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I had thought that I had described exhaustively the information an analyses of the 'cat. For me, this new development started with a detailed ,feature loy Larry King-broadcast at Easter of i by CNN-which I had the 'opportunity to watch in Florida. The subject matter of the discussion was the so-calied!

Tbe symptoms of CFS are as follows: people become tired and exhausted, even during the day after having slept well the night b. It is also fundamentally technological. Eventually such a device could be permanently implanted under the skin The stakes of military revolution are thus immense,.. The paper leaves the reader in little doubt that the answer to this question is resolutely affinrrative, for the paper declares:. The Association's letterhead declares their credo: " Covert actions are counterproductive and damaging to the national interest of the United States.

It would appeaJ that these activities are also ongoing on the European continent, and in the former Soviet Union. Connections between this global pattern of activity and the objectives of the so-called New World Order remain to be determined. We are in receipt of preliminary information which points to magnetic resonance imaging as being crit,ical to this process.


One "experimentee" from whom this author recently received correspondence refers to Ms McKinney's assessments as "impeccable military know-how". Neurocybernetics and other psychotechnologies will be used to sow confusion and hypochondria in the population at large.

Psychiatrists and psychologists will play an important role in these experiments. Citizens complaining of 'hearing voices' will be used! Total control of the human mind may have ItO wait another century or so. Satanic cult graduates, drug deal-. Michael Aquino's Temple of Set. Their required adherence to cult tenets preclUdes any consideration of laws governmg US society, generally. Uncontrollable dissidents will be assassinated, preferably by directed-energy means. Dissociative satanic cult graduates will bandle all such executions; Le. Technicians who may be obliged "7. Lucrative investment portfolios have a "5.

Mix biotechnologies and experimental drugs generously way of keeping Members of Congress, owners of the Major Media throughout all of these ingredients. The unsuspecting US citizen and other public ott:icials silent Satanic cult 'kiddies' trained as of today may be the cyborg soldier of tomorrow. The public's attention wilt nvt.. Imported' will play an important part in these activities, with the expense to be sustained by g0vernment-funded contractors.

Foreign national scientists, predominantly from the Far and black-funded corporate contractors. Their brains must be picked. The media will also ensure that the public's attention is kept diverted from more serious lssu'es and, instead, that it is focused on hyped-up 'sleaze' events, such as The Kneecapping of Nancy Kerrigan, 0. Simpson's PrOblems. When pondering the national.

Decentralized government control-a panacea currently being sought by a befuddled! Decentralization will be employed selec,tively and wi,th much diverting Congressional fanfare. Law enforcement agencies will be subjected to greater central,ised control, as will those agencies and institutions such as the FDA which are currently engaged in biomedical research. Crime in this country will be induced. The sales of illegal drugs and weapons reap profits which help fund the foregoing. This activity is the preferred alternative to increased taxes, since tax increases tend to alienate a public which already has doubts about where ,its money is going.

Drug dealers will be protected, since they play an important role in this recipe. Rape and child molestation will be facillitated by means of directed-energy radar targeting of reproductive organs. Pnison inmates will be routinely targetedl fOF experimentation. On that day, the order will be given to activate ALL directed-e'nergy systems at maximum amplitudes, i. Satanic cult members, whg, until now, have been held in relative abeyance, will be given the order to concurrently run ram-.

Where they do need tional exposure to ELF 50 Hertz electromagnetic radiation. CUI1rent Australian exp. Dr Kenneth expert groups as the ultimate authority on the issue. In fact, Duncan. If 'it,e are to come to issue, the impartiality of these so-cal1ed sensible conclusions in times o[ scientific expert groups is very much in doubt. In this panell concluded that: 7. These stated that tenninals, and local power-lines are demonstrable health hazards.

No plaL! They admit this quences. See Section 1. On the other hand. The study provided no conclusive evidencc of a link When you consider that the magnetic fie1d levels indicated as between occupational exposure to power-frequency magnetic having adverse health effects in the studies listed earlier are in the Helds and cancer, and there was little or no consistency between the three utilities studied. It is hard to believe, but aN the studies ing back to the s, none has found conclusive evidence.

Sir Richard Doll legislative measures designed to minimise the exposure of workers and the public". NRPB himself admitted this about the smoking issue. It is very The European Parliament resolution takes seriously the health unscientific to use this term in relation to only one study. As for the Theriault study, its results are similar to findings hazards from electromagnetic radiation.

To quote in part from the from previous studies. That is, positive associations between ELF resolution: magnetic field exposure and a number of cancer types were indi" Theriault and his team at McGill University, high-frequency tran" September J. I, January , pp. It is inadvisable just to depend upon the electric power suppliers Microwave News, Jan. Microwave News Ma IJune This is a very Ill. ISBN This draft was issued for comment on that the standard has "serious flaws".

If these proposals are accepted by the Australian and emph. J A copy of the White Paper is attached to this' New Zealand governments, the general and working letter. These new limits, if accepted, will inevitably lead to effects, based at the VA Hospital in Loma Linda significant increases in transmitting power levels by all California, criticised the US Air Force for maintaining users of the radiofrequency spectrum.

It is these same that EMR cannot cause non-thermal effects. There has been almost no input from community the Air Force denies existence of biological effects, groups and EMR scientists or medical experts not asso attributable to athermal fields. The re,asoning or 'basic philosophy' u. J nle above criticisms of the US standards apply committee to come up with this fivefold increase is 'I also of concern.

In light of the facts, preface of this drat1 page 2 , to quote in part: "that when only the established scientific literature is to continue on this path of avoidance and omission is II used, exposure limits can only be based on thermal just the opposite of a proper scientific approach. It is a effects in tne frequency range about 10 MHz to bit like the flat,earth -controversy back in Galileo's GHz.

The scientific literature shows that, while non time. As such it should be rejected by both the Australian and New Zealand 40 years of research. J As stated in the preface, the DR is based on governments. The biological effects of microwave radiation on living organisms have been the subject of extensive research for the past four decades.

The most comprehensive programs were conducted by the Soviet and Eastern Bloc nations. The US has lagged behind badly in this area of research. Under IEEE, a blue-ribbon panel of experts periodically reviews the research database and assesses the need to revise the standards. Until , these standards did not consider the possible biological effects of "pulsed" microwaves.

The existence of nonthermal effects is essentially denied by omission. The US research community was aware of the Soviet findings of deleterious biological effects at exposures well below the ANSI standards. The Soviet findings were rejected for various reasons. The principal reason was that US attempts to duplicate the Soviet results were rep.

The resnlts of this search have been consolidated into a computedzed database which we have shared with the Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center and the Central Intelligence Agency. We attempted to share the database with the Armstrong Laboratory. These were researchers who were reporting the positive existence of nonthermal effects. Researchers stress 'the chronic,. The verification of blood-brain 'oarrier suppression should have a high priority.

The passage of normal blood-borne toxins into the brain could explain some previously observed -early behavioral aberrations, loss of physical endurance, and functional central nervous system and perceptual changes. The Soviet studies of humans under occupati. These results are the macroscopic part of the issue. The microscopic part of the issue urgently needs to be addressed-namely the physical mechanisms behind the various observed biological effects.

Various theories and interaction models exist to explain, in a limited way, some of these physical mechanisms for specific effects. None have yet been positively verified. The relationships between these variables and specific human responses should be of prime importance to the directed energy weapon DEW development programs. The ability of certain modulation frequencies imposed on various carrier frequencies to affect lock onto circadian rhythms poses a formidable research problem.

A principal question raised is the existence of "frequency windows" and resonanc. The past several issues of Bioelectromagnetics have contained many articles by prominent US researchers which report nonthermal effects.. New concerns are also forthcoming, i. It does not really matter whether the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese or Russians were the firsn.

To be exact, it isn't really a fungus as such, but rather a community of yeast and bacteria. One authority describes it as a lichen. The origin of the name could be Japanese, with kombu standing for the brown tea algae and ella for tea. The best description, in my opinion, is that of the herb'llist, Pastor Weidinger, whom I have used as a source throughout this book.

He says: "Kombueha tea is an ancient East Asiatic beverage which came out of the ocean For three years I was a missionary on the island of Taiwan This province is regarded as the origin for "tea", i. Today it is called Ch:a. In the province of Fukien, however, it ,is still called Te. Was it wine which tasted like a delicious tea or an unusual tea that tasted like a rare wine?

Notably, after drinking this beverage, I not only felt stronger after the long and tiresome walk but, strangely enough, fe'lt healthier. In particular it helped my metabolism a great deal in this climate and made me feel very relaxed. When I asked what it was, K'un-Pu-eh'a came the reply. I was startled. The tea was given different rrames. One of the most famous was the "Godly Tsehe". This particular tea was used as a remedy for chronic gastritis. People also tell of the Korean medicine man named Kom-bu who, in the year , prescribed the tea to heal the Japanese Emperor's disorders.

He studied medicine in Prague and had his first contact with jthe Kombucha fungus in a monastery. In the s he published his research in the scientific and genera] press, which resulted in increased awareness of Kornbucha's healing and strengthening properties. Dr Sklenar's matn area of work became the biological treatment of cancer, and he integratedl Kombucha with this programme. His healing methods were so successful that they were adopted by many doctors. When in was reported that Dr Veronika Carstens wife of a former German President was using Kombucha with all her cancer patients, ,the fungus beverage became a popular healing remedy.

Reports dealing with healing successes are often generalised and passed on withoun the desired research. With medicinal herbs, for instance, the general perception is that they can only heal and do not have any negative side-effeas. In fact, what is a health remedy for some may prove to be quite the opposite for others. When I first received the Kombucha fungus from a friend, I was given an ,information leaflet about Kargasok tea. She actually met a man at the age of who!

To make this tea, the Japanese woman received a sp'ecial yeast fungus and instructions on how to use the fungus. She took the fungus with her to Japan where she started to duplicate it. Her friends were invited to drink the tea as well and she also passed the fungus on to them with instructions on its use.

They passed it on to their friends. Eventually the tea found its way to Taiwan, then to Hong Kong and now travels around the world where it is passed on ,from one friend to another as a token of appreciation and love. This tea appears to be a miraculous remedy for many types of suffering. There is evidence that Kombu:ha helps restore hair. This living organism ferments sweetened tea to become the Kombucha beverage. The refreshing taste gives one a feeling of well-being. The amount of living yeast it contains gives toe Kombucha beverage an active life which continues after decanting it into bottles.

Kombucha has become Encreasingly highly regarded as an aid to preventing many illnesses. You need to be sure that the herb. Those containing appreciablt: amounts of ail are: angelica, bergamot, camomile, caraway, cumin, dill, fennel seed, lavcodeF, ilovage, marjoram, mint, peppermint, rosemary, tarragon, rhyme, wormwood. When you are more confidenn you CJln experiment with herbs.

Place the tea in a large pot, pour on boiling water, add sugar and stir until dissolve. Strain brewed tea ,into the bowl. Add the remainder of the water and the vinegar or 'starter' brew and allow to cool, if necessary, to room temperature. It should be allowed to float smooth side upwards. Cover with muslin or some other suitable cloth which will no starter Kombucha tea is avaifable.

Smoke is harmful. After some Container: china. The drink should have a zingy approx. The most suitable containers for brewin. Strain sweetened tea into made of glass, porcclain or glazed pottery. Metal Fig. Make sweetened tea in a suitable container. Top up with containers-including stainless steel-are n0t used teapot or bowl remaining water because acids in the brew react with the metal.

A comparison can be made with whisky or wine which pancake taste different when fermented in wood. The containers should have a wide opening and be not too tall nm filled up to the top. A wider, more shallow pot enables the Kombucha to ferment quicker Fig. Cover with muslin or other Fig. Add vinegar or starter brew. In this case, use 2 to 3 teaspoons of herbal tea, pour on boiling water, leave for 5 minutes, strain off ilea leaves or remove tea bags and proceed with recipe below.

After fermentation is complete separated 'offspring' may be used for new brew, store. Kombucha brew now ready to drink. The pancakes can be parted easily if in difficulty, use a clean pair of scissors to gently ease away. This can then be used to start another batch or to pass on to a friend. The recommended amount to drink daily is three average-sized wine glasses, one before breakfast and one 20 to 30 minutes after lunch and your evening meal.

Larger amounts can be consumed quite safely. These people recalled their mothers or grandmothers having a large container of between 10 to 20 litres 3 to 4 US gallons stored in a warm place. People drank the brewed beverage wilen required, and every now and again the container was refilled wit!

This was one form of continuous fermentation. Different top-ups can be made with different 'teas. I have never heard of any problems with tljis type of fermentation. Some war refugees also brought this process with them to the West. A: A week from brewing is an average Itime. It should be neither too sweet nor too sour. If the taste is rather sour, then leave the next brew for one day less.

You may still drink the tea-it will be very good for you, though you may like to add some spring water or fruit juice! Q: Wbat is the correet temperature for the mushroom? A: The Korobucba mushroom likes the sort of temperature used in wine or brew fermentation. For that reason, if your room is cold in winter, for example , it might be useful to use a heated brewing mat or thermal coUar.

These can be purchased from most brewing shops. In summer, average daily room temperatures will be fine. An airing cupboard is a popular place in which to place the brew. However, if the hot water tank is not well-insulated, the temperature will be a little high. Q: How do I know if it is working? If this occms, all is well. Q: What happens if I damage the mushroom? Tnis will bring the thinner membrane back into contact with the liquid surface and will encourage a more uniform growth.

Q: What Ilappens if I go on holiday for a while? A: The Kombucha mushroom is a hardy b. It's best to lay it out flat and make sure that it has a little air in the c. Q: How do I produce more mushrooms for my frie. A: A Kombuc. All the mushrooms may be kept active by brewing from them in rotati. Q: What effect willi drinking the tea have on my health? A: The effects of drinking the tea vary from person to person. As a general rule, the more in touch you are with your body, the greater the cffect you will notice. You may feel warmth, notice an increased' brightness of vision, a general re.

A general fee. The number of colds you get may well be reduced. You may simply register Kombucha as the tasty, refreshing, slightly fizzy, benign drink it is, which helps you to stay well! If the temperatures are not regulated or if the fungus has been stored for a long period of time, it can acquire a glutinous coat. If this happens, it should be cleaned, using lemon juice or wine vinegar. It can then be used again. It ,is a little harder ,if the fungus has started to grow mouldy.

Too low tempe. In this case, dispose of the lbeverage and wash the fungus as described above. The u. If there are no other batches, put the fun. The beverage should have a sour smell to it after a few days. This is an indication that the fungus is working. It shouldn't and sour to some palates. Kombucha snould taste pleasant apart from some herbal tea cO.

In areas where the vinegar fly Drosophilia unlimited different flavours can be achieved by experimenting. After a short period of time, the yeast will entering the cnntainer and laying eggs. Meixner ,. Don't wash the fungus if there is no obvious Teason to do so, settle on the bottom. This yeast sediment can either be consumedl, as with 'wheat ibeers', or filtered off with a cloth. Ten per cent of unless long storage or mouild indicates it Ito be necessary.

Nexus - - New Times Magazine by Andre Costale - Issuu

The rest may be gus is always slimy! In one case I came across a fungus which did filled! The person who owned it had apparently done tle gap at the top to prevent the bottles from exploding. It had been filled right to the top One circular letter I found being distributed with Kombucha with the fabric cover tom:hing the fungus. The ,fungus simply did mentioned some possible negative side-effects: not have enough air to work properly. AIm these cultures ach aches, nausea, ,fatigue, were brought back to normal dizzi.

Wi,th two of constipation, pimples, rashes them, I added commercial and wind. However, these beverage and with another I are temporary effec. With this brew, Drink extra water to counter them. People with a disease normal fermentation with condition may experience a good results continued. See healing crisis if they drink too also chapter on drying the much too soon.

Kombucha Kombucha fungus. NB: A effects appear to begin in the dead or ailing culture cannot weakest part of the body, then perfonn properly and will not the second weakes t and so produce a healthy drink. People have often rung me and told me that their fungus was not working any more. Some people add fruits to the brew two days before the end of fermentation. The main problem with our diet today Ilies in or vegetable in the drink. When a seasonal fruit is used, it should be thoroughly cleaned and blended in the kitchen mixer. A strong the many preservatives and chemicals it contains.

If left to ferment too long, The result is delicious. During slimming diets, this sour beverage is used frequently. Caution shourd be taken with bottles stored for a Copies of Harald Tietze's book, Kombucha-The long period, however, as they may explode due to gas build-up.

Adrian, Greek's Brother (The Secrets of the Nexus)

The big question is: What was Tesla up to at Colorado Springs? I believe if you look at Tesla's work it is obvious that he placed a high priority on energy, especially clean power. This is, as Tesla pointed out, the use of power lines to distribute the power to areas wh,ere it is required. Obviously, power lines do this quite well-except for the following objections: 1. The cost to supply and install power transmission lines is expensive, and a lot of maintenance is required. They are unsightly systems to view and could be classed as visual pollution.

The end result is a waste of power.. TesJa was most aware of this, and after a lot ot' thought and research came to one of his most profound discoveries: that the Earth is a far better cOllductor of electricity than any transmission line. The above statement should be thought. What it means is the following: ond, on the equator. Could the Earth be a giant rotary generator with a north and I. No need for power transmission lines. In other words, every rotary generator 3. Radio, television, fax, etc.

A final comment on this. There have through the Earth. If one reflects on the previous examples been many accoUnts of lightning leaping it can be see. So, we have been standLng on, Iliving on, The other matter to consider is: Why is the system not in use? Some of you may say, most cases, being aware of this. Another consideratiQn of the greatesl "Perhaps it does not work. Everyone is aware of telegraph circuits. It is also interesting to how serious these realities are. Tesla was very concerned, and did his note that the return circuit has much less best to correct these problems.

H is also more or less well known that, I consider all these problems are a test given half a chance, electricity will always for mankind-and until we solve these flow ba'ck to Earth, liKe water flowing problems on Earth, we will never conquer downhill!. As which, I believe, is mankind's trile destiny. Let's consider this another way.

When lighthing strikes the Earth, what happens? Another way to consider this is the following. We are moving at 1, miles per hour, or I, feet per sec-. It was hardly practical to fly these devices around New York-not if you wanted to keep them secret. Deep in thought as usual, he felt safe. Why not? He had been doing this for some time. But so it was to be, as he was soon to find out.

Horses were valuable creatures. If a rancher lost a horse, it had to be found. This particular ran. The man had noticed some strange things when he was pumping watcr from an old hand-pump. His wife had refused to use the pump for some time, and now he had felt the same sensation she'd reported. Usually the sight of the man with the bucket was enough for the horse to come up for his food-but not tonight. The ranger was surprised.

Why did the horse seem so jumpy? The horse had metal horseshoes. Every time he lifted a hoof from the ground, sparks two to three inches long arced back to. It galloped off in a frenzy, sparks jumping from the iron horseshoes as it sped aw. This was indeed a strange situation, thought the rancher. Meanwhile, some distance away, Tesla was adjusting his huge electrical oscillator, unaware ot' its effects on the horse.

He had lots of experience wi th these devices. Some years earlier he had reached the limit for these high-voltage machines in a city; hence the remote area of Colorado Springs was ideal for what he had in mind. The oscillator had been going for some time nQw. Tesla had set the device to increase slowly ,iOl power.

When it got to a certain intensity, it would be time for another test. This was a test that Tesla looked forward to. The cool Colorado air in his face reminded him of his native homeland. In the distance he could see the giant tower-like structure, feet high, with the metal ball on top. The entire vertical iron column was now glowing with a purple corona. It was a marvellous sight, Tesla thought. Tesla stepped onto a strange machine. It was approximatcly six feet wide by 12 feet in length.

Inside the box were rows of capacitors and coils. Underneath were sheets of copper on top. At the back was a large coil, about five feet diameter and about eight feet high. On top of this was a metal rod, about three inches diameter and six feet high. At the top was a metal ball, about 24 inches diameter. At the front was a small upright section. Tesla stood behind this and moved a lever.

There was a strange humming noise. Then, with a crackling noise, the platform lifted from the groundl like Aladdin's magic carpet. It was now time for a test run. It might be wise, Tesla thought, to keep away from this area. Best to go the opposite direction-less chance of being seen, and less populated. Things were going well. The platform was gradually rising higher-a sure sign that the osciIFator was increasing in power.

Tesla was now about three miles from the experimental station when he decided to land and do some adj. He had no sooner landed when, out of nowhere, the rancher came, looking for his horse. He had! But there was no escaping this situation. No such thoughts would have been in Tesla's mind-only thoughts of the eKperiment in hand. It was all too much for the rancher. These were simple country people. This had to be the work of the devil. Only one thing to do: run like hell and hope you lived to tell. Anyone wLtb names of other colleagues able to assist?

Thank you for your time. A Justice Department investig-ation into possilble fraud and bribery in securing defense contracts could equal 01' exceed the "Teapot Dome" scandal or the publication of the Pentagon Papers in its scope bot we may never know. Search warrants and affidavits that contain transcripts of wiretapped conversations of employees with a major defense contractor have now been sealed by court order.

Many important stories, which the public had a right to know, are still not being reported by the major media. It took a freelance journalist, posing as a. Following are the! CBS and NnC rejected ,professional videotape footage taken at the height of the airwar. The footage substantially contradicted U. The media: failed to explain how bad the national dcfidt was and wily the economy went into a tailspin in The interest alone on th'e federal debt will be the nation's single largest expc'nditure this year, exceeding even the military budget.

An hour-long television documentary, produced by PBS Frontline and the San Francisco-based Center for Investigative Reporting, revealed the truth about the extent of the savings and loan scandal and how it was covered-Up s. Satellite photos of Iraq and Kuwait on September 11, , revealed no evidence of a massive Iraqi army 'threat to Saudi Arabia as cited by President George Bush that same day in his efforts to rally public support for l'he Gulf War. Recent corporate anti-environmental innovations include multi-million dollar SLAPP soits, the harassment and surveillance of activists, the infiltration of environmental groups by "agent provocateurs," and the creation of dummy ecology groups to locate whistle blowers.

In a little-publicized but potentially explosive legal battle, the Inslaw Corporation charges that the U. In recent history, Ino president has had the blatant but unexplored familial conflicts of interest Icomparable to that of George Bush. Examples show how companies, foreign countries, and candidates, get practically free advertising. The anniversary of, the Gulf War has brought with it ,revelations about the myth of a surgical, video game war. The Patriot anti-missile shot down NO Scud missiles! Since the war, nearly , civilians have died due to lack of food, clean water, and improper sanitation resulting from the bombing campaign.

On February 22ml, the Pentagon released a report admitting U. The Pentagon now merely insist the death and destruction was "an error, a result of poor commpnication". This "Protocol" was IUnelected bureaucrat, has the power to designed to come into effect on Christmas override the will of the Australian people, as Day , lconveniently placed so as to avoid expressed by their duly elected public or government debate maybe? Australia intcrest would have dropped off.

The result was stupendous. It created which involved something called "A Bill or uproar. By Monday there were so many Right". A Bill of Rights is a set of rules, imposed incoming calls to the Inside HOlline [ ], that the leasing service on the Crown and on the Parliament, as laid compuler was jammed.

This computer can down in law by the people. It is put in force handle simultaneous incoming calls! A Bill of Rights can also be used to called and listened to the message, and overturn oppressive laws, unjust taxes, politicians allover the Icountry were lYeing undue political force and seizure of property. He received over a Under our pr.

The story created a furor. It became quite obvious that most of our elected representatives did not know about the "Bill", what it meant, or even ' like [the Attorney Genera] below were confused about Alfstralia's constitutional makeup. The predictable lies and defamatory remarks about Peter Sawyer got quickly published lYy cheap journalists who also did not bother to check anything beforehand.

Then on top of all this, that very same "Bill of Rights" whiclll our politicians said was not applicable to anything inside Australia, was used to squash a proposed Ilegiislative change by' the Western Australian government to deal with juvenile offenders. They may have already secretly determined your future behaviour. This is not the first time tl'iat you have uncoosciously perceived subliminal messages that could change your behaviour.

It's happened to you before thousands, perhaps millioo s of times. You are not alone. What bypasses the conscious mind on its way UlIO the subcooscious we are much more likely to deal with in an uncritical fashion - and thereby carry QUt the inslrUctioos or suggestions subliminally communicated to us. Dixoo, a British psychologist, author of Subliminal Perception which according to one ad agency president is their "operatiooal bible" , wrote: "It may be impossible to resist instructions which are not consciously experienced. There would seem to be a close parallel between these phenomena and those associated with, on the on:e hand,poslhypnotic suggestioo and, on the other, neurotic compulsive responses.

When it's used to seduce you into unconsciously buying, consum'ing, subscribing, auending, voting for the "right" candidate, remaining loyal to your brand of cigarettes or 'true to your favorite Scotch whiskey, it's called, subliminal seduction. In most instances, the manufacturers are totally unaware that subliminal advertising is being used to sell their products.

In fact, many employed by the advertising industry are similarly unaware. But while the ad industry claims they are guiltless - whiter than white - it appears that some in their I3nks are blacker thiln black. Judge for yourself. Study the Kanon advert for a moment next page According to Dr.

Key's students, this ad appeared in so-called men's magazines, such as PentMuse and Playboy. How does it make you fed? Using a ooe way mirror, Dr. Key found that as people thumbed through a magazine cootaining this ad, each potential customer was ellp0sed to it for about one to two seconds. AboUL one in ten Stoppedl to read the copy. After all, how mucb is there to see? In the lower left-hand quadrant of this ad, we see an upturned left Ihand holding a bottle of Kanoo cologne. Tn the upper right, we see the right Ihand holding a knife. This is an awflllly oice picture of a hand holding a bottle of colQgJle.

But how will that alone sell the product? Particularly since most of the millions of readers, who saw it will not recall it, nor will th. Yet the agency who handled the account, in all likelihood, tested its reliability and determined its sales capability before inserting it in highcirculation men's magazines that cost a great deal of money for advertising space. Why would the admell' be so confident that a photo of 'a hand holding a bottle would, work? No promises, no coupons to send in, no suggestion of the immediate materialisation of beautiful women if only you use it!

Based on industry norms, this ad would have had 10 sell about 1. But not subconsciously - a fact that no agency could overlOQk. What made this ad sell Kanon cologne? They were first described in by Dr. In Gestalt terminology. The mind can fliJrflop effortlessly from one image to the other. Very few people can see both images simultaneously. This kind of perceptual effect can be used to coovey subliminal information.

This ad uses 3 perceptual illusion similar to the "Rubin's profiles. Oile way of looking at it, it's merely a hand. But look at the hand, then look at your own hand at Ute s. And tht1l you begin to fmd out why a picture of a hand holding a boule costs so much mooey.

It is anatomically impossible for the thumbnail to be where it is ,in relatioo to the thumb knuckle, Similarly, it's impossible for the thumb, the thumbnail, the bottle,! They were photographed separately, pa. Study the area where the base of the thumb meets! Notice the two rather bulbous areas at the base of the hand which happen to resemble testicles. The rigid thumb resembles a semi-erect penis. What you are looking at is a two sided il1usioo, which is a hand on ooe side and a male genital on the other. It is interesting to note that! Now you might be thinking, "OK, so they put a male genital ill Ibe picture So what?

How docs that influence sales, even if it is repressed in the subconscious? Key explains, "The symbolism is predictable repressible, in view of readers'macho self-fantasies. As yet, there are not enough homosexuals to justify sizable magazine marketing investments. This maybe changing in America, however, in response to such manipulations of tne human uncoosci"ous," which could increase the number of homosexuals.

Key also points out that tile hand-genital symbolism could allude to masturbation. Or the content could suggest that it will1help the reader achieve a large, erect penis. While these factors alone might be enough to activate someone's perceptual defenses, there is much more. Consider lhe wife. It's about to slip. The anist has activated a fairly universal male fear of castration. And if you in the lower, right-handl quadrant of the ad, just below the bottle, you will see the head of a dog with an awl1through it.

Key isn't sure why a dead ,dog sells cologne. Animals, while frequently used in women's hygiene products, are seldom used in ads ai. But, as Dr. Key points out, "If it didn't sell the product, they wouldn't use it. At subconscious levels, it's unforgettable. Men's magazi'nes have millions of readers. This KanOn ad I and a multitude like it is probably still sloshing around in the readers' subconscious, influencing their behavior. Let's find out more about how sublimin. Look at the Jantzen bathing suit ad. There is nothing especially unique about this ad.

Or is there? Examine the details critically. It's a patriotic ad of sorts. The two models are wearing swimsuits pauemed 'after the Union Jack and the red maple leaf - Canada',s national emblem. Key, "At the unconscious level, every minUte detail in a photograph is recorded instantly within the brain. Like the Kancm ad and virtually every o! Yet aU the information and its meaning are recorded instantaneously at subconscious levels.

Take, for example, the female model's. They have wrinkles in the front and they are sagging. Considering the high cost of advertising and ,the importance of how the product looks, it's surprising that neither Jantzen nor their agency demanded a better fit ,or took the trouble to airbrush out the wrinkles and the zipper. The zipper? It seems like someone made a terrible mistake when this ad was phQtograIiled.

For she's wearing his trunks. And his are too snug and, oddly, match the design of her top. In Olher words he's wearing her suit and she's wearing his. It's no accident, however. Whoever created the ad - probably an ad agency art director - took the ad several steps further to be sure its subliminal appeal sold bathing suits. LooIc at the female hand resting on the female model's hip. Who does it belong to'! At the angle show, it couldn't belong to the female torso in the picture. There is a third modd entirely off camera - with the ellception of her hand resting -on this erogenous zone. Key, this suggests the possibility of mhrage, da trois relationship - a man and two women.

See if you can find it. Located right between the female model's legs, it apptars to be a face with the cheeks puffed out, blowing on a sensitive portion of her anatomy see diagram. This subliminal "embed" embedd'ed image is only QIle of many, many ways used to invade YOUl' consciousness. How do subliminals work? The answer is tha,t no one really knows. The reason for this is simple: no one knows exactly how the brain works. Despite our vaunted 'knowledge, scientisls do nell fully llIiderstand the processes that go into raising and lowering a finger.

But that doesn't mean s. Moreover, if admen are true to the. Most people would be outraged at the invasion of the most sensitive and private areas of consciousness by the admen in the pursuit of sales. Subliminal advertlsing lseems to appeal to the two dimensions of life common to ali' people: the origiQS of life love or sex and the end of life death and its Irelated implications of aggression and' viole.

As Dr. Key explains, "North American society has a vested! By exploiting unconscious fears, forcing them to repress sexual taboos, the media guarantees blind, n;pressed seeking for value substitutes through commer. Sexual repression, as reinforced by media, is a most viable marketing technology. And the theo-ries suggest that 'it is not the lecher who would be most affected. Similarly, a well adjusted 'swinger' although one may not really 'exist would be far less affected.

Key, "Fantasy modification would be most pronounced in individuals with strong, rigid,. The Parkay advert see diagram is a good candidate for "leasl memorable". It was published in Family Circle magazine in November of Observers found that really no one paid auention to the ad!.

Average exposure time was one to two seconds. Maybe one in fifteen readers spent an eXlra second ortwo to read the copy. It looked like money in the bank. But how? What is so sales-worthy about this photograph of some margarine on the end of a knife that would justify the millions of dollars invested in space for it? If you are really an intrepid investigator, you might buy SQme Parkay margarine and try. Yoo'll probably try for quite a while. Key has tried and was unble to get a glob of Parkay to even faintly resemble the photograph - an instant indication that this is an airbrush-created fantasy.

It turns out that Ithe two globs of Parkay form glans, or the heads, of two penises. The larger of the two has a highly identifiable coronal ridge. The heads of two penises on the edge of a knife blade could suggest male castration. But who is this ad aimed at? Unlike the Kanon ad which appeared in men's magazines, the Parkay ad aweared in Family Circle, a magazine read Iprimarily by women. Key, the suggestion of castration couldl be an unconscious motive for an insecure American housewife. What ad agency could resist the urge 10 exploitlher fear that her husband might be attracted a, younger woman by suggesting that if she fattens him up, he'll be less vulnerable.

And presumably, "old softies" - men whose age has rendered them impotent - get castrated as pynishment As the last sentence in the copy expfains, " By , Dr. Otlo Potzl established thal there was a strong relatiooship between subliminal stimuli, posthypnotic suggestion, and compulsive neurosi. An individual will perform acts - buy Parkay or anything else properly introduced at subconscious levels - without any conscious knowledge of why he is dQing such a thing, although he would most definitely have a conscious ratiooale highly compatible with his or heJself-image.

So "least memorable" enters her subconscious and sits there like a time bomb waiting to go off. Advertising agencies try 10 steer clear of the messy business of ethics and morality. Their job is to sell products. They loften appeal to heavy users of a product in their advertising - for an alcoholic beverage, those who dri. All llIey did wa. They didn't even bother to display any of the liquor itself. Yetlhis ad app. Those are facts of life, advertising style. Anyone who believes the frequently repeated statement"Advertising doesn't work" isn't aware ,of the economic of the situatioo.

Indeed, advertising works - particularly when the cuslOmer believes that it doesn't. If you look at the "ice cubes" close up, you'll notice melting faces, one race screaming, a skull, a bird, a monsler, a castrated penis, a devil mask, and more. The brain is able to perceive these images, although some are. Because of subliminal messages which play with subconscious fears and fantasies, our identity can 'become dependent uoonfhe wQrld of consumer goods. Heavy alcohol drinkers, those to whom this ad was aimed, are involved in a moostroos s'clf-destnlct syndrome.

Many are consciously aware thaI they are destroying themselves. Nevertheless, they compulsively and, in Ihe case of the alcoholic, addietively drink on.

See a Problem?

Key found that many recovered alcoholics were able to relate their withdrawal hallucinations to the imagery. It's entirely possible that this Johnnie Walker ad could have been researched at an AA meeting simply by listening 10 the testimonials of hallucination experiences. The great IlliIjority of aU alcoholic beverage advertising has subliminal stimuli, many using subliminal death and self-destruction imagery.

Indeed, it may be that the appeal to the death instinct or the suicide urge may be used to sustain the alcoholic beverage ind'ustry at its present size. One of the most important iave-ntions of the last thirty years is the tachistoscope. It's a hand liltle gadget that allows someooe to flash an im'age at speeds of up 10 , of a secood - well below the cooscious threshold of perception.

Test subjects reacted far beuer to the face when happy was flashed. Now stop and consider: if 'the mere flash of the words happy and angry change a person's evaluation of a neutral, expressiooless face, what results cou1d be obtained if the word sex were somehow permanently but subliminally displayed on, say, a product someone was advertising.

The advertiser might become so enthusedlthat he'd want to use it everywhere, for he'd have to search far and wide for a more powerful motivator - the pr. Advertisers might want 10 put the word sex on everything - display ads, pholOgraphs, display boxes, billboards, mailers, crackers, magazine covers, everything Researchers have found that words and piclures, when considered as subliminal stimuli, are mUllllllly reinforcing, integrative, and similar in their effects upon behavior. Now imagine how a crackerjack advertising man might feel about giving Ritz crackers sex appeal, like alcoholic beverages whose a-ds often show beautiful men and women in suggestive poses.

Imagine his sense of conquest by embedding the wordl sex on those homely little wafers, ,thereby transforming them into luscious, round, bit-sized morsels. Sex is virtually embedded in everyth,ing. It's in ads for liquor, cigarettes, film, cars - just about every consumer product. It's embedded in the covers of magazines - not just Playboy, and PefIJhouse, but Time, Newsweek, Life, and most other large ci rculation magazines, Although it is by far the most commonly used, sex is not the only word embedded in advertising.

The same principle that works for sex also works for other verbal substimuli. And although the advertisers' choice of hidden words doesn't identify them as masters of Elizabethan, English, it does show them to be cunning ex. Occasionally, phrases akin 10 posthypnotic commands are embedded: U Buy and Get It. One of the great calamities in the world is the frenzied pursuit of expensive coosumer items such as alcoholic beverages and cigarettes - that have. Yet most people accept this usage where we spend billions for the privilege of slowly and painfully destroying Qurselves Much subliminal advertising is apparently di rected toward the selfdestruction fantasies we have at subcooscious levels.

Not only do we find it in, alcoholic beverage ads and a variety of other products, but it's in cigarette ads also. Apparently, "death" sells! The tobacco ind. Were the Dutch explorers really the first discoverers of Austral ia? Or was it the Spanish or Portuguese? It certainly was not Captain James Cook! They have to confme themselves to the old story of ,how James Cook discovered our east coast, although the Dutch visited our west coast fully years before tl'lat date.

In fact, the eafliiest sketchy outline of a great southern continent can be found upon one of a number of carved stone world maps preserved in Iran, carved by Persians up to 3, years ago. The Greek scholar Eratosthenes, included a southern continent in his world map, drawn as a sphere, in the 3rd Centmy Be.

Crates reasoned the Earth was a sphere and needed balancing continents to keep it in equilibrium. He therefore envisaged four continents divided by two great oceans. Crates then drew in "l? In the vicinity of Panama, and south of it, he placed "Antipodes", which is now called South America. His fourth land mass balancing out the other continents and situatedl far below what we now call the Indian Ocean, he named "Antoeci", now know as Australia. How much this great forw. Nevertheless, he anticipated Columbus' discovery of America by more than 16 centuries and!

Lucian of Samosata l80AD wrote of a distant land far across the [Indian] ocean, where the savage inhabitants carried their young in pouches. Had Lucian obtained a confused account of Australian aborigines and kangaroos from some mariner? Evidence of contacts with Australia by explorers from the ancient world abounds.

Take, for example, the remains of an ancient shipwreck, thought to be that of a Phoenician trireme at least 2, years old, and which was located by the late Perth skin diver, Allan Robertson, in King Sound, Western AiUStralia, some years ago. Australia in biblical times. It was Franciscan missionaries But what of the ancient Obinese, who went to Chilli in the th who were voyaging the Pacific Century, who were the first Ocean centuFies before the Europeans to obtain written Europeans? Ev,idence is evidence pointing to Chinese accumulating to prove that they too contacts with Australia. Chinese traded, had an extensive knowledge of our waters, and could These scrolls are still being have been instrumental in directing translated.

Chinese explorers to our shores. They teJI of such things as Like the earlier civilTsations of the voyages across the Pacific Ocean in the 10th and 11th Centuries in near and middle-east, the Chinese cenainly possessed often enormous gigantic fleets of junks - 60 to wooden ships and navigation aids to ships carrying up to or more enable them to undertake worldcrewmen each. It is obvious Ithe Chinese For example, some of their huge possessed considerable knowledge copy a portion of Australia as evidenced by theu junks were capable of carrying over 1, pcople each.

One type of the Ehinese mapl ancient writings. The map was. By the 12th BC. Countries", written between and each ship. A 15m rudder of one of these AD, describes the far north coast of the mysterious great south land as being massive vessels has in recent years been. It is' inhabited by a race of one-metre tall now preserved ip. In Be, Shin Tzu wrote of t'he going junks. Another Chinese explorer, presence of apparent kangaroos kept in Shu Shan Gee, is credited with having the I1nperial Zoo, Peking and further visited the same coastline about 1, similar reports continued in several later years before Colombus "re-discovered" dynasties.

Emperor Chao about this time dispatched a fleet of junks with orders to However, unlike the later European return with marsupials from the explorers, the Chinese were less "southern land of Chui Hiao", and a interested in establishing colonies in farChinese book "The Classics of Shan off lands than in establishing temporary Hai", written some time before BC eolonies solely for the pwpose of trade ;;.

Another map. It shows the southern coastline of New Guinea, the east coast of Australia as far south as the Melbourne area and the crude outline of Tasmania. Another porcelain map has since been found in China - dating ,to , it not only describes much of the American west coasJ, but some Pacific Islands; including the North and South Islands of New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea and the islands of south-east Asia and the coast of China.

Another map, uncovered in Peiping earlier this century. In the Jesuit missionary, Father Mateo Ricci, during a lengthy stay in China, was given a copy of a large world map, the original at least centuries older. In the late 's, a discovery proving ancient Chinese voyages into the west Pacific region was made by a team of anthropologists while researching in the Yasawa Islands to the west of Fiji.

The men found an ancient copper mine cut into a 'hillside.

Journal of Unification Studies

Lettering surrounding rocks they discovered numerous centuries-old Chinese letterings. Did aborigines depict a pre-Cook visit to Ibe Sydney district by Chinese mariners centuries before European explOration oj Ibese shores? Huang-ti who instigated construction of the Great Wall , obsessed with finding the "magic fungus of iIDIDortality", dispatched an enOjIIlOus expedition of some thousands of men and women, including several thousand children, in an armada of huge junks, to the fabled lands of Peng Lai Java , Fong Zhang New Guinea and Ying Zhou another ancient Chinese name for Australia , the "great golden land".

The Chinese appear to have been wary when navigating Torres Strait. Many of their expeditions through the Strait came to grief due to the dreaded Torres Strait Islanders, who, until early this century, were head-hunting cannibals. In fact, the islanders regarded Chinese as being just about Number One for flavour as they found them nowhere near as salty as white men! Ancient relics are further proof of Chinese visi. In , fragments of Ming Period 14th Century blue and white porcelain were dug up on Winchelsea Island, north-west of Groote Eylandt; and a large Chinese copper urn of this age was unearthed in Arnhem Land some years ago.

In a 2, year old vase bearing a crude map of the Australian east coast w'as discovered in Hong Kong. Natives on the island were later found to possess Asian racial features. They say the island! Thirty-five years ago, a jade Buddha wa-s unearthed near Cooktown in far north Quecnsland, deep below ancient soil deposits. Continued on page Chinese goddess Shao Lin. During research on sensory deprivation, Cameron experimented with the use of Curare, the deadly poison used by South American Indians to tip their arrow heads , 'to immobilise his patients.

After one test he noted: "Although the patient was prepared by both prolonged sensory isolation 35 days and by repeated depatteming, and although she received days of positive driving, no favourable results were obtained. Cameron's direction. It was later stated by other staff members who had worked at the Institute that not one patient sent. Aproject designed to assess the use of sexual entrapment in covert operations. It became known unofficially as Operation Midnight Climax. Included in the operation were attempts by CIA agents ilO infiltrate public gatherings, such as cocktail parties, where unsuspecting guests were sprayed with LSD in canisters variously labelled as ,insect repellent, deodorant, and perfume.

An operation conducted in an apartment in New York's Greenwich Village focused specifically on drug testing. Another apartment was rented on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco and used for further drug testing. It was also set up as a brothel at which was used to discover more about the psychological aspects of sexu1! J behaviour and prostitution, and to scout for potential CIA "assets. A report by a Senate investigating committee recorded in that, " Prior: consent was obviously not obtained from any of the subjects.

There was, obviously, no medical pre-screening. In addition, the tests were conducted by individuals who were not qualified scientific observers. Other sub-projects concentrated specifically on exploiting human weaknesses and destabilizing personalities. One operation funded under MKSearch by Dr. Gottlieb was ,researching micra-organisms with the capacity to kill. The work was carried out by two separate laboratories who were unaware of each other's activities. One was a private research facility in Baltimore, the other was at the Army Biological Laboratory at Fort Detrick, which had been runni.

The civilian researchers in Baltimore were instructed to attempt to find chemicals that could induce anything from the desire for kinky sex, to simulating death by caFbon dioxide, that is, to produce a chemical that e. Gottlieb and was told that the Agency wanted ex,periments done on disturbance of memory. There were an enonnous number of MKUltra operations. The project fanned out work to eighty institutions, of which forty-four were colleges or universities, fifteen research facilities or private companies, twelve hospitals and three prisons.

The eSliInated total cost of the operation was million dollars. James Hamilton. Funded by another chain of front organisations, Dr. Hamilton conducted "clinical testing of behavioural control materials. Carl Pfieffer at the Borden Reformatory, on similar materials. At Holmesburg State Prison in Philadelphia volunteers were used to test a particularly violent incapacitating drug. They patterns, suggestJbllltY and the conducted experiments both home and creation of dependence, to be used abroad, and at one time the New York in the obtaining of information.

Between 1, and the In their search for a chemical Army also tested LSD on 1, material "which would cause a vohmtecr US servicemen at Fort Bragg reversible non-toxic aberrant mental and ,the Army's Chemical Warfare state, the specific nature 'of which Laooratories at Edgewood. This operation focused on the A Mercury car was interrogation of' people who we're modified so that it's exhaust pipe extended 18 inches beyond it's suspected as being foreign agents spying upon US installations, or normal length.

The car was then driven a total Qr eighty miles Iilative Americans suspected of being foreign agents. Much of the around New York emitting a gas to test it's effect on passers-by. In testing was conducted off the American mainland in CIA safe another test operatives travelled on the New York subway with houses and American occupied war zones. The A covert operation conducted in Mexico City that involved the operators wore nasal filters. In San Fran. It blew and hypnosis, into becoming an assassin who would carry out an away before it could cause any harm. In , llle CIA Inspector order 'to kill after being triggered into action by a pre-programmed General, Lyman Kirkpatrick issued an internal memo which stated signal.

The knowledge that the An operation that included over a dozen sub-projects. The Agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have projects were under the control of Dr Sydney Gottlieb. Most were a serious repercussions in jpolitical and diplomatic circles and would continuation of projects conducted under MKlfltra that were be detrimental to the accomplishmentlof lts mission.

The intention was to use them as constructed earlier by Or. This time, instead of humans, apes were to be subjected to a. The radio telemetry techniques The project would "engage ,in some vel ' practical experiments at developed earlier by Leonard Rubenstein were adapted so thatlradio some point in the work that would present security problems if this frequency energy could be beamed into the brains of the highly effort were to be handled in the usual way.

Some of the work disturbed animals. Many were then decapitated and their heads proposed for these animals would involve possible delivery systems would be transplanted onto anotheJ body to see if the RF energy for direct executive type action operations as distinguished from the would bring them back to llife.

The apes that were not killed in ,this eave,s dropping application. Miniaturized stimulating agenCIes covertly started expenmentmg WIth the use of radiated electrode implants in specific brain center areas will be used. These projects. By April , Sidney Gottlieb's team had" a 'production' capability.

On June 30th. Working in an enclosed compound, the teanl's neurosurgeon. One cannot eve. Viet Cong expendables to experiment on. One of the projects tol be revived was the less than successful Operation Mindbender. Renamed Operation Spellbinder, the assignment was Ito create a sleeper killer, a real life "Manchurian Candidate.

He became known amongst the Agency staff as "Dr. Fingers" and was selected because his ,file stated that he would have no qu. The intended victim of the 'experiment was Fidel Castro. After attempts to program several' would-be assassins, the operation was discontinued and written off as a complete failure. What the Agency wanted wore than anything was the capability to influence or control subjects remotely. This would open an entirely new set of operational possibilities Ito the world of' covert intelligence.

The roots of the new research could be traced back to the earlier work Dr. Cameron had appro-ved which tried to establish links between eye c'Olouring and mental illness. The ORO chemical and bio. While they continued with that line of research, the psychiatrists and behavioris. The world of the supernatural and black mag'ic. A'gents spread out across the cQunrry in search of fortune-teliers, palm: readers, psychics and clairvoyants.

Engineering Institute. Of course, the governments involved have had it relatively easy keeping wQat is commonly and somewhat inadequately labelled "The Hollow Earth llheory" from people's attention. The suggestion that there actually exist physical opellings at cither pole, which just happen 'coincidentally' to correspond with atmosphcric anomalies above, is simply too improbable to possibly be true-right? Yeah, right! The Yan. Regards, Len L. SWE is an holistic approach to heal the physical, mentaI', emotional and spiritual aspects of the persoll.

But forget that and listen instead to the miracle my life went through. I' was b0rn wifh a deficiency in my growth hormones, and as a result I had to take pill's for the rest of my life under the threat that if I ever was to stqp taking them I would become nothing more than :a zombie. As aU X-ray technician, my mother ha. I must have tried tons of different approaches to heal myself: some worked a litHe, some didn't work at all. Two years ago, my mom called me in Montreal and told me that she Iilad found something amazing that could work or me.

I to'ld her, abused and desperate, that I was not interested any more. But when I came to vi. Meanwhile, we visited a psychic woman in Santa Fe who insulted me by saying Ithat I had a gift of Love. As soon as she pronounced those words, I replied, mad as hell, that I was the person with the least love in the world and that I hated everyone begi'nning with myself!

But after a while, listening to the tapes, a true miracle occurred: I started crying, my heart was slowly but surely starting to bloom like a flower, realising the divinity in myself. Consciousness arose wide open in me. Now, when I look Dack at this event in my life, I embrace it with love and compassion, saying tbat if I had to live through it again I would because it made me into what I am righb now: a powerful and loving being seeking to grow and to be one again with all that is.

Of course, I don't take pills any more: I'm the healthy, happy conductor of a joyoUs life! AU my love, Robert L. CPS: ilf you feel that what I have said! Example: "Jin the beginning, Russia will not wage. On 17th July fl the same year in which Germany invade. In Estonia's case, this was breaking the mutual assistance pact of and irnple-. Tallinn was bombed heavily and, on 14th JUne , there followed the genocide of tens of th.

By 8th Jury , German forces were in the north, remai. The accommodations made by the governments of that period were in resistance to Soviet Iterror and to regain control of their own states, although the manner in which the accommodation was effecled remains strongly criticised to this day by Baits at home and abroad.

However, it was determined to retain Baltic ports under it. The mosb strategic of these remains Tallinn, which is almost ice-free ,in winter, unlike the Russian navall base of Kronstadt near St Petersburg. That is, if in Russian hands, Tallinn can become the base for nudear submarines with access to the North Sea and the Atlantic itself, leaving Western European cities and even Washington and New York very vulnerable. Tarabich's strong fo. But ,it might just as eas! Yours faithfully, Astrid K. Animal Products Labelling Dear Sir: "Mad cow disease" has highlighted once again how our individual right of c'hoice is being eruded.

Its presence in a popular brand of 'socalled' fruit yoghurt astounds me. NB: Please keep letters to approx. Legislation was necessary to enforce the disclosure of colo. Surcly now is time to insist that food containing animal products also be marked. The claim that 'contents' are shown on packaging is not valid. And there is no way to tell whether one of the many antioxidants, emulsifiers, colours, anti-caking and flavour enhancers have been obtained from animal or vcgetable origin. I appeal to other people to voice your concerns, petition your ele.

If you are aware of the power of homoeopathy and aromatherapy, then this should also include soaps, shampoos and too. You do have the right to know what you are buying, even if you do not personally care. Yours sincerely, Philip H. It has the ability to be Itinked to systems so you can, for example, order theatre tickets via the smart card system and a' little printer will produce your ticket right in your lounge room, all paid for.

Guess that's why it's Pay TV-boy, do you pay! And if you do have Gafaxy and ' are wondering why the TV you turned off last night is on in the morning, don't worry; it's just tJhe satellite waking your TV up with its daily instructions. You sce, if they want your TV on then they will tum it on. Too bad if you want it off. Search for Intelligent Life? Arc we to believe that this hightech, multimillion-dollar marvel of technology has been foiled by a humble microwave, or is this a typical attempt to debunk a genuine unidentified signal?

GeneticaUy-lnoculated Food Dear Duncan: You might be interested ,to hear about some new techniques in genetic engineering with frUit and vegetables. This information comes from ,tod. Not oply can they alter the colour of fruit so you can havc a "red banana" or a "multi-coloured tomato" quite a novelty really, and being in the restaurant business I can say that things like this could make a very well-presented side salad ; however, there are oth.

The article gocs on to say that it is possible for the fmit to be genetically engineered to also include extra vitamins, which is a good Idea, bUl get this! It's also possible for them to include drugs ill the fruit to prevent disease and, I quote, "possibly making inoculat. Many times I have read in your magazine about the possibility of inocul. Hopefully "thcy" will not be able [0 put this through any legislation or, more to ,the point, hopefully it goes before legislation.

The people have a right to know. Yours sincerely, John P. Thcy keep on trying. In the late '70s, the best book ever written on vitamin C disappeared worldwidc with quite indecent speed. It is titled! I immediately devised a way whereby I could apply the urine in an ongoing way so that the core of ,the cancer was satuJated continuously with fresh urine.

Margarct threatened to divorce me! I firs. On Wednesday 28th February '96, entry re. Margaret and I went down to the communication with particular refdoctor1s and showed bim the arm. Two years ago, a small sore He and his nurses could not find any trace of th. It was very small and, at the rubbing the hairs of my arm away time, al1peared quite insignificant.

Within the following six althougn the doctOr demanded to know what self-treatment I had months it had noticeably cnlarged. He con- in question NEXUS reader stood firmed it was cancer and advised at the back quietly smiling to herthat it would require surgical self. Later she said when no one removal as soon as possible. Rrom was about, "You tried that urine my recent studies of cancer cases th. We are stilll awaiting some feedback news from 'our to take place.

However, my health did decline nurse on the inside'. Margaret and I still keep a monisomewhat as time pas. Margaret general health the way it did with nagged me incessantly to get the myself. It was following the release of derful success story. Duncan, ,I feel personally indebtyour February-March issue in which you featured the "Ur,ine ed to this brave lady, and you have Therapy" article by Martha M.. If this brave lady! Robert Adams, Whakatanc, New could annihilate all her healtn dra- t Zealand. The trouble was that when you had vitamin C you did not need 'to use orthodox drugs.

I guess someone in Europe is trying to instigate a similar scenario there. Dr Glen an. Carry on ,the good work. Recent studies into the effectiveness of puoto credit-cards have cast doubt over their ability to cut fraud. Dr Richard Kemp, of the Department of Psychology at Westminster University, London, organised an experiment involving a London supermarket to test the cards in 'the real world'. The supermarket was staffed by six people who were all warned to be on the lookout for fraudulent Icredit cards.

Dr Kemp arranged for 44 of his students to pose as shoppers and test the staff's ability to spot photo-card misuse. Each student was armed with four cards. One showed the student as they were, one showed the student wearing make-up, one showed an individual who vaguely resembled the student, and the last card depicted someone who looked nothing like the bearer.

The results of Dr Kemp's supermarket experiment proved very interesting. In all, the majority of fraudulent cards were accepted. Amazingly, 35 per cent of the cards bearing a ph0togFaph of someon-e completely different from the student were accepted. A massive 64 per cent of cards bearing a similar individual were also accepted.

And 14' per cent of cards bearing a true likeness of the student were rejected. A fcw British banks are already offering customers the opportunity to have their photograph etched ont0 their cards. Tney claim a reduction in fraud has resulted from this. Dr Kemp's findings would seem to contradict this belief. Dr Nicky Towell,. But this is not the case. This new science is now coming into its own as a highly effective identification method in the continually escalating battle against crime. One must ask though, what are the implications regarding privacy?

Latest on the list of biometric. Scientists have found that by taking pictures of a face using infra-red cameras, a unique heat-dis-. Once a picture is taken of a face, its thermal image can be matched with astonishing a-ccuracy against a database of pre-recorded therrnograms.

The system ,is so accurate that it can tell iden tical twins apart. In addition, the system cannot be fooled by cosmetic surgery or disguises, including facial hair. Other biometric systems such as retinal scans andl palm scanners require subject cooperation and intrusive analysis. The thermogram merely requires a camera to be pointing in your direction. Your face could be picked from a crowd of thousands within seconds and you wouldn't even know you were being watched. Many people are hailing thermography as spectacular for precisely the reasons that make it unacceptable.

At least you know where you stand when. At least you ate aware of being observed. Another biometric wonder that we can look forward to is the artificia'l nose. It essentially sniffs them out.

One 'legitimate' use for this technology might be to keep track of known shoplifters. Their smell could be recorded on computer and aU shops would have electronic noses at the entrance. Upon entering, the hapless shoplifter would find hi[I1self subject to t'he closest scrutiny as the shop computer informs staff of his criminal past. Unlike fingerprinting and othu intrusive ID methods, t!

Your thermogram OF aromaprint could be held on fide and you wo. You wouldn't know it had! Dr Bruce Hocking, a consultant in occupational medicine and former Chief Medical Officer for Telecom Australia now renamed Telstra , analysed data from the NSW Cancer Registry on cancer incidences between and and found cases of childhood leukemia and just under 40 deaths. In , a similar study identified higher rates of cancer among those living near radio and TV broadcast towers in Honolulu, Hawaii. However, this finding was never followed up. Dr Bruce Anderson and Alden Henderson of the Hawaii Department of Health had found higher rates of cancer and leukaemia in census tracts with broadcast towers.

Dr William Morton of the University of Oregon's Health Sciences Center in Portland had found parallel trends in his study of cancer and broadcast radiation in Portland. Sources: The Australian. Agents searched her bags and stripsearched her, bu t they found no drugs. Ethel Hylton completely documented where she had got the money and was never charged with a crime. But the police kept her money anyway. Nearly seven years later, she is still trying to get her money back. Under civil asset forfeiture, everything you own can be literally taken away even if you are never indicted, tried or convicted of a crime.

How extensive are seizures in America today? Asset forfeiture is a growth industry. Under civil seizure, property, not an individual, is charged with an offence. Even if you are a totally innocent owner, the government can still confiscate your guilty property. If government agents seize your property under civil asset forfeiture, you can forget about being innocent until proven guilty, due process of law, the right to an attorney or even the right to a trial. All of those rights only exist if you are charged with a criminal offence-that is, an offence which could result in your imprisonment.

If you or your property are accused of a civil offence an offence which could not result in your imprisonment , the Supreme Court has ruled that. To get a trial, you have to post a nonrefundable 'bond' of 10 per cent of the value of your property. Money you pay your attorney is also subject to seizure ei ther before or after the trial if the government alleges that those funds are tain ted. Every week, over 5, Americans are losing their cars, homes, bank accounts and businesses.

Only three in confiscation victims ever get a trial. Britain broke diplomatic relations with Libya in after a British policewoman, Yvonne Fletcher, was shot and killed outside the Libyan Embassy in London during an anti-Qaddafi demonstration. The British Government and media immediately concluded that the shots had come from the Libyan Embassy. Now a documentary, shown on Britain's Channel 4, says it could have been US intelligence services that killed Fletcher in order to get Britain to join Washington's campaign against Libya.

The program went to air on British TV on 10th April. The Libyan Foreign Ministry quickly sent an official letter to Britain, asking the government to consider re-establishing diplomatic relations. The clinic, operated by an M. Rancourt, and a naturopath, Dr 1. Failure to do so would result in the loss of ber licence to practise medicine. There have been no reportedl complaints or evidence of harm to any of the patients at the clinic whatsoever. Dr Rancourt wrote the forewordl for the book, which advocates the use.

L NEWS of juice-fasting in the treatmcnt of canccr. It appears that, in Qucbec, physicians can be disciplined for [Jublishing opinions that differ from mainstream medical opinion. Dr Rancourt is not the first physician in Quebec to be disciplined for publishillg unpopular opinions.

Accmding to published inte,rviews, Dr Lanctot has already declared personalll bankruptcy and fears for her life. The Council's par. A cloud of dust would shroud the whole planet in daytime darkness for several months, causing temperatures to plunge by scveral dozen degrees. That would be fQtIrowed by global warming for a score of years, thc report added. The MPs of the ation Council agreed th. It was then dug into trenches wnile prices for fruit and vegetables soared in the shops. The dcstruction of the 'surplus' produce is part of Europe's farm subsidy scheme, the Common Agricultural Policy, un'der which food prices are pro.

The food was destroyed despite a pledge from the Euro,pean Commission three years ago that it would curb costs and waste. Growers can claim payments just below wholesale market rates for 14 fruits and vegetables under the system, which stops prices fal1ing when there is a good harvest. Countriles with 'small growers tend to get most out of the system. More than three quarters of the money paid to growers for wasted produce went to Greece and France. The single largest category was Greek peaches, of which more than , tonnes were deemed surpJus and purchased for destruction with Europcan taxpayers' money.

Source; The Australian, 19 March Manager of the Long Life Biomedical Co. In 47 per cent of cases, the protein arrested the tumOur. Dr Ming Chen Liau's findings would appear to echo those of US-based Dr Stanislaw Burzynski, who has successfully cured hundreds of people diagnosed with terminal cancer. His treatment: antineoplastons! Needless to say, the FDA soon put a stop to him! Dr Shigeyur Arai, researcher in the Hayashibara Biochemical Laboratories in Okayama, Japan, told delegates that gargling with urine could cure many diseases including cancer, hepatitis B and influenza.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald. The FDA has ruled that food manufacturers have lo mention MSG on labels only if the contents contain more than lhree grams of the additive. The decision has enraged lobby groups who argue thal the FDA is ignoring its own findings which suggest that people suffer reactions from MSG at just half the threegrams level. The incredible blast wrecked the naval base and heavily damaged the small town of Port Chicago, located 1. Some Ame,. The two ships and the large loading pier were totally annihilated.

Several hundred people were injured, and millions of dollars in property damage was caused by the huge blast. Windows were shattered in towns 20 miles away, and the glare ofthe explosion could be seen in San Francisco, some 35 miles away. It was the worst home-front disaster of World War Officially, the world's [rrst atomic ,test explosion occurred on 16th July at Alamogordo, New Mexico; but the Port Chicago blast may well have been the world's first atomic detonation, whether accidental or not. I and no. It then docked at Port Chicago on 13th July The E.

Bryan had been moored at Port Chicago for four days, taking on ammunition and explo. Some 98 men of Division Three were hard at work 10adiIlg the Bryan, and by The second ship, the Quinalt Victory, was b and new; it was preparing for its maiden voyage. The Quirwlt Victory had moored at Port Chicago at about 6. Some men of the Sixth Division, many of whom had only recently arrived at Port Chicago, were busy rigging the ship in preparation for 10ading of ammunition which was due to begin by mjdnight. In addition. The pier was congested with men, equipment, a locomotive, 16 railroad boxcars, and about tons of bombs and projectifes waiting to be loaded.

Mosb of the enlisted men, upon first arriving at Port Chicago, were quite fearful of the explosives they were expected to handle. But, over time, many of the men simply accommodated themselves to the work situation by discounting the risk of an explosion. Most men readily accepted the omcees' assurances th. To some observers it appeared that two explosions, only a few seconds apart, occurred: a first and smaller 'blast was felt; this was followed quickly by a cataclysmic explosion as the E. Bryan went off like one gigantic b'omb, sending a column of fire and! Everyone on the pier and aboard!

Very few intact bodies were recovered. Anothcr miUtary and civilian personnel were injured, including black enlisted men. This single, stunning disaster accounted for almost one-fifth of all black naval casualties during Ithe whole of World War II. Bryan was literally blown to bits. Very linle of its wreckage was ever found. The Quinalt Victory was Mted dear out of the water by the blast, turned around and broken into pieces. The largest piec. There was at least one ton diesel locomotive operating on the pier at the time of the explosion.

Not a single piece of the locomotive car was ever identified: the locomotive simply vanished. In the river stream, several small boats half a mile dis- I' tant from the pier reported being hit by a 30foot wall of water. In an ,interview, one of the men described his experienc-e of the disaster:. Suddenly there were two explosions. The first one knocked me clean off Then the next one came right behind that.

Knocked me back on the other side. Men were screaming, the lights went out and glass was flying all over the place. I got out to the door. Everybody was We were a mile and a half away from the ships. And so the first thing that came to my mind, I said, 'jesus Christ, the japs have hit! But one of the officers was shouting, 'It's the ships! It's the ships! Guys were shouting at the driver from the back of the truck, 'Go on down. What the hell are you staying up here for? Wasn't no railmad. Wasn't no ships.

In the Realm of the Ring Lords

The driver couldn't go no further. I didn't even see any smoke. The town of Port Chicago Was heavily damaged by the explosion but fortunately none of its Citizens was killed, although many suffered injuries. During the night and early morning, the injured were removed to hospitals and many of the black enlisted men were evacuated to nearby stations, mainly to Camp Shoemaker in Oakland. Others remained at PDft Chicago to clear away debris and search for what could be found of bodies. The search for bodies was grim work. One survivor recalled the experience:. We went back to the dock. Man, it was awful; that was a sight.

You'd see a. You'd see a head floating across the water-just the head-or an arm. Merrill T. Tile inquiry was to establish the facts of the situaItion and the Court was to arrive at an opinion concerning tbe cause or cau. The inqujry lasted 39 days and somc witnesse. However, only five black witnesses were called to testify-none from th.

The Court heard testimony from survivors andl eyewitnesses to the explosion, other Port Chicago personnel, ordnance experts, inspectors who checked the ships before loading, and others. The question of Captain Kinnc's tonnage-figures blackboard-and the competition it encouragedcame up during thc proceedings.

Kinne attcmpted to justify this as simply an extension of therNavy's procedure of competition in target practice. He contended that it did not negatively impact on safety, and implied that junior officers who said it did, did not know what they were talking about. The Court also heard tes. But the specific cause of the explosion was never officially established by the Court of Inquiry. Anyone in a position to have actually seen what caused the explosion did not live to tell about it. Although there was testimony before the Court about competition in loading, thjs was not listed by the Court or the Judge Advocate as in any way a cause of the explosion although the court Isaw fit to recom.

Thus, the Court of InqUiry in effect cleared the officers-ipcharge of any responsibility for the disaster, and in so far as any human cause was invoked, the burden of blame was laid on the shoulders of the black enlisted men who died in the explosion. After the explosion, many of the surviving black sailors were transferred to nearby Camp Shoemaker where they remained until 3ist July; then the Fourth and Eighth Divisions were transferred to navaF barracks in Vallejo near Mare Island.

During this period, the men were assigned barracks duties but no ship-loading was assigned. Another group, the Second Division, which was also at Camp Shoemaker until 31st July, returned to Port Chicago to help with the cleaning up and rebuilding of the base. All were extremely nervous aud jumpy. Everybody was still nervous. The men's anxiety was probably made worse 'by the fact that they did not know what caused the explQsion. Rumollr and speculation were rife.

Some thought it was caused by an accident, some suspected sabotage, others did not know what to think. Apparently the men were not informed that the Navy was conducting an investigation. Certainly, nO. The men tallked among themselves. They had! Many of the survivors expected to be granted survivors' leaves to visit their families before being rcassigned to regular duties. But such leaves were not granted, creating a major grievance. Even men who had been 'J;lOspitalised with injuries were Qot granted leaves.

The survirYors and new personnel expressed their opposition to returning to loading ammunition, citing the possibility of another explosion. The First confrontation occurred on 9th August. The great majority of the men baulkcd, and eventually mcn were arrested and confined for three d. They were also being threatened by guards with being summarily shot.

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In early September, 50 men were selected! On 24th October , after only 80 minutes of deliberation by a specially-convened military court, all 50 men were found guilty of mutiny. Ten were sentenced to 15 years in prison, 24 sentenced to 12 years, 11 sentenced to 10 years, and five senten cedi to eight years. All were to be dishonourably discharged from the Navy. After a massive outcry over the next year, in January , 47 of the Port Chicago men were released from prison and 'exiled' for one year overseas before returning to their families.

Of the Navy personnel who died in the iblast, ruost-some ammunition-loaders-were! This was the standard operating procedure in the segregated Navy at Ithat time. They were declassified in The most substan. Parsons is credited with designing th:e ordnane. He was assigned to Los Abmos and named Deputy Director under 1. They developed, designed and constructed Dhe uranium gun-bomb used on Hiroshima. He was subsequently the bombing officer aboard the B, the En.

After Hiroshima, Par. Parsons died in Hardware for at least three uranium gUllS was ordered at the end of March The urallium gun-bomb weighed about 9, pounds when assembled. Effective 1st August , Los Alamos Laboratories were reorganised, all work on the U gun-bomb was curtailed, and efforts weJe concentrated on the plutonium Nagasaki bomb. Tilis is in contrast to the two previous ship explosions, Mont Blanc in Halifax in , and SS Fort Stikine in Bombay in , which followed shipboard fires. The government claimed! This is now known to have been a lie, as noted above.

According to the declassified Oak Ridge documents, The December inventory was 74 kg of U, and, in December , six months after Port Chicago, it was 93 kg. If a nuclear weapon was detonated at Port Chicago, it is likely to hav. Eyewitnesses reported "an enormous blinding incandescent".

The Navy reported "the first tilash was brilliant wnite", such as is IilOW known to be characteristic of nuclear explosions which achieve several tens of millions of degrees Centigrade in milliseconds. There was no magnesium on the list of expllosives loaded onto the Bryan. The white flash occurs with atomic bombs of five kilotons and greater. The Port Chicago disaster gave rise to a Wilson condensation cloud like those at Bikini-now known to be characteristic of atomic bombs detonated in vapour-laden atmospheres.

The seismic records Show a very raflid detonation not characteristic of conventional explosions but the signature of atomic explosions. There was a typical nuclear fire-ball.