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Eddie Russell, a star football player, and his timid sister, Lakeesha, are told they will be helping to desegregate an all-white high school. From the first day of school, the wall of hostility Eddie and Lakeesha face at Forrest High School seems unbreakable, until they meet cheerleader Nancy Martin. She sees the cruelty and crosses the line to befriend the black students—starting a cycle of violence that threatens to spin out of control.

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Will the minority students hold on long enough to complete their mission—and that of the adults who put them in this situation—or will they bow to the onslaught of psychological and physical abuse? Lyda Phillips is an award-winning journalist, novelist, and screenwriter.

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A native of San Antonio, she went to school in Memphis, Tennessee, and has degrees from Northwestern, Columbia, and Vanderbilt universities. She lives in Maryland with her family.

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The discovery of this phenomenon is left to a group of bookmaking gangsters, who lie in wait to fix the big game against State U. Most Popular Categories Great starting points to find inspiration. Song Stats. Bussongs YouTube Gallery. Most Visited Songs Our most popular songs. BusSongs hello bussongs.

Fight Songs US College - Mr Touchdown USA (Michigan State University)

Five Little Hearts Valentine Song. Itsy Bitsy Spider. The Turkey Hop. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I Don't Wanna Throw Up. Christ Was Born on Christmas Day.

Mr. Touchdown

Tom Dooley. Twinkle Little Star. Night is Falling. Sukey's Circle!