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Unfortunately, too many people get caught up in the sacramantal aspect of Lutheranism and throw the baby out with the bathwater. I have found the christocentric foundation of Martin Luther is even more applicable today than it was years ago. The LCMS especially has a very nice sweet-spot if you can get past some of the sacramental differences from other denominations.

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A boatload of well explained stuff. Michael, Wittenberg — beckons come on home, the beer is cold and the women have thick ankles!

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That looks absolutely spectacular. Our women have thick ankles? My wife certainly does not. Wait, let me check…nope, not thick.

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Great review. I am amazed; you reviewed it before I could get my hands on one. Different ones, I might add. Hey, quite the buzz has been stirred up by your comments Michael. Although the Treasury of Daily Prayer could sit amongst those volumes, instead it occupies a permanent place of prominence upon my desk. A quick scan will show the Treasury of Daily Prayer is more than its simple name implies. Treasury of Daily Prayer is nothing less than a spiritual pacemaker which can bring a steady rhythm to an irregular devotional life.

Taking readings from Scripture, texts from hymns and appropriate threads from the Confessions and Church Fathers, they have created a wondrous tapestry leading to prayerful worship. Kenneth R. Klaus Speaker, The Lutheran Hour. It would make an ideal confirmation gift, providing a single source of prayers, catechesis, and lectionary to nourish the faith. I now have to wait until the FedEx truck arrives at my door. The good folks who have worked on this have produced something that I have never seen in the whole of Lutheran liturgical history: a daily office book and so much more in a SINGLE volume.

I fully expect to use this book everyday with my family. Write to Chaplain Mike. I free those every time I check the site. What does it want to become? Michael Jones J. IM now has a group on Facebook, which is designed to help readers of the Internet Monk blog connect and communicate in other ways and places. To make this as safe and user-friendly as possible, we have made the iMonk Community an invitation only group. If you would like to join, email Chaplain Mike , and you'll receive an invitation. Comments Rev. Paul T. McCain says. August 26, at pm. August 27, at am.

Scot Kinnaman says. August 27, at pm. Again, thanks for the supportive words. I brought it in and showed one of the Sunday classes. Wayne Seminary at the end of this last January. It provides different orders of service IF you want to incorporate that into your quite time QT as well as providing daily Scripture readings, prayers, psalms, some hymn verses from our new hymnal - Lutheran Service Book, writings from our Confessions and other Church fathers. Treasury of Daily Prayer presents an ordered collection of materials that guide daily prayer and devotions, and is appropriate for use by individuals, families, and small groups.

Give it a try. Having the propers for daily prayer has also been a great pleasure. I really did have sometimes up to 4 books with me previously when I prayed Bible, hymnal, devotional or book of sermons, and Lutheran book of prayer , but now I generally just use the TDP since it rolls most things into one. What a joy to have a tool such as the Treasury of Daily Prayer. In one convenient place, the Word of God and prayers and church fathers. The relationship between the Old Testament and New Testament readings gives greater meaning to both.

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Beginning with a Psalm that coincides with the readings begins the daily devotion with a meaningful prayer. The extra bonus is reading the suggested portion from The Book of Concord! It ties all the readings together and makes very clear what we privileged Lutherans believe and teach. Using this resource for daily devotional reading is never something I do as a self-discipline; it is almost an indulgence because I benefit so deeply from and treasure the time spent each day with The Treasury of Daily Prayer. I read it fairly often to my 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter as well.

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Makes me want to read Holy Scripture each day and gets me in the mode of reading Scripture more often. Now for the unabridged version of the Treasury with the Book of Concord suggested readings each day too We also play church at home with the Lutheran Service Book - mostly with Matins and my son serving Holy Communion and knowing quite a bit of the words.

My daughter is the deaconess. At home the best reading and singing that my children do all day.

Suggested readings from the Book of Concord have nudged me back into regular conversation with the brilliant theologians who shaped our heritage. Thanks for making them a joy to use again.

Family Devotions: An Aid to Youth Retention

I, however, remain underwhelmed by the ESV. The people here have stayed with their Portals of Prayer even though we advertised the Treasury. It is there with both Word and helpful words based soundly upon Scripture. Treasury of Prayer has solved all that. Everything needed to have a full and complete prayer life in keeping with the lectionary and the Lutheran faith is in one volume. I highly recommend it! During this time, the Treasury has been our refuge of being together and being in the word.

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During February we lamented with Job. On Easter we heard a great sermon by Chrysostom. We like to read all the daily readings before we go to bed and we often tack on an Evening Prayer or a Compline. The book is so easy to use, that there remain no excuses or awkwardness in sharing this time, which now has become a precious habit. Yours, and thanks, Brigitte in Alberta, Canada. May 10, 3. TDP is awesome! May 11, 4. TDP has been sitting here and being overlooked by all our moving. It was one of my wife's books that she had bought before we were married.

I did our "first" read out of it today and am not sure how the OT and NT readings tie in I guess I'm used to doing daily readings that "have something to say" about each other. Maybe when I get further along in daily readings I will notice a difference. Not being critical just