias of Cortona at the general chapter of Assisi, and became subsequently provincial minister in Hungary, the Italian Bologna province, the March of Ancona, the March of Treviso, and Tuscany.

When his brother Agnello died in as the provincial minister of England, the English friars asked for Alberto as his replacement. Elias of Cortona gave his permission, so that Alberto arrived in England on 13 December In England, Alberto stimulated the creation of studia in London and Canterbury. On 15 May, , after the deposition of Elias, Alberto was chosen minister general of the order at the general chapter of Rome. He apparently died on 23 January of the following year at Pisa.

Alberto is the author of a Sermo de caritate Salvatoris. Re-issued in: Idem, The Greyfriars of England , OFMCap from Brabant. Dutch spiritual author. Entered the Capucin order at Louvain. Made his profession on 22 November fulfilling his noviciate under the novice master Franciscau van Breda. After two years of religious formation in the solitary monastery of Tervuren, he was entitled to start his studies of philosophy and theology in Probably was ordained priest in the s.

Thereafter, active at Gelder present-day Germany , where he stimulated the establishment of a community of female tertiaries at Horst between Venlo and Venraay , for which Albertus wrote a. In , we find Albertus in Tienen, where he preached at the St. Germanus church. In , he was vicar of the St. In the same year, he was appointed lector in philosophy. Yet he soon retreated from his teaching and became a simple clerical friar in Ghent, spending his time with writing and with preaching in Ghent and in neighbouring centres a. After he apparently lived and worked in Antwerp. He died in Gemaeckt Voor alle Godtminnende zielen, dickwils uyt Gehoorsaemheyt te Oeffenen, om haer selven meer ende meer te ontsteken in de Goddelijcke Liefde.

D Antwerp; Weduwe Joan Scheff, Capucinen, ende Beschreven in alles volgens hun Maniere van Leven, Voor Alle geestelycke Persoonen; Sonderlinge voor Geestelycke Doghters die naer haren Staet ende gelegenheyt willen naervolgen den Regel en De maniere des levens der Minderbroeders genaemt Capucinen ende oock Voor degene die een Strenger maniere des levens wwillen onderhouden, onder den Derden Regel van onsen Seraph. Maniere des Levens Met de principaelste puncten des Derden Reghels Voor alle Persoonen van wat staet of conditi die sijn, leerende hoe sy den derden Reghel van den Seraphienschen Vader S.

Beschreven door den E. Capucien; en uyt ghegheven door G. Het Geestelyck Verborgen Manna tot een Spys ghegheven Aen alle Godtvruchtige soo werelijcke als Geestelijcke Persoonen, die geen Religieusen en zijn, haer leerende, in wat staet, oft van wat conditie dat sy zijn, te konnen leven een waerachtigh volmaeckt geestelijck ende Religieus leven.

Ghemaeckt door den E. Antwerpen, ? Communie, Waer in dat geleert wort hoe dat-men Godtvruchtelijck ende volmaecktelijck sal leven, hoe geduerich met groote Vruchten Communiceren, Biechten, Mis-hooren, etc. Beschreven door P. Capucin, en uytgegeven door H. Poelman, ca. Italian friar from Sarteano Sarziano, Tuscany. Alberto transferred to the observantist movement in , and received additional training into the Observant way of life by Angelo da Civitella. Sometime after his transfer to the Observance, Alberto went to Verona.

In that same year, Alberto began his preaching career, guided by Bernardino of Siena, who sent Alberto in November as a preacher to Modena. In , Alberto apparently suffered from a bout of the Plague, which necessitated a break from his preaching tours. However, at Pentecost , when Alberto took part in the Observant general chapter of Bologna, he was chosen as one of the six friar who, on request by pope Eugenius IV, were sent to Basel, to preach the crusade against the Turcs. In , he preached a Lenten cycle at Naples.

Between , Alberto worked and travelled in the Byzantine Empire and in Palestine. He also had a role as organiser and interpreter at the council of Ferrara in , where papal and byzantine delegations negociated about the union between the Greek and the Latin churches. The intial successes of this council stimulated pope Eugenius IV to use Alberto in as an embassador to Christian Copts, with a letter asking them to participate in the Council of Florence and to obtain a union with the Coptic and Ethiopian churches. Armed with papal letters, Alberto once again travelled to Palestine Jerusalem , Egypt and Sudan Although a union with the mythical Ethiopean church was out of the question — Albert got into serious trouble during preaching sessions in the Sudan and also was troubled by illnesses that forced him to break off his planned visit of Ethiopea - Alberto was able to persuade the Coptic patriarch John of Alexandria to assent to union with the Catholic church.

Back in Italy, Alberto was chosen as the provincial vicar of the St. Anthony province June Soon thereafter, on 18 July , he was appointed general vicar of the Observants, in which capacity Alberto sent Giovanni da Capistrano to France, to stimulate the Observant reforms there. The pope saw Alberto as a good candidate for the position of general minister, in order to unify the order. Yet, at the general chapter of May , he was deemed unacceptable by the Conventuals who apparently had had him removed with force from the premisses.

Antonio da Rusconi was elected instead. By the end of that year, Alberto is found again in Constantinople, helping his friend Jacopo da Primadizzi in reforming the Franciscan friaries there. In , we find Alberto preaching during Lent in Milan. In , he pacified the town of Brescia, helping to end its civil strife and establishing two Observant houses of Poor Clares On 18 may , he once more took part in the general chapter of the Observants Mugello, near Florence.

He died the next year, on 15 August A large number of his letters more than , as well as sermons and orations have survived. Oratio de Corpore Christi : Naples Naz. Orationes a. Francisco Haroldo Hiberno Rome, , reprint G. Bussoto ed. Alberti Sarthianensis frustra S. Alberto da Sarteano a s. Secolo XV , Probably of ministerial descent.

He received his education in Bremen. He became prior and later abbot of the Benedictine monastery St. Mary near Stade. He left this position when he was unable to reform his cloister into a Cistercian one, thanks to the opposition of the Archbishop of Bremen, Gerard II. He then entered the Franciscan convent in Stade. As friar minor, Albert was able to pursue his literary interests. Already before his entrance in the Franciscan order he wrote a versified version of the Summa de casibus poenitentiae of Raymundus de Penyaforte the so-called Raimundus , full title: Summa de Poenitentia et Matrimonia , the Auriga a Gospel harmonization in proze for preaching purposes and the Quadriga a poetical adaptation of the Gospels.

Not all of these works did survive. As Franciscan he wrote a Troilus , a poem of verses after the Troy-story of Dares Phrygius. Aside from that he elaborated the Apocalypse commentary of Alexander Minorita, and he continued writing his Chronica , or Annales Stadenses written between , a universal history with much information on the German and Northern regions.

In it also is found his Itinerario , a pilgrimsguide to Rome and Jerusalem, written as a dialogue between two pilgrims. In his chronicle the history from creation to Christ is presented in a synoptical manner, with computations of the five aetates. The sixth aetas, the period after Christ, is presented in the form of annals.

There exists a continuation of his chronicle, known as the Annales Lubicenses , running from to About the author of this continuation almost nothing is known. For a good inkling of the content of the work and for a rather balanced evaluation concerning the question whether this work was predominantly conceived within a Franciscan context, see Honemann , who questions some of the findings of Maeck Chronica Alberti Stadensis , ed. Reineccius Helmstedt, ; Annales Stadenses , ed.

Partial edition ; Die Chronik des Albert von Stade , ed. Franz Wachter Leipzig, A new edition with German translation is being prepared by Dieter Berg. Wadding, Scriptores. September , ed. Festschrift H. Jahrhunderts', in: Stupor Saxoniae inferioris. Ernst Schubert zum Dezember , ed. Aldobrandus de Ammonatis Aldovrando, d. Italian friar from Florence. His name pops up in , when he signed a deposition in favor of the Portiuncola indulgence.

He departed for Armenia after and was killed at Salmasa in Master of theology. Taught as regent of the Franciscan studium at Bologna in In , he was enlisted into the Bologna collegium of university professors. Observant friar from Mantua. Known for his Malleus daemonum , a popular exorcism manual.

Baptistam Piccaleum, impressores archiep. Alexander Altdorfensis Alexander von Altdorff, d. Swiss friar. He entered the order in Several times provincial minister and well-respected preacher. He died on 19 January In , he wrote a special letter on the task of preaching. Alexander Barcleius Alexander Barclay,c. Englishman or Scot. Old bibliographers are uncertain about his whereabouts, but the fact that his translation of The Ship of Fools contains six stanzas in praise of King James IV of Scotland suggests a connection with that country.

At the same time, he had cousins living in Londen near the end of his life. Not much is known about his early years. The fact that he had a good command of several European languages has given rise to the idea that a part of his adolescence was spent with travels and study abroad. During thess year, he also must have obtained a good grounding in Latin, for he later worked as a schoolmaster and edited a Latin schoolbook.

Unknown whether he attended university in this early period. During the early sixteenth century, he lived in the diocese of Lincoln, where he probably was trained to become a priest. The earliest dependable information concerning him dates from , when he was ordained subdeacon, deacon, and priest at Exeter Cathedral, and obtained a benefice of some kind by the collegiate church of Ottery St Mary in Devon. Barclay apparently left Ottery in and four years later, by , he is found as a Benedictine monk in Ely Cathedral priory. Whether motivated by a genuine motivation or not, the Ely Cathedral priory provided him with the material security to continue writing: most of his subsequent writings were done at Ely.

The best known of these are five verse Eclogues, written between and The other two on the lacking maecenate of rich men and on the contrast between urban citizens and country dwellers , went back to poems by Mantuan Baptista Spagnuoli. In subsequent years, he worked on school texts. He revised the Vocabula by John Stanbridge, a Latin grammer his revision published in , and — All in all, Barclay had become an established man of letters, who was appreciated by contemporary authors, when he changed course, for sometime between and he abandoned Ely to become a Franciscan friar, possibly at the Observant house of Canterbury.

He stopped writing and embarked in the study of theology, By , he was called magister or doctor, which indicates some higher degree of theology, but he apparently did not enlist officially as a student at Oxford or Cambridge or at least did not obtain a degree there. In any case, one of the men mentioned, namely Tyndal, was not a Franciscan. It can not be corroborated whether Barclay exhibited Lutheran tendencies at this time. In , his name is mentioned by the London chronicler Charles Wriothesley, as a friar who for a while refused to give up wearing his religious habit in public until he was compelled to do so.

During the Summer and Autumn of that year, Barclay engaged in clandestine private preaching, for instance at Thetford Priory, Norfolk; Barking, Suffolk, at Whitsuntide, as well as in the diocese of Exeter. All this was brought to the attention to Cromwell. It is unknown what happened to Barclay in subsequent years, but eight years later, in , he was a beneficed clergyman in the Church of England.

In the summer of , Barclay replaced Richard Eldon as the headmaster of the Wells Cathedral school. He filled this position until Michaelmas or Christmas , when he transferred to become vicar of Great Baddow, Essex. This apparently was a valuable benefice, and Barclay appeared to have become reasonably well off, also because he received permission to keep the income from Wookey as well. In , the dean and chapter of Canterbury Cathedral, handed him the even more affluent rectory of All Hallows, Lombard Street, London. He died at Croydon surrey before he could fully take possession of this new position, early June of the same year.

It would seem that Barclay had ended his life appeased with the Church of England. This present boke named the shyp of folys of the worlde was tr. Jamieson, 2 Vols. The gardyners passetaunce touching the outrage of fraunce ? Franklin B. Williams, Jr. Nixon] The fyfte eglog of Alexander Barclay of the cytezen and Uplondyshman ? The fourthe eglog of A. Barcley ? Here begynnyth the lyfe of the gloryous martyr saynt George verse translation of a work by Giovanni Battista Spagnolo of Mantua, issued in ?

Here begynneth a ryght frutefull treatyse, intituled the myrrour of good maners, conteynyng the. George", Studies in Scottish Literature 8 , ; R. Clifford Davidson Kalamazoo, Mich. Taught at several studia and became regent master in Venice. Elected provincial minister at the Naples chapter on May 31, He died at the Sant'Anna friar of Naples. Probably born in Ferrara, in a family of lawyers. In or ? Not known whether, after his return to Italy in the later s, he took up a teaching position within the order. In , he was asked to travel to Libanon, to help with the pastoral care among the Maronite Christians.

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