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  1. 12222 Roof Shingles Cost Calculator For Allen TX Homeowners
  2. When is the WORST time for a roofing installation?
  3. Roof Replacement Cost 12222: Roofing Installation Prices per Sq. Ft.
  4. 12222 Roof Shingles Cost Calculator For Allen TX Homeowners
  5. Before You Take That Roofing Sales Job | Roof Sales

Our technicians are highly experienced and skilled and are therefore able to provide reliable roofing solutions at the most competitive prices. We only use quality products, along with excellent roofing knowledge to produce the best results in commercial, industrial and residential roofing solutions. Our professionals completely analyze the structures and propose the best solution as per the customer's financial situation and requirements. You can count on us to get incredible services at the most attractive prices. Roofing Siding Gutters Insulation Other. Exclusive Dedication. Project supervisors will be assigned to your project and will manage every detail onsite.

Proven Track Record. A true Texas-grown company with roots that go back over 35 years. We are a true Texas-grown family owned and operated business with roots that go back over 35 years. Read 5-Star Reviews. Our Services. Learn More. Trust Integrity Roofing to repair your roof So you think you need a new roof. Download Free Storm Checklist. What Your Neighbors Are Saying.

Tracie Rogalinski Due to the recent hailstorm in San Antonio, we had to have our roof replaced. George M Vergara Outstanding job!!! Contact Us Today. We value your time and will call you within 24 hours of receiving your request. Meet The Team. We believe in treating each client like our neighbor.

We understand your concerns.

Roof Claims Explained: ACV vs Replacement Cost Coverage

This is why safety, quality, and value are so important to us. Ronald A. Stephanie B. Vice President. VP of Production. Frequently Asked Questions. Areas We Serve. Laminated shingles are therefore a little thicker and last longer. Different variations on that saw-toothed pattern can give a nicer varied appearance almost thatch like, and it does not have the issue of having to be a perfect repeating pattern. Another attribute of this option is it is better at hiding any imperfections in the roof deck.

You can get 30, 40 or 50 year versions too so can get a longer lasting more durable shingle. You can get 3 tab and laminated styles of hail resistant shingles with the 3 tab style having a 30 year warranty and the laminated style having a 50 year warranty. When you look at them they do not seem to be different from the regular kind above, but they are made with modified bitumen a special asphalt that has 2 chemical modifiers added called UV blockers and elastifiers. While these only make up 2 to 3 per cent of the market for composition shingles there are still a large range to look at.

Some are made to look like slate, some like wood grain, some are heavy and thick, some have multiple layers of laminate and some are even coated in copper. In the Southwest and Texas the most commonly used roofing material is tile. You have two basic groups, clay tile and concrete tile.

Concrete is more commonly used as it is very durable and it is cheaper. Clay is more durable but costs more. There are a large number of styles, colors and brands for concrete tiles but these are variations of three types, the small barrel, large barrel and flat. There is a fourth version a few companies make called a bar. If you are looking for the villa style tiled roof look that would be the large barrel tile. The Mediterranean style tile is the small barrel. The flat tile has two types, the shake tile with a textured surface and the slate tile with a smooth surface.

The colors are mostly created by baking on a glaze. Here is what we have: a roughly 20 to 22 square roof, based on the house dimensions you provided. We are not sure if this is a hip or gable roof, so we are assuming the roof size is approximately 2,, sq. You would like to go with standard year 3-tab shingles.

The old roof will need to be removed and disposed off. New flashing will need to be installed, plus new fascia board all around. The actual estimates you receive can range quite a bit, depending on the contractor. Also note that workmanship warranty of 5 to 10 years is pretty standard. More than 10 years is probably an attempt by a contractor to justify a higher price.

Hi, I am located in Littlestown, PA. My roof is 42 squares and I am looking to get it replaced with premium shingles. Is this a decent price? We also note that real estate values in Littlestown, PA are quite low compared to the coastal areas. Your article is so well written and informative — very helpful! I have lived in the DC area for a long time and my current roof — 2 years old — is CertainTeed Highland Slate that I am very happy with.

I am about to move to Sarasota, Florida and am negotiating with the seller on replacement of a failing tile roof. Hoping he will pick up half the expense. I have learned that the HOA is now allowing architectural shingles as long as they are pounds or more. The current tile roof is flat gray concrete and I think an architectural shingle in gray that looks like slate would be a great alternative. Any thoughts on using shingles as opposed to tile in Florida? I understand it may not last as long, but shingles are only half the cost.

Also debating whether to use Grand Manor because of the look and weight, but I really like my Highland Slate and it is very cost effective. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Yes indeed, tiles are rather costly compared to architectural shingles, even in Sarasota Florida, where the cost to replace a roof is significantly lower compared to what you would normally have to pay for a new roof around the DC area. Stone-coated steel shingles and tiles are a viable and less-costly alternative to tiles. They will cost more than asphalt, but less than concrete or clay tiles.

Stone-coated steel roofs are light-weight and will stand up to hurricane-grade winds. Standing seam can be another durable, light-weight, and energy efficient alternative to asphalt to consider, if your HOA allows it. Going with asphalt shingles is also a viable route, especially with a roofing system from Certainteed known for the quality of their shingles. The key to a long-lasting roof is the quality of installation, proper-roof ventilation, and in case of Florida, special nailing techniques.

12222 Roof Shingles Cost Calculator For Allen TX Homeowners

I live in Fort Washington, Maryland near Washington, DC , and have a straight-forward roof replacement of a 14 square roof 1 layer of 20 year-old 3-tab shingles. Are both companies willing to cut in the soffit vents for you? If so, the installers need to make sure that the attic insulation is not blocking the soffit vents. If the first company is unwilling to offer the discount, then you should probably consider going with the second company.

When is the WORST time for a roofing installation?

Since both companies are using the same materials, you simply need to ensure that the crew installing your roof will do it right. You may also want to ask to speak to the project manager of the second company to make sure you are on the same page as far as installation quality expectations are concerned. You should ask about the experience of their crew the one that will be installing your roof , whether or not they are using subcontractors, daily clean-up procedures, how common situations such as roof deck damage or chimney flashing are handled, etc.

We are getting estimates for a slate roof and I am curious what the going rate would be per square in the Mid-Atlantic region near DC? The quality and grade of slate tiles and their costs can vary greatly, as well as the quality of installation. Be sure to only hire a company that specializes in slate roofing. A regular roofer will most likely butcher the installation. Case in point: We have just received several quotes for CertainTeed Architectural Shingles, plus re-roofing the back of our house, which has a Torch-down low-slope roof.

Does that make any sense? Either way, we are stuck with paying the higher cost, because we have to have a functional roof, or our home would be worthless.

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Such a rapid increase in the asset prices has resulted in increased demand for home services, with strong inflationary pressures pushing up the prices for major remodeling and home improvement services including roofing. The tariffs have not really kicked in yet to significantly affect material prices, however the increase in the price of oil, a major raw material used in the production of asphalt shingles, has had an effect on roofing material prices.

Once the real estate prices stabilize and potentially start deflating prices have been decreasing since their peak in spring , the demand and pricing for home services will decrease as well. My current roof is 18 years old and has a few leaks. We have received 3 quotes and the one below is right in the middle:. Shingle re-roof only 1 set of shingles to remove. Roof size sq. Replacing 3 skylights. What do you think? Does the quote include removal and disposal of the old roof?

If so, how many existing layers of roofing material assuming asphalt shingles are there on your roof? It took the roofers over 3 weeks to complete the job. We knew the roof was old and would need some repairs, but they are charging us almost double the estimate. This is such a sticker shock. We never saw any signs of wood shavings on the ground where they would have been cutting wood for the sheeting or studs.

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  • Exceptional Residential Roofing Services for San Antonio, TX, Homeowners.
  • Roofing Sales: Before You Take That Job?
  • They never showed us the rotten wood. Normally the contract will specify the rate for additional and unforeseen work such as rotten boards that should be replaced and expense that would normally be associated with such additional, unforeseen-but-necessary work. This is for approximately 35 squares of shingles on a two story house with a hip roof and includes the cost of installation and a dumpster. Do you have any opinions on other shingles that are better that I should look into. Any advice is welcomed!

    Where in the country are you located? Your location influences the preferred choice for shingles and project costs. Landmark Pro shingle offers a year algae-resistance warranty vs. Landmark Pro shingles are also slightly more durable and their colors are more crisp, but overall both products are more similar than they are different. Certainteed is better than IKO. Big difference in price is subcontractors vs. Nothing wrong with that either. You get what you pay for, as the saying goes. Not in my eyes.

    If you build and show them the value and have a masterful presentation, and the homeowner likes you, and trusts that you will do a knockout roof replacement being the Quarterback of the Job, you will earn their business! To each their own though, choose and purchase wisely to all the homeowners out there!

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    I am sure that your honest and valuable perspective will help many homeowners looking to replace a roof, especially in the tri-state area! Any advice you can provide on who would be willing to complete the needed paperwork to get the contract would be helpful.

    Roof Replacement Cost 12222: Roofing Installation Prices per Sq. Ft.

    Here is one way to streamline this; Rather than asking for all of these documents and paperwork from a contractor right away, you can simply ask for an estimate to do the actual job, first. Once you have an actual written estimate, tell the contractor the job is theirs provided you genuinely want to hire them , all they need to do is provide additional paperwork to help you facilitate the mortgage approval process. Working with a smaller company rather than some busy salesperson at a larger company might also be more fruitful.

    I am trying to get the best price possible for a roof replacement through Home Depot… Approximately sq. The estimate says It is for a 50 year Atlas architectural shingle. I am not sure what mark up a huge company like Home Depot has, but assume they have lots of room to wiggle, so do you think I should assume they should be able to meet my requested price?

    You are correct in assuming that Home Depot has an enormous mark-up on its home services, while contractors that ultimately install the roof, get paid a set amount per sq. One of my motivations for using Home Depot is a project home loan they offer at 7. I am in central Florida and the original roof from newly built home that I bought in is on. There may be a need for pieces of plywood to be replaced.

    12222 Roof Shingles Cost Calculator For Allen TX Homeowners

    It is a gable roof and I live in Ocala, FL. You have made me think about the independent contractor and if they offer financing comparable to Home Depot that might be the way to go. I am going to go through and present that number out and see what happens… Will update on the outcome. You are a shrewd negotiator! This type of roof is easy to access and a breeze to work on. Only one layer of old shingles on a single-story ranch makes the tear-off process quick and easy. Central Florida makes it a low-cost of living area, with relatively low housing values, which means the cost of local labor for a contractor is low.

    Before You Take That Roofing Sales Job | Roof Sales

    In summary, we have a simple gable roof on a single-story ranch, with only one layer of old shingles to be removed. Factor in the low-cost of living in Ocala, Central Florida, meaning low cost of doing business for the contractor, with Home Depot making additional money on the high-interest rate home improvement loan, and you have a perfect storm scenario in which you certainly have every right to negotiate for a better price. Well I just had the roof job done by Home Depot contracted out to Rhino Roofing out of Tampa and feel they did a beautiful job. Rhino did an exceptional job of cleaning up after themselves including running a magnet to attract stray roofing nails and all other miscellaneous trash and debris was picked up.

    No damage was done to my yard or home during the job which took from am the first day breaking at pm due to rain and completing the job the second day beginning at am and completing the project by about pm. Had it not been for some rain showers the first day it would have been done completely in one day. This did include replacing 3 sheets of plywood. All in all I am a satisfied customer and will now be getting a wind mitigation evaluation done which is supposed to significantly lower my homeowners insurance. Glad you were able to get a decent deal on the new roof and that you are happy with the work and final product!

    You may be able to convince your homeowner insurance company to pay for your roof replacement, as the roof must pass the inspection for them to insure it, depending on your coverage, most likely they will pay for a new roof. There are insurance specialist roofing contractors and the insurance company probably has their own contractors.

    Give them a call!!