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New York: Palgrave Macmillan. And you can even declare this opt-out for European patent applications Art. This means you can still file an application! This webinar looks at the current state of the trademark renewal industry and its implications. What can you do to protect your company's bottom line? What does future of trademarks hold in 5, 10, even 15 years? Alexander Klinke. How does this affect you?

Leon is a lawyer and a former partner at the Maslon law firm in Minneapolis. Leon is married, with four beautiful children, and one not so beautiful child. He enjoys running, skiing, tennis and is known to have an irreverent sense of humor. What does future of patents hold in 5, 10, even 15 years? Join Jay and Leon as they discuss key trends in the patent arena. What are or should you be doing to prepare?

Even though Jay and Leon don't have a magical crystal ball, their years' of experience in patents provide a sound foundation to draw from for industry trend analysis - and yes, a little speculation. They will also draw from conversations held in 8 cities at the recently concluded Forum - The Future of IP and Technology Law Forum - where hundreds gathered to discuss these topics. The Government of Canada. Find out more. Dennemeyer is looking forward to partner with the University and work together to the improvement of Intellectual Property in the area.

We foresee more great projects to come in the near future and are grateful for the opportunity of working together with the prestigious University of Sharjah. From left to right: Mr. Khalid Elkhabir Head of Patent Dept. DAAE , Dr. Celebrating its continuous presence at INTA, Dennemeyer has had a special event prepared for its clients: an awesome adventure at sea!

The Dennemeyer pre-INTA sailing regatta, a sailing trip on the shores of Barcelona, was met by calm seas and fair winds. After the sailing regatta, Dennemeyer and its guests continued the fun Saturday evening at the Boo Beach Club where everybody had the opportunity to network over delicious barbeque and excellent drinks.

Space, the final frontier! Well, not anymore, because thanks to a group of six 9 th grade students from Brasov, Romania, we will be able to survive in space. Not very soon, but give them some time and they will make it possible. Heosphoros, the Romanian team, has placed on the 1 st place for kids in the 9 th grade, winning with their space station located in the Lagrangian point L4.

Carmen Tanasescu. That is why Dennemeyer has decided to support their project and sponsor their trip and presentation to St Louis, Missouri. Das Management von gewerblichen Schutzrechten stellt hierbei keine Ausnahme dar. Er gewann im Finale das iPad Mini mit einer hervorragenden Gesamtpunktzahl von insgesamt Reinhold Nowak, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Dennemeyer Group.

Ich gratuliere den Teilnehmern deshalb umso mehr zu ihren beeindruckenden Ergebnissen. He wins the iPad Mini with an impressive score of Congratulations to our players for their impressive achievements — we are proud to announce that the quiz created a total donation amount of Altogether the Dennemeyer Group donated more than Thanks to all who helped us make it possible! Addressing a variety of activities ranging from strategic management to IP valuation, the IP Quick Check attributes your organization an individual score and compares it to the average score of other companies.

Dennemeyer spendete mehr als Der Startschuss ist heute gefallen! Es war noch nie so einfach, Gutes zu tun — machen Sie mit! Last year December was for giving. Thanks to you, our donation campaign for Doctors Without Borders became a real success with more than correct answers and more than Euro donated for a good cause. This year our ambition is to even surpass that result. All you have to do is log in, choose the Christmas Quiz mode and play the patent or trademark qualifiers - depending on your professional background.

The two separate championships will end middle of December and the Top Five of both categories will automatically enter the final round. The winner of the final will receive an iPad as a personal reward, next to the certainty that no other player has contributed more to our donation campaign. Have fun and share the care this December. Bildergalerie mit weiteren Veranstaltungsfotos. Secondly because Dennemeyer has identified the continent as a region where clients are reconsidering their level of protection in IP to plan for anticipated economic growth.

Dennemeyer Africa is capable of offering a whole bundle of IP related legal and management services as well as software solutions covering the entire continent. The range of services includes legal advice on branding in Africa and South Africa, patent and trademark searching, drafting, filing, prosecution, recordals, annuities and renewals, litigation, commercial IP, advice on pharmaceuticals labeling and packaging as well as IP portfolio management. Van Zyl is based in Europe for the sake of providing easy face to face contact and is available to travel to our clients or meet them at any of our offices in Luxembourg, Frankfurt or Munich.

For further information about the new practice group please contact Christophe van Zyl. In addition to the presentations, we exchanged views during round-table discussions. Our thanks go out to all our guests for making this event an inspiration. You can get two of the presentations here. Check out the gallery for more snapshots from the event. Guests were offered a presentation about the exposed counterfeit goods and they had fun discovering a great diversity of reproductions. The tour was followed by an informal standing reception with hors d'oeuvres and drinks and proved to be a great start for this year's Annual Meeting.

Check out the gallery to discover more about our evening. Et pour qui? Ltd gesammelt hatte. Frau Li besitzt einen wissenschaftlichen Hochschulabschluss M. Im Anschluss folgte eine angeregte Diskussion unter den ca. And for whom? The lecture was held by Ms. She holds an M. In her presentation she outlined that businesses active in industries in which intellectual property rights play an important role - especially where SEPs are involved - should expect close scrutiny from Chinese agencies as they continue to develop in this complex area.

The lecture was followed by an excited discussion among the roughly 30 attendees — as well as by cool drinks. Further complementary evening lectures will follow and be announced at www. For further question, please contact: seminars at dennemeyer dot com. Eine Entscheidung des Bundespatentgerichts aus dem September hat dem Nagetier jetzt auch den Weg bis zum Bundesgerichtshof geebnet. Patentanwalt Dr. Das Hauptproblem ist die unterschiedliche Behandlung von Vorrichtungs-Gebrauchsmustern und Verfahrens-Gebrauchsmustern. Kann man einen Verfahrenserfinder anders behandeln als den Erfinder einer Vorrichtung, der ein Patent und ein Gebrauchsmuster erhalten kann, ohne das Gleichheitsgebot des Art.

Diese Frage liegt jetzt dem Bundesgerichtshof vor. The field mouse inhabits a wide range of habitats including grasslands and marshes, pastures and gardens, and urban areas. As a consequence of a decision of the Bundespatentgericht Federal Patent Court of Germany from September with the keyword "field mouse bait station" it has also found its way to the Bundesgerichtshof German Federal Supreme Court. From the start: Bundespatentgericht recently confirmed the rejection of a utility model application to protect a method of catching mice with a bait station due to the fact that methods are not protectable as utility models under German Law.

Utility models consist of an exclusive right granted for an invention that is similar to a patent right, but its main purpose is to achieve a faster registration than that of a patent by replacing examination and grant by simple registration. In return, its lifespan is shortened. Not all countries offer this type of protection and their scope differs widely.

Junior Researcher Gesundheitskommunikation & Methoden

Patent Attorney Dr. From a historical point of view, the protection of utility models developed as a right parallel to the protection of patents. For further information please contact: mkoellner at dennemeyer-law dot com. In der Vergangenheit war es recht schwierig, geistige Eigentumsrechte in Japan wiederherzustellen. In seinen Richtlinien zur Wiederherstellung schildert das JPA auch konkrete Beispiele, in denen eine Wiederherstellung akzeptiert, bzw. Es ist daher unbedingt erforderlich, die Terminfristen mit besonderer Sorgfalt zu behandeln.

Kontaktieren Sie Kazuya Sekiguchi unter: ksekiguchi at dennemeyer-law dot com. Traditionally, it has been difficult to restore IP rights in Japan. There have been almost no cases where restoration was admitted after a failure to meet a deadline. However, it is still not clear whether it has actually become easier to reinstate lost IP rights or not. According to the revised rules relating to restoration of IP rights, failure to meet the deadlines of the following procedures can be saved:.

As mentioned above, there needs to be a justifiable reason for not complying with the time limit in order for the lapsed IP rights to be restored. In the Guidelines for Restoration published by the JPO, examples in which restoration is admitted or not admitted are exemplified. Whether the reason for missing a deadline is a justifiable reason depends on whether the reason was predictable.

If the reason is predictable it cannot be justifiable. That is, a lapsed IP right cannot be restored when the reason for missing the deadline was predictable. Taking the absence of the representative due to scheduled hospitalisation, it seems that, according to the Guidelines, the JPO will regard it as scheduled hospitalization if the person could inform his absence to someone in advance.

That is to say, it is regarded as unpredictable only when the person representative is suddendly admitted to hospital and had no chance to inform his absence to any other person. In this case, the representative had two days to inform his absence to the applicant, but the EPO admitted restoration under this condition. The guidelines illustrate in which cases the restoration will or will not be admitted as follows:. As mentioned above, restoration cannot be admitted if wrong data was inputted and no substantial measure was taken.

This means that if the deadline was missed because of human error, such as incorrect data inputting, without substantial measures such as double checking, it would be impossible to restore the IP right. On the other hand, in Japan it seems that an isolated mistake in a normally satisfactory system will not be a ground for restoration because it is required that there was a specific situation making it impossible to avoid the mistake, according to the Guidelines. The example of the specific situation listed in the guidelines is so special that the hurdle for the request of restoration to be admitted seems to be still high in Japan.

For example, a responsible person suddenly becomes ill in bed and cannot work for a while red period inFigure 1 and his colleague could know this fact and thus the colleague could know the risk of missing a deadline. In this case, the restoration cannot be admitted unless the colleague tried to avoid missing the deadline accordingly even if the other requirements necessary measures were taken in advance and the request for the restoration was filed in an appropriate period are met.

The JPO states that the restoration may be admitted if there is a justifiable reason for not complying with the time limit and said justifiable reason can be considered similar to the due care criteria adopted in the EPO. However, according to the examples listed in the guidelines, it seems to be stricter in Japanese practice than in the European practice for the restoration to be admitted.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of deadlines in a specifically careful manner. He is active in the area of intellectual property law since and he is qualified as a M. His areas of expertise are chemistry, pharmaceutics, lasers spectroscopics. You can contact Mr. Sekiguchi at: ksekiguchi at dennemeyer-law dot com. To better satisfy the needs of its clients and expand its workforce, Dennemeyer France is happy to announce its move to a bigger office.

We are also happy to inform you that we have created two generic email addresses to allow you to contact us more easily:. For any new business inquiries do not hesitate to contact us. Notre nouvelle adresse est:. Businesses active in industries where intellectual property rights play an important role - especially where Standard Essential Patents SEPs are involved - should expect close scrutiny from Chinese agencies as they continue to develop their approach in this complex area. Yuan Li will summarize the key enforcement activities of competition law in China, particularly focus on SEPs and how they relate various issues.

If this issue is of interest for you, join us at our Munich office. The lecture is followed by a drinks reception. Reserve your seat. About the lecturer: Ms. Joint Venture JV. Und was passiert in Deutschland? Nicht viel. Sie wachsen schnell — und wir ziehen mit. Wir ziehen deshalb am Dienstag, Juli, um. Klicken Sie hier. Souhaitez-vous prendre rendez-vous? Laissez-nous savoir.

You are growing rapidly — and so are we. In light of our global expansion, our Munich offices have become too small for our needs. As of Tuesday, July 19 , we will be serving our clients from a new location. Our new address is:. We kindly request you update our contact details accordingly. Our telephone and fax numbers stay unchanged. Are you interested in a personal appointment? Let us know. Das Ranking basiert auf einer Umfrage unter tausenden deutschen Kollegen.

Unsere Patentanwaltskanzlei ist auf dem richtigen Weg, das zeigt sich auch in unserem starken Wachstum und unserer ungebremsten globalen Expansion. Par ailleurs, le Dr. Contactez M. Our patent law firm is on the right track, which is also reflected by our strong growth and our ongoing global expansion. His areas of expertise include physics, physical chemistry, optics, lasers, biotechnology, medical devices and software. It was a good opportunity to get to know the next generation of IP experts that will join the market in the upcoming months.

The championship ended last month and he succeeded in defeating his anonymous opponent in the Final Battle on Monday, June 27th. Juni, schlagen konnte. Unser Dank gilt auch all den anderen Spielern weltweit aus dem Bereich geistiges Eigentum! Enjoy summer with us! After short presentations on current IP trends held in German language our complimentary workshops offer you a good opportunity to discuss the following topics:.

After the presentations there will be plenty of time for discussions, networking and cool drinks — with a fantastic view. Exclusively for summer , Dennemeyer continues its high demand webinar series. These webinars provide the tools and information for you to save key resources — your time and money.

Join the webinar s to question the experts directly and find out what fellow intellectual property professionals are asking. Learn more about the five webinars in July and August and register today. Many players have used their superpowers to test their knowledge about patents and trademarks and were having fun playing the online version of the popular Dennemeyer IP Quiz Championships. In the end, the two leading players competed against each other to win the prize. He will receive his iPad in Chicago soon. Thanks to all the other players from all over the IP world! Stay tuned for our next challenge — this was just the beginning.

Benutzt Ihre Anwaltskanzlei die gleichen Prozesse bereits seit Jahren? Dennemeyers Webseminar am Weshalb sollte dieser Prozess ausgelagert werden? Sehen Sie sich noch heute diese Aufzeichung des Webseminars an. Pourquoi sous-traiter ce processus? Les points importants de ce webinaire comprennent :. Sehen Sie den clip mit dem Interview und Bildern unseres beeindruckenden Messestands hier. At INTA it was almost impossible not see the Dennemeyer booth - the biggest and highest booth of all and placed in the very center of the exhibition area.

Watch the clip with the interview and shots of the impressive booth here. Are you a law firm that has been using the same process for years? Curious on how you can save time, resources, and ultimately cost? In this webinar, Leon Steinberg discusses an outsourced model to record transfers and the associated cost savings. Why outsource this process? You can greatly reduce internal costs; and if you are a law firm, greatly increase profits.

Webinar highlights include:. Watch the recorded webinar today. Luxembourg-based leading intellectual property management service provider Dennemeyer Group reaffirms its commitment to the European market by relocating their Bracknell office to Reading, United Kingdom. Reading continues to score high on a number of key economic indicators such as economic contribution per worker and number of businesses per capita: it has one of the largest IT workforces and some of the highest densities of digital tech businesses in the UK.

By optimizing our presence in the UK, we will serve as a direct point of contact for UK companies, corporations and law firms, addressing their IP needs and providing specialized advice. This is a continuation of the global expansion strategy of Dennemeyer Group and a strong commitment to the UK, which was initiated over 40 years ago. Dennemeyer set up their first overseas office in Stockport, UK in and established a team which handled the first computer-based patent annuity payments in the world.

Cela ne va pas changer. Cela va changer. Es gibt zwei bedeutende Faktoren, die zur Beschleunigung des Verfahrens zum Einreichen eines Einspruchs beitragen sollen. Readers will probably know that an opposition against a European Patent can be filed within nine months after grant. This will not change.

Readers will probably also know that the opposition procedure can be quite lengthy so that years might pass before a decision is rendered by the first instance. This will change. There are two major factors which shall contribute to speeding up the opposition procedure. Firstly, contrary to the former practice, extensions of time limits will be granted only in exceptional cases with duly substantiated requests. Secondly, when communicating the reply to an opposition from the patent proprietor to the opponent, the Opposition Division will at the same time prepare the next action.

This next action will normally be the issuance of summons to oral proceedings. For further information and help, please feel free to contact ckoester at dennemeyer-law dot com. First of all, it is important to note that this would be the first time in the history of the EU that a Member State leaves the EU, thus it is still not clear how this would actually work on a practical level. The Member State should notify the EU Council and both parties will conclude an agreement setting the arrangements and further relation between the country and the Union.

After the Member State gives notice of its withdrawal, there is a two-year term for the treaties of the Union to cease their effects, unless the parties reach an agreement before the two-year term. However, this term might be extended by both parties. Regarding copyright protection, a Brexit would not have any major consequences, since copyright protection is not fully harmonized in the EU as it is.

Further, copyright protection is mainly territorial and the UK is member to several International Treaties that cover copyright, thus they it would keep applying their national laws based on international minimum standards of protection. First, it is worth highlighting that the protection of national Patents as well as national Trademark registrations would of course remain unchanged. However, obtaining UK approval for the agreement on a Unified Patent Court might prove to be a challenge, since a Brexit would very likely slow down the implementation of the UPC.

Further, supplementary protection certificates for medicinal products are regulated by EU regulation N. An applicant could of course still file an EU application but would additionally have to file a separate national UK application. Moreover, according to Article Furthermore, a Brexit would necessitate transitional provisions for current EU Trademark and Designs registrations for converting these rights into national UK rights, if the owner wishes to maintain protection of such rights in the UK.

Lüdeling, Anke 1968-

Further, it would have to be decided if their rights once converted into national UK rights will keep their EU filing date. For now, IP owners should simply be aware that if a Brexit happens -they might face consequences with regard to the protection of their UK IP rights and that they may further have to take additional measures if they want to maintain their IP rights. Until a decision has been made, we can of course not give comprehensive advice on how to proceed, but can only point out the potentially controversial issues.

We will of course look into these issues in more detail once the corresponding decisions have been made. Download the PDF article here. This was a great opportunity for our team and clients to get together and enjoy food, drinks and a beautiful show. We kicked off the INTA meeting with a fun and adventurous evening observing the alligators, bobcats, raccoons and other wild animals.

Guests had the opportunity to enjoy the natural attractions while experiencing the excitement of being on an airboat. This was the perfect way to relax and have fun before starting INTA. Juni in Ilmenau statt. Thema ist Big Data — Chancen und Herausforderungen. Schreiben Sie Philipp Hammans unter: phammans at dennemeyer dot com. Dennemeyer will have a booth at the event. Contact Philipp Hammans at: phammans at dennemeyer dot com.

Der Workshop findet am Donnerstag, den 2. The Dennemeyer Group organizes a complementary workshop for everyone interested in the future Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court. Our expert speaker will share the latest developments with you and present some interesting case studies. After the workshop, we invite you to further discuss this topic with your colleagues and network over a drink.

Did you have to read that twice? On April 14, , Dr. In this webinar you will discover three key items:. Watch the recorded, on-demand webinar today. Simply watch this short webinar to discover how. Besides we have prepared a special cinematic highlight for you — of course not without a decent amount of popcorn! After the show test your IP knowledge in our daily Dennemeyer IP Quiz championships and win exclusive prizes for your family at home. If you would like to arrange a meeting with our experts or a demonstration of our software tools or online portals before the conference, please contact us at inta at dennemeyer dot com.

Starting April 11 th your knowledge power will be tested in two parallel rounds one for each category and the two leading players of Patents and Trademarks will compete in the Final Battle, which will be a combination of both categories, at the end of May. Win the battle and the iPad is yours! Since he was the first US President to visit this mother country of cigars and rum. However, the arguably most powerful man on earth was only an opening act. On 25 March, the Rolling Stones played their first ever concert in Havana.

One takeaway is that US Presidents come and go - but the Stones stay forever. Another crystal clear message is that Cuba is opening-up. Exporting companies should therefore start rethinking about their Intellectual Property strategy for the Cuban market. The first question is of course which protective IP rights are available in Cuba. We at Dennemeyer have long-standing contacts with our colleagues in Cuba and are looking forward to play a part in the improvement of the economic relations with Cuba, with our focus in this regard being of course Intellectual Property.

But we will also keep monitoring other developments on Cuba. Rumor has it that Sir Paul McCartney will be the next music legend to pay a visit to the Island for a gig. Stay tuned! Check out our webinar to find out more about the upcoming changes to trademark protection in Cuba and Iran. For businesses today it is critical to safeguard sensitive data against the growing number of online and natural threats. For data security, the operative words are confidence and transparency.

Dennemeyer remains dedicated to security and takes extensive technical measures to protect client data when managing intellectual property portfolios. Due to the importance of the topic Dennemeyer will keep on publishing news and articles on data security and keep you informed. Reinhold Nowak in Luxemburg. In this role he will also be the contact person for all media inquiries. The mainstays of professional services and software solutions for the management of patents and trademarks will in future be supplemented in particular by business ventures including consultancy and seminars on intellectual property.

After graduating in economic and social history and communication science, Sebastian Deck trained as an editor at the German School of Journalism in Munich, combining this with postgraduate studies in Practical Journalism at Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich. The workshops took place in Warsaw in the Sheraton hotel. At the first part of the workshops, Ms. Afterwards, participants were divided into two groups representing two different companies interested in extending their current activity, but their peaceful existence in the European market was not possible without prior coexistence agreement conclusion.

Although at the beginning it seemed impossible to reach an agreement in this regard, we are happy to inform that after a long and difficult discussion both groups managed to sign a coexistence agreement satisfactory for both sides. We received positive feedback from participants who especially appreciated the possibility to actively participate in the discussion. The Forums feature panel discussions and explore and discuss best practices for managing IP costs. Hear real world experiences from leading companies on how they have managed their IP budgets.

These complimentary events are approved for 3. Space at each location is very limit. Learn more and reserve your spot today. This move signals the rapid growth experienced over the past year. The new address is W. Madison, Suite , Chicago IL Dennemeyer U. This growth is projected to continue throughout Should you have any questions on the relocation, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing and serving you at the improved office surroundings.

The new legislation enters into force on 23 March In order to avoid inadequate scope of protection, the owners of the above categorized trademarks have been given a possibility to file a declaration to the Office by 24 September , specifying the exact goods and services intended to be covered by that application.

If no Declaration is filed before the deadline, those trademarks will be deemed to cover only the goods and services described in the literal meaning of the class heading. Do you know the costs of publishing a European patent validation in Morocco? Since the beginning of March , European patents can be validated in Morocco according to the agreement between the European Patent Organisation and the government of the Kingdom of Morocco.

But the exact fees for the publication of a validation have not been published by the EPO until now. As leading provider of professional services and solutions for the IP sector, Dennemeyer has found out the publication fee prior to its official publication. As a result of the Iran nuclear deal signed last year, economic sanctions on the Middle-Eastern country have been lifted on January 16, Governmental authorities and industry organizations were quick to welcome this step in opening up the Iranian economy to international trade and investment.

For example, the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and the European-Iranian Business Alliance released statements expressing their hope that business relations with Iran will be flourishing again in the future. With the start of a hopefully new and long-lasting period of good business relations with Iran, exporting companies should start rethinking about their intellectual property strategy for the Iranian market. The first question is of course which protective IP rights are available in Iran.

We at Dennemeyer have a long-standing relationship with our colleagues in Iran. Furthermore, we have experienced that centralized formalities procedures, especially with regards to notarization, can help clients move forward their IP projects almost everywhere and in fact in Iran. During the sanctions, we helped clients, some of them U. With these recent developments in mind, we are looking forward to playing our part in normalizing the economic relations with Iran, with our focus being of course the field of intellectual property. In December we pledged to donate 1 euro for every correct answer submitted in our IP Quiz.

Thanks to the overwhelming response we received from players, we have made a donation totaling 15, euros to the German office of Doctors Without Borders. The donated amount was handed over on January 12, in the presence of Dr. Doctors Without Borders was represented by Andrea Stegmeir, who shared with us her first-hand experience helping those in need in Angola. Doctors Without Borders is an international humanitarian organisation providing assistance to vulnerable communities, victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts.

Every year Doctors Without Borders sends around 2, doctors, nurses, logisticians, water-and-sanitation experts, administrators and other professionals to work alongside approximately 31, locally hired staff. Together they run medical projects in more than 60 countries around the world. The organisation spent million euros on humanitarian activities in ; performing over 8 million outpatient consultations, aiding over thousand severely malnourished children, and performing over 81, major surgical interventions. We are truly overwhelmed by the amazing response we received from our fellow industry professionals, and would like to thank everybody who played the IP Quiz over December.

Below are 12 costly and commonly shared trade mark misunderstandings. Not all trade marks are created equal. To evaluate the strength of a proposed mark, it is critical to understand that trade marks are viewed within a spectrum of distinctiveness. A Generic : On one end of the distinctiveness spectrum, generic terms are common words that name goods or services; these are incapable of functioning as trade marks. Registration of a generic term would prevent others from rightfully utilising the common word and serve no source identification function.

B Descriptive : Moving up the band, a mark is considered merely descriptive if the primary significance of the term immediately describes an ingredient, quality, characteristic, feature, function or purpose of the specifically delineated goods or services. Although adopting a descriptive mark simplifies marketing efforts by conveying features of the product or service to the purchaser, it also presents hurdles at both the registration and enforcement stages.

Common examples of descriptive marks include Arthriticare for arthritis medication , Car Freshener for car deodoriser , and World Book for encyclopedias. C Suggestive : Suggestive trade marks indirectly refer to the goods or services with which they are associated. The mark requires an intellectual leap, imagination, thought or perception in order for the consumer to reach a conclusion as to the nature of the goods or services.

For example, Coppertone for tanning lotion and Chicken Of The Sea for tuna are considered suggestive marks. Traditionally, marketing professionals prefer suggestive marks due to their inherent ability to evoke ideas in the minds of consumers, suggesting the nature of the goods or services offered.

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By subconsciously linking a mark to a product or service, this approach enhances brand awareness while reducing costs associated with marketing campaigns. However, a fine line separates descriptive and suggestive trade marks. What a marketer may deem suggestive, the examining attorney may find descriptive. D Arbitrary or fanciful : Finally, arbitrary or fanciful marks are afforded the broadest scope of protection. An arbitrary mark is a word that exists but has no meaning when used on the product itself, whereas a fanciful mark is a word not recognised by the dictionary.

For instance, the marks Pepsi and Exxon are deemed fanciful because they have no meaning or common usage. Alternatively, Apple used in connection with computers is considered an arbitrary mark because it is a known term used in an uncommon fashion. For instance, other companies may own common law rights that compromise the value and availability of a trade mark. Common law rights arise from actual use of a mark in commerce even absent federal registration.

Although federal registration affords additional rights that are unavailable under the common law scheme, rights still develop without registration. These limited rights are cabined to the geographic area in which the mark is used. Within that specific territory, rights are based on the priority of use of a mark. Occasionally, a federal registrant may not be the first user of a trade mark in a specific territory; therefore, an unregistered prior user may enjoy superior rights. Thus, when applying for a trade mark, even a company with common law rights may file an opposition based on first use in commerce.

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Further, if the USPTO has deemed a trade mark cancelled or abandoned, that designation does not ensure that your agency may use the mark without complications. A mark may be deemed cancelled or abandoned for a bundle of reasons. As stated above, trade mark rights continue at the common law level if a company continues to employ their mark in commerce. There are many sources in addition to the USPTO, such as common law sources, state trade mark registries and industry publications.

Read the full article as PDF. Our international team of patent and trademark attorneys is admitted to practice before the Patent and Trademark Offices of several additional European and non-European jurisdictions e. As a well-reputed and reliable intellectual property partner for multinational corporations and small and medium sized companies across industries for more than 55 years, the jury has recognized our pan-European footprint and our ability to deliver accurate and top-tier legal services to our European and non-European clients.

However, they are, at times, used incorrectly and trademark owners may not be aware that misuse can have significant consequences. For the countries where the use of the symbols is not mandatory, companies should take into consideration that this could have dissuasive influence on third parties, as a warning that the owner of the trademark will defend against unauthorized use. As the rules may vary from country to country, we aim to provide an overview of the characteristics of specific countries, as well as some details and advice about the proper use of these symbols and how to avoid potential problems.

It is usually placed on the right-hand side of the trademark, superscripted, and in a smaller type size than the mark itself. It is an indication to the public that the sign is used as a trademark with the aim to distinguish the marked products or services from those of other companies. Understanding that regulations regarding trademark marking in the countries where you market your products may be different, you should seek advice from a local trademark attorney. When seeking advice be sure to provide the list of the most important markets for your product. This will facilitate the identification of the countries where marking is mandatory or where sanctions can be issued in cases of misuse.

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Something you might find interesting about him is that he also plays the Shamisen, which is a three-stringed traditional Japanese musical instrument. The company currently manages a portfolio of 4, active trademarks and designs.

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During her practice in the field of IP she handled various case types dealing with trademarks and industrial designs. We will look into the potential impact on trademark registration and have a glimpse at the challenges that might arise from it.