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The Breeding Prophecy

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Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. Book 2. Just as Cassidy phases into the most dangerous stage of her Breeding Time, she is stolen while her protectors are fighting with the rival clan who want Cassidy for their own. Cassidy is an integral part of the foretold Lycan Breeding Prophecy and two rival clans will tear each other apart to possess her.

This is the second in the ongoing series. Sweat dripped along her ribcage as her internal temperature began to steadily rise. Oh no, she thought with rising panic. Not now! She looked up at Cristophe and he started when her eyes dilated and everything became hazed in red in her vision. I never asked for any of this. The emptiness of her core created waves of pain and need that caused her to cry out with agony. Please help me, Cristophe!

Book 3. A six-part paranormal romance following a woman destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy and the men who will defend her, love her, or die trying. An erotic paranormal 5, word short story following a woman destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy and the men who will defend her, love her, or die trying.

This is the third installment of an ongoing series intended for mature readers. But Cassandra is fighting her destiny, even if the Phase controls her sexual appetite, forcing her to mate with the one person she finds abhorrent. Follow Cassandra as she discovers more about herself, her past, and the danger that is breathing right down her neck.

Book 5. A six-part paranormal romance featuring two lycan clans struggling to survive an ancient prophecy destined to change the world. This is an ongoing series. Ulster is obsessed with Cassandra and the promise of ultimate power but if he can't have her Cassandra and Tieran have settled into a turbulent relationship fueled by lust and desire yet they remain distinctly at odds.

Tieran is struggling with the memory of his previous love, Serra, and fighting the growing emotion he feels for Cassandra. In the midst of their personal test-of-wills, Cassandra is carrying mystical twins -- of which only one was supposed to be born -- but hell hath no fury like a werewolf defending her pups and Cassandra will defend her babies to the death; even against Tieran, if need be. Book 6. A six-part paranormal romance series featuring two lycan clans struggling to survive an ancient prophecy destined to change the world. This is the final installment of a six-part series.

Pushed by destiny, buffeted by fate, Cassandra and Tieran must work together to save not only their babies, but their love as well. Cassandra and Tieran find themselves facing threats from all angles in the final epic love story between two destined mates but the worst threat is the one they never see coming. Caught in the ever-tightening web foretold by The Breeding Prophecy, Cassandra and Tieran must become as one to protect all they hold dear.

Cassandra must give herself to the power of The Prophecy if she and her babies are to survive to fulfill their destiny. Her dark hair cascaded over her shoulders in a waterfall of beauty that would've made a supermodel jealous and it certainly didn't make Cassandra feel like a pageant queen but even as her dark eyes glittered like jewels at midnight, her heart burned with jealous heat. Cassandra sucked in a tight breath as understanding washed over her. I was born here. You are the one who doesn't belong," Serra said bitterly. Not mine. Cassandra kept her pace and refused to react even though the hateful comment sliced at her own heart as if it were a raw-edged blade.

Similar ebooks. Leverage Part One : Billionaire Romance. Get ready to immerse yourself in the wealthy life of Boston Kincaid, the newest billionaire romance from best-selling erotic romance author, Alexx Andria. It was brutal and heady -- something that she would've found completely? She clutched a handful of his dark hair and wrenched it back,? The pain sparked an insane pleasure that baffled but she? A low throaty laugh followed and he threw her to the bed. His eyes glowed with? Her knees fell open and her hand found its way to her core.

Tina Winograd - Editor

She was nearly? He slapped her hand and pushed it away? His scent hit her? He smelled of something so intoxicating she couldn't even? Check out the first in the series for FREE! Product Details. Average Review.

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