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The cubs are now a year-and-a-half old and learning to hunt for themselves. The tigers head to a water hole to cool off on a steaming hot day and the spy-cams show that the jungle pools are a magnet The tigress has her paws full with the four day-old cubs, her first litter. Charger, their imposing father, keeps his distance but helps to protect his vulnerable offspring from rogue male tigers The Spider-Man: Far from Home star shares why she signed on to join The Avengers without even knowing what character she was playing. Watch now. Title: Tiger: Spy in the Jungle —.

Occasional series of one-off documentaries, each examining the lifestyle of a particular animal. Birds of paradise are one of David Attenborough's lifelong passions. He was the first to film many of their beautiful and often bizarre displays, and over his lifetime he has tracked them David Attenborough embarks on a remarkable million-year journey revealing the extraordinary group of animals that dominate our world, and how their evolution defines our human bodies.

David Attenborough travels to the forests of Papua New Guinea, where 38 of the 42 kinds of bird of paradise are found. David Attenborough follows the remarkable story of the discovery of fossils in the Patagonia region of Argentina which prove to belong to the largest animal to ever walk the Earth. Discover what made Madagascar so different from the rest of the world, and how evolution ran wild there.

Evolutionary story of flight from the very first insects to the incredible array of creatures which rule the skies today. This documentary narrated by David Attenborough was filmed at the Natural History Museum, London, and uses state of the art CGI imagery to bring to life several extinct animals in the David Attenborough presents a collection of his favourite natural curiosities found throughout the animal kingdom from armoured giants to crafty insects.

This is a documentary series looking at the most dramatic wildlife spectacles on our planet. We see the impact of the melting of the arctic ice in the summer, the annual return of the David Attenborough's ground-breaking exploration of a group of organisms that are vast in number, yet often too small to be noticed: the invertebrates. David Attenborough narrates the lives of four growing tiger cubs using footage collected by hidden-camera-carrying elephants. Over two years, the elephants help capture the most intimate portrayal of tigers ever filmed. Saw the 'Wildlife' specials as a big fan of the national treasure that is David Attenborough.

As much as he may dislike the term it is a perfect way to sum him up, with his best works being documentary masterpieces and masterpieces in general. There are twenty two of these specials in total, fourteen listed under 'Wildlife Specials', the others listed as one-offs. Some of the individual episodes of those that have more than one part instead of a one-off like most are are also listed here as 'Wildlife Specials: The Spy Collection'. All are must sees, have a preference for Attenborough's work here being more familiar with his work and being a big fan of it but Tennant's contributions are very well done too.

As has been indicated, 'Tiger: Spy in the Jungle', while not one of the best of the specials, is highly recommended for nature lovers, documentary lovers and those who love Attenborough. This is apparent in 'Tiger: Spy in the Jungle' once again, this time dealing with tigers, their physical and psychological qualities, the different kinds of them and how they adapt and survive in their varied habitats. First and foremost, 'Tiger: Spy in the Jungle' looks amazing. It is gorgeously filmed, done in a completely fluid and natural, sometimes intimate a great way of connecting even more with the tigers , way and never looking static.

In fact much of it is remarkably cinematic and intimate, the hidden spy camera is used cleverly and feels like the viewer is a presence amongst the tigers and elephants, which play a crucial role here but as a spy invisible to them. The editing is always succinct and smooth and the scenery is pure magic. Some of it is rarely seen footage and makes one wonder how it came to be filmed. Music score fits very well generally, generally not overly grandiose while never being inappropriate with some lovely sound. Occasionally it is a little intrusive and could have been used less, my only complaint of 'Tiger: Spy in the Jungle' other than it maybe could have been a little longer with so much to cover.

In terms of the facts there was a very good mix of the known ones and the unknown, of the well known species and more rare ones, some facts being familiar to us while also dealing with the subject with tact. Their intelligence comes out on screen crystal clear and how they live and their cultural aspects are handled in a way that does illuminate. We know of some of the stuff that is talked about but it is rarely seen, certainly not in the way shown here, and it is amazing that they were filmed in the first place and so intimately that you feel like a spy yourself. Narration by Attenborough helps significantly.

He clearly knows his stuff and knows what to say and how to say it. He delivers it with his usual richness, soft-spoken enthusiasm and sincerity, never talking down to the viewer and keeping them riveted and wanting to know more. Some may not find 'Tiger: Spy in the Jungle', and in general the 'Wildlife Specials', treating the respective animals in a human-like way in all the instalments to their taste, personally love it myself and it made it easier connecting and relating to the animals and the things covered.

It's not just visually beautiful and informative. The tigers featured show a mix of playfulness, pathos, cuteness and ruthlessness. The conflict has genuine tension and suspense in seeing moments of ferocity in the more predatory moments though the tigers are shown as having more than just one side , seeing how the tigers adapt and survive amidst much adversity, there is some charm seeing the behaviours, though treated in some parts sympathetically, there is a lot of personality.

Found myself really caring for what is said and shown to us, loved the intimate roles of the elephants and how adorable the tiger cubs are in their life stages, allowing for some lovely little moments. Overall, wonderful with very little to complain about. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Episode List. Wir brauchen in Europa eine gemeinsame, offene Softwarearchitektur. OSS improves accountability, quality, security, and reusability. Weakens long-term provider dependencies. Quelloffener Code ist ein wichtiger Baustein um Transparenz und Gerechtigkeit sicher zu stellen. Publicly financed open source software would also help stabilizing developing countries by providing a free basis!

I want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available.. Nicht nur bei eingekaufter Software. Frankreich nutzt matrix. Openess is definitly the best strategie - to share, to improve, to invent, to innnovate and solve common issues in common sense!

Please don't allow corporations unjust, exclusive, control over public healthcare and school systems. Im web ist das durch diverse OpenSource Bibliotheken geradezu unausweichli. Was die Allgemeinheit bezahlt, muss auch von der Allgemeinheit frei nutzbar sein, ob Wissenschaft, Grund und Boden oder eben Quell-Codes. Transparentes geben und Nehmen. Transparent and accountable, FOSS results in better and more reliable software. No es justo por que el dinero es publico, y entonces el gobierno solo quiere sacar beneficio de eso. Closed source software has no place in the government.

Besides all the usual advantages of opensource, it helps to make the gov transparent. Ritengo sia importante che un software sviluppato con soldi pubblici debba essere reso disponibile a tutti i cittadini per poter essere stud. Open-source is a necessary step for every new comer, and to feel everyone home with the code behind the covers. I think that it should be open. It can save a lot of money and can help develop better softwares. Software die mit Steuergeldern Finanziert wurde, ist Eigentum der Steuerzahler, nicht eines Einzelnen! Es geht nicht an, dass mit Steuergeldern entwickelte Software von einem Unternehmen kostenpflichtig angeboten werden kann.

Open Source means having control and being able to pass down whatever progress done. No lock-in, full vizibility. Et bien sur il y a bien plus! Eso podria ayudar a cualquier problema concientizado en la seguridad publica de nuestras colonias y comunidades. I still believe in the EU, the privacy and better management of public money are very important.

You can do it! Every student in the world is educated and educated, it is the duty of the students to disintegrate people with a new look. Es ist wichtig. Let's share knowledge and not feed priviledges with public funds. Let's be efficient, and not re-invent the wheel We support your campaign and we'll promote during next European elections. An Open Source Software will be made by and belong to people. There are many pros and almost no cons. Its mandatory that things financed by the public are made available to the very same!

Same goes for all the sciences and gathered informatio. We need ones that will fight for us, the common folk! Share mue block and follow my YouTube chanel Muhammad Ruki on youtube please help me im new blogger help me help me. Every year in my country spend more than ,, USD in privative software, instead using Linux and many other technologies.

If the software is purchased with public funds, it is good that it is free, opensource and really public. I webdesign and want to user WordPress that i love one great platform to development and learning. Public code means better support, higher security, higher privacy, better concurrence, lower chances for corruption. Yes I am single and live on a very tight budget week to week.

Whenever I'm researching something on line in ways to better myself deadened. Esse projeto se faz de grande importancia para todos. Von Open Source profitieren alle. Abhaengigkeiten vermeiden, lokale Dienstleister foerdern und zudem einer globalen Gemeinschaft beitreten - warum nicht?

By using Free Software it is also easier to translate software into all languages used in the EU as native speakers can do that. I'm working since with open source software as a user only. Free software is one key component to the dis-enslavement from the matrix FOSS by government is equivalent to it being secular instead of favouring one religion proprietary software. I'm very pleased that there are organizations like this, that doesn't only gives awarenes to public cause but can help and educate An open code society is already showing its potential with open source communities.

Expanding it promises exciting times and great outcomes. All accessible domains should if in lieu be in accordance with grotesque consumer applicable gratuity returns without pending denial of appr. Ich bin Programmierer von Beruf. Thanks to you and your company for seeing it necessary to develop software freely to the public. I am fully in support. Thank you for being part of the solution and not part of the problem help the world have a safer and better Internet. The collaberation and clesing the backdoors will take the development out of those controlling the government and put it back to the people.

If public money is used to create software the software must be open source so i can use without paying again. If we use free and open source software we help local companies to grow up, because the big IT software and companies are from US. Politicians need to think more cost-effectively and beyond their term of office. FLOSS offers this in addition to being the ethically superi. How is that possible that any code used for "democracy" purposes is paid with our taxes, while we could just write it for free together?

I want to claim or received and withdraw all of my unclaimed money I have at so many sites so I needed your fast support. Imagine you were never in a trade longer than two weeks. A BUY would appear for a stock. This makes sense. If taxpayer money used to develop software, make it available at no cost to taxpayers.

We have software for schools, that is not even useable online but outdated. For me it is really discusting to see puplic administrations buying them into ther own dependence on big software firms. We should stop relying on foreign countries closed-source code but instead create our own, open to all!

The government runs off tax money. Spending on software should be as transparent as the software it buys. Europe must not become a software colony of companies or foreign states. FOSS is be necessary to meet to that goal. I completely agree with the initiative and feel that it should be implemented as soon as possible.

As a German I'm painfully aware that the digital world is Neuland for people making the rules. Really hope this campaign is successful. Yes it is important, because if regulators will continue use propriaritary soft, blockchain tech destroy governance institutes much faster. Voglio che i soldi pubblici producano Software Libero, riutilizzabile da qualsiasi comune o istituzione pubblica che ne abbia bisogno!

Perusahaan yang merupakan salah satu Perusahaan yang akan membutuhkan pertumbuhan dunia. Perusahaan yang merupakan badan usaha yang memfokus. Should apply equally to the development of new drugs and interventions by the publicly-funded NHS in the UK. Free Software is freedom for the people. Privative source is negative for the development of software.

This is way long overdue, and it should be one of "should"-requirements when the public sector is buying new IT-projects. Actually it seems so obvious "public money for public code" that I'm wondering why we have to even talk about it.


Please consider how freely accessible code can help develop expertise and work as an enabler for many people across society. I join the call to implement legislation requiring for free software as default option for publicly financed software. Great campaign, I agree it's wrong to keep publicly funded software proprietary!

See CompCert! Open source has demonstrated over the years its tremendous power to create great systems. Public Money Public Code makes a lot of sense. Open to common use. Kebebasan untuk mengkaji bagaimana program ini berfungsi, dan menyesuaikannya dengan keperluan anda. I support this endeavour.

The government software being full of security flaws is one of the major reasons why. Open code would make software available across EU states, cheaper and the source of more collaboration between European citizens. I'd love to see more emphasis on how libre software is technically superior to proprietary software.

Steuerlich Finanziertes muss unbedingt frei sein.

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Ich sag nur Effizienz! Tax payers money should not be used as a vessel for private entities to profit from. Don't get me started with security concerns. Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector. Unsere Gesellschaft gewinnt. Es gibt sooo gute Open Sorce-Alternativen! No entenc que es pagui per programari quan n'hi ha de lliure i igual de bo.

Prou pagar a especuladors. Free open software makes us independent from any single party's agenda. Besides all other benefits it's deeply democratic — it's our way. This is important for economical and military security. Microsoft and co may switch of everything. This is an important issue, and mostly helps to develop, adapt and re-use software throughout administrations, this can save some money, too.

Es sollte egtl. Institutionen nachhaltig handeln und das Wohl der Gesamtgesellschaft im Blick behalten. Wenn wir unsere digitale Zukunft wieder selbst mitgestalten wollen, ist diese Initiative ein guter Ansatz. Software created with money taken from the public community and society has to be available to everyone. If it is paid from public money it is for everybody to use! Make software be like our streets! Free and Open Source in public sector supercedes proprietary and enables vendor independence, healthier economy, innovation and more.

It is inhumane to get funding from tax payers and yet deny them the benefits that they have earned a right to. If it comes from the public, it should be free to all! During my PhD, i never published a paper without code, but my colleagues were not always as diligent. With Free Software, anyone can contribute, find and fix problems, or learn from the code. Plus, no lock-in to proprietary software! Taxes should be spent for the benefit of everyone. Free Software serves the public benefit.

Public code enables us to learn and improve. When I pay and some buildings are financed, I can see them, decide what I think. Why isn't that the same with coded buildings? Citizens should own what they pay. A common framework will make integration easier. And life too!

Everything paid with it should be also public and free, including code. Similar to how all other work done by the government should be available for citizens, why wouldn't code be available? This public code, really make big sense. Some people had big idea but lack of money. So, here it goes. With public code we stop reinventing the wheel again. I'm a software developer, and I'd want software I've made for public institutions gov to be publicly available. Open source code is definitely better than closed one for several reasons. I really believe that code payed with taxpayer money must be open.

There's already a disclosure of administration law in effect, just make it open source already! Vrije software is veiliger en, zeker voor iets dat door publiek geld wordt betaald, oneindig beter te rechtvaardigen. I feel the government takes too much from the people that we actually pay for and then charge us for it. It is complete nonsense that e. Microsoft is payed insane amounts of public money, just to deliver a closed source spionage tool. This is a great idea, let's start with open source redistricting software to prevent gerrymandering.

Free Software gives everybody the right to use, study, share and improve software.

Parva Chhantyal

This right helps support other fundamental freedoms like. Public code implies mainly transparency along with more benefits. People deserve it, we pay for these softwares. Somos muchos los que queremos codigo abierto, muchos los que hemos trabajado para que sea libre y de acceso publico. Physical immortality cannot be achieved. Water is worth more than gold. Gravity pulls us all down! Time used for this worth over a million!

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Tax paying is mandatory, that doesn't imply the choice belongs to government in EU democracies. Open Source is the best way to improve many services, in many domains. They will always be people to contribute. As a citizen of a third-world country I would rather our government have access to cheaper open source than receive aid. Codes should be made public. This will bring a greater clarity and transparency in the governance. People will have a better digital life.

Open Source Software will provide the necessary transparancy that we, the peoples of Europe, demand. It should be mandatory that the applications that we pay all developed by the state were free and open source. Applications paid by the public should be available for everyone. Tax from citizen should be back to upgrade public knowlegede and free. It makes sense morally and technically to give the public access to the code that was paid for with public money. Add legislation that publicly financed software made for the public sector be publicly available under Free and Open Source Software license.

It is only logical, that software which was created using public money should be in public domain. We need FOSS supported with public money, because it's the only way to build a truly democratic technological fundation for our society.

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Krasse Steuerverschwendung!! There is not reasing for code not to be free except if it contains malware, and in that case it should not be funded with public money. We can't let our infrastructure be controlled by foreign interests that abuse their monopoly. I think Europe and Open Source are a good match and can help each other out for a better future.

I support this movement. Nicht nur an staatliche Einrichtungen denken. All over the world public money on code should be freely available to anyone. I subscribe this effort! Public code is great for everyone involved - be it private company or a citizen - we all can learn and build on top of each other. As the public sector gets more automated, laws are often partially implemented as software; this should be as public as the laws themselves.

The budget system should encourage collaboration to save resources globally, and not just in software. A step in the right direction to better serve the public. It extends the movement of transparency and trust. Please require that public money goes to public resources and that we can all build on the shared knowledge of the community.

Service und Surveillance. I fully agree with the demand of this campaign. Furthermore I demand, that all authorities refrain from using closed source software! Die Bibel, Gal 5,1. Open source and free softwares to develop the humanity. And stop focusing on control and multipling money. No manager would listen to me advocating for open source. I am IT pro working in. Open source is the way to go! Public spending should benefit the pubic, indefinitely.

OSS is the most-obvious, and best, way of making software budget go the longest way. Public money for public code for maximum evolvability of software for all and away from rentier control. Sowas muss verhindert werden! I am critical of publicly founded software at all, but if they exist ths must be not just under a free lincence, but public domain. We need transparency when software is funded by tax money.

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Today we do not know if the software even exists. Securiy by obscurity to nie argument. Spreading the word of free software is difficult because it takes time. But if we keep at it, we'll make progress. Merci et bon courage pour cette initiative. Il software open source permette un risparmio economico ed un livello di sicurezza maggiore rispetto al software proprietario.

Please keep taxpayers money inside Europe; no money to Microsoft for being incompatibe with everything, even with itself. A transparent government is a trustable government. Code should also be transparent, and it can be just by being open source! I support this not only because it's moral, but because closed-source code has allowed fraudulent contracts in Romania. Die Sicherheit von Software darf nicht dadurch bestehen, dass der Quellcode verheimlicht wird, sondern durch die Implementierung.

Hat man denn von Snowden nichts gelernt? EU ruled that scientific research paid by tax payers should be open access. Software should be open source! Let's reclaim what's ours! Pel respecte dels Drets Humans, la llibertat i la igualtat de l'individu i dels grups en que s'integra.

Independence from large monopoles. It is high time to have a European IT infrastructure and software stack, including but not limited to operating systems and office suites. Sichere Software, kann nur eine einsehbare Software sein. Making software FOSS, increases its utility and allows more people to benefit from the initial investment. Quiero que se cumplan las 4 libertades del software libre.

Dan Brown - jozomibola.tk

A public administration should have to justify why it thinks code that it makes or buys is NOT made public - Open Source by default. While big corporations may not like it, public sector is - as it name states - public. It's meant to benefit people, not corporations. Geschlossene Software darf nicht mit Steuergeldern finanziert werden.

Dadurch verliert sie ihren Gemeinnutzen. The idea of the collaboration of many cities in software development is obvious. We could reach the one goal together much faster. Copyrighting and profiting from publicly funded software is stealing from the public by definition! All the tools and machines used by and for all of us , should be knowable by all of us. We must own our tools else be slaves to rent. MS-Windows 10 is not allowing us to work anymore All things paid with public money should be accessible by the all citizens, code is only one off this things.

Wherever possible, software projects supported by public funding must surely be required to be made available on an open source basis. Argent Public, Code Public, que dire de plus tout est dans le sujet, c'est un principe sain. If your objection to this are security reasons, it has to be pointed out that security through obscurity doesn't really solve the issue. There's a huge deficit in transparency in governmental matters to begin with, this would be a good step to help this to some degree. I use public code. I write public code. Let our data be handled by public code.

Let our government run on public code.


Einem Vertrauensverlust in staatlich organisierte Projekte muss sinnvoll entgegengetreten werden. Making software available publicly ensures that the spent money is used in the most efficient way. Patients was tuned away from public UK hospitals, because of insecure proprietary software Windows affected by wannacry. Open source encourages better software. With this software being public we can ensure the quality of software our government uses. I work indirectly for government, and I agree, as do many of my colleagues. Hoping this paradigm shift becomes reality!

Software in the public interest is often horribly broken. We need to stop pouring money into the closed source development schema. This is an important issue in times where big companies are growing monopoles, and should also be applied to all sciences for Open Access! Totalmente de acuerdo, hoy el Software Libre a evolucionado muchisimo y puede aportar mucho al trabajo cotidiano. Ohne offenen und frei verwendbaren Code sind viele aktuelle Projekte nicht wirtschaftlich zu machen.

Ein wichtiger Anschub! Open source makes sense for security and for better use of public funds. It allows for open collaboration which benefits all concerned. Linux is simply a better solution than Windows. Far cheaper, far more secure, far more effective, less buggy. Stop wasting taxpayers money. It makes elementary sense that IP funded by the public should belong to the public, notwithstanding national security or strategy exceptions.