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Never used!. Seller Inventory P Brand New!. Seller Inventory VIB Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Sudan, 2nd Bradt Travel Guide. Paul Clammer. Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

View all copies of this ISBN edition:. I loved traveling by mini bus in Sudan, as it was a great way to meet people. The roads are in a good condition with only a few potholes. Here are some tips for getting around in Sudan:. Accommodation in Sudan is limited. Often a town only has a handful of options. I never booked beforehand, but in one town all budget options were fully booked, so I had to stay in a more expensive hotel.

Like mentioned previously, I would advice to bring a sleeping bag. These are the accommodation options in Sudan:. Websites such as Hostelworld. Sudan is easy on the wallet. You can find a detailed overview of my costs of backpacking in Sudan here.

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For me, the real highlight of Sudan were the encounters I had in buses, restaurants and guesthouses, but of course Sudan also has many fascinating sights to offer! I spent 18 days in Sudan, but lingered quite a long time in Khartoum. This is an example of a two-week Sudan backpacking itinerary which takes you from the Egyptian border to the Ethiopian border. You will rarely eat or drink alone in Sudan.

Most Sudanese people insist on joining their table and treating you. In Sudan you will often find people who speak some basic English. If you do get into a situation like this, use paper or writing or hand gestures! The shops were reasonably stocked. All things imported are extremely expensive.

Ultimate Sudan travel guide: itinerary, budget and travel tips for backpackers

I would not recommend Sudan for rookie or beginner backpackers. Some previous Africa experience is definitely useful to have. The facilities in Sudan can be very basic. There are no real restaurants and few places to truly unwind. For example, if you would like to read a book, you will most likely end up in a broken plastic chair in a busy, dusty street. Also, as a solo traveler it can be a bit lonely sometimes.

However, if you are enthusiast about going, feel free to contact me for any questions that you might have! Tourism in Sudan still stands in its infancy. Sudan is one of my favorite destinations ever. Two-week Sudan backpacking itinerary What are the costs of backpacking in Sudan? How to get an Ethiopian visa in Khartoum, Sudan? Obtaining your Sudanese visa in Aswan, Egypt.

Going to Ethiopia? Read about the incredible Timkat festival here! Thanks for the great guide. I was looking everywhere for Information. I needed a general idea for my opcoming trip. So I really appreciate all the effort you entered I. This guide. Hi, This was a great read. I lived in Sudan for 4 years and just left this past June. People who are not trying to really sell you anything but are a wealth of information.

For example, the owner of the Red Sea Resort is a great place to stop by to swim or to ask questions. Their faith is not based on logic but on revelation. They are those Sunni Muslims who perform a spiritual dance while they get high on drugs. In Hamid El-Nil Mosque. How to get there? First of all, take a bus to Omdurman either from Shendi or Khartoum. In Khartoum, buses depart from Al Araby bus station. The bus will drop you off at the main souk.

From there, you should take another bus to Souk Libya 7km. Once in Souk Libya, take the last bus to Moelih, the actual camel market. If you come from Egypt, you should arrive in Khartoum in two weeks, approximately. In Khartoum, one can have fun just wandering around the endless souks and hanging out with the locals. For more information, read: 24 hours in Khartoum.

How to get to Khartoum — Al Araby is one of the main bus stations in Khartoum. From here, buses come and go in all directions. The following places Port Said, Suakin and Kassala are amazing to visit. However, you should add at least one week or 10 extra days to the previous two-week itinerary.

Located at the border with Eritrea, Kassala is a city that lies at the foot of a beautiful peak belonging to the Taka Mountains. In Kassala you will find a large number of different ethnicities, including Beja and Rashadia. An interesting spice souk, plenty of colors and meeting different kinds of people are the things that make Kassala become a unique place. For more information, check out this awesome photo essay from Candy Trail Travel Blog.

Located on the Red Sea, almost km from Khartoum, these two cities are, geographically, culturally and architecturally, quite different from the rest of Sudan. Today, the Turkish government is investing some efforts in restoring the buildings. Where to stay? There are a few hotels but, apparently, some of them might tell you that foreigners are not allowed to stay in Suakin.

You can try but, if you want to be more comfortable, I suggest you go to Port Sudan, located just 60km away. This is most cosmopolitan city in the country, as well as the cleanest. There is one expensive hotel called Coral on the Corniche. If you want something very cheap and basic, you can stay at Hotel Boheine How to get to Port Sudan and Suakin? This is all you needed to know for traveling in Sudan.

If you have any more updated information, kindly let everybody know in the comments section, thanks!

South Sudan (Bradt Travel Guides)

Excellent review. Stunned how the crime rates in tourist areas are among the lowest on earth. The US State Department never reported that one. Meanwhile, driving through the West End of my hometown in the States I am likely to get popped after dark. Crazy stuff. I met 2 young awesome South Sudanese kids recently who moved to the USA to play high school basketball.

Both landed scholarships to prestigious Tulane University. What niche kids, embodying the generous spirit of the Sudanese people.

The Irresponsible Traveller - Mike Unwin - Bradt Travel Guides

Hey Ryan, thanks for your refreshing comment. Cheers mate,. Very interesting and useful article about a destination that not many people visit! Hey, Cinthya! I just saw a few backpackers and 4 or 5 old couples traveling with a private guide. Thanks for a ridiculously good guide which eased some of my concerns. Reading your take on it, it seems similar to the experience of travelling around Iran without an escort outside of the large cities and I would do anything to have more similar experiences.

As I understand it, it has the same situation with ATMs and currency exchange as well. Can I assume the black market is merely people hanging out at some spot holding calculators, or is the set up different? Will they accept Egyptian pounds at the same advantageous rate? Grateful for any questions answered! Hey mate, hope you are all right. I assume you are coming from Egypt then? Yes, they accept Egyptian Pounds. In Wadi Halfa, there are no people hanging around with tons of bills and calculators but you need to ask at the different shops, to see who is willing to exchange your cash.

Much appreciated! Yes, from the Egyptian border. I wanted to visit Ethiopia, but I dislike to fly as there is so much you miss in between. Therefore, I was more than happy to see that Sudan is not only an alternative but a seemingly interesting destination. Thanks again and good luck on your next trip!

Hi Joan, This is a great site, thanks. My girlfriend and I are in Aswan waiting to collect Sudan visas. We were wondering if you can register in Abri rather than Wadi Halfa as we are hoping to go straight there. Did you hear of any option like this? Cheers Tim. Hi, Tim! The bus will arrive in Wadi Halfa pretty late and even the drivers always spend the night there.

The people that go straight to Khartoum also must spend the night there. You can register in Wadi Halfa in the morning and then go to Abri. Good luck! Hi Joan, Thanks for the excellent guide! One thing though. Officially it is required — or at least it was required when I was there in — to aquire permits if visiting sites including the pyramids. Has this changed or do you simply consider there to be no need for permits? I was told to turn around but after some discussion I was allowed to continue to the next city supposedly to get a bus back to Khartoum.

On a side note: Sudan has some of the best diving in the Red sea, which one could argue to be the main draw for tourism in the country…. Hey Mattis! Yeah, I also heard that Sudan has very good divings. Thanks for the reco, cheers! I may have been mistaken in saying that they are needed for the pyramids per se — I could confuse them with the photography permit that you needed to take photos in the country in general. While I did meet a guy who jumped on our boat last minute, I think this is an exception to the rule of booking ahead.

Hi Mattis and Joan. Unfortunately there is a need for a travel permit to see the pyramids and probably going anywhere from Khartoum. My girlfriend and I were stopped on the way a few days ago and made to get a bus back to Khartoum cos we did not have one. We were ok coming from the north all the way down to the capital though. The travel permit and photo permit are the same form.

They are really nice there and have a photocopier and can make you copies of the permit to give to police at checkpoints. It takes about ten minutes and you can list all the places you want to visit and take photos. However, you were not asked a pyramid permit. You were asked a travel permit which is required for anyone leaving Khartoum. Ah ok. Then no. Apart from the travel permit there was no need any other separate permit for the pyramid that we could see and we were not asked for one.

But stand your ground and tell them it is each. Hello Joan. I was wondering where you went after Sudan. Did you fly home? If so did you manage to find a cheap international flight?

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What do you think is the best way to get back to Europe from this part of the world? Hi Emily, apologies for my late reply.

Sudan (Bradt Travel Guides) by autowb - Issuu

I flew from Khartoum to Spain with Qatar Airlines and, as far as I can remember, it was pretty cheap! Hi Joan I am looking to cross from eygpt into Sudan in October as a solo female. Did u experience any issues along the way or did you feel relatively safe. From a safety point of view, there is no problem at all. I might be travelling to Sudan for work.

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I really liked your blog and posts related to your trip in Sudan. You give another perspective than what most embassies and newspaper give. May I ask you when did you go there? Things change fast there and it possible that the atmosphere today or next month are not the same as when you were there.

Hi Luna, I traveled there in December Yes, things change fast in Sudan but I wouls say that they change to good, as tourism is increasing day by day. Thank you for sharing, I found very useful info here, I was delighted to find this web site.

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This is an incredibly inspiring story, I love it! Hi Joan, excellent helpful review. Can you tell me briefly what clothing you would recommend for female travelers in Sudan? Thanks, Terry. Thanks for the source of information. Did not bargain any transport. Seems like you have kept updating things well. The SDG just had a hell of a week and the government seems to try stabilize it again.

But we got 24 per USD and 1. Which at the time made changing into USD first pointless and perhaps even a loss, but it has been crazy. Sleeping in the desert by the pyramids is fine as well, even without a tent. Got a bit chilly due to the wind around 3 AM or so but better than superheated rooms with mosquitoes.

Although I did have a beetle roll a ball of shit up to me.