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Be open. These are the things that I have learned from good men, and these are the things I pass on to you, so you too can be good men. How do you build good character? You practice it until it becomes part of you. Society, is among the top students in his class. His aptitude with a paintbrush has earned him various honors,. He was an All-IAC varsity. Peter — he made these things his calling cards, and was thus one of the best classmates that I have seen in 17 years of teaching. Shockey finished first and second, experts-only whitewater race on the Upper Gauley that is comprised of nine miles of unrelenting Class V rapids and attracts Olympic-level.

We train together and we compete against each other to really push ourselves to get better. At the end of the year,. We can do it. Success is a function of learning from experiences you have, especially mistakes that you make, and being able to translate those experiences into the future in ways that allow you to be more successful.

Just as our teaching, coaching and mentoring methods evolve to best suit the. The images that define our school must adapt in all shapes and sizes to allow us to communicate effectively. Other elements on the updated crest, or seal, are completely new. The image of chains, which represented the bonds that tie our community together, has been replaced with a circle to emphasize brotherhood and a unified community.

the devil is dead arnold landon book 5 Manual

The net effect is a version of the crest that maintains the traditions captured in the original, boasts a distinctive,. There was the victory, of course,. And it made going to the rink enjoyable every day. Farnstrom, who started the Landon hockey program back in and our kids had that attitude we were going to be all right. I have coached a lot of teams, and this is the best group of guys I have ever had.

They were selfless. They believed in each other. They were full of moxie. Out of a person team, eight of them were seniors. All season they helped our rookies learn all three [shooting] positions. Everyone I have met here is clearly missioncentered with a real devotion to and affection for the place. In a wide-ranging conversation with Landon Magazine, Neill provides insight into why he is excited about. He also shares some illuminating personal facts, including how he spends his summers, why he counts A River Runs Through It among his favorite books, and what he did when he briefly lived in Morocco.

Everyone I have met here is. The mission and the culture of the school are attractive to me. That aligns with how I see things. A boys school setting is also one that I feel really comfortable in. I believe in it. I have lived it, both as. And I understand the value of it. But, at the end of the day, this mission, this focus on balanced excellence and getting to know the students as human beings — the whole teacher-coach-mentor idea — resonates with me.

I love to coach, and I have coached most of my life. I started in third or The Neill kids enjoy summer vacation in Maine.


I have a big extended family here in D. My wife, kids and I have a house in Maine where we spend part of every summer. Lastly, I love to garden and work in the yard — I find it to be relaxing, creative and physically engaging. The last movie I saw was The Hobbit with my son because he was all fired up about it. I must admit that. As for TV, I mostly end up watching sports. I grew up with good professional sports teams in D. I plan to listen as much as I can, ask questions, and at the same time share a fresh perspective on things.

I want to work with the existing. That comes about from collaboration and constructively challenging one another They were Depression-era sons of families engaged in the Pacific Northwest trades of fishing, log-. I recently finished reading Seabiscuit, which is the horse version of that story in a lot of ways. Unbroken is another great book — an amazing. I also like reading books like The. Big Short or When Genius Failed, interesting stories about how large-scale crises come about in business and the financial markets. One of the main reasons we teach Greek and Shakespearean tragedies is that these works reveal timeless truths about human nature, like the notion that hubris.

I went right to Wall Street after college and took a job working in the tax-exempt bond markets. It was great exposure to how Wall Street,. It was a great experience with. I met some Moroccan guys, traveled and played soccer on the beach, and had a great time. That was just a short stint, though. A buddy of mine was coaching at. I got a job at Georgetown Visitation and was there for three years before I decided I wanted to take the leap. So I went to business school to use it as a springboard into academic leadership. The plan worked: After Kellogg, I came back to D.

So I look forward to getting to know the community and vice versa. I enjoy house. I tore the siding off our house in Maine, and underneath it found cedar shingles still in great shape. It got to a point where I was really in tune with the water and fish. I could see little movements in the water and just know where a fish was and where to cast. Specifically, he portrays Dr. Austin Lang-. The role has won the year-old critical accolades and legions of fans,. What makes Landon great is this emphasis on the wellrounded individual. That starts in the classroom and continues with disciplines in other areas, be it athletics or the arts.

He says that teachers Al Goddard, Tom Dixon and Hans Farnstrom instilled in him a lifelong love of language and storytelling. One thing he did not do at Landon was act — at all.

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The best times were when one of us got something,. Langham on Masters of Sex that his career truly took off. Still, he insists that not much. Over the past year, he has filmed the independent features Liv and Curve, and other projects are in the works. This winter, he returned to the D. We need to be more connected to the school, the faculty, the admissions process and the families themselves. The second step is to reconnect with the Landon community on.

We owe it to our fellow alums — both present and future — to ensure that the public perception of a Landon alumnus is positive, proud and in line with. Visited Greenland and saw Viking ruins there on the way home. It was a tiring but exhilarating trip. They plan to go back to cruising, an easier form of travel, for. My wife Lore received the Medal of Civil Merit from the king of Spain, and more recently she [was named an] Outstanding.

Landon is a great place to grow up, a great place to study and a great place to solidify your friendships. Rideout also taught sixth six years at Landon, before going on to serve as a teacher and assistant principal at several. His mother Ruth was the chair of the first two Azalea Garden Festivals in Ricky teaches Upper School studio art and sculpture, and Christian teaches Middle School earth sciences.

Classmates keep turning up when and where you least expect them. Nick is happily retired, and both he and his wife keep active After college, Cliff Roberson spent seven years. Needing a change of pace, Cliff became a neurosurgeon for Now a farmer, Cliff has a acre farm outside Corvallis, Oregon, on which he grows blueberries, hazelnuts and wheat. Cliff wants. In his spare time, Cliff has run marathons and also enters amateur bicycle races. Jack Leachman Jr. A special thanks to Vicki and Zeke. We look forward to our 50th reunion in and hope many more will join in the festivities at that time.

Saigon on the eve of the Tet Offensive. Ned Bittinger and me in front of St. My wife. We had several overnight practices, followed by post-practice partying and late-night crank calling the. Landon v. That game. And there are silver linings to almost everything. The last piece is. I still remember it as if it were yesterday. And hardly anyone forgot a name. He has gone to every game since except while abroad during WWII. He turned 92 on November 17, Moved back to D. Although living in Seattle, both Jamie and. Kendall and George Vincent welcomed. Channing was 6 lb. Landon hosted the third annual Capital.

Big sister Evelyn adores her new play toy. Thomas has also accepted a position as an orthopedic surgeon at the. Drew Doggett unveiled his latest photography collection Dunes: Landscapes Evolving, a blackand-white exhibition of the grand shapes,. Jon Kelly came up from Los Angeles, Brady. The two met in on the Landon in Spain: Segovia trip.

Arnold Landon Series

Anthony Naing and Tim Ott were groomsmen. Bears gathered for. I also recently. William P. July 5, John B. June 23, James D. Williams Jr.

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July 6, July 24, Dino G. July 29, July 30, Amir Ali Jr. July 31, Evelyn D. September 4, Thomas Hale Boggs Jr. September 15, October 28,. Class of met on campus to see the newly installed Victory Bell, their senior gift to the school. Jon L. November 3, October 31, December 7, December 12, December 16, December 17, December 20, Wayne J. December 22, Can you identify the concert location or any of the singers? Send your best guess to communications landon. Arthur Lambert himself appears in the photo second from the left.

While he enjoyed dining next to Roy at lunch, Arthur was disappointed Trigger the horse did not make a cameo. The young man in the front. A Million Reasons to Say Yes! The alumni boards of Washington and New York have agreed to the challenge of raising 1 million dollars in planned gifts this year. The boards look to complete this challenge by June 30, Support the next generation of greats! W e thank you, the Landon community, for your unwavering support of our magazine and our school. You may have noticed you received one copy of the magazine to your home this time around.

In an effort to reduce waste and conserve resources as outlined in our Environmental Stewardship Strategic Initiative and to respond proactively to our readers who told us that multiple Departments copies are no longer necessary, we are now sending one Landon Magazine per household. Please note that Landon Magazine is always available online 2 From the Headmaster on our website, landon. If you have a Bear in your home who 4 Landon Lowdown to another address, please go online to landon. Photo credit: Showtime opt in for multiple copies. We always welcome updated contact information as well so we can find you!

Please send an email to addresses landon. As always, our Communications Office invites your feedback on this initiative and our magazine!

The Devil is Dead: An Arnold Landon Novel

Even as I soak in the experience of my final days within the White Rocks, I find myself reflecting upon my many wonderful, cherished years here Shrimp Bowls and Landon Cups, the Bear Games, the concerts, the so much more. Historian Kenneth Clark describes the elements that define the its principles. I am thankful that Landon excels in all three areas. I am thankful for this PLACE: a gorgeous acre campus that combines seasonal beauty, serenity, tranquility, energy, tradition and warmth.

As work environments go, there are few that can compare. But it has been so much more to Liz and me these past 11 years. It has been heart is the greatest of all gifts. While Liz and I will be leaving Landon A parting piece of advice: Never, ever, ever take this special place for granted. All the best, home. Armstrong parents, past and present, who model selflessness for our boys by giving Landon School last long after they have graduated.

For our engaged and supportive so generously of their time, spirit and resources. For our wise, strong and Headmaster generous Board of Trustees, which provides direction and vision for the school. For our exceptional teacher-coach-mentors, who educate and connect with our boys both inside and outside of the classroom. For our professional, imaginative and dedicated staff, who keep Landon running. For the members of our devoted and talented leadership management team, who strive every day to make this the best school it can be.

Ours is a community predicated on and sustained by the concepts of honor and civility, with character education as the top priority. Our school is committed to educators, the teacher-coach-mentors who model these virtues and instill them in our boys, and to producing young men of principle who grow into accomplished, responsible and caring men. I am thankful that we as a collective strive for and celebrate excellence, demonstrate resiliency and growth in the face of disappointment, and care for and support all members of the Landon community through thick and thin.

The annual scholarships — which may be renewed each year the recipients remain at Landon — are named for and funded by alumnus, businessman and philanthropist Cary M. Over the winter, Landon installed a brand-new foot-tall backstop behind home plate and replaced the fencing along the firstand third-base lines, extending it to provide more protection farther down the field.

Some Say the Devil is Dead - Trad Irish Fiddle Lesson by Kevin Burke

In addi- tion, the school built two new state-of-the-art batting cages next to the field and refurbished the two existing cages. The most important update, however, is hope they will lead by example. His aptitude with a paintbrush has earned him various honors, most recently a Gold Key in the regional National Scholastic Art Awards. They are whitewater kayakers who practice and compete on the challenging Class V rapids of the Potomac in Great Falls, Maryland, the Upper Gauley River Shockey finished first and second, experts-only whitewater race on the Upper Gauley that is comprised of nine miles of unrelenting Class V rapids and attracts Olympic-level competition from across the U.

Equipped with this mentions, for the paintings Lost leagues to refine the curriculum. Vongkovit and million students that took the selected as finalists for the Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test Austin Rose have been National Merit Scholarship Program, which honors students who display the potential for excellence in their college studies. Out of an initial pool of 1. For s a longtime member of the Washington Chorus, eight years —97 , the Landon Landon publications history teacher played bass guitar manager and graphic designer Daphne in the popular D.

During that span, the group performed more than showcased her singing live shows in the U. In , Coletta and Wolf Trap. This winter, her Jawbox bandmates commemorated she performed at New the reissue of their album For Your Own Special Sweetheart by reuniting for a single performance Night with Jimmy Fallon. During the NFL season, campaign to eat an apple he puts his expansive football a day for 1, days knowledge and uncanny ability in a row. Note: Many to turn a phrase on display as an of these apples were analyst for the Redskins postgame consumed in Lindner show on Read more.

What's New - Home - Login. School Donation Program In Memory of How To Swap Books? Roy Lewis 6 November — was an English writer and small press printer. He began his career as an economist, but after serving as an editor on the journal, Statist , he became interested in journalism. He took a sabbatical in to travel to Australia and India. He married Christine Tew in , after returning to England. They had two daughters. From to , he worked for the Peking Syndicate, a firm specializing in investments in China, but left to work as a journalist for the weekly, Scope. Hired by the Economist magazine, he served as its Washington, DC correspondent from to He settled full time in England in , where he became a feature writer for The Times , remaining with the newspaper until he retired in In he had set up the Keepsake Press, initially to hand print family ephemera.

He soon began serious, though small-scale, production and by the time infirmity forced him to discontinue in he had brought out over a hundred titles. The majority of the books that Lewis wrote or edited, often jointly, were nonfiction and closely related to his journalism. However, he is best known for his novel The Evolution Man , which went through six editions under a number of titles. This comic novel purports to be a first-hand account by the son of the first man to discover fire. To prevent further 'advances', the family takes matters in hand, leading to a conclusion given away by the book's eventual subtitle, 'how I ate my father'.

Continuing authorship into old age, Lewis published a second novel in , the same year that a play of his on William Shakespeare was performed in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, followed by a novella in and a further novel in All three of these later fictions were provocative reinterpretations of Victorian times.