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  1. Manifesto for a Republic of the Moon, 2014
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What if you could grab life, shake away the obstacles and optimize the opportunity?

What if you could be put in the driver seat and take back control so you can live your happiest and most successful life? What if you could say out loud, I am winning? Well guess what you can.

Manifesto for a Republic of the Moon, 2014

I want you to know and understand that everything you want, everything you dream of, everything you wish you could be is possible. You can break free from limitations and negativity and be happy and content. You just have to ask the right questions and find your path. You need to understand where you are by looking inwards, where you want to go by looking forwards and then commit to a plan on how to get there. I want you to know you are not alone in your dreams or your struggles.

Edits and Comments

I am here for you. I can help.

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I hope so. Because you are magnificent. You are worthy. You are whoever you want to be.

The Manifesto

And I believe in you. You are powerful and strong. Own Your Life. I want you to celebrate your success and focus on your strengths. Sputnik is a network of artists who identify as Christian, but don't make 'Christian art'.

The EJN Manifesto | Europe Jazz Network

All around the UK and beyond, Sputnik artists are making art that enriches us all , making art that is full blooded and honest and making art that can help heal our divided culture. We operate out of the Catalyst Network , but we work with artists and churches of every denomination and culture. Our culture is an extremely commodified space.

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  8. The arts are seen as valuable if they make money — which usually means advertising something. Artists are pressured to make what sells, not what will feed and enrich us. The church, too, has often seen art and creativity as useful inasmuch as they serve the purposes of worship, evangelism or doctrine.

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    If artists are encouraged beyond this, it's assumed that commercial success would be their goal. As a consequence, artists often abandon either their church or their art.

    We fund projects and exhibitions to help artists escape the pressures of the profit motive, freeing them to create art that enriches us all. At one end, popular entertainment hammers art forms into a marrowless pulp. At the other, the fine art world has spiralled into elitism, abstraction, and cynicism. Art is everywhere, but it often seems irrelevant to real, everyday life. Similarly, churches often see art as a nicety, little more than a bit of self-expression or escape.

    But the best art explores what it means to be a flesh-and-blood human, by digging into the depths of both suffering and joy: it inspires reflection, discovery and even life-change.

    The EJN Manifesto

    We organise local Hubs for artists to meet, share and pray: helping artists fight back at cynicism with whole-heartedness and generosity, creating art that's full-blooded and honest. A healthy culture is a common good: a way for us to gather, to have some kind of 'common life' beyond mere survival. It It even helps us to handle our disagreement and differences well. Needless to say, our own culture isn't healthy in this regard.