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Each chapter concludes with questions for you to consider, or for use with small group discussions. There is no room to write your thoughts or answers, so you will want to keep a notebook and pen close by for making notes while studying this book.

Highly recommended. Aug 18, Liz rated it it was amazing. I'm such a lazy pray-er, and this book was helpful in giving specific prayer strategies. I esp liked his recommendation to pray for a love of prayer. Apr 10, Marcie Hill rated it it was amazing. When I started reading this book, I was experiencing a great deal of doubt in my life at that time. Was I good enough? Why isn't anyone calling me for a job? I know I'm qualified for something? The stories and inspiration helped me to move towards God because I was trying to do things myself.

It showed me that I was asking for things, but wwasn't asking big enough. I've changed my prayers and my expectations. Aug 14, R. Goff rated it really liked it. For writing style, it's a pretty average three stars but I feel that way about most of the literary world. But the content was very good. It teaches the value of specific and answerable prayers, talks about the value of praying from the Bible, and gives common circumstances and people we pray for, and how it relates to them. It has some really beautiful parts, and I'm glad I read it. I would recommend it to any Christian who wants some advice on a more powerful prayer-life.

May 06, Esther rated it it was amazing. Awesome book! Jan 15, Beth rated it it was ok. Boring and a little confusing. I wanted to be interested. I promise to still "Pray Big" by also praying for the little things, do you see what I mean? Dec 04, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: christian-books. Some excellent chapters on prayer and how to make it deepe.

Lord, please show me where my behavior has harmed others and help me to see the truth these relationships hold for me. Help me see where I have been at fault and what I should have done differently. Show me where I have been selfish, dishonest, or inconsiderate. Show me whom I have hurt and where I have unjustifiably aroused jealousy, suspicion or bitterness.

Help me to see where I was at fault and what I should have done instead. Help me to be fearless and searching in my endeavor to write my sexual inventory. A Sex Prayer:. Help me be willing to grow toward my ideals and help me be willing to make amends where I have done harm. Lord, please show me what to do in each specific matter, and be the final judge in each situation. Help me avoid hysterical thinking or advice. If sex becomes very troublesome, quiet my imperious urge, help me not to yield and keep me from heartache as I throw myself the harder into helping others.

Help me think of their needs and help me work for them. A Pre-Fifth Step Prayer:. God, please help me to complete my housecleaning by admitting to another human being the exact nature of my wrongs. Please remove any fears I have about this step and show me how completion of it will remove my egotism and fear. Help me to see how this step builds my character through humility, fearlessness and honesty.

Direct me to the right person who will keep my confidence and fully understand and approve what I am driving at. Then help me to pocket my pride and go to it, illuminating every twist of character, every dark cranny of the past so I may complete this step and begin to feel near to you.

Fifth Step Prayer. Higher Power, Thank you for helping me complete my housecleaning. I can now look the world in the eye. I can be alone at perfect peace and ease. My fears have fallen from me. I have begun to feel your nearness. I have begun to have a spiritual experience. A Quiet Hour Prayer:. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to know you better, by showing me what has been blocking me from you. Father, please show me if I have omitted anything and help me to honestly see if my stones are properly in place or if I have skimped in any area of this work.

A 6 th Step prayer:. Father, I need your help to become willing to let go of the things in me which continue to block me off from you. Please grant me your Grace Lord and make me willing to have these objectionable characteristics, defects and shortcomings removed. Sixth Step Prayer. Dear God, I am ready for Your help in removing from me the defects of character which I now realize are an obstacle to my recovery. Seventh Step Prayer.

Grant me strength, as I go out from here to do Your bidding. A Pre - Eighth Step Prayer:. Show me all the harms I have caused with my behavior and help me be willing to make amends to one and all. Help me to be willing to go to any lengths for victory over alcohol. A 9 th Step Prayer :. Help me not to shrink from anything. Help me not to delay if it can be avoided. I completely understand how hard it is in the beginning of sobriety. If anything I felt free. All I know is the moment I wake up I thank him for another day, ask Him to help guid me in the day and live His will not mine.

The more I study, read, listen his word, His wisdom, the better I get 24 hours at a time. I put all my trust and faith in Him, not me. I hope this helps someone who is struggling like I was and gives a whirl, at this point you have nothing more to lose by trying. God bless everyone. Cravings are starting I keep saying this prayer for strength. Can someone please post link to this app? Sent thru message and unable to find on my own, like most things. God Bless. Hello all! So grateful I just stumbled upon this app!

Sending you all supportive vibes as we are on this path as a whole. Thanks for being you and being here for me. HP, direct my thinking today. Show me the way for my best thinking got me here. Remind me that I am not my thoughts, but the awareness behind them. Whatever I resist, persists. Help remind me that whatever emotion or circumstance that arises in each moment is exactly what I need. Hey JennC, not sure how or if this app has an actual link.

If so, I am not aware of app links. I scrolled down a few apps and downloaded this one. Just for today… I feel hope.. God is in charge and no matter what I face today… That is all I need to know. Day 3 laying it down again at the feet of my Savior to take this from my life. Praying for you all and those in my group last night. That feels good. Dealing with the unknown. Please God,, please give us peace either way this should go.

I owe it to AA and all of the people like you! Really appreciate the affirmation today to stop struggling and in every moment live peace and harmony. I realise how much I struggle.. Grateful for this opportunity to be in fellowship. Thank you all But for the grace of God go I!!! Now I can have my tools with me all the time. This is more convenient. I promise you by Gods Grace, I am a miracle 15 years and counting.

The meetings , a sponsor, my family, the steps and last but never least God got me here and staying. No matter what we go through prayer is what we need to help keep us in line with our enter self so get down and give him some love. Good morning. The first thing I did was read my morning prayer so that I can make it through the rest of today aman. Good morning family had to read my morning prayer when I get up so that it can carry me into the day.

Day 7, for me…. One more time, I am blown away by the connection this program has given me. To God and my fellow human beings! We are all so blessed to be sober! Good morning brothers and sisters. Thank God there is a way of living that keeps me from the misery I was in, one day at a time. Hey fellow ship Today I am going through some big emotional ups and downs. I am dealing with financial stress. I have been dealing with this for some time. Working hard and trying to make ends meet is stressing me out. Today I am weighing out all my options instead of taking the easy way out.

Crackerblack You did just what you were supposed to do. The fact is when you make a change that includes people, places and things. My husband and I were active together in our addiction for about 25 years. So we had to separate until it was his turn. My husband now going on 4 years next year. This is our life at stake and we have to make a decision just how important our lives matter.

I love my husband but I love me too. And my life matters, just as his life and yours. Our decisions are tuff and it takes a lot of adjusting. But get around recovering people. Who knows you two may get back together or you may come across someone who never used. What a bonus. Just trying to take it an hour at a time.

I have 33 days sober today and it feels great? Welcome to all New Comers Stick around so you can share with the new comers after you how you did it. Always remember this is your life stake here. Day 41… Just took a 30 day chip at my home meeting!! It would be the end of all great things I have going for me! It is nice to live in the now and be present!

Was feeling overwhelmed this am, which is a trigger for me. I went back and read the prayer… It makes such a difference.. Grateful for the serenity. I read this prayer most mornings. Is not as difficult as most people think but it does bring up a lot of feelings. This prayer is amazing, and is a great way for me to start my day. So true. Meeksy, be strong and get right back at it. We all make mistakes; none of us are perfect. Take a moment to talk to God and thank Him for all that we have.

It truly helps during a hard day. It is not easy but along with the 12 steps, service, care of a power greater then yourself, it is possible. Its a very easy program if you give it the opportunity. Get a sponsor go to meetings open your mind to listen. You got urself here allow god to guide you out. You will see how easy it gets if you can allow it to work. Just think, if I knew I had this choice 15 years ago.

The choice to choose Sobriety over Insanity. When I first started using no lie it was fun. As the years progressed and I was in to deep to realize the addition had taken control, it was no longer considered fun but Insanity. The things I did and accepted for sake of 1 more. When I realized the addiction was in control every day I would tell myself for 25 years no more.

That was the insanity taking over. Seriously it was not until I surrendered. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I began to realize and fight for my life. I was and I am more important than 1 more day in my addiction December 27, was the first day of the rest of my life. I have not looked back, nothing back there I want.

Everyday is not a good day but every day is better then back then in my insanity. I love this app! Day 2.

12 Step Recovery from ANY and ALL Addictions

Very encouraging to see how far each one of you has come. One day at a time! I needed this prayer today as I am struggling with school stress. Ridding myself of self doubt and grateful for a clear head. Just hit 15 years last week. So grateful. I need to reinforce these ways of living daily, take my time with this prayer and understand each part as it has so much to offer. I am so thankful for AA and for all of you.

I love praying and I love that only a higher power can restore us to sanity. Day 2 for me…. I said this prayer and I actually feel a great sense of relief. Nice to know I can have this app within reach at all times. My higher power is the one and only Jesus. He is real and has kept me sober for 6 months! The steps work and the morning prayers are vital. If I do not get out of myself first thing in the morning my day is not the same. Been feeling squirrelly today!! Feel much better and doing the next right thing. Rachel T The right thing happened. Not to depend solely on that to stay clean and sober.

The desire to use was just lifted away from you. I remember when it happened to me 15 years ago. You were not supposed to be in a position to make a meeting or get in touch with your sponsor. I just sat here and started my day with the 3rd step prayer. Wish me luck! Being sober ad turning over my will and my life to God has been a struggle. But it has also been the greatest thing that has happened in my life. God works everyday in my life now. I thank god everyday and especially today that I no longer have to pick up a drink.

Day 8, for me and there is no longer the desire to drink thanks to each of you and your efforts to help me stay sober! I look forward to this day with the God of my understanding leading the way. It has been 10 months and 6 days for me the longest I have been sober in my 28 years of drinking. I owe it all to my higher power. My days turn out side ways if I do not start my day out with this prayer, 3rd step prayer, and serenity prayer long version. Funny how this stuff works if I work it! Day 2… Not my first run at this. New approach to try.

I am new on this app. Trust, God clean house and help others!!! As long as we do these three things we have a chance!!! Aloha fellows, if you think there is no way left… Look to your higher power and thank him for the day he has given rather than wonder why he has given it. I too was at the end of my rope when I stumbled into AA as a last resort.

The blessings I have received in such a short few months make me feel now that each day is a gift worth living. The people I have met truly did love me before I loved myself and have kept me from that first fateful drink for a while now. I am forever grateful for the changes taking place in my life that I was skeptical would ever become realities.

I live with an alcoholic as well so the opportunity to throw it all away is present daily; it is progress not perfection. Have a blessed. Welcome been sober 30 years you all can do it!!! I was 18 when I got sober and everyone told me I was too young!!! Ask my mother Whoa! Took me a long time to clear the wreckage!!!! I am just now getting the idea!!! Finally growing up! Good luck all! Take it easy…just repaying it out loud makes my heart beat slow, the muscles in my face and neck relax, and my spirit awakens. I read this prayer before I get out of bed and my day is so much better.

Day 6 starting my day with God because he gives me what I need to face the challenges of the day. He also lets me remember my last relapse to remind me what happens when I put other things before him. Great App, best I have seen yet for us 12 steppers. My sponsor continues to remind me that the ultimate goal of the 12 steps is to teach me to live in this moment.

The time is wrong on the post. Today is day two for me in my quest for sobriety and freedom. We all deserve to find happiness and self-contentment in this life.

It is my hope that we all are able to move forward and live happy, healthy, and productive lives. Good luck to everyone out there who is also struggling with this disease. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.? I am rebuilding my life and this prayer greatly helps — fear and anxiety are tough to deal with but i must Move forward!

I am on day 9 and greatly appreciate what tis prayer says. Congrats Britt, day for me. All in a row this time. This app helps me to pray when I miss my am meeting. Working on steps reading Drop the Rock. Centers on us leaving behind our character defects, and taking the opposite of them, which is our spiritual principles, and forming the basis of our recovery and perception of life, on them!

Day 3. Cravings not too bad. Had six straight years about 4 years ago. My life had become unmanageable again. As I knew it would. I have to give it to God for doing for me what I cant imagine doing for myself. Hi everyone. Any thoughts? This makes me feel like I am in one. Have a great day everyone. Have just found this chat in app. Wonderful prayer too…have never seen it before even after 15 years. Thank You God, still learning. To Liz, Just remember where drinking took you before you where in sobriety. Continue praying for God to remove the obsession to drink.

Prayer is the answer, God bless You! Had this app for awhile just found out I could post boy I need this between meetings!! Love the comme nets. Going on 21months! I have experienced 2 birthdays, Thanksgivings, Christmas and New Years sober! I love this connection with other people in recovery.

I need prayers, have been waking with anxiety and having thoughts of drinking. I know this is not an option and I know to pray and ask for help. Good Morning Friends, I too never knew I could post. Love this prayer. It says it all and sets my head straight for the day! I so needed to read that.

Have a job interview at 10am. All of the fear and feeling of inadequacy are here. I can always find what I need in this program and this book. Have a good day everyone! I test on Monday, I am fully prepared and have studied since July. I have faith and I give it to my higher power. I am sober today and that I have to remember is the most important thing. Today is going too be the day that a I tell myself that she no longer,wishes too be a part of my life. She neabs everything to and she knows. I keep her in my prayers.

Almost 2 years of sobriety down the tubes.. I am so ashamed and full of fear!! Starting over on day 2, I know I can do this with the steps and Gods help. I was 3 days clean into detox.. And I used today. I want this so bad but my mental cravings are extremely strong. I want to find the strength inside of me to do this right. Tomorrow will be day 1 again. I hope I can do this….

Day ! I will take a moment to center myself in God, so that I will be able to respond from a perspective of composure, strength and sensibility. This is what AA teaches, and reminds me everyday how to conduct myself. A wise man once said, get busy living or get busy dieing. I sick of being sick and tired. Time to get busy living.

I have been sober on and off now for 5 years. I live in a intercity with tons of gang violence and corruption and find it extremely hard to feel sorry for or love people like this.

Prayers from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

Remember no matter there sin they are just like us they are sick suffering addicts and alcoholics willing to go to any length for there disease, we cannot judge them because they are us and we are them. I once to judge and still do at times but then I remember this.. I hoped this helped….? Day 7 and I was suicidal when I first came to the program of AA. Praise God that today I have not thought about drinking or suicide! Thanks Polk…..

Big Book Prayers

I start my day off with this prayer and the 3rd step prayer. I get peace through out the day because of it, no matter what challenges come at me I can get through them. I need to say this prayer every few minutes because I am as sick as my secrets! I have many but I believe God will heal me!

I was sober for over 3 years. Started drinking again about a year ago, but now have 2 days sober. At almost 5 yrs of sobriety this prayer reminds me and keeps my brain focused that God is my employer and I have to filter my thoughts and decisions through him daily to keep my spiritual tools sharp! Jimmyv keep praying for them 12 days. Praying for you Jimmyv. I grew up in that inner city maddess. Your on the top of my prayer list!

I am praying for all of us now and all those sick and suffering in and outside the rooms. Been in and out of the program 39 years Been back for almost 9 months I am finally starting to get a little of this program This prayer is helping me find myself more each time I read it! I guess just never quit quitting.

This time I have also quit smoking for over a month. Life is getting better every day. Thank you AA. Great way to start my day! Along with my daily meditation readings!! I am currently in treatment-I get out tomorrow!! I am scared to go home, yet excited to start my journey in sobriety! I have 32 days sober! Day 36 for me!!? I got out of treatment Friday, 3 days ago! It literally wore me out, with my Osteo. I hope you find some serenity today!!

I reAlly screwed up last night. Vomited all over my bedroom floor and my daughter witnessed it. This stuff works. I have faith it will, and will say a prayer tonight for you all out there. The book, prayers, and getting into action are my tools for recovery today. There is a solution to all my problems today. I need to seek it thru the steps, lititure, sponsor, and fellowship. I am so grateful for all of it. It took 27 years to finally surrender that this disease is out to kill me.

I pray daily that I never think I Got This. It has been proven in my life that I can never have just one. I always stopped going to meetings and not hanging with recovery people. Each time I ended up worse off than ever. This disease took my Father Sister and my mother passed with the isms. After a long time being out there after some years of soberity. I am back in the rooms. Trust that you are being healed and prepared to receive all that is good… Read this somewhere, I love it.

I am going on 4 years!! Everyday is a struggle but a struggle to remind me what I am living and working for!! Lord thanks you for these prayers. They help me with getting through this relationship with my husband. I was the 3rd comment on this thread with just 40 days sober and now I have days! Thank God and Alcoholics Anonymous. I am still smoking pot , not feeling real good about it but having extreme anxiety can barely type. I had 15 years, 5 years ago and now starting over with gratitude in my heart and soul for AA. The people have been so loving and accept me just the way I am.

I want sobriety again and pray for it every day and for all of you also! Keep coming back no matter what!! Yesterday was a tough day, not as far as wanting to drink but I was moving and things got stressful. I started crying, then pulled out my phone and read this prayer, for the first time, out loud, in the middle of my living room. Working long hours in hospital, feeling at times isolated and lonely, needed prayer to get me through moments. Day 2, again.

First time reading these comments and prayers, which is inspiration to try harder. Sincerest prayers for everyone posting?

Great Prayers of the Bible: Bold Prayer in the Book of Acts

To anyone struggling or trying to find the easier, softer way, this IS the easier softer way! Keep coming back! You are loved!

Praying for the alcoholic who still suffers today and to get out of my own head. All problems that I have are between my two ears…Amen! Dear God, thank you for this day that lays ahead of me. Please remove my self-will, and anything else that blocks me off from your truth, love, and light. Please remove my self-pity; it is dishonest and does not honor you. Please remove my human defects of dishonesty and selfishness- which separate me from you and my fellows. Help me to come into you God.

Please inspire my thinking that you may enter into my head and heart. Please help guide my actions. When your will is done please help me to rest. Help me to share your love all throughout the day. If there is anything I am needing to see to grow God, please show me, and please help me to pause to see it. Help me to be of maximal use and service to you and my fellows for this 24 hours. Read the morning prayer for only the second time. Day 82 and I already feel calmer just for praying.

Thank you all for your inspirational honesty. God bless you. I thank God that I woke up sober today. I pray that I can be of maximum service to my fellows today. I have 47 days sober and I am going to keep going one day at a time. I had a miscarriage yesterday. I feel really down about myself and so many things seem to be going on in such a difficult time of my life. I need guidance and time to think I suppose…. I have over 9 years and this prayer worked in the beginning and I needed it back in my life.

I have to remain connected. I love that I have no excuses with this app. This is my 35th day clean and serene. Thanks guys!! In fear today for my own actions. The blessing is that today I know the root of my difficulties is me and not some outside circumstance over which I have no control. I downloaded this app si i could always have the BB handy…and also branch out my network. Cheri, get yourself to meetings try and do 90 meetings in 90 days. You may not find a sponsor right away but you will have the support you need.